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Thursday, 21 February 2008
No more Polaroid moments,Eclipsed eclipses,a semi blows the daylight out,Arnold Hulks up,ant wars and 3049 peeks


Is digital technology replacing some things really better?
Is having to download and print a pic allways better than getting a picture as soon as you snap the shot?
Isn't having to do that different from taking the film to the developer only as concerns the matter of distance and steps?
Isn't 'eliminatng' all that what The Polaroid is all about?
And without any need for electricity in the original form.

Maybe it's just because of my recent attempts at pic taking that has me irked over the demise of the Instant Pic Era.
That little digital takes crappy pics and is made of 'cellophane' compared to old style plastic Polaroids.The battery actually bent the little door out of shape,,causing a sporadic connection which means IF ya took a shot,,it would disappear when you lost the juice.
My big,,in need of repair pc had no problem with it though this pc I'm using now doesn't like dealing with it,,nor my scanner or printer anyway.

And these little 'disposables' are just as crappy.
I had some nice shots of the last 'partial lunar eclipse' and several spectacular full moon and 'moonbow' shots that the 'developer' said were blank.
That would mean either the film was bad,,or they can't take the kinds of pics that a simple Instamatic would have no problm with.
In the past,,I took pics of the moon and various other nightsky phenomena,,including eclipses,'blue moons,rings around the moon and moonbows' and they came out fine.
And,,even though I intended to get some shots of this 'total lunar eclipse',,that goal got eclipsed by me sleeping.
I wanted to try to get a shot of it being red,,but I was only going to take a couple in case the disp cam didn't catch it.
But,,at least I did get a shot of it with a 'reeses pieces' style bite gone.
Maybe that will turn out,,it was real bright.

The sad thing is,,we have several Polaroids and I wasn't using them anyway so I don't have any film for them now.
~Like Polaroid film? Better start hoarding | Underexposed - CNET ...
The Massachusetts company is winding down its instant-film business, closing four plants by the end of the year. ~
Somehow,,I don't think there's a lack of 'Polaroid moments'.
I just wonder when a digital cam will be able to spit out a 'hardcopy'?
The "Digitroid"?
A "Digimatic"
We'll see.

Maybe the Sony digital cam my wife found on the road will be better.
Even though she 'literaly' found it on the road,,(ha!,'litter'-aly',ha!get it?) and the battery was missing,she took it to be checked out and it works fine.
So,,we get a battery,,and a few periphials,,about 100 buks,,and I'll get to try it out.
I don't remember the model but it's worth around $300 bucks new.
It's got a couple of scratches from the hardtop,,nothing bad at all so,,all I can say is,,'Thank God someone dropped it doing 45 mph and didn't go back and find it.'

A 300 dollar item made usable for 100.
With only about 'a buk twofitty' worth of scratches.
I think it's a bargain deal.

Arnold has developed a deeper shade of green and is looking much better.
Her 'apple' has pretty much caught of with Frances-Jeanns allthough FJ has more flowers showing right now.
(I got some pics w/another disp cam)
There is a slight shape difference between the two apples at this time.
Arnolds is more squat than FJs but that will probally change and is no biggee anyway.
Interestingly,,there is specie of tiny little big headed ant living in Arnolds pot.
They are allmost identical to a colony that once were in FJs pot but have disappeared since I added the dirt to it.
I don't know if they are totally gone,,I just haven't seen any of the tiny,tiny fellas in her pot lately.
The differences are only color,,FJs were black,,Arnolds are red.

What's really interesting is,,there is at least one 'pest control company' out there who does something I have seen happening for years that I bet a lot of folks don't know about.
Use ant's to get rid of 'fireants'.

My wife said one of her customers had fireants dug in under the edge of the foundation all the way around the back of her house
She told my wife that whichever company she contacted,,I don't know which one,,brought out a couple of containers of 'orange ants'.
He scattered them along the walls where the fireants colonies were and with in about 3 days,,there was no sign of fire ants.
I have seen this happen on more than one occasion.
There is an orange native ant species many have seen.They make a cone,like a volcano,shaped antmound and mover rather fast.
They seem to actively seek out and destroy fireant colonies.
(Unless they die out from the pesticides most use to control fireants that is)
And they aren't the only ones.
There is a 'smaller' orange colored ant about the size of the average 'black sugar ant' that defends our building and keeps fireants from moving in.
And the 'black sugar ant' will do it to.
Recently,,I seen what appeared to be three different kinds of ant run fireants out of a palm tree log.
I know,,ants is ants,,right?
Yeah,,except the ones that eradicate 'fireants' aren't known for a 'fiery bite' and won't try to eat you if you lay down in the grass.

