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Gordon Solie/Wrestling
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Opposing Terror
Save The Chimps Ya Chumps
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Roy L.Harbin:The D.A.N.G.-D.In.G.I.E. American
Saturday, 16 June 2007
A new part to FIFOII? and a moonfruit smoothie

I have added part 3 of Fair is Fair,Or Is It? and yes,,there is a fourth part under way.As is another part to Wee!Gee!

There is also an addition to The Staks , ' moonfruit in a crowd ' involving the pkposter.There are two parts to it and part one has a response set at the bottom under the main piece.

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 4:59 AM EDT
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Thursday, 14 June 2007
Well,I'll be a Darwinians Uncle!
Topic: Save The Chimps Ya Chumps

Here's a site that may be interesting to some.

Have you ever thought about what happens to chimps used in 'research, things like the space program' and maybe old movie chimps?

Well,,a bunch of them retired to Florida!Others got to go to the other mecca state of the 'AARP" crowd,,Arizona.The ones in Florida are located not far from where I am.

Click on over and check it out,,I was surprised myself when I found it since I am a native of this area and I never heard a word about the facility untill I seen it on the web.Actually,,I still haven't heard nor seen anything in the local new either.

Here it is,,and remember they can use help and even have a 'wish list' of needed items and supplies.

Save the Chimps.Org

And,,just cause I can't resist it,,

To all of you evolutionistic Darwinians out there,,help them,,they're your relatives!~smirk~

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 2:14 PM EDT
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While surfing the message forums one day,,,
Topic: Veterans

While surfing the Excite Politics Forum I got a call that I figured was another one for the folks who used to have this phone number.We've been getting such for 5 months and I answered the phone with a lot of 'irked-ness' in my voice.(That's the word I tried to use,DJ.)

Well,,it wasn't the usual.After the fellow found out I wasn't the other guy,,he told me he was doing annual calls for the Navy Vets.I gotta give him credit,,he just let my tone roll right off him and went on with it.

Unfortunately,,I am in no position to committ to sending money at this time.When I told him about all I could do was add a link here he said that was okay.(Oh,,and DJ,,I hope that 'negative' comment wasn't taken wrong,and if it was,,I apologise.)

So,,as little as it may be,,here it is,,and I added one to the side panel:

Navy Vets

And I would like to say,,Thank You folks for doing what you've done.And I pray to my God,,The Creator of Souls and All That Is to bless you with All His Good in return for whatever you may have lost,given up,gone through or suffered in the service of our country.

To those that can,,send 'em something.For those that can't,at least go find one,,shake their hand and tell 'em "Thank You!".

And,,send some active ones a beer:

Six Packs for Soldiers : a multi-partisian site

When I run across one of those Harbin Brews,,I'm gonna take a pic and send a toast.That will work for the 'company' I was talking about.(Hey,,that's the theme I can use when I make a 'collectable' from the empties.)

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 1:22 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 14 June 2007 2:17 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 13 June 2007
Wee!Gee! Another tale of ouijie weirdness.
Topic: Wee!Gee!

  Okay,,I know it must be obvious by now.I have been bitten by a writing bug.Well,,maybe just nibbled on a bit by one.

  I have started a tale based,,in part,,on a set of actual events that occured in my life.Take that as you may,,the intro will explain it more but it is about a ouijie board.

  If you happen to read it,,or what I currently have written and posted so far,,I would not mind knowing what you may think of it.,the 'comments feature is enabled.You may like it,,you may not,,but here it is:

( intro )  ( prt1 )  ( prt2 )

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 5:20 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 13 June 2007 5:21 AM EDT
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Saturday, 9 June 2007
A new piece of Moonfruit and FIFOII?prt2 of 2
Topic: Multiple Topic

BMarwat hasn't been back in the Ecxite boards lately but he seems to have a kindred soul of sorts running around still.Er,,well,,he did,it seems.

I simply placed it in The Staks when I noticed the thread disappear.

Here's a piece from it:

~Iraqis have plenty to hate Americans for and the reasons are growing every day. Everytime a baby, or a mother, or a child is blown to smithereens by a grinning, blood-thirsty American pilot who jokes with his wingman about how fun it is to erase ragheads, I'm sure there are dozens of Iraqis who shake their fists at the sky, curse America and vow to avenge the blood of these innocents before they die.~

If the psygon kid was being honest he would say:
'Iraqis have plenty to hate Muslims for and the reasons are growing every day. Everytime a baby, or a mother, or a child is blown to smithereens by a deranged psychopath under direction of another derangd psychpath who enjoys killing innocent folks to force politics in their favor,I'm sure there are dozens of Iraqis who shake their fists at the Mo-ists, and curse Islam and Mohammed and vow to avenge the blood of these innocents before they die.'
IF he was being intellectually and ethically honest that is.Instead he is presenting a psycho-gandic tirade befitting of the most fanatic of the murderous psychopaths most ardent supporters.

