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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Peekers,,,not squeekers,,keep coming,Soy?Soy!Oy!,,Yes,,I'm paranoid,,,but  that don't mean no one's out to get me,,you or US!Attention #10 and welcome aboard to my friend Vinnie.

Thank you all very much!!

Coming in to post my pg vw counter was showing 112 for yesterday and a so far hi of 4596.

Last months hi tally was 4750 with April topping out with 4759.So far for this month I have a hi of 4802 showing allready.

I am so amazed and humbled and yes,,,pleased,,when I look at my pg vw counts.

Now,,I know that in the world at large the numbers are insignificant,,but to me,,for what I have posted,,having a consistant monthly hi-tally in the mid 4000's range is just awesome!
And it is creeping higher.Even tho',,,,from the looks of it,,I guess I'm down to one post a month.~sigh~
And no new Wee!Gee! parts either.~sigh~
Sorry folks.~sigh~

I am trying what I can to better my ability to continue writing and posting without frustrating myself into becoming a writhing mass of quivering flesh on the floor by FTP'ing via dial up.(Is there a friendly PC Doc in the house?)

I suppose I could keep writing it in my other pc (like 'beneath') and wait to post it but I seem to have had a pattern/rhythym going that worked really well which definately helped develope the flavor of the tale.And I like the whole 'Rough Manuscripts' concept as well so,,well,,I'll try since I do feel a bit more full of myself since I reduced more soy out of my diet.



Take it how ever you may wish to but I for one do not want exessive amounts of soy going into my body.

Which means I have to be actively aware of what's in the food I eat since it has become a too common cost reducing alternative to many substances in foods that used to not have soy in them.

But,,soy,,what's wrong with soy?

Well,,probably nothing unless you are a male.


Here,,I put this page together Soy?Soy!Oy! -( ).It has info and links that deals with the why's and why nots (and here is a set of search results for a site that my sister turned me onto just recently that I will go through later and add stuff from to that compilation I have up:
If that link results in you just getting to the front page,,simply scroll down a bit and look to the right for a search box and type in soy,,it will return what I tried to link to.)

I know,,I know,,supposedly,,,it's healthy food and good for ya.
At least,,that's what we are told by those who claim to know what's best for us.

You know,,the very same one's who also claim or act as tho,,,genetically modifying food crops is not detrimental in the least,,,,that governments know better than those they govern,,,that government has a right to force what amounts to a head tax on all legal American Citizens,,that more government control/oversight is compatable with the spirit and words of our U.S. Constitution,,that just saying stuff equates with accomplishing something,,that the major enemies of the nation,,and the world,,is the very same White American capitalistic corporations who got punished by being given tax-payers money to escape their debts while being told they were unethical corporations not immoral criminal persons,,,all while the profits keep flowing for those big boys to give away to their pocketed pals for advertising revenue in order to keep the kayfabe(charade/act) going that makes them look altruistic and genuinely concerned for the well being and welfare of their 'voters',supporters and customers.

Who fits that set of criteria?
And when did the memo go out saying we could trust these folks?,,'cuz I musta missed it.

Honestly,though,,what is wrong with those folks? 

Seriously,,,since I can't believe they are all as moronic or incompetent as they appear to be,,it's as if there must be something to at least one or five of the myriad of conspiracy theories floating around  out there.
After all,,,just think about it.


Out of all the theories concerning our government (with or with out world wide,alien or even demon cohorts) being involved in some kind of plan to do some kind of thing which discounts the individual to the point that it resembles a forced &/or surreptitious restructuring of our (or all) societies to fit into and/or under some all encompassing plan of action which results in the leaders garnering power,profit and pleasure at the expense of life,liberty and freedom for the 'people',,,

90%  are totally groundless at best or insanely imaginary at worst.

5%  are complex misunderstandings.

3%  are the result of political or personal machinations against opponents or rivals in the form of slander or even attempted framings.

1%  are true yet do not follow the above criteria close enuff to qualify as a bad thing.

.5%  are true but have no way of succeeding.

.5% must be true and while most often being presented sunny side up or downplayed and dismissed as crazy conspiricy nuttyness are,,at least occasionally,,reported on.

Or even less than .5%,,without ever being reported on in a way that validates any proposed theory with any widespread notorioty.Yet,,not 0%,,after all,,remember how many there are and that 'not 0%' should constitue at least one 'theory' being so exceeding close to an actual factual reality that IF it did gain widespread attention folks would freak slap the fu,,er,,fudge out.