And if you don't know it,,there are so many different types of ants that it would probally surprise you.
Most could see them in the diversity of their yards except the 'fireant' is way more resilient to the pesticides commonly used so they quickly become the dominant species in modern American yards.

In part 20 of Wee!Gee! an ankle biter gets snatched in a furry flash,a tale is told and a semi blows the daylight out!
I posted it a cuppla days ago,,and I wanted to get those Piles o Links posted but,,well,,
Here's a set of links to the story,,so far:

(intro) (prt1) (prt2) (prt3) (prt4) (prt5) (prt6) (prt7) (prt8) (prt9) (prt10) (prt11) (prt12) (prt13) (prt14) (prt15) (prt16) (prt17) (prt18) (prt19) (prt20)

The pg vw count was at 3049 when I logged in w/84 showing for yesterday.
I want to thank you folks who keep coming back,,I really appreciate the interest someone apparently has with what I've wrote.
Thank You,very much.

I have allready started on the next part of Wee!Gee! and will likely finish and post it real soon,so,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 5:07 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 21 February 2008 5:20 AM EST
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Wednesday, 13 February 2008
Blurry photos,a rank stank,patient zero and 2894 peeks

 Those photos I have been talking about didn't turn out very good.
One whole roll didn't come out well enough to make prints.Most of the others were blurred.
It was probally due to me but I'd like to think that the film was bad and the technician was poorly motivated.
 Anyway,,the shots of bees in the log aren't all bad.I even have one very pretty sunrise that is nice but overall I ain't too pleased with the results.
 Yet I will try to get some posted here soon,,someway.

 In part 19 of Wee!Gee! the purple tea makes a rank stank a surefire 'tell' for things nefarious and vile,,but leaves taste that made me smile.
Huh?What da heck does that mean?
Find out in the new installment of Wee!Gee! a tale of supernatural situations built around actual events in the life of the author.

 Okay,,I am sure allmost anyone coming through here has heard at least one story about some poor soul who claimed to be a victim of clandestine groups and individuals who subjected them to various procedures for incomprehensble purposes.
 Many of the stories,,now days,,seems to be centered around aliens and u.f.o.'s.
 The technologies are seen by most as being way too odd and advanced to be man made and this along with the victms very often 'disturbed' behaviour causes these tales to be relegated to the 'nut case' files,,generally without more than a cursory examination and allmost allways nary another look.
 And that tends to cause folks to dismiss the ideal of mere terrestrial humans being involved with it,,if any thought to seriously consider the account to begin with.
 Many victims claim they have things happen to them like hearing voices,,being manipulated emotionally,,and purposely being made to look insane to discredit,punish or force them to obey demands.

 Now,,while think I am a very open minded person,and am an adamant advocate of 'just because I don't understand how a thing can be doesn't mean the thing can NOT be',,even I am very doubtful about the veracity of most stories like them.
 Most do tend to just seem 'crazy' and the 'agenda' of the alledged victims is a constant consideration that doesn't lend any contribute to credibility most of the time.
 But,,this thought allways stands out in my mind about these kinds of tales.
That is,,
 IF 90% of the stuff is 100% faked,results from actual mental disorders or simple mistakes that means 10% is left in the 'unknown' pile.
 And IF 50% of those are 'complicated mistakes',,as in things that have a mundane origin yet aren't comprehensible to the witness,,,that still leaves a percentage that calls for further examination.

 All scientific discoveries essentially began through investigation of anectdotal evidence,,didn't they?

 Anyways,,the science of 'psychiatry' has allways been an adamant adversary of the possibility that these tales could have any validity at all.
 You could go find countless essays,case studies,dissertations and mountains of intellectual reasoning that claims these tales are simply symptoms of an assortment of psychological disorders.
 All with sound reasoning presented by notables and very learned men with degrees like wall paper on the office walls.
 Yet,,there is that percentage that even they can't make go away regardless of how hard they work at it.

