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Friday, 19 April 2013
To those who,,my New PC,,,Link corrections,,,and nuts are good for nuts.
Topic: misc

Hi Ya'll!!

To all those I can't count no more,,thank you for visiting and I appreciate your interest.To those who have kept dropping by while I haven't been posting during these past long months,,I apologize for not posting.To those

 I'm happy to be able to be doing this again on what I'm doing it on.

 Yeah,,I'm still glowing over my new pc.It's a pure pleasure.Truly is.And for once I am kind of ahead of the curve.Totally current mechanically,,oodles of mem and running W8.It's taking some getting used to but,,I am.It's like when I got my first pc,The Tower of Terror,,that I called BigBoy way back before the towers fell.But it's got more space, quicker processing and it was less than half the price. Ahh,technology?

 Altho,,soon after getting it online I was reminded why I sort of like going low tech when all the baddies are targeting each new thing as soon as it comes out.

 I got a virus.Ransomwarz.Yeh,,all this time using the old lower tech pc's,,I just suffered with old and slow.No viruses.

 Within the first week using this new thing,,yesterday,,BAM!locked out being told I have to pay to get it unlocked.I sed 'whuuut?'But,,it turned out to be no biggee.I fired up the old mule and checked the web for info then called a guy.Yep,,I have a 'guy',now!(Hi,guy!I know you'll see this soon enuff.I Thankya!Stop by,,I owe you a 'tip' at least.)

 He walked me thru the steps,,well,,since I didn't have a phone by my pc,,he talked me thru it and I walked thru it.Going back and forth from room to room and literally felt like a dolt when I was done and realized I had totally forgot my wife has a cell now.

 Anyways,,it's back up now.

 I have another apology,,the links in previous posts to my cwahi site are all screwed up.

So,,here's 'fresh' ones:
(The title is a link and so is the url)


Roy Harbin's Old Doodle & Sketch Album blurbs&cameos pg1        Roy Harbin's Old Doodle & Sketch Album Blurbs&Cameos pg2 -      
Roy Harbin's Old Doodle & Sketch Album Ft.Drum Smirks -     
Roy Harbin's Old Doodle & Sketch Album Index -
Old Doodle & Sketch Album frogs -
Roy Harbin's Old Doodle & Sketch Album Bamboo -       
Roy Harbin's Old Doodle & Sketch Album characters -       
Roy Harbin's Old Doodle & Sketch Album cuts (from blurbs&cameos)
Roy Harbin's Old Doodle & Sketch Album Index -       
Roy Harbin's Old Doodle & Sketch Album rooster racer -  

re soy

Regarding Soy How I Discovered Soy's Detrimental Effect's by Roy Harbin -
Regarding Soy Index -
Regarding Soy Reference Links -
Soy History Pg1 U.S. 1767 to 1919 -
Soy History Pg2 1940's to 70's -     
Soy History Pg3 Europe & Australia -
Soy Information Pg1 -
Soy Information Pg2 -
Soy Information Pg3 -
Soy Information Pg4 -
Soy Webwalk Pg1 -  

Hey,,for all those guys concerned with the whole soy thing like I am,,I have found out a few food items that alledgedly  promote testosterone production naturally.IPrimarily it's about nitric oxide.)

watermelon,dark chocolate,cherries,oysters (yuk),grassfed butter,bananas,garlic,ginger,nutmeg,olive oil,salmon,alcohol (ideally red wine but,,alcohol),walnuts,pistacheos and almonds.

Ha!Who knew nuts were good for 'da' nuts?

Anyway,,I believe it.

I thought I had reached the final stage of feeling better/younger a few days after my last birthday,,March 7.It was like I got 'energized' and it keep going and going.I thought I couldn't sit still before that and didn't realize that 'that' was sitting still compared to what it became.I can't describe it adequately but it was an awesome feeling.

After I discovered the info about the nitric oxide boosters I looked and seen a 'cake recipe' in it so I told my wife.She incorporated the appropriate items into a 'nutty upside down fruit' cake recipe we came up with a while ago and it was dazzlingly delicious!!Yeah,,I sed,,dazzingly!!(pic)

Now,,she baked it 3 days ago.I have eaten some everyday and there is no doubt it has had an effect on me.(pic)The not sitting still has been joined by a calmer some how yet even more energetic energy.And I am not going into the effect on my libido.I will let saying,,BETTER suffice.I now wonder if there will be an equal yet opposite effect when I do not eat it so often.I'll find out.

Okay,,good enuff for the first day back in the saddle here.

Again,,thank you to all those who have kept peepin during my 'slackness',,even if I can't tell that you have,,thanks for stopping in to all those new sets of eyes popping in.I appreciate it and,,

Ya'll come back now!Y'hear?!?




Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 1:00 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 19 April 2013 1:29 AM EDT
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Saturday, 6 April 2013
Weeeeee!!Gee,He returns,,,riding lightning!
Topic: Bong!Bong!


I got a new PC and it is sweeeet!!

I am back riding lightning.

Yeah,,that's what this feels like.And a whole terabyte of mem to boot.Awesome!

Which means,,I can and will start posting again.I have some stuff to share w/all those that tallied up a quarter of a million pg views before Tripod took the counter away.(That's if,,if you guys still come thru that is.)

Anyways,,this is a short post to give notice.

I'll be back.

really,,this is sweet and there is no prob w/popups or nothing.But I still do NOT want to switch to zeeblio or whatever they are using now.I LIKE Trellix.

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 5:21 PM EDT
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Thursday, 22 September 2011
Long overdue Post # 70

Logging in I had 8 showing for yesterday and a sofar total of 3366.

Thanks folks!

In the ten months that I haven't posted a blog entry I have had three months with hi's over 5000 (Feb=5427/Mar=5508/Apr=5256),topped the 200,000 total pg view mark in March.

And that's enough to set the bongs a gonging,,,er,,uh,,the gongs a-bonging :


And,,thank you all very much!

Now,,as to why I haven't posted in the past ten months,,in short,,life happens and I simply haven't felt like mono-blogging.
Honestly,,with all due respect and a sincere apology to those who have clicked in,,,it isn't like I am having conversations with folks through this blog so I figure it's Wee!Gee! that folks are mainly interested in anyway.
If I am even partially wrong about that,then I do wish somone would correct me.And afterall,,I would like some feedback from folks coming through.
For instance,,I would like to know if any of you folks have been having problems visiting these pages since I have recently been having problems when I use the site from outside of the 'management area'.Since I do have an older pc running an older browser I usually assume it's just my setup yet there has been a steep drop in pg vws so I am curious if others are also having problems now.
(Beleive it or not,,I re-read stuff as I am writing new stuff and sometimes do it online rather than reading files in my pc.Oh,,and JFYI I also use Googles online translation service to do those foriegn sentences.Like I actually know Dutch,Porteguese,French,Latin,Haitian Creole or the other languages.Yeah,Right.But,,I do have a list of what I used and will include a glossary of such eventually.)