Read it: ( A Point by Point to PKs post )

I have also added part 2 of part 2 of 'Fair Is Fair,Or Is It?' the quasi biographical essay style writings of yours truly regarding the immigrant issue in a purely 'recalled account' fashion. 

Here's the whole set that is up right now:

( intro )  ( part one )  ( part one of part two )  ( part two of part two )


Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 4:24 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 9 June 2007 4:54 AM EDT
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Saturday, 26 May 2007
Fair is Fair,or Is It?A Quasi Biographical Set of Accounts
Topic: Fair is Fair,or Is It?

 This is a different sort of thing that than I which I am putting in The Stacks.I simply figured the few that may clik through from such as Excite may wish to check it out,,or not.

 It is placed on my Tripod Site itself,,built using the Site Builder.

Here is a link to the Intro page : Fair Is Fair,Or Is It?

Here's a brief excerpt from part one:

~  During this job,,I became acquainted with a slew of migrant Mexicans and other South American nationals that also worked for this company.My employer tried to get them to let me teach them how to run the machine I had been trained on.The common reaction was,,fear of the machine.After some did begin working with me,,regardless of my patience or encouragement in them learning to communicate well enough to absorb the material,,they invariably begged off using the 'no spekka dinglish good' mantra.The occasional black man that was thrown over to the saw monster either straight up said they were too scared of it or showed themselves to be unable to handle the process.Whether by design or actually incapable I don't know.I do know that there wound up being no one willing to 'feed the beast' but me after the guy they had break me in on it before he retired at like 70.

  He said he was tickled that I was a quick study since that meant he could
go ahead a leave sooner than they anticipated.Yeah,,according to him,,I became competent in record time.And according to their architecht,,in private,,if I hadn't of helped him out with his designs on a couple of occasions by pointing out flaws he missed he might not have kept his first 'fresh out of colledge' job very long.~
Here's a link to part one: Part one:FIFOII?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 5:39 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 22 May 2007
Must Prepare to Fight:A Response
Topic: Opposing Terror

_From an Excite Board thread

The situation as it stands is by far the most severe conflict the 'modern civilised world' has ever experienced.This is due largely in part to the nature of the threat.It is essentially a long term project that has been in action for several hundred years and illustrates how badly a religion can be misused by folks who hold position for such long periods of time.
It is an ingrained ideology that has not been a secret in any fashion at any time during all the ages it has existed.It is part of their social and cultural make up.It is for all intents a purposes,,a religious matter.Even if the 'original religion' is the hi-jaked' vehicle,,it still operates as a religion in the minds of those subjected to its machinations.

Yes,,this also goes for the elements of the political arena that are involved as well.Remember:Term limits limit self serving terms.
Yet irregardless of this,,the basics of adversarial conflict still apply.Take their moves away.Negate their power.Remove their base.

What would that entail in this case?
What is it that they most often use as their most beloved move?
Fear.Right?Fear of what?Them hurting innocent folks if they don't get their desires.Correct?So it's the 'fear of the death of the hostage' that they use most often.
Remove that from their arsenal.

I know this sounds really cold to some,,but bear with me for a minute,,I will talk from my own viewpoint on this matter.
IF,,someone were to hold me 'hostage' to get something from someone else,,I myself would rather be killed than have them get their way.
Hey,,shoot the guy holding me by shooting through me,,get it?Or shoot me,,I'll fall down,,you shoot them.I would rather risk dying that way than be used by a psychotic to get their way.

I know that many wouldn't agree since the 'desire to live' is so strong in people but I know that if you give in to a 'bully' the 'bullying' never ends.Once you let them think that that tactic was effective they will use it again and again.That's their power base,,your care for others.
They will kill you with your care for innocents.Way too often the good folks in the world forget that if the psycho sets the situation up,,and someone gets hurt or dies,,it is squarely on the psychos head as being the party responsible for any and all unfortunate events that follow.
That's their moves.