 All right,,I can't seem to set it up adequately,,so,,

 Here is the story of what seems to be the first official victim of such a delusion.And his story has all the contemporary elements of abduction,physical violations,incorporeal voices,mind control and 'gaslighting' afer the fact found in alien stories.
 So what if it is just like what todays nuts claim?,,is probally the first response of many reading this.
 Well,,that's just it.
 The thing is,,it is JUST LIKE what you hear today from so many.
 Virtually identical.
 Yet,,no aliens.
 Every other common element,,right down to being made to look crazy by a hostile psychiatric community seemingly acting as part of a 'conspiracy to coverup and discredit' the deluded person.

 Yeah,,still nothing stands out,right?
 It was in 1810.
 Does that make a diference?Think about it for moment.
Now,,click the link and read the story of 'Patient Zero"

The Air Loom Gang: James Tilly Matthews and his visionary madness by Mike Jay
[ strangeness - july 03 ]
There were two compelling reasons why, in 1810, the resident apothecary at the Royal Bethlem Hospital - Bedlam - wrote the first ever book-length psychiatric report on a mad patient's delusions. One was professional: the delusions in question were the most unusual and systematic that anyone had ever come across. The other was rather more personal: the apothecary, John Haslam, was determined to prove, against a great deal of contrary opinion, that the patient was indeed mad, and by the same token that he himself was the model for a new and specialist category of doctor.

After that or even before,,you should take a look at this wiki page about Dr.DelGado,,he is mentioned in that article,,who came along 105 yrs later.
José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  (Redirected from Jose Delgado)
Jump to: navigation, search
Dr. José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado (1915) was a Spanish professor of physiology at Yale University, famed for his research into electrical stimulation of regions of the brain.

I don't claim there is truth to what these folks claim,,but I do claim that there has to be something to it that everyone either fails to spot the patterns or is educated to dismiss,,even though the things alledgedly done are not undoable,,according to science.
(It never ceases to amaze me how modern scientists seem to presume that because they don't know how to do something that it is impossible or that when they figure something out it is 'absolutely' the first time it has been figured out by anyone at anytime before they did.
Along with what is laid out in the above,,this example below is a new idea to you,I have believed they both were doable for quite some time and I was not wrong,,but some say this has been going on a lot longer.
Guided By Voices
Author: SMiles Lewis
 Posted February 1, 2008
by SMiles Lewis

It’s only a matter of time. The wrong person will find their way, like a deer trapped in headlights, into the path of a HOLOSONIC ™ advertising beam. Whether the voices tell them to “Drink more coke” or “tune in next week” they will snap. God bless and keep safe those who fall in their path thereafter. We’ll either get another mass shooter, mind control cult leader, or perhaps another President.

Of course,,not all folks fall into that 'either/or' formula.
I don't,,for one.
And this author doesn't either.
He has written a piece that sketches an alternative theory to the 'space invaders' theme that doesn't seem too illogical given the propensity of people in governments penchnant for pushing the envelope of reasonable ethics.
The Controllers
A new hypothesis of Alien Abduction
by Martin Cannon

Yeah,,it all seems more than a little nutty,,but it sure would explain a lot of stuff that doesn't seem to make any sense any other way.
Read,,consider,,think about it a bit before you dismiss it out of hand.
After all,,if 95% is explainable,,there is still 5% left over.
Given the nature of it,,should we really round that number up?
Not all care even a little bit,,I know that,,yet I also know that some may find it interesting or even fun to examine the matter a bit.
And they may not run across these few tidbits if I didn't post them here.
Besides,,being the life long sci-fi fan that I am,,I find it fascinating.

Now,,in closing,,the pg vw counter showed 2894 sofar w/81 yesterday when I logged in.
The total hasn't dropped out of the 2800's and the daily has not been below 50.
Thank you all very much,,I do appreciate it.
Even without any active feedback it makes me feel good to think that some folks like something here enuff to come back because I know all those numbers aren't only first timers.
Again,,Thank you!

But just for the record,,the comment button at the bottom of  this entry works,,if not please tell me.
And I have a set of Master Com forums accessable from here:
or here:
and here is a 'formal form' that sends messages to me(the form doesn't need to be completely filled out,,just a valid email addy is required):
And here is an informal one,,use it only once,,it's a poll form:
or go to my contact page and use one of those methods,,there's another message form there also:

You can also access them all from the RH/MC News link on the nav bar to the left.