IF tripod has implemented policies that cause or continue to mess with you folks,,or mess with me too much,,then I will build an alternate site at cwahi.(or maybe elsewhere)
Just like how I came to tripod.WindowsLive was where I started out at blogwise but they were too 'system discriminating' so I swapped to here.That's in the first two blog entries.
I'll just leave this here and only maintain it for 'search engine' purposes.(That's what I had planned for when I ran out of space here anyway.)

IOW,,as usual,,I have been logging in to check the numbers of peepers peeking,posting the Wee!Gee! parts as I finish them and that's about it here at tripod.

BUT,,I have been doing stuff over at
Since I finally got my pc and scanner talking to each other I have been building a few pic albums to show you folks some old project sketches and doodles that survived Frances and Jeanne.
Album Index:
Rooster Racer:
Ft.Drum Smirks:
Blurbs & Cameos:
B&C cuts:
B&C characters

They're all pencil and only one is done in color.(It's in Frogs.)

Now,,for the Wee!Gee! surfers.
I have posted a few parts without announcing them so here's all that's up so far:
(intro) (prt1) (prt2) (prt3) (prt4) (prt5) (prt6) (prt7) (prt8) (prt9) (prt10) (prt11) (prt12) (prt13) (prt14) (prt15) (prt16) (prt17) (prt18) (prt19) (prt20) (prt21) (prt22) (prt23) (prt24) (prt25) (prt26) (prt27) (prt28) (prt29) (prt30) (prt31) (prt32) (prt33) (prt34) (prt35) (prt36) (prt37) (prt38)  (prt39)

And here's an Album page currently containing a pc built possible book cover,a sketch that could evolve into a cover or perhaps interior page graphics,a sketch of LeRoy's invention and a pic of the little girl who plays Iris (my oldest half sister) and King (a german shepherd) in front of LeRoy's house.

Now that I have a scanner going I will be able to post those pics I talked about in previous blog entries.

Eventually I will set up a feedback form of some kind in each album set but for now if you have any questions,comments,criticisms,kudos or critiques please feel free to use any of the several ways allready set up here at tripod.

Oh,,I suppose that would be only if tripod is not giving you problems,,if it is,,then please email me to let me know.Use royharbin at or harbin336 at excite or royharbin at

Okay,,that's gonna be it for this entry,so,,thank all of you very,very much for stopping in,,go check those pics out,,catch up on Wee!Gee! (find out how Reez dies and what LeRoy did for there to be a blood debt) and then,,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!?


Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 2:44 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 1 December 2011 2:24 AM EST
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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

gong bonging time again,,,a record setting daily peeper tally,,silent peeper contacts reported,halloween sure seems dead,soy isn't dog food, ,publix responds to demand as bakery sees soy products sales slump,2014 the year America ends and Reez and LeRoy find out how a bakers dozen does not allways a sweet treat make.


(and whoo-hoo,even!)

That is a bong a-gongin',,er,,uh,,a gong a-bongin' for all you folks coming through and racking up 5202 pg vws this past month!


Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!

,,is a woefully inadequate attempt by me to express my 'thanks' to you folks.
I am,,again,,awed,humbled and tickled plumb purply pink by the numbers of pg vws I have gotten.
 Not just the bell ringers like the above and a record setting one day tally of 674 on the 27th of this month but the overall as well since this month brings the 'since inception' till now count (11:19p on Oct.31/10) total to 178,033.

And this,,,is the rest of the entry:

Coming in to post this,the pg vw counter was showing 133 for yesterday and a sofar of 5020 for Nov.

My wife has been running into quite a few folks who have read Wee!Gee! yet,,with the paucity of comments I have recieved I would wonder if she was saying so simply to make me feel good if it were NOT for the pg vws confirmation.

there is even A whole office full of Wee!Gee! readers ouT There in a 'CustomeR sErvice department' somewhere in Texas that she said say they are Waiting for each new part to be posted and have/do read my blog.

When she told me about the conversation,,I have to admit,,it made me feel pretty good.
(Thanks ya'll!You know who you are.If ya need a clue if it's you or not,,re-look for things that stand tall.)

And here's something rather neat,,to me at least,,she ran into a 'teachers assistant' from my grade school who actually recognized me from my FaceBook profile pic.!!

Around 40 years later she actually remembered me well enough to tell my wife about my character,personality and even some individual events that happened.
Sadly,,I don't recall a bunch of what she related to my wife and I am as yet unable to dredge up any kind of clear,or otherwise, memory of her.
(I'm sorry,ma'am.Give me time.Even though I come from what could be appropiately called the,,uh,,'Burn out generation'~smirk~,,more comes back to me the more I attempt to recall those days.And I am certain that if/when I see a pic of you,especially if it's in a class pic,,or some similar setting,,I am sure I will recall more.As for any possible future lack,,remember I was young and,,well,,please consider the above reference to 'my generation'.In the mean time,,let me say to you that I am grateful,honored and humbled that you,,and your friend 'J' enjoyed what I've wrote so far.I am glad something I wrote provided you with enjoyment and Thank You for your kind words.I sincerely appreciate them.)

My wife said that she told her she'd read all that's posted and really liked it.
And I got graded as well,,an overall A+ with an A- for spelling!
(Not bad for a Jr.High School (8th grade/3rd time around)drop out,eh?

But,hey,,,I did get my High School Diploma,,not a G.E.D. Yeah,,later during my state mandated sabbatical in my early 20's.I scored exceedingly high on it (only missed 2 math probs) and a slew of locator tests that pegged allmost all of my acadaemic skills well into college levels with some amazingly high.And they said sitting in those classes waiting for the masses to get up to speed and being BORED outta my skull because I'm not learning anything new was something I needed to do in order to become 'educated'.Apparently,,an education wasn't then,,and still isn't now,,about merit,skill or ability at absorbing and utilizing acquired knowledge.All they seemed to want then,,like now,,was five bucks a day from the fedgov for my butt being in a seat.Whether I was actively learning or not.(Remember tho,,behaviour modification/indoctrination does not have to be voluntary,,all ya need for it to work is 'exposure time'.The longer the better.And if the victim/target is partially somnalent from boredom,,well,,that's likely to help it work even better.)

If they would have split it with me,,maybe,,maybe,,I would have stayed.Like I said to the principal when he explained it to me,(on the last day I attended),,,"okay then,,if you get money for me being here and I'm not being taught anything that wasn't taught in the grades I've allready passed nor am I allowed to advance at the pace I'm capable of,,what do I get out of it other than misery?I'm not learning anything I didn't allready know,so,,where's my twofifty?"

