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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

gong bonging time again,,,a record setting daily peeper tally,,silent peeper contacts reported,halloween sure seems dead,soy isn't dog food, ,publix responds to demand as bakery sees soy products sales slump,2014 the year America ends and Reez and LeRoy find out how a bakers dozen does not allways a sweet treat make.


(and whoo-hoo,even!)

That is a bong a-gongin',,er,,uh,,a gong a-bongin' for all you folks coming through and racking up 5202 pg vws this past month!


Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!

,,is a woefully inadequate attempt by me to express my 'thanks' to you folks.
I am,,again,,awed,humbled and tickled plumb purply pink by the numbers of pg vws I have gotten.
 Not just the bell ringers like the above and a record setting one day tally of 674 on the 27th of this month but the overall as well since this month brings the 'since inception' till now count (11:19p on Oct.31/10) total to 178,033.

And this,,,is the rest of the entry:

Coming in to post this,the pg vw counter was showing 133 for yesterday and a sofar of 5020 for Nov.

My wife has been running into quite a few folks who have read Wee!Gee! yet,,with the paucity of comments I have recieved I would wonder if she was saying so simply to make me feel good if it were NOT for the pg vws confirmation.

there is even A whole office full of Wee!Gee! readers ouT There in a 'CustomeR sErvice department' somewhere in Texas that she said say they are Waiting for each new part to be posted and have/do read my blog.

When she told me about the conversation,,I have to admit,,it made me feel pretty good.
(Thanks ya'll!You know who you are.If ya need a clue if it's you or not,,re-look for things that stand tall.)

And here's something rather neat,,to me at least,,she ran into a 'teachers assistant' from my grade school who actually recognized me from my FaceBook profile pic.!!

Around 40 years later she actually remembered me well enough to tell my wife about my character,personality and even some individual events that happened.
Sadly,,I don't recall a bunch of what she related to my wife and I am as yet unable to dredge up any kind of clear,or otherwise, memory of her.
(I'm sorry,ma'am.Give me time.Even though I come from what could be appropiately called the,,uh,,'Burn out generation'~smirk~,,more comes back to me the more I attempt to recall those days.And I am certain that if/when I see a pic of you,especially if it's in a class pic,,or some similar setting,,I am sure I will recall more.As for any possible future lack,,remember I was young and,,well,,please consider the above reference to 'my generation'.In the mean time,,let me say to you that I am grateful,honored and humbled that you,,and your friend 'J' enjoyed what I've wrote so far.I am glad something I wrote provided you with enjoyment and Thank You for your kind words.I sincerely appreciate them.)

My wife said that she told her she'd read all that's posted and really liked it.
And I got graded as well,,an overall A+ with an A- for spelling!
(Not bad for a Jr.High School (8th grade/3rd time around)drop out,eh?

But,hey,,,I did get my High School Diploma,,not a G.E.D. Yeah,,later during my state mandated sabbatical in my early 20's.I scored exceedingly high on it (only missed 2 math probs) and a slew of locator tests that pegged allmost all of my acadaemic skills well into college levels with some amazingly high.And they said sitting in those classes waiting for the masses to get up to speed and being BORED outta my skull because I'm not learning anything new was something I needed to do in order to become 'educated'.Apparently,,an education wasn't then,,and still isn't now,,about merit,skill or ability at absorbing and utilizing acquired knowledge.All they seemed to want then,,like now,,was five bucks a day from the fedgov for my butt being in a seat.Whether I was actively learning or not.(Remember tho,,behaviour modification/indoctrination does not have to be voluntary,,all ya need for it to work is 'exposure time'.The longer the better.And if the victim/target is partially somnalent from boredom,,well,,that's likely to help it work even better.)

If they would have split it with me,,maybe,,maybe,,I would have stayed.Like I said to the principal when he explained it to me,(on the last day I attended),,,"okay then,,if you get money for me being here and I'm not being taught anything that wasn't taught in the grades I've allready passed nor am I allowed to advance at the pace I'm capable of,,what do I get out of it other than misery?I'm not learning anything I didn't allready know,so,,where's my twofifty?"

Naturally,,he didn't appreciate my logic.And nothing I did or said had any effect on anything at all other than myself since,,as we know,,the way the American system works means a dropout simply justifies public schools asking for more money/political assistance for promoting the 'forced P.S. attendence' aspect which increases susceptability to said indoctrination at the loss of an otherwise fine mind that would know how to recognize actual freedom,resist oppression and defend their and their fellow countrymens liberties,dignity and honor if it hadn't been disconnected from the 'church' of it's mind and hi-jacked by officially authorized and locally disseminated AuthoriThinking that recognizes no power or authority above Gov.
Aww,geez,,I went off on a school rant.