Yet,,even if nobody does that,,I will post part 20 as soon as I get it wrote,,and those piles of links eventually.
So,,thanks for stoppin' in,,I hope you like part 19,,and,,

Ya'll back now,y'hear?!

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 10:14 AM EST
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Saturday, 9 February 2008
2843 peekapeeps,a strange brew in prt18,freaky frances-jeann,chilled yellow and bron goes moonfruity.


I have to admit,,I am amazed.
Even with slack posting on my part the pg vw count has stayed in the high 2000's.
Thank you folks very,very much.(!!!)
I really hope I can increase my posting frequency so there is more new stuff for you guys.
My so far monthly single day hi is 207 on the 2nd.I think that is a day that 'mastercom' crawls my sites for the 'search' feature app.
Some some of that is them,I am sure.
Yet no day has been lower than 50.As I logged in the counter was showing 2843 with 80 yesterday.
Again,,Thank You,very much!
Mucho grasses and donkeyshine even!
(Mucho gracias and dankeshane even!)

I posted part 18 of Wee!Gee!.Johns Mom concocts a strange brew that is delightfully disgusting.
What does that mean?Why did she make it?What's the purpose?
Find out in part 18 of Wee!Gee!
I was a littled stalled on this one,,but once I got the flow to go,,I think it turned out allright.
Would one of you folks I hear breathing out there let me know what you think?
I would appreciate it.
Even so,,if ya don't,,that's okay.I appreciate you 'just' looking at a page every now and then.Thanks again,ya'll.
(And that does PROVE someone likes it,,right?)

I did a little research on pineapples recently and like I had thought before,,it turns out Mama Frances-Jeann is apparently a freak.
According to:
,,a plant is supposed to produce an 'apple' from the center (heart) then a 'shoot' (a sucker,,like Suki) from the side of the plant,,then not produce an apple again.
At leat thats what it seems like it said to me.
Well,,FJ has produced an 'apple' then a shoot and is now growing another 'apple'.
A freak!
And I likes her,,even if she is a 'nappy headed pollinator ho'.She never gets out of her bed and opens her petals to whatever is flying by.
(Wait a minute.I wonder how they are pollinated?I guess I have something else to 'search out'.)
Yet,,even Arno fruited within a year when they are supposed to mature for at least two.

Chilled yellow,,is a likely reason Arno turned yellowish,,according to the same site through the above link,,allthough I still do think the tiney container for a whole fruit 'probally' did not help.
That little cold snap we had before I transferred into her new container also 'spurred' the fruiting process.
The cold and the transfer was a double whammie,,and coming out of that has definitely slowed the 'apple' growth compared to FJ's.
She is darkening up well enough,though and the apple will catch up later.
She's looking good actually.I got some pics,,but it will be a bit before I get those developed.
The pics I mentioned previously are ready to be picked up today.
(I will see about getting them here some how.I don't know what's up with hte HP but it simply doesn't accept my scanners or printers and now my 'sound' card sparks,,literally and shuts down the pc.I can't wait untill I get my big'un serviced and back up and running.I feel really cramped with only 2gigs of memory to work in.That's compared to 120,,see?)

Now for 'bron going moonfruity'.
A wandering wonderer that uses 'bron the wanderer' as one of his many nics posted something that was a 'psychopthic murderer' apologetic piece in which he seemed to try to present some kind of 'justifyable reasoning' to 'reasonably justify' the actions of those commonly referred to as militant Muslim insurgents,,or simply Islamic fanatics.
Well,,I had to say a few things in response.Since what he posted was pretty long,,my response topped the hi limit for posting in excites forum.
So,,it went in The Staks.
(That's the site I am going start posting new stuff to and plan to move a lot of what's here to there when I get tight on my 20mb I have here with this free account.)
Anyways,,it isn't one of my more cohesive works but the points are there and it even has a few links to surf through if ya want.

And when I posted it,,someone (I  'wander' who) apparently got excite to bump it  within a few hours,,so I reposted it with a different title,,'I wonder,,,' and that one is still there.
Be all that as it may be,,
'hoot,,here it is!'