Naturally,,he didn't appreciate my logic.And nothing I did or said had any effect on anything at all other than myself since,,as we know,,the way the American system works means a dropout simply justifies public schools asking for more money/political assistance for promoting the 'forced P.S. attendence' aspect which increases susceptability to said indoctrination at the loss of an otherwise fine mind that would know how to recognize actual freedom,resist oppression and defend their and their fellow countrymens liberties,dignity and honor if it hadn't been disconnected from the 'church' of it's mind and hi-jacked by officially authorized and locally disseminated AuthoriThinking that recognizes no power or authority above Gov.
Aww,geez,,I went off on a school rant.

Moving on.

Halloween came and went on my street with nary a pitter,patter or giggle heard.
We were puzzled,,then surprisingly,,felt saddened.
Sure,,it's not exactly an average suburban street that we live on now but compared to the place we have lived for allmost 10 years there are quite a few children in the surrounding areas so we figured some would come by.
Yet,,not one trickntreater came by.

Later it was discovered that for some (most of those near here anyway),,it seems that paying to for them and their kids to go to Haunted Houses and out to eat has replaced dressing up like scary things and wandering the streets after dark emptily threatening folks with tricks if they don't get good treats.

Don't get me wrong,,as long as the kids have a good time,,I suppose it's all good.
It just makes me wonder,,
Has Halloween gone the way of Christmas,Easter and even Thanksgiving and become just another day of homage for the Gods of Commerce?

Is it no longer fashionably suitable or 'pc' for a 'Americas people' to enjoy something simple and relatively cheap or free like children mock threatening or begging to get sweets from you and the neighbors that live around you?

Is cultivating and maintaining a familiarity with one's immediate neighborhood and it's inhabitants being substituted by money spending trips into flowing seas of strangers as the cultural norm in America?
If so,,does (and/or can) it make a free nations peoples lives better,,or worse?

I can say that I know it made my street seem joyless and unalive.

Now,,for a soy related segment before I get to the good stuff and sign off.

We have confirmation that soy is not even good for dog food.
Since I had noticed some symptoms similar to mine in my dogs (males had mushy muscle tone,all three were stiff,lethargic and too easily hurt along with other things now identifiable as symptoms) we had got them off dog food (Gravy Train+other) with soy in it yet a skin condition that our larger male had been being bothered by continued to worsen.
After a local vet did a test that confirmed the problem as soy consumption he 'prescribed' a particular fish protein based dog food that I presume should rebalance his system.
After about a month or so,,it seems to be improving.It's for sure they all seem to be in better spirits,becoming more active and are firming up.

The Publix that I've spoke of has been fairly responsive to the ever increasing local demand for products without soy.I suppose that since requests and complaints went up and the bakerys bread and pastries with soy sales went down that corporate had to set the store handlers straight regarding how to be responsive to the 'publix' desires.
After all,,those big boys know that a super market depends on return customers so if it don't have what folks want,,they won't spend their money in that store.

That's the 'power of the people' hitting them 'where it hurts'.
It's capable of knock out blows to corporate interest.
Unless someone makes it a LAW that you have to buy certain products or services under threat of punishment via fines and more.But that won't happen in America,,untill 2014 when the LAW written into Obamacare kicks in.THEN,,the insurance and medical industry will be able to pummel 'we the people' into miserable submission at will since the ref (Gov) will support what amounts to Govs newest branch and not us in order to keep revenue flowing into their pets pockets and maintain as much control over the minds and bodies of their 'subjects' that they can just as governments all down through history have eventually perverted themselves into attempting.In this case it will be the 'official death of AMERICA" as far as I am concerned.
If that happens,,,it could be said that we will then become denominated (assigned a monetary value) and live as prey (that which is hunted or raised to be fed off of or consumed) waiting to be delivered up by those who care for us yet are ignorantly thinking they are doing a 'good work'(doing God a service or even in Gods,Christs,Yahavehs,Jehovahs,Allahs or some other's name) that will benefit us but will only help to subjugate,oppress and destroy the lives,liberties and freedoms of all.

Gee,,I keep revving up into a rant!But at least I ain't morosely depressed to the point of thinking that maybe I should get on something like Cymbalta.I am sooo glad I got off soy.

Okay,,so how does a bakers dozen NOT add up to a sweet treat?
When the main ingredient is pestilence permeated bone.
Oh,,gross,yuck and ewwwww!
What am I talking about?

Why,,the good stuff of course.
Wee!Gee!prt 36
LeRoy provides extra material for Reez to make Schlomo's chains with then breaks out a pair of wamma-jammas to gear him and Reez up for 6 Skull and Bone Brethren only to find out they face a bakers dozen instead.

(I put it up yesterday but ran a little late on the blog entry announcing it.)

Now,,in closing,,I have to reiterate how awed,humbled,very pleased and grateful that you folks have pushed the pg vw counter solidly over the 5000 mark in October!

Thank you all very much.I truly appreciate it.

I am allready working on part 37,,so,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 4:49 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 2 November 2010 5:01 AM EDT
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Monday, 4 October 2010

peeper numbers drop,pineapples,orchids,a variegated cactus,zombie plants,Mr.Mycelium's magical mushroom block,retorting Reg Henry rhetoric and details on Reez's last day living.

Hi folks!
 I thank you all for clicking in.
 This past month of September the pg vws dropped into the 3000's for the first time in a long while yet ended in the low 4000's.
Coming in the counter was showing 120 for yesterday and 4284 sofars.

 I don't know what it may mean,,or if it even means anything at all but the lowest numbers I have had in a very long time was 28 on the 11th,4 on the 12th,5 on the 13th and 41 on the 14th.Yet on the 15th they were back up to the usual daily count of around one hundred or so and thankfully,,they have been like that everyday since.
(personally,,after doing a goog news search of those dates,,I think it may indicate I have more than a few sports fans and tea partiers coming thru here.)

 I'm pretty sure I mentioned having brought two of the four pineapple plants I had along to this place.I left the two big girls,,Arnie and Mama Francis-Jeanne behind (I heard they each got a new owner that intend to take care of them.) and kept Suki and the one grown from her first apple.Suki died back but has now kicked of either a new head or a sucker and the other one,,Gracie,,is growing well alltho they are both hollering for more root space.I have a couple of big pots to put them in but I need to get some good soil for them first.

 We also had left behind an odd looking orchid plant.Amazingly,,not long after it turned warmer,,totally out of the blue,,we were given one of the exact same type.Along with an odd looking spineless cactus. Here's a pic of one pretty much just like it : you want to see how weird cacti can look,,click around the sites photo gallery :

 I looked for an online pic similar to the orchid but there are just too many to sort through without knowing it's particular name.It looks like green sticks somewhat like grass or bamboo.I know,that don't make no sense but it does.
 There are two types,,one that grows like an air plant and one that doesn't.I suppose this ones the air plant variety because when we got the first one,,I figured it was dead.The green never left and eventually there were roots and blooms popping out from sections.
 It's weird looking but has beautiful delicate flowers.

