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Monday, 4 October 2010

peeper numbers drop,pineapples,orchids,a variegated cactus,zombie plants,Mr.Mycelium's magical mushroom block,retorting Reg Henry rhetoric and details on Reez's last day living.

Hi folks!
 I thank you all for clicking in.
 This past month of September the pg vws dropped into the 3000's for the first time in a long while yet ended in the low 4000's.
Coming in the counter was showing 120 for yesterday and 4284 sofars.

 I don't know what it may mean,,or if it even means anything at all but the lowest numbers I have had in a very long time was 28 on the 11th,4 on the 12th,5 on the 13th and 41 on the 14th.Yet on the 15th they were back up to the usual daily count of around one hundred or so and thankfully,,they have been like that everyday since.
(personally,,after doing a goog news search of those dates,,I think it may indicate I have more than a few sports fans and tea partiers coming thru here.)

 I'm pretty sure I mentioned having brought two of the four pineapple plants I had along to this place.I left the two big girls,,Arnie and Mama Francis-Jeanne behind (I heard they each got a new owner that intend to take care of them.) and kept Suki and the one grown from her first apple.Suki died back but has now kicked of either a new head or a sucker and the other one,,Gracie,,is growing well alltho they are both hollering for more root space.I have a couple of big pots to put them in but I need to get some good soil for them first.

 We also had left behind an odd looking orchid plant.Amazingly,,not long after it turned warmer,,totally out of the blue,,we were given one of the exact same type.Along with an odd looking spineless cactus. Here's a pic of one pretty much just like it : you want to see how weird cacti can look,,click around the sites photo gallery :

 I looked for an online pic similar to the orchid but there are just too many to sort through without knowing it's particular name.It looks like green sticks somewhat like grass or bamboo.I know,that don't make no sense but it does.
 There are two types,,one that grows like an air plant and one that doesn't.I suppose this ones the air plant variety because when we got the first one,,I figured it was dead.The green never left and eventually there were roots and blooms popping out from sections.
 It's weird looking but has beautiful delicate flowers.

 Speaking of weird dead looking plants,,let me tell you about a plant I call 'zombie'.Our new neighbor has a plant in her front yard that she apparently wanted to eradicate.She had someone tear it out and they threw it in back of her garage which is adjacent to our backyard.We seen it there and just thought it was a dead branch but after a while we were amazed when we noticed leaves sprouting off the ends.
 After observing it grow for a few weeks without even being so much as stuck in the ground let alone having any root system we took it and snapped off the various tips exhibiting the growth and potted them up.
 Today we have about a dozen healthy looking plants.And our neighbor is going to be surprised when she comes down for the annual snow bird migration to find out the plant she got rid of is alive,well and growing like a weed in her front yard.

 Now,,for a magic mushroom block.Not that I like mushrooms at all but I ran across something I thought was a pretty neat idea for folks who do like shrooms and would like to grow some for themselves.
 Oh yeah,,and this gets you 'shiitake' mushrooms at that.
Check it out,,allow me to introduce you to Mr. Mycelium & the Mushrooms :
~A  Shiitake block is made from hardwood sawdust and chips mixed with bran for mushroom nutrition. The mixture is bagged, sterilized and then inoculated with the Shiitake mushroom spawn. It is then incubated for over a month and  made  ready to fruit.  After it soaks in water without any chlorine in it for 8-12 hours   mushrooms will emerge  in about 6-9 days .   The block needs to be misted 3-4 times a day to keep it moist and in a  cool environment of 62-68 degrees.  We provide a bag to make a humidity tent with instructions on how to use it.
Once all the mushrooms have been picked you let the block rest and start the whole process over again for the 2nd and 3rd flushes. ~

 I was surfing the web the other day trolling for news stories when I ran across a fella featured on
 His name is Reg Henry and I was flabbergasted,,sort of,,when I read what he apparently gets paid for.
 Basically,,,the stuff he spews reminds me of pkpost/psygon's psychogandic drivel yet with more subtilty since he doesn't blatantly defend the psychotic murderers like that character did.
 Anyways,,I responded to one of his posts on site.That would be this one :

 And here is one which I responded to like I would have to one of those pkposts back on the excite politics discussion board.It made for a largish piece so I didn't post it at scrippsnews as a 'comment' to Henry's article but instead put it over at The Staks.
 This is Henrys scrippsnews article:

 And this is my response.:

Eventually,,maybe,,I will post a 'twitter-like' reply in that pieces comment section that will point to my response unless someone else goes and points it out before I do.

 And to close,,,a dead mans head fills a live mans head to fill the live one in regarding the last day the sun had licked his skin.A tale of meeting back up with Bright Raven gets capped with the tragedy of how an unpayable blood debt became owed.

 Even given that he had a macabre and weighty job that he was willing and glad to do Reezes last day alive was a pleasent one.
 He had a nice drive through a beautiful land and when he had to get a flat tire fixed he ran into a well liked old friend who happily bought him a nice,ice cold beer.
Yes,,it was nice,,and definately not filled with any dread,,untill he heard tell that a gruesome gang was around and figured out he was responsible for them showing up.
Wee!Gee! part 35

 With that,,I will say,,again,,that,,I apologize for not posting more more often.
(Especially Wee!Gee!)
 Yet,,now,,since I am feeling much more able,capable,,,and willing,,to do more now that I am off the soy,,I do believe I will be producing more.
If I can sit still long enuff that is.

So,,as usual,,I will say,,if'n ya like,,or even if'n ya loathe,,what I post,,

Ya'll come back now,,y'hear?!?


Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 5:36 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 4 October 2010 5:38 AM EDT
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