Rah!Rah!Rah!Sisboomba,,bron gets honored for his blah,blah,blah!

Somebody may get a chuckle out of it,,well,,I hope somebody does at least,since I don't think he did.

I also have more to post in the links pile,,but like last time,,ths is the end of my night and I am going to post this,,log off and watch some cartoons then go to bed,,so,,I suppose I will have even more to post later.
(I am up to #038 but I haven't posted any since #024.)

That means,,it looks like I actually have a real reason to say,,

'Ya'll come back now,ya'hear!?'

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 9:12 AM EST
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Thursday, 31 January 2008
Wee!Gee!prt 17,,understandably less peeks and Mama Frances-Jean gets ahead!


I just finished and posted Wee!Gee! prt 17.Cat lovers may enjoy a certain part of it,,others may find it 'creepy' weird or dumb.
Yet I enjoyed writing it.
After transferring Arnold into her new pot and realizing her and Mama Frances-Jean were both beginning to fruit at the same time,,Arnold has slowed down.
Mama FJ is about a size again larger than Arno,,but she is putting energy into 'greening up' since I gave her more room and a real good feeding.Her yellowing is as good as gone I believe and the apple looks good and healthy even if it's growth as slowed.

I got a new disposable camera so I can get pics of theirs and Sukis growth.Allthough I suppose that don't do any good if I don't get the film developed,,right?
I still haven't figured out why my pc don't like my digital cam though so IF I get the film developed I can still get the pics converted somehow and post them,,eventually.

Understandably,,my pg vw count has dropped.It was at 2888 w/109 yesterday when I came in to post prt 17 and this entry.My lowest day count was the 21st w/only 38.All other days have been at least in the 50's.

But thank you all very much,,I appreciate your patronage,sincerely.
I intend to start posting in a more consistant fashion as soon as I can get life to cooperate a bit better.~sigh~

Anyways,,here are all the parts to Wee!Gee!(sofar):

(intro) (prt1) (prt2) (prt3) (prt4) (prt5) (prt6) (prt7) (prt8) (prt9) (prt10) (prt11) (prt12) (prt13) (prt14) (prt15) (prt16) (prt17)

For those patiently following along,,we are getting a whole lot closer to a place of better understanding of what may be going on behind the veil,,if I get it out right,,that is.
I have quickly developed a much deeper appreciation for the effort that goes into writing a story.
Now,,perhaps I could have selected a different 'style' to write in,,but this suites me so far and is enjoyable when I can get it to flow.
It works well in an intentionally slower paced piece like a different one that I am also writing is designed to be.

And as an aside,,the excite boards have not fostered any of my locquacious (long winded) responses over 10,000 or so words to make me place it in the Staks.
A few have come close.
And it is turning out that excites 4000 word limit is really somewhere in the low 3000's so shorter posts are having to be broke up more.
That means I may lower the word count required for a 'staks' piece.
I ain't too sure if that's good or bad.

I have a few more for the LinksPile but I will post them later tonight.
(That would be my 'current' morning time.I not allways diurnal and tend more to nocturnal as a rule,,barring need.JFYI)

IOW,,That's all for me,,g'nite,,,but,,
Ya'll come back now,ya'hear?!

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 10:07 AM EST
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Thursday, 24 January 2008
Mama Frances-Jeann,Arnold,Suki,Part 16,and more links piled.

Sorry,,,I have been holding off on making an entry untill I got part 16 of 'Wee!Gee!' wrote and put out.
Not to mention time constraints and a need to 'detoxify' a little from the web.
The pg vw counter has stayed in the 3000's for the whole month.
It was standing at 3288 when I came in w/67 showing for yesterday.
Thank you guys for keeping looking in,,I hope you enjoy part 16.

I have also posted more in The LinksPile.

The jury is still out on the AT&T/BS thing.But so far,,so good.