 Speaking of weird dead looking plants,,let me tell you about a plant I call 'zombie'.Our new neighbor has a plant in her front yard that she apparently wanted to eradicate.She had someone tear it out and they threw it in back of her garage which is adjacent to our backyard.We seen it there and just thought it was a dead branch but after a while we were amazed when we noticed leaves sprouting off the ends.
 After observing it grow for a few weeks without even being so much as stuck in the ground let alone having any root system we took it and snapped off the various tips exhibiting the growth and potted them up.
 Today we have about a dozen healthy looking plants.And our neighbor is going to be surprised when she comes down for the annual snow bird migration to find out the plant she got rid of is alive,well and growing like a weed in her front yard.

 Now,,for a magic mushroom block.Not that I like mushrooms at all but I ran across something I thought was a pretty neat idea for folks who do like shrooms and would like to grow some for themselves.
 Oh yeah,,and this gets you 'shiitake' mushrooms at that.
Check it out,,allow me to introduce you to Mr. Mycelium & the Mushrooms :
~A  Shiitake block is made from hardwood sawdust and chips mixed with bran for mushroom nutrition. The mixture is bagged, sterilized and then inoculated with the Shiitake mushroom spawn. It is then incubated for over a month and  made  ready to fruit.  After it soaks in water without any chlorine in it for 8-12 hours   mushrooms will emerge  in about 6-9 days .   The block needs to be misted 3-4 times a day to keep it moist and in a  cool environment of 62-68 degrees.  We provide a bag to make a humidity tent with instructions on how to use it.
Once all the mushrooms have been picked you let the block rest and start the whole process over again for the 2nd and 3rd flushes. ~

 I was surfing the web the other day trolling for news stories when I ran across a fella featured on
 His name is Reg Henry and I was flabbergasted,,sort of,,when I read what he apparently gets paid for.
 Basically,,,the stuff he spews reminds me of pkpost/psygon's psychogandic drivel yet with more subtilty since he doesn't blatantly defend the psychotic murderers like that character did.
 Anyways,,I responded to one of his posts on site.That would be this one :

 And here is one which I responded to like I would have to one of those pkposts back on the excite politics discussion board.It made for a largish piece so I didn't post it at scrippsnews as a 'comment' to Henry's article but instead put it over at The Staks.
 This is Henrys scrippsnews article:

 And this is my response.:

Eventually,,maybe,,I will post a 'twitter-like' reply in that pieces comment section that will point to my response unless someone else goes and points it out before I do.

 And to close,,,a dead mans head fills a live mans head to fill the live one in regarding the last day the sun had licked his skin.A tale of meeting back up with Bright Raven gets capped with the tragedy of how an unpayable blood debt became owed.

 Even given that he had a macabre and weighty job that he was willing and glad to do Reezes last day alive was a pleasent one.
 He had a nice drive through a beautiful land and when he had to get a flat tire fixed he ran into a well liked old friend who happily bought him a nice,ice cold beer.
Yes,,it was nice,,and definately not filled with any dread,,untill he heard tell that a gruesome gang was around and figured out he was responsible for them showing up.
Wee!Gee! part 35

 With that,,I will say,,again,,that,,I apologize for not posting more more often.
(Especially Wee!Gee!)
 Yet,,now,,since I am feeling much more able,capable,,,and willing,,to do more now that I am off the soy,,I do believe I will be producing more.
If I can sit still long enuff that is.

So,,as usual,,I will say,,if'n ya like,,or even if'n ya loathe,,what I post,,

Ya'll come back now,,y'hear?!?


Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 5:36 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 4 October 2010 5:38 AM EDT
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Sunday, 12 September 2010
9-11-10 Another set of towers crumble
Topic: Opposing Terror

9-11-10 Another set of towers crumble

I feel like 9-11-01 just happened all over again.
BO & Co all came out of the wood work to ask Jones to not provoke the percentage of Islamists in our and other countries who advocate violence,murder and mayhem when they get their feelings hurt or their idols are damaged or someone doesn't 'submit' to the politics of ISLAM or become a Muslim,,,YET,,,not once have I heard any of those same folks asking RAUF to NOT build an Islamic Center at Ground Zero in a desire to NOT provoke the peace loving folks in THIS COUNTRY.

IOW,,,as far as I am concerned,,it's equal to Islam just killing those folks all over again with the implied approval of Obama,Biden,Betrayus,Clinton and the Republicans,Christians,Catholic and Jews,celebrities,pundits,etc.etc.etc.
(It's like they are all running down a wide highway hollering Islam!Islam!,,er,,Peace!Peace! while those who paved the road are lopping the heads off those who don't want to run with the herd.)

Let's look at the logic being displayed over this mess.
(Keep in mind,,even BO insisted publicly that 'words' must mean something,'laws' must be obeyed and 'violations' must be punished. )

I'll start with my own comments above lest someone feel I may be slanting something.
I juxtaposed the desire of BO & Co to NOT provoke the percentage of Islamic RELIGOUS FOLKS IN FORIGN COUNTRIES and those who champion Sharia dominance,advocate violence,murder and mayhem when they get their feelings hurt or their idols are damaged WITH their LACK of desire to NOT provke the NON Islamists in America whose feelings are hurt by the murders and acts of war committed against innocent people (civilians not military personel).

Logically speaking,,,what does that display if NOT a clear and obvious priority consisting of 'satisfying' forign interests (whose 'members of state' threaten violence in retaliation) without equal consideration being shown to the domestic interests of this nations 'members of state' who 'do not' threaten to retaliate violently?

Does not 'compassion' demand one chose to champion the non violent and revile the murderous?

Does not JUSTICE & Sound Ethics demand a nations leaders look out for and protect the interests (which includes morale) of the nation they lead?

Would not 'fairness' expect those folks to at least ask that the Islamic Center?Mosque not be built in such a sensitive place as one involving loss of human life with as much 'enthusiasm' as was displayed to a fella who wanted to burn some books to protest a theocratic agenda?

Are we here in the US undeserving of being equally shown the compassionate understanding which our leaders and public heads display toward folks and political-religious entities which are clearly okay with violence being committed ON US over such a thing as 'religious icon desecration' that our very own National Endowement for the Arts pays out grants for?

Are we NOT under a form of 'constructive compliance' to Sharia if those laws are treated with more respect than our own by our very own leaders?

Are we of such low worth to our CiC,,the POTUS,,that it appears that he and his crew do not care if we suffer from intolerant minded,religiously bigoted,politically prejudiced folks that hide murderous political agendas behind a facade of religion that terrifies understanding non adherents night and day?

If that's NOT the case,,then why are THEY being shown more respect,compassion and consideration by him and his than their FELLOW AMERICANS get?

As for some saying that 'all Muslims' do not advocate the 'threats of violence'.
Which one's are speaking out loudly and proudly against their fellow muslims acting like psychopathic murderers?
Why do the few that may,,not get more 'media exposure' by US news corporations?
Why won't they protest publicly against such in their own countries or even in a place as tolerant and peaceful as America is where they can be protected from harm by our 'Law enforcement' and even military might?