( read the rest )

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 8:40 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 22 May 2007 11:58 PM EDT
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2 Things Name Harbin
Topic: Things Named Harbin

 I often run a search on my name,,just out of curiousity and I have to admit I have been a little surprised by the following two bits of info.
 The first one I came across was some info I found on that had a link reference to 'Unit 731' ( ) which was a
Japanese ran mad scientist lab project located just outside of Harbin starting in 1932.The first facility was located about 100 km from Harbin until '35 when it was moved to Pingfang,approximately 24 kilometers south of Harbin.
 The studies conducted were some of the most horrific and inhuman,,yeah,,I said in-human,not inhumane,,things I have ever heard of a human doing to another human.
 Here is a definitive paragraph from that page:

( read the whole piece )

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:52 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 9 May 2007
Another one about Marwats Apparent Intent
Topic: Politics/Propaganda

Allright,one more then I won't focus on him here for a while,,I promise.

There are a few other topics I could write about.

Now this one is a set of responses and even includes a couple of posts from different posters.One is for BM,,the other disputes a post by BM.

Here is the first paragraph:

++Employment and deployment of US troops around the world is US business but what's my
concern is that young guys and gals are reported to being recruited by Pentagon like
35000 extra troops for Iraq been notified by Pentagon.++

Three points on this paragraph.First,,it being US business.Do you mean it's business as in commerce,,or as in it's our business,,not someone else?
If it's being reffered to as 'commercial business' then why is it so non cost effective that a common tactic against it is too state just how expensive the 'psychopathic murderers the US is protecting innocent folks from ' make it.
If you mean it's US busines as in not someone elses,,then why did the UN and many other nations agree with taking Saddam out?
(And we all know the Psycho Murderers weren't in Iraq while Saddam was in power was because he was MORE ruthless and psychopathic than they are and would have visciously destroyed them any time they stuck their head out of a hole.
He probally would have played human whak-a-mole with them if he got a hold of any.Hey,,maybe he did.

You can read more of this response set by clicking this line.

Or go to the Staks Index and see others.

There will be other topics there eventually.


Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 2:23 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 18 May 2007 2:50 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 8 May 2007
Regarding Barkatullah Marwat
Topic: Politics/Propaganda

  There is a fellow who has posted in the Excite Politics Forum on a few occasions.It appears he is the Cheif Editor of an online editorial/news publication called The Marwat Post.He claims to be an Ex-Partiat of Iraq,,I think,,but he now resides in Kuwait.I haven't seen any articles posted at his web site but he has began posting in the Excite forums with,,well,,to be blunt like DANG Americans often are,,I think he is posting 'Tokyo Rose-esque' style articles that I have an over whelming compulsion to offer counter point on.

  I did post one response that I called a Critique in the forum.It was a point by point response and wound up being not quite 20,000 words long.That proved to be a chore when it came to posting it in that forum since the posts are limited to 4000 words each.I wound up breaking it into 6 uneven posts and posted it in two parts since the article Marwat wrote was in two parts.That was called 'Jews vs Christians'.

Anyway,,when he posted another one called, 'What the Pentagon said about Soldiers' I wrote a retort that was over 20,000 words.I went to start posting them at about 5:30 a and got one posted then had a non successful series of attempts to get the next one to post.I gave up around the 6th or 7th try and figured I would come over here and post it as a blog entry.

Well,,it turns out that blog 'editor' wouldn't accept that much either.  Not wanting to piece it up as a series of seperate entries here,,I made an area to place large posts such as that.

So,,,with this entry and the below introductory snippet to A Retort to Barkatullah Marwats Article:What the Pentagon said about Soldiers by A DANG - DInGIE American,,you are witness to the birth of The Staks:

~ Barkatullah started with:

++The Pentagon has published a disturbing report on the attitudes of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The report indicated that fewer than half the soldiers and only 38 percent of Marines believe noncombatants should be treated with respect. Some 40 percent also think that in order to extract information, torture is legitimate, particularly if used to save the lives of comrades.++

He gives no reference link which could be as simple as this:

Which would reveal info regarding the survey itself,like this:

~The survey of more than 1,300 soldiers and nearly 450 Marines was conducted last year.~

Which give us NUMBERS regarding the polling pool.Now,,I know I have a slightly different take on polls as regards 'true validity' UNLESS one actually polls the entire population that the 'poll' claims to represent.So my retort to this is the same as any other set of assumptions that poll trusters tend to accept blindly.

Such as,,Exactly how can 1,300+450=1,750 individuals opinions be used to accurately determine the 'opinions and attitudes' of 135,000 troops?(as according to this site,,I ain't impartial,,I needed a number,,leftys ought to enjoy the article and the site):  ~ 

(read more)



Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:53 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 14 June 2007 1:36 PM EDT
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