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Thursday, 19 August 2010

life without soy and a rumour about Wee!Gee!prt 34.

Thank you.
I can not apologise enuff to those looking for more Wee!Gee! and can not express my thanks enough to those who have kept my pg vw count cranking along,I had 142 showing for yesterday when I came on and 4785 sofar for this month with a high for August of 4852 on the 15th.


Life without soy,,,

Has become amazing.
I had become convinced that the mold incident had messed me up so bad I wasn't going to do anything except get worse and weaker until I died.


  My muscles have become firmer and my fat is shrinking,,as in,,I am losing fat not weight.I seem to have broadened a bit across my chest and shoulders.I can actually feel my muscles from the inside again.My posture and stance has improved.My bones feel harder.(things don't hurt me as much as they have been the past few years)My energy levels have increased dramatically.I get way less head rushes from bending over or squatting(I repaired some pipes from a 'standing while bent from the waist down into a shallow hole' position without even ONE!).I haven't experienced 'full chest' feelings or heart palpations in about 6 weeks.My breathing seems improved.My wife and others have commented on my color,eye clarity and overall appearence as being improved.I am more likely to go ahead and do something rather than come up with reasons not to.
  My cravings for candy have dropped to virtually nil.(That could actually be seen as good thing tho' since my favs Reeses PB Cups & 3 Musketeers (and all others as far as I know) contain soy products.Just like Jif PB,Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna packed in water,Dandee Bread,Cheetos and even Nutella does.It is really astounding how many common products have soy ingredients.)
  I ache way less.As in,,my bones don't constantly feel like I've been beat repeatedly by an 'owie stick' and my muscles don't feel like I weigh twice my weight all the time.

  While I do still experience pain and discomfort which I still believe is most likely left over from the mold event since it is very akin to the hot electric icey shooting - creeping - stabbing - bursting - clawing - crawling explosions that come on (and that stick around on occasion) I was feeling at that time they are way less intense and way less frequent.My food tastes better.


  I feel like I am thinking more clearly,quicker and in a less emotionally reactive fashion.My thoughts seem to be tending more to the pragmatic,practical and proactive than they have been.Problems don't seem so 'problematic' lately.I am more likely to go ahead and do something rather than come up with reasons not to.


  I am more enthusiastic.I am less pessimistic.I don't have crushing waves of morose and anguished thoughts flood my mind at odd times.I don't seem to fit the symptoms listed in all those depression medication adverts anymore.(Like Cymbalta for instance)I laugh a bit more and a little quicker.I am more likely to go ahead and do something rather than come up with reasons not to.

I could go on.

  All in all,,,my quality of life (LIVING) has improved even if there is now a feeling of utter revulsion over what is happening to folks who think they are getting healthy,good (or not so bad) for them products that are,,IMHsmellyO,,equal to 'Amdro for humans' and are producing what amounts to a famine with the appearence of plenty.
  Then of course,,there is a very real reason for feeling a heavy sadness and that is that there is no rational reason to believe that 'The Powers That Be' are not aware of this and many rational reasons to conclude that the detrimental effects of soy consumption that would make and keep folks thinking they are needful of or dependent on 'health care=insurance' are not only known but desired by 'TPTB'.

  Here is some more info on soy I found online that perhaps deserves consideration:
  This first one is chock full of info ranging from the history of soy to what in it is bad and why to the pros and cons of soy in infant diets.With cited references ta boot.I found it an interesting read.
  Here's another one that exposes what could either be a way of 'gentling' a population segment or a slow yield pogrom yet is undeniably evidence of cruel and unusual punishment:

Initially I had thought it was a male problem,,,I have since found out different.

Here's one focusing on the effect on one women:
Another one:
Here's a summary of effects on women and children:

Here's one with a video and a lotta links:
I'll throw this one in for good measure since it illustrates the ways labels can easily do the consumer a dis-service: 

  Here's one that (among other things) lays out the reasons why a once minor crop that was listed in the 1913 US Department of Agriculture (USDA) handbook not as a food but as an industrial product, now covers 72 million acres of American farmland. Much of which will be used to feed chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows and salmon. Another large fraction will be squeezed to produce oil for margarine, shortenings and salad dressings.

  Here's one more that includes a report about an impending atrocious act of overgrown power mongering that would undoubtedly eventually lead to heinous abuses on human dignity and flat out prohibition on self reliance from behind a facade of 'protecting folks'.:
this is more on that:

okay,,'nuf 'sed 'bout dat fer now.


 Here's what some folks may have been hoping to hear:
Since I have recently gotten another old computer up & running that allows me to use programs in it and go on line,,I have officially started writing the second half of Wee!Gee!
 Part 34 has been started and yes,,I have to admit,,it's taking a bit of effort to get back into since I've been on 'hiatus' since last year along with having a different setup to work in now it but itsa starting to roll,ya'll!

No,,it's not posted yet but I'm going to go work on it now so,,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:00 AM EDT
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