Now,,for the 'justification' most used against that pastor burning those books.

It will make Muslims around the world want to kill Americans.
The only response possible to anyone that is aware of history spanning a least the past few decades,not actively compatriot with Islam or 'overly indoctrinated by party-pup PC rhetoric',honest minded,at least half as smart as a doorknob and reasonably sane could give is,,,"What doesn't make Muslims world wide want to kill Americans or any non Muslims for that matter?"
(You want to see what I mean?check it out,,now,,NOT building the Islamic Center or it not being allowed to be built due to some mundane reason such as 'building codes' would result in Muslims wanting to commit violence as surely as burning korans would:

~The imam of the mosque conceded Wednesday he would have changed sites if he knew how controversial it would become - but he now believes a switch would anger the radical Muslim world.

"If we don't do this right, anger will explode in the Muslim world," said Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on CNN's "Larry King Live."

"It could become something very dangerous indeed."~

(Do you or don't you think that man was referring to violence equal to,or greater than,the violence threatened in retaliation for burning korans?Which do you believe is truthful,,the statement 'he wouldn't have placed it there if he had known' or the inference that he did NOT know it would result in controversy or,,the statement NOT doing so is dangerous.Do you think maybe not picking that location was dangerous to Rauf,personally?Or do you think it's likely he is moving in accordance with an agenda shared by his political-religious compatriots?)

And considering Rauf is someone advocating instituting Sharia Law in the U.S. (which constitutes 'rejection' of or promotes supremecy over U.S. Soverignty) simply demanding that someone not excercise their right to freedom of expression constitutes a flagrant disrespect and rejection of U.S. laws,what reasons other than asserting dominance over (psychologically&symbolically at the very least) and/or provoking negative reactions (as in provoking to violence or as in 'terrorizing them') from the local cultures members could there be??

It is un Christian or unBiblical.
So is Islam.
(to whit:The prescription given in The New Testament,,which COMPLETED the 'old testament,,was to treat others as you would like to be treated.I am a follower of Yeshua and I would rather those folks burnt Bibles if they opposed America or wanted their Islamic center in a certain 'sensitive' spot as opposed to murdering folks.Which would you prefer?)

It's sends the wrong message.
What message should be sent,,"We the people of diverse religious and political persuasions that live in the United States submit to the religious/political laws of Sharia so we will not face threat of or see commision of violence or death?"
(That IS unconstitutional even if BO wants us to.And is what comes from losing/surrendering in a war between nations.And THAT wouldn't even stop such,IMHsmellyO.)

That's not how Americans act.
Which Americans?Muslim Americans?Kenyan Americans?Irish Americans?Christian Americans?Anti-Americans?DANG-DInGIE Americans?Or do you mean Americans who apply for and get NEA grants to desecrate religious icons of flavors other than Islamic?

That's not what America stands for.
(This one came from a constitutional lawyer,,can ya guess who?)
If America does NOT stand for 'freedom of expression' then what's the first amendment about?

To finish this:
I,,as a human being who is an American Citizen,,and a non main stream  Christian,,am extremely dissapointed,dismayed,astounded and hurt beyond compare by what I have witnessed over the last few days.

Another set of towers have been destroyed.
The ideas of Freedom of Speech and that our elected officials are loyaly dedicated to protecting America,it's constitution,laws and it's people's freedoms have been crumbled into rubble.

What's gonna happen on next 9/11?
Will that Islamic Center explode and thousands of more folks get murdered so a religious-political system can garner more power or will that be un-needed by then here in what was called one of the biggest Islamic nations on Earth by BO whom some want to establish a new Caliphate like what was formed in old time Cordoba? : : ~Obama: U.S. One of World's Biggest Muslim Nations - World Watch ...Jun 3, 2009 ... Obama: U.S. One of World's Biggest Muslim Nations ... to deliver what has become a much-anticipated speech, Obama is practicing the kind of ...~
 - : - -
~Minister wants Obama to become Ameer-ul-Momineen
Published: September 02, 2010
ISLAMABAD  In a development that could be duly termed as one and only of its kind, an incumbent Government’s Minister has urged US President Barrack Obama to offer Eid prayers at Ground Zero Mosque and become Ameer-ul-Momineen of Muslim Ummah.
Minister of State for Industries and former member Pakistan Ideological Council Ayatullah Durrani called TheNation on Wednesday to register his demand made to President Obama.
 The coming Eid would expectedly be observed on 9/11, this a golden opportunity for President Obama to offer Eid prayers at Ground Zero and become Amir-ul-Momineen or Caliph of Muslims. In this way, all the problems of Muslim World would be solved,he thought.
Durrani argued that Muslim World was in dire need of a Caliph and the distinguished slot of Caliphate would earn President Obama the exemplary titles of what he termed, Mullah Barrack Hussain Obama” or Allama Obama. The time is approaching fast. Barrack Hussain Obama must act now. This is a golden opportunity, Muslims badly need it,he added, saying that the elevation of President Obama to Muslim’s Caliphate would be the key to success.~


That makes this seem much more accurate:

Oh yeah.
I do not say I would or would not burn a Koran or any other religions material as a form of protest against a religion or political system.

I am saying that under the laws of the U.S. it is legal to express myself that way,,or dispose of such in that way if the situation demands or calls for it,,or if I simply want to as long as I rightfully and legally own it and that I will defend any human who wishes do do such whether our current or future government says it's okay or not.

I am also saying I will defend any human right to belong to any religion he or she so chooses,,and to leave it at the slightest whim,whether our current or future government says it's okay or not..

As well as,,

I will oppose any and all religions that insist one join or be submissive to it under penalty of taxation,tribute,exile,violence or death,whether our current or future government says it's okay or not.

Doing so IS what America's about.
To do anything else WOULD be Un-American.
And I expect no less from BO & Co and all other fellow freedom loving Americans,whether our current or future government says it's okay or not.

Here's a thought,,If a burnt book is worth killing over,,is it worth NOT killing to keep a book from being burnt?


Start with a number equal to the number of lives lost on 9-11-01 and add one for every life lost in the name of Allah since then.

Too many?

How about this,,starting tomorrow,for every human a Muslim murders in the name of Allah,,,a Koran is burnt?


Does anyone think that would get them to stop acting like psychopathic murderers?

I don't.

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 11:39 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 13 September 2010 11:14 PM EDT
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Friday, 3 September 2010

if peeps weren't silent,would they be as sweet?,wee!gee! vs poisoned watermelon,publix pushing soy?,,and,,,part 34 fell into place.


Hi ya'll!
 Logging into post this my pg vw counter was showing 138 for yesterday and 4482 sofar this month.
 I extend many,many,many thanx to those who have been pushing my pg vw count numbers up.
 As a matter of fact,,since my last entry on 8/19 I seen a new high for that month of 4890 on the 22nd and even started this month off with 4487 showing.