Now,,consider the most likely end goal of any such 'conspiracy'(not the publicly disseminated ones,,consider the one's the official ones seem to be designed to distract folks away from).Would it NOT,,at the heart of the means of it,,essentially be,,,Control of the worlds resources (from necessities to political elements) by 'corporate commitee' ran,,at first,,by a titular head and self serving members which would most probally turn into a despot with a group of sycophantic glad handers kowtowing to get favors.And,,,how it would only take ONE such scheme succeeding to make life crappy for all of us non-elite folks.

Of course,,IMHsmellyO,,here's the real kick in the teeth,,,it's probally an 'open secret' of the sort which is so much a part of the fabric of the most common citizens environmental background that they simply can't recognize it much less understand that anything is wrong with it.
(have you ever tried to explain what you see to a person whose never seen or explain colors to the color blind or that one set of Hitlers 'Aryan' Nation allies are still very actively attempting to achieve at least one of the same ends?)

Don't forget how the 'hi-level' elite would NOT be directly adversely affected by social transformation,upheaval or even miltary conflagration with the many layers of insulating security (and gov continuance plans which are well known) they have so the common sense refutation of,,they would be as afraid of such as we would,,simply don't fly.

Am I paranoid?

Yes,,I am as paranoid as a primate in an area filled with visible and invisible carnivorous predators and who lives in a troupe which contains cannabalistic members should be.

IOW,,Of course I am.It's a very useful survival trait.
Have ya never noticed how with everything from small tasty critters to folks betrayed in relationships to folks investing money on wall street to voters being led around on main street that it's the non paranoid who are most likely to wind up getting got?

Is it paranoia if the cautious/fearful/distrustful reaction is based on past occurances? 

That would be 'learning' from past lessons wouldn't it?
Yep,,,it sure would.
Here's a lesson that illustrates a people striving to be free from an over grown government:

Heck,,here's a link to a printer friendly page,,print it out,,show it to your offline friends,family,neighbors and enemies: 

Go re-read it,,or perhaps actually read it for the first time,,and pay close attention to the kinds of things King G. was doing which caused all the ruckus and compare those acts with contemporary acts of political prestidigitations commited by our oh so noble and altruistic constitutional rights facilitators.

allright,,,'nuff o'dat!

I'd rather end this on a different note than that,so,,,

One day about a week or so ago,,while sitting in my van in a local shopping markets parking lot waiting for my wife to shop,,a fella in a nice looking car pulled up into the parking space facing mine.
That gave opportunity for me to get a good look at a card hanging from his rearview.

It looked like an ID card for a sports org of some sort from a western state that had the guys name and picture on it along with a big jersey number 47.
A bit of a reciprical self promotion plan formulated in my mind.

When the guy came back out,,I gestured the question,,'Is that you on that card?" to him to which he responded in the affirmative.So,,I hopped out with a pen and pad ready to get my first celebrity autograph.

Look,,I have met more than a couple of celebrities of various types and assorted levels of fame but I had never felt an urge to get nor had a use for getting an autograph from any of them.(I simply treated them like any one else.They seemed relieved and appreciative of that.)
But this was different.

Essentially,,I talked to him (he seemed really nice) a few minutes and left with an autograph and a handshake deal to be each others fans.

He would read Wee!Gee!,,,and turn other interested (or totally bored) parties onto it like perhaps during training or traveling when chillin' (and being bored) and readin' is a common activity and I would follow his career and talk about him on my blog on occasion.

Pretty simple,right?

One problem though,,.I hopped online and ran searches for his name with the org name & number on the card and couldn't find anything that fully matched that or the number he put under his signature which was #10.

Well,,okay,,two problems,,,since I am not a football fan of any sort and don't really know any who could help me find out more on him with the info I have.


Attention #10/47

After you read this and IF you still feel like following through with our little verbal agreement,,,please notify me with your current status info as regards team and etcetera. so I can introduce you to my few,,yet hugely appreciated by me readers,,and start posting updates on your career activities.

I recently ran into a friend that I've known since way-way back in my teen days whom I haven't seen in about 15 years.
He is one of the few folks I know in non cyber space who I am positive has visited my pages here.(I guided him to it over the phone just yesterday and he literally read to me from it.) 

Welcome aboard,Vinnie.
I pray God makes and keeps you happy,healthy and whole in body,heart,mind,spirit and soul.
I am very glad I ran back into you and tickled that you are going to read around my site.
I hope you enjoy at least some of what I've put up.

Of course,,whether you do or not,,since you did read what I typed I'll say to you like I say to anyone who reads these undoubtedly inane seeming blatherings of mine (or the much better stuff like Wee!Gee!),,,thanx fer visitin' and,,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!?


Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 17 June 2010 2:11 AM EDT
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