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Monday, 2 April 2007
Regarding How to Seperate Church from State

Regarding How to Seperate Church from State
by Roy Harbin

    There has been a lot of contention of late,actually,about ohh,,50 years or so,,concerning the thing known as 'seperation of church and state'.
    So much so I felt that since many folks are getting their opinions out there that I may as well put mine out there as well.
    The common reason adherents of this 'political stance' state gives them cause to alledge there exists such a thing is that there is a 'non establishment of a state religion' clause in the US national documents and that one of the many signees of the documents wrote a letter to somone else in private correspondence to an associate.These same adherents evidently fail to see the clear reference to 'a god' at the very least in these same documents,along with the fact that non establishment does not equal abolishment and that one signee does not a majority make.
    I have titled this little missive,, 'How to Seperate Church From State' because that is where the topic leads to.Not simply if there  should be a seperation or not,,but how to do it if one really desired a true seperation.After all if one doesn't consider what the decision entails then one can't accurately gauge the proper course to take.
   So let's get going,,IF you wished to seperate church from state you must:
   First,,identify source and identifiable elements of 'church' in state. Allright,,church in state would be what?Wouldn't it be the acceptance of the idea that there is a higher than 'state' authority of some sort?And that exists,,it's known as 'God',a god,gods or some such equivalent word that amounts to a 'final arbiter of truth',correct?And this is commonly an element involved with a 'group' activity' where like minded folk gather together,correct?   
    Now,this situation tends to involve deep personal, social, cultural, emotional and often familial,racial or even  national senses of idenity and individual self image that make for some deep seated mindsets that could be said to be a 'core' element of a persons 'self/psyche', correct? Yeah,correct.I believe we can all agree that is the source of 'church'.
   Second,,that concept,,or ideology if you will,exists,,or doesn't,,with in the minds,,consciousness of each individual that consitutes the members of the 'state',correct?And it tends to be expressed through the influence this belief has on the decisions of the mind it exist within,correct?That influence,,from either acceptance or rejection of 'god stuff' could be called 'church',correct?Okay,,I think that would probally be acceptable to most people.
    So,,the above elements come in to interaction with 'state' when the individual has some position or other in the 'decision making process' that governs the 'state' as a whole,correct?That sounds reasonable and I think most would agree with it easily.
    Now,let's take a moment to examine the involved dynamics of this situation.
    You have a state made up of many individuals.Church of some sort or other,or a lack of it,exists in every member.Some,if not all,have a position within the governments,or 'states' decision making process in which 'church' affects those decisions,correct?Sounds reasonable to me.
     Then,,you wish to seperate 'church' from 'state' ?
     Okay,,for now,,let's just ignore the begging question here of ,'why?' and deal with what would have to occur to enable such a seperation.
      There would be more than one area in which changes would need to occur in order to allow the seperation.First I suppose one would need to take out the 'connection' between the authority of anything except 'state'.Since,church minded individuals and groups maintain an authority above state exists that ideology would need to be negated somehow.To negate such one would not focus primarily on the ones that already have a fully formed set of church beliefs but rather focus on the 'young ones' who have yet to be fully acclimatized to the 'church' oriented ideology of the 'parents or group'.This could most effectively be accomplished through 'state funded' education that would openly ridicule,trivialize and demean the 'church ideolgy'Using the indoctrinal aspects of an 'educational curriculum' biased against the 'church' ideaology,the validity of the 'church ideaology' could be destroyed in the perceptions of the 'students'.
    This sets the stage for 'state' to step in.By destroying the 'core beliefs' through 'indoctrinal techniques' and manipulation of  how 'alledged facts are presented' or 'alledging facts are non existant' and therefore researching them would be futile,,while replacing the 'church ideaologies authority figure' with 'state' enables the 'young minds' to be weaned away from 'church' while becoming focused on 'state' as 'final arbiter of truth' rather than the previous common figure of 'familial,social,religious, cultural' authority figure and final arbiter of truth,,God,represented by 'church'.
     Once this is reinforced by negative or positive reinforcements through incentives/rewards/deterrents the students become 'incapable' of seeing the importance of making state related decisions based on 'individual' cultural,social,familial and the other types of 'church' IF 'state' is the kind of state where 'individual social,cultural,familial,racial and or national' concerns ARE supposed to be represented.
     Of course,,once the 'student' is brought to this level of 'unknowing' it is a relatively easy thing to motivate him to participate in the 'state' decision making process by appealing to the base desires left to their own discretion.
     You know,,like wages,transportation,prestige,health care, housing,,luxuries and other common delicasies.
      Yet the short take on it shows the true intent ,,,
“To seperate church from state you must first seperate the men of the state from their social,cultural,personal and or familial concept of 'church;God,final arbiter of truth' and replace that conceptual belief with 'state' as 'final arbiter of truth'.
       How do you do it?
       Through educational indoctrination of successive generations of young minds,,and,,patient persistence.
      Maybe next time,,or later on,,I'll do one on "Why would someone wish to seperate church from state?' or maybe 'How to destroy a religion.'

The DANG - DInGIE American

aka,, The Evil White Man

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 5:32 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 6 May 2007 4:19 AM EDT
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