Thank you all very much!!!

 I have to say,,again,,and again,,I am really thankful for the visits yet majorly puzzled by the lack of feedback I have garnered.

 I have been using the internet for over a decade and in that time I have visited many sites as banal as mine,,and way worse even,,that get at least some sort of commentary on occasion.

 Yes,,I have previously concluded that the pg vws are a suitable substitute for actual comments,,and those numbers are nothing I am going to denigrate nor cast aspersions at because they are sweet to me,,so,,,bemusedly,,I'll just repost some links to ways to contact me or comment on what I write or post.

first off,,here's a group of boards one could use:

here's a form mailer:

and then there is that 'text link' at the bottom of this blog entry that reads -> Post comment

allrighty then.moving on.

 In my last post I said I was working on part 34 of Wee!Gee!.
Well,,I was,,and while struggling to get back in the swing and get it rolling again,,,along comes some nice good looking,juicy,,yet not very sweet with a tang of 'something off' watermelon that I ate,,not greedily,,but freely,,that my wife picked up at a fruitstand up in Wabbaso on the west side of US#1 that definitely slowed part 34 way down.
 Over the course of two day I ate a not unreasonable amount (I have learned in the past I do like watermelon a little too much for my own good so I keep that in mind),,even so,,,by the third day,,I wound up feeling like the mold had invaded me again,,minus the puking.
 I was on the verge of actually wanting to go to the hospital.If it had stayed as intense as it was at first just a little bit longer,,I would have.
 After I had suffered through (and was getting better from) a few days of intense intestinal pain that I noticed actually had less gas associated with it as usually accompanies my watermelon discomforts a guy my wife works with came down with the same symptoms after cracking open the watermelon he had gotten from the same place as my wife got ours.
 He called his doctor and got a 'sameday' appointment so when he went he took some of the watermelon in his lunch with him which his doctor had tested.
Yep,,now I have a clue as to how a roach hit by Raid might feel.

 The story goes that the melons came from a farm in Immokolee not long after we had a bunch of rain.
 I say this so I can point out that watermelons can suck in 'water' through the spot where the vine attaches for a while after picking.
 IOW,,they,,like other fruits and vegetables,,,don't actually die as soon as they are plucked,picked or cut.
 Temperature changes can contribute to such as well.
 So,,,if..per se,,one picked a crop that had been 'sprayed' according to schedule a tad early due to trying to beat the rains,,and did not get it out of the field before said rains puddled the 'fresh' pesticide up enough to leave the fresh picked/cut vines and holes under 'tainted' water,,then one could wind up with 'poisoned watermelon'.

 Personally,,I just hope this kind of thing doesn't help give BO & Co. more justification for expanding gov control deeper into the food biz.
(As if they really need to say anything other than 'it's for your own good' to get the average sheeple to bleat,,'Oh,,thank you sirs,,another law.Please,,may we have another?'and get one more 'golden chain' looped around our necks.)

 On another local note,,
 In our search for soy-less products we had found that the bakery in Publix on Oslo and US#1 made a soy free Chicago Style Italian bread loaf and offered to make other breads without it as well.
 Well,,now,,for no apparent reason except,,perhaps,,purposeful lowering of customer satisfaction levels,,the Chicago style has soy in it and they refuse to bake anything they do not get in a premade/frozen form.
 Amazingly,,a 'manager' even told my wife to simply shop at a local bakery.
 Needless to say,,we will most likely drive the extra distance to shop at the Publix on 43rd and Oslo.Unless,,of course,,they turn into a 'soy pusher' too.
 I'll let you know.

 Oh,,,yeah,,,like I said above,,that poisened melon slowed part 34 down,,but,,,it didn't stop it.

Yet,,the stars suddenly coming out definitely gave the deputy pause.
Here's Wee!Gee! prt34:

I hope someone enjoys it,,,and yet,,,even if'n ya don't,,,there it is so,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 4:09 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 3 September 2010 4:15 AM EDT
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Thursday, 19 August 2010

life without soy and a rumour about Wee!Gee!prt 34.

Thank you.
I can not apologise enuff to those looking for more Wee!Gee! and can not express my thanks enough to those who have kept my pg vw count cranking along,I had 142 showing for yesterday when I came on and 4785 sofar for this month with a high for August of 4852 on the 15th.


Life without soy,,,

Has become amazing.
I had become convinced that the mold incident had messed me up so bad I wasn't going to do anything except get worse and weaker until I died.


  My muscles have become firmer and my fat is shrinking,,as in,,I am losing fat not weight.I seem to have broadened a bit across my chest and shoulders.I can actually feel my muscles from the inside again.My posture and stance has improved.My bones feel harder.(things don't hurt me as much as they have been the past few years)My energy levels have increased dramatically.I get way less head rushes from bending over or squatting(I repaired some pipes from a 'standing while bent from the waist down into a shallow hole' position without even ONE!).I haven't experienced 'full chest' feelings or heart palpations in about 6 weeks.My breathing seems improved.My wife and others have commented on my color,eye clarity and overall appearence as being improved.I am more likely to go ahead and do something rather than come up with reasons not to.
  My cravings for candy have dropped to virtually nil.(That could actually be seen as good thing tho' since my favs Reeses PB Cups & 3 Musketeers (and all others as far as I know) contain soy products.Just like Jif PB,Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna packed in water,Dandee Bread,Cheetos and even Nutella does.It is really astounding how many common products have soy ingredients.)
  I ache way less.As in,,my bones don't constantly feel like I've been beat repeatedly by an 'owie stick' and my muscles don't feel like I weigh twice my weight all the time.

  While I do still experience pain and discomfort which I still believe is most likely left over from the mold event since it is very akin to the hot electric icey shooting - creeping - stabbing - bursting - clawing - crawling explosions that come on (and that stick around on occasion) I was feeling at that time they are way less intense and way less frequent.My food tastes better.


  I feel like I am thinking more clearly,quicker and in a less emotionally reactive fashion.My thoughts seem to be tending more to the pragmatic,practical and proactive than they have been.Problems don't seem so 'problematic' lately.I am more likely to go ahead and do something rather than come up with reasons not to.


  I am more enthusiastic.I am less pessimistic.I don't have crushing waves of morose and anguished thoughts flood my mind at odd times.I don't seem to fit the symptoms listed in all those depression medication adverts anymore.(Like Cymbalta for instance)I laugh a bit more and a little quicker.I am more likely to go ahead and do something rather than come up with reasons not to.

I could go on.