Moving on.

Halloween came and went on my street with nary a pitter,patter or giggle heard.
We were puzzled,,then surprisingly,,felt saddened.
Sure,,it's not exactly an average suburban street that we live on now but compared to the place we have lived for allmost 10 years there are quite a few children in the surrounding areas so we figured some would come by.
Yet,,not one trickntreater came by.

Later it was discovered that for some (most of those near here anyway),,it seems that paying to for them and their kids to go to Haunted Houses and out to eat has replaced dressing up like scary things and wandering the streets after dark emptily threatening folks with tricks if they don't get good treats.

Don't get me wrong,,as long as the kids have a good time,,I suppose it's all good.
It just makes me wonder,,
Has Halloween gone the way of Christmas,Easter and even Thanksgiving and become just another day of homage for the Gods of Commerce?

Is it no longer fashionably suitable or 'pc' for a 'Americas people' to enjoy something simple and relatively cheap or free like children mock threatening or begging to get sweets from you and the neighbors that live around you?

Is cultivating and maintaining a familiarity with one's immediate neighborhood and it's inhabitants being substituted by money spending trips into flowing seas of strangers as the cultural norm in America?
If so,,does (and/or can) it make a free nations peoples lives better,,or worse?

I can say that I know it made my street seem joyless and unalive.

Now,,for a soy related segment before I get to the good stuff and sign off.

We have confirmation that soy is not even good for dog food.
Since I had noticed some symptoms similar to mine in my dogs (males had mushy muscle tone,all three were stiff,lethargic and too easily hurt along with other things now identifiable as symptoms) we had got them off dog food (Gravy Train+other) with soy in it yet a skin condition that our larger male had been being bothered by continued to worsen.
After a local vet did a test that confirmed the problem as soy consumption he 'prescribed' a particular fish protein based dog food that I presume should rebalance his system.
After about a month or so,,it seems to be improving.It's for sure they all seem to be in better spirits,becoming more active and are firming up.

The Publix that I've spoke of has been fairly responsive to the ever increasing local demand for products without soy.I suppose that since requests and complaints went up and the bakerys bread and pastries with soy sales went down that corporate had to set the store handlers straight regarding how to be responsive to the 'publix' desires.
After all,,those big boys know that a super market depends on return customers so if it don't have what folks want,,they won't spend their money in that store.

That's the 'power of the people' hitting them 'where it hurts'.
It's capable of knock out blows to corporate interest.
Unless someone makes it a LAW that you have to buy certain products or services under threat of punishment via fines and more.But that won't happen in America,,untill 2014 when the LAW written into Obamacare kicks in.THEN,,the insurance and medical industry will be able to pummel 'we the people' into miserable submission at will since the ref (Gov) will support what amounts to Govs newest branch and not us in order to keep revenue flowing into their pets pockets and maintain as much control over the minds and bodies of their 'subjects' that they can just as governments all down through history have eventually perverted themselves into attempting.In this case it will be the 'official death of AMERICA" as far as I am concerned.
If that happens,,,it could be said that we will then become denominated (assigned a monetary value) and live as prey (that which is hunted or raised to be fed off of or consumed) waiting to be delivered up by those who care for us yet are ignorantly thinking they are doing a 'good work'(doing God a service or even in Gods,Christs,Yahavehs,Jehovahs,Allahs or some other's name) that will benefit us but will only help to subjugate,oppress and destroy the lives,liberties and freedoms of all.

Gee,,I keep revving up into a rant!But at least I ain't morosely depressed to the point of thinking that maybe I should get on something like Cymbalta.I am sooo glad I got off soy.

Okay,,so how does a bakers dozen NOT add up to a sweet treat?
When the main ingredient is pestilence permeated bone.
Oh,,gross,yuck and ewwwww!
What am I talking about?

Why,,the good stuff of course.
Wee!Gee!prt 36
LeRoy provides extra material for Reez to make Schlomo's chains with then breaks out a pair of wamma-jammas to gear him and Reez up for 6 Skull and Bone Brethren only to find out they face a bakers dozen instead.

(I put it up yesterday but ran a little late on the blog entry announcing it.)

Now,,in closing,,I have to reiterate how awed,humbled,very pleased and grateful that you folks have pushed the pg vw counter solidly over the 5000 mark in October!

Thank you all very much.I truly appreciate it.

I am allready working on part 37,,so,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 4:49 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 2 November 2010 5:01 AM EDT
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