  All in all,,,my quality of life (LIVING) has improved even if there is now a feeling of utter revulsion over what is happening to folks who think they are getting healthy,good (or not so bad) for them products that are,,IMHsmellyO,,equal to 'Amdro for humans' and are producing what amounts to a famine with the appearence of plenty.
  Then of course,,there is a very real reason for feeling a heavy sadness and that is that there is no rational reason to believe that 'The Powers That Be' are not aware of this and many rational reasons to conclude that the detrimental effects of soy consumption that would make and keep folks thinking they are needful of or dependent on 'health care=insurance' are not only known but desired by 'TPTB'.

  Here is some more info on soy I found online that perhaps deserves consideration:
  This first one is chock full of info ranging from the history of soy to what in it is bad and why to the pros and cons of soy in infant diets.With cited references ta boot.I found it an interesting read.
  Here's another one that exposes what could either be a way of 'gentling' a population segment or a slow yield pogrom yet is undeniably evidence of cruel and unusual punishment:

Initially I had thought it was a male problem,,,I have since found out different.

Here's one focusing on the effect on one women:
Another one:
Here's a summary of effects on women and children:

Here's one with a video and a lotta links:
I'll throw this one in for good measure since it illustrates the ways labels can easily do the consumer a dis-service: 

  Here's one that (among other things) lays out the reasons why a once minor crop that was listed in the 1913 US Department of Agriculture (USDA) handbook not as a food but as an industrial product, now covers 72 million acres of American farmland. Much of which will be used to feed chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows and salmon. Another large fraction will be squeezed to produce oil for margarine, shortenings and salad dressings.

  Here's one more that includes a report about an impending atrocious act of overgrown power mongering that would undoubtedly eventually lead to heinous abuses on human dignity and flat out prohibition on self reliance from behind a facade of 'protecting folks'.:
this is more on that:

okay,,'nuf 'sed 'bout dat fer now.


 Here's what some folks may have been hoping to hear:
Since I have recently gotten another old computer up & running that allows me to use programs in it and go on line,,I have officially started writing the second half of Wee!Gee!
 Part 34 has been started and yes,,I have to admit,,it's taking a bit of effort to get back into since I've been on 'hiatus' since last year along with having a different setup to work in now it but itsa starting to roll,ya'll!

No,,it's not posted yet but I'm going to go work on it now so,,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:00 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Peekers,,,not squeekers,,keep coming,Soy?Soy!Oy!,,Yes,,I'm paranoid,,,but  that don't mean no one's out to get me,,you or US!Attention #10 and welcome aboard to my friend Vinnie.

Thank you all very much!!

Coming in to post my pg vw counter was showing 112 for yesterday and a so far hi of 4596.

Last months hi tally was 4750 with April topping out with 4759.So far for this month I have a hi of 4802 showing allready.

I am so amazed and humbled and yes,,,pleased,,when I look at my pg vw counts.

Now,,I know that in the world at large the numbers are insignificant,,but to me,,for what I have posted,,having a consistant monthly hi-tally in the mid 4000's range is just awesome!
And it is creeping higher.Even tho',,,,from the looks of it,,I guess I'm down to one post a month.~sigh~
And no new Wee!Gee! parts either.~sigh~
Sorry folks.~sigh~

I am trying what I can to better my ability to continue writing and posting without frustrating myself into becoming a writhing mass of quivering flesh on the floor by FTP'ing via dial up.(Is there a friendly PC Doc in the house?)

I suppose I could keep writing it in my other pc (like 'beneath') and wait to post it but I seem to have had a pattern/rhythym going that worked really well which definately helped develope the flavor of the tale.And I like the whole 'Rough Manuscripts' concept as well so,,well,,I'll try since I do feel a bit more full of myself since I reduced more soy out of my diet.



Take it how ever you may wish to but I for one do not want exessive amounts of soy going into my body.

Which means I have to be actively aware of what's in the food I eat since it has become a too common cost reducing alternative to many substances in foods that used to not have soy in them.

But,,soy,,what's wrong with soy?

Well,,probably nothing unless you are a male.


Here,,I put this page together Soy?Soy!Oy! -( ).It has info and links that deals with the why's and why nots (and here is a set of search results for a site that my sister turned me onto just recently that I will go through later and add stuff from to that compilation I have up:
If that link results in you just getting to the front page,,simply scroll down a bit and look to the right for a search box and type in soy,,it will return what I tried to link to.)

I know,,I know,,supposedly,,,it's healthy food and good for ya.
At least,,that's what we are told by those who claim to know what's best for us.

You know,,the very same one's who also claim or act as tho,,,genetically modifying food crops is not detrimental in the least,,,,that governments know better than those they govern,,,that government has a right to force what amounts to a head tax on all legal American Citizens,,that more government control/oversight is compatable with the spirit and words of our U.S. Constitution,,that just saying stuff equates with accomplishing something,,that the major enemies of the nation,,and the world,,is the very same White American capitalistic corporations who got punished by being given tax-payers money to escape their debts while being told they were unethical corporations not immoral criminal persons,,,all while the profits keep flowing for those big boys to give away to their pocketed pals for advertising revenue in order to keep the kayfabe(charade/act) going that makes them look altruistic and genuinely concerned for the well being and welfare of their 'voters',supporters and customers.

Who fits that set of criteria?
And when did the memo go out saying we could trust these folks?,,'cuz I musta missed it.

Honestly,though,,what is wrong with those folks? 

Seriously,,,since I can't believe they are all as moronic or incompetent as they appear to be,,it's as if there must be something to at least one or five of the myriad of conspiracy theories floating around  out there.
After all,,,just think about it.


Out of all the theories concerning our government (with or with out world wide,alien or even demon cohorts) being involved in some kind of plan to do some kind of thing which discounts the individual to the point that it resembles a forced &/or surreptitious restructuring of our (or all) societies to fit into and/or under some all encompassing plan of action which results in the leaders garnering power,profit and pleasure at the expense of life,liberty and freedom for the 'people',,,

90%  are totally groundless at best or insanely imaginary at worst.

5%  are complex misunderstandings.

3%  are the result of political or personal machinations against opponents or rivals in the form of slander or even attempted framings.

1%  are true yet do not follow the above criteria close enuff to qualify as a bad thing.

.5%  are true but have no way of succeeding.

.5% must be true and while most often being presented sunny side up or downplayed and dismissed as crazy conspiricy nuttyness are,,at least occasionally,,reported on.

Or even less than .5%,,without ever being reported on in a way that validates any proposed theory with any widespread notorioty.Yet,,not 0%,,after all,,remember how many there are and that 'not 0%' should constitue at least one 'theory' being so exceeding close to an actual factual reality that IF it did gain widespread attention folks would freak slap the fu,,er,,fudge out.

Now,,consider the most likely end goal of any such 'conspiracy'(not the publicly disseminated ones,,consider the one's the official ones seem to be designed to distract folks away from).Would it NOT,,at the heart of the means of it,,essentially be,,,Control of the worlds resources (from necessities to political elements) by 'corporate commitee' ran,,at first,,by a titular head and self serving members which would most probally turn into a despot with a group of sycophantic glad handers kowtowing to get favors.And,,,how it would only take ONE such scheme succeeding to make life crappy for all of us non-elite folks.

Of course,,IMHsmellyO,,here's the real kick in the teeth,,,it's probally an 'open secret' of the sort which is so much a part of the fabric of the most common citizens environmental background that they simply can't recognize it much less understand that anything is wrong with it.
(have you ever tried to explain what you see to a person whose never seen or explain colors to the color blind or that one set of Hitlers 'Aryan' Nation allies are still very actively attempting to achieve at least one of the same ends?)

Don't forget how the 'hi-level' elite would NOT be directly adversely affected by social transformation,upheaval or even miltary conflagration with the many layers of insulating security (and gov continuance plans which are well known) they have so the common sense refutation of,,they would be as afraid of such as we would,,simply don't fly.

Am I paranoid?

Yes,,I am as paranoid as a primate in an area filled with visible and invisible carnivorous predators and who lives in a troupe which contains cannabalistic members should be.

IOW,,Of course I am.It's a very useful survival trait.
Have ya never noticed how with everything from small tasty critters to folks betrayed in relationships to folks investing money on wall street to voters being led around on main street that it's the non paranoid who are most likely to wind up getting got?

Is it paranoia if the cautious/fearful/distrustful reaction is based on past occurances? 

That would be 'learning' from past lessons wouldn't it?
Yep,,,it sure would.
Here's a lesson that illustrates a people striving to be free from an over grown government:

Heck,,here's a link to a printer friendly page,,print it out,,show it to your offline friends,family,neighbors and enemies: 

Go re-read it,,or perhaps actually read it for the first time,,and pay close attention to the kinds of things King G. was doing which caused all the ruckus and compare those acts with contemporary acts of political prestidigitations commited by our oh so noble and altruistic constitutional rights facilitators.

allright,,,'nuff o'dat!

I'd rather end this on a different note than that,so,,,

One day about a week or so ago,,while sitting in my van in a local shopping markets parking lot waiting for my wife to shop,,a fella in a nice looking car pulled up into the parking space facing mine.
That gave opportunity for me to get a good look at a card hanging from his rearview.

It looked like an ID card for a sports org of some sort from a western state that had the guys name and picture on it along with a big jersey number 47.
A bit of a reciprical self promotion plan formulated in my mind.

When the guy came back out,,I gestured the question,,'Is that you on that card?" to him to which he responded in the affirmative.So,,I hopped out with a pen and pad ready to get my first celebrity autograph.

Look,,I have met more than a couple of celebrities of various types and assorted levels of fame but I had never felt an urge to get nor had a use for getting an autograph from any of them.(I simply treated them like any one else.They seemed relieved and appreciative of that.)
But this was different.

Essentially,,I talked to him (he seemed really nice) a few minutes and left with an autograph and a handshake deal to be each others fans.

He would read Wee!Gee!,,,and turn other interested (or totally bored) parties onto it like perhaps during training or traveling when chillin' (and being bored) and readin' is a common activity and I would follow his career and talk about him on my blog on occasion.

Pretty simple,right?

One problem though,,.I hopped online and ran searches for his name with the org name & number on the card and couldn't find anything that fully matched that or the number he put under his signature which was #10.

Well,,okay,,two problems,,,since I am not a football fan of any sort and don't really know any who could help me find out more on him with the info I have.


Attention #10/47

After you read this and IF you still feel like following through with our little verbal agreement,,,please notify me with your current status info as regards team and etcetera. so I can introduce you to my few,,yet hugely appreciated by me readers,,and start posting updates on your career activities.

I recently ran into a friend that I've known since way-way back in my teen days whom I haven't seen in about 15 years.
He is one of the few folks I know in non cyber space who I am positive has visited my pages here.(I guided him to it over the phone just yesterday and he literally read to me from it.) 

Welcome aboard,Vinnie.
I pray God makes and keeps you happy,healthy and whole in body,heart,mind,spirit and soul.
I am very glad I ran back into you and tickled that you are going to read around my site.
I hope you enjoy at least some of what I've put up.

Of course,,whether you do or not,,since you did read what I typed I'll say to you like I say to anyone who reads these undoubtedly inane seeming blatherings of mine (or the much better stuff like Wee!Gee!),,,thanx fer visitin' and,,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!?


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Wednesday, 12 May 2010
Roy's Twisted Root: A Tasty delight

a new taste,,roy's twisted rootbeer.

I came up with this about 3 weeks after moving in to our current location.
A few folks that have tried it said they liked it pretty well so I figured I would share it with those that come through here.
(If you wanted to,,you could call it a form of thank you to the percentage of peepers coming through that enjoy a drink or two now and again.or not.either way,,when I logged in the pg vw counter was showing 130 for yesterday and 4530 sofar this month so some thanks are due someone.IOW:Thanks ya'll!!!)

The basic mix concept I came up with is A&W Rootbeer with a flavored white liquor such as Seagrams Rasberry Gin or Smirnoffs Twisted Strawberry (triple distilled).

I personally mix it light and neat (with refridgerated fixin's of course) but a person could double pump the jigger and drop rocks in it if they chose.

This makes for a tasty alcoholic beverage without as much acid as one usually gets from most mixers and the vanilla in the A&W really set's it off.

Naturally it's allways tasters choice when it comes to such so something like rum or whatever else that tickles a persons taste buds might go well with A&W or some other rootbeer for that matter.

So long as it's rootbeer and a flavored liquor it's a twisted rootbeer.

Here's links to interesting facts about vanilla and rootbeer for the chronically curious minds out there. ~

5.2 Medicinal effects :

In old medicinal literature, vanilla is described as an aphrodisiac and a remedy for fevers. These purported uses have never been scientifically proven, but it has been shown that vanilla does increase levels of catecholamines (including epinephrine, more commonly known as adrenaline).In an in-vitro test, vanilla was able to block quorum sensing in bacteria. This is medically interesting because in many bacteria quorum sensing signals function as a switch for virulence. The microbes only become virulent when the signals indicate that they have the numbers to resist the host immune system response (Choo et al. 2006).The essential oils of vanilla and vanillin are sometimes used in aromatherapy.~ ~> ~> <~

Root beer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~Root beer is a carbonated beverage originally brewed using sassafras. ... The historical root beer was analogous to small beer, in that the process provided a ...~

A&W Root Beer ~Grab a barrel full of flavor with the frothy, full-bodied taste of A&W Root Beer. A&W Root Beer - served in more than a mere can or bottle. ...~ ~A&W Root Beer is a root beer franchise in the United States and Canada that was started in 1919 by Roy Allen.[1] In 1922, Allen partnered with Frank Wright. ...~

Brewing Root Beer ~History of root beer, and a collection of from-scratch recipes for brewing at home.~ 

Enjoy,,,thanx again for visiting,,and,,

Ya'll come back now,,y'hear?!?

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