As to Mama Frances-Jeann,Arnold and Suki,,those are my pineapple plants.
Mama Frances-Jean was started from a store bought pineapple stump.
She spent like a year in a small pot,,then I transferred her to a larger one.(A three gal bucket)
She stayed in that for 2 yrs.During that time the hurricanes Frances & Jean tore through here.She weathered the storms sitting on a 'temporary porch' built out of pallets out our back door.
Amazingly,,not only did the 'porch' stay put,,not a thing happened to her or her pot even though tornados came as close as the far side of the ditch about 15 ft away.(It literally cut the grass to about 2" tall in a swath that showed it came frm the end of the building from which it sucked off the end of the roof;see pics)
Not long after that,,I put her in a big pot (about 2 & 1/2' deep and the same around.)
Around a yr later,,she kicked out one of the 'orangest,,velvety looking and feeling,sweetist smelling pineapple' I have ever seen.Nice size,,and when I sliced it prior to planting,,the smell was literally overwhelming and the amount of juice astonished me.
Well,,I planted that 'first fruit' and that one's the one I call Arnold.(The roller I have her on is made by Arnold and has that name on it.)
Yet,,she is a 'robustly built' beauty,,allthough right now,,a tad yellowish since her bucket got a liitle acidic.
(Planting the whole fruit in a three gallon bucket probally contributed to a build up of acidity.)
But that hasn't stopped her from 'blooming' right along with her mama.
I didn't realize she was untill I was putting her in a pot like her mamas.
They both are showing buds about 2" across right now,,,in January.
About 6 mos ago,,Mama Frances-Jean went and popped out a sucker,,which I put in a 'water pot' as soon as she would come off.
As soon as she had a healthy root system I planted her in a three gallon bucket.Right now,,shes's looking good
That's Suki.

Why am I writing about them?
Well,,for some reasom or other,,everywhere I have lived in the past 10 to 15 years,,I have started pineapples.
And I never once got to see fruit on any of them.(Generally,,when I moved,,I would plant it in the ground somewhere on the property or leave it alive in the pot.)
Yet,,I had read in many sources that they only 'fruit' once,,then shoot out a sucker and die.
Well,,with Frances-Jean,after she shot the sucker,,I added dirt to bring the level up higher,,and she is fruiting again.
I am amazed and tickled 'pineapple blossom purple' over it.
(The blossoms are small tiny purple flowers that stud the young fruit like something from another planet.)
I really hope I can get some pics of them.

Anyway,,I hope someone likes the 16th part of Wee!Gee!
And yet,,even if ya don't,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:29 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 24 January 2008 3:44 AM EST
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Thursday, 10 January 2008
Fresh Post after absence

As you can see,,I have my connection back.

I am terribly dissapointed in Bellsouth,,oh,,excuse me,AT&T/Bellsouth.

Can you believe we had to have a Deputy get involved just to get this straightened out?And I am not sure that it IS straight just yet.

Yet,,,Thank You Officer!(You know who you are.)

Anyway,,the pg view counter was sitting at 3905 w/69 showing for yesterday.Thank you.

I have posted parts 14 & 15 to Wee!Gee! before I lost my connection,,and if you haven't read those yet,,well,,it's a good thing because I haven't wrote any more than that yet and now you have something new to read.

I don't know what happened to my main sites front page but it's blank except for the site title and the graphics.(Maybe I did it.I was going to make some changes,,but not like that.)

Anyway,,I hope those who have been reading Wee!Gee! and had allready found the two new parts,,or those who are now going to go read them,,enjoy them.

And I really appreciate the page peeks.Thanks again,folks!

Ya'll come back now,,y'hear?!

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Updated: Thursday, 10 January 2008 4:11 AM EST
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MORE AT&T BS,a bee colony recovered,wax moths,bad beetles fired up,,and over 4000 peepers peeking

I am writing this on Jan 7th.
As of then my connection has been down for 4 days.
It turns out that there is still an unauthorized name associated with our phone/dsl conection that is causing a problem.
I have spoken about this  in a previous set of blog entries (______) and have to say that even though I have been an adamant Bellsouth supporter ever since AT&T as added their 'bs' to BS,,the BS has seemingly become more than an 'inconvenient acronym'.

I am very disappointed in the way things have been going.
And yet it made me focus on what may be an intriguing and troubling pattern.

Has any one else noticed that the 'phone' companies are seemingly more concerned with 'cell phone use' as opposed to 'land lines'?
I know that the reason can easily be attributed to the 'popularity' of cell phones by those who rarely think beyond their own convenience.
Yet,,that doesn't make that an accurate and appropiate attitude to have regarding the issue,,especially considering the implications.

Now,,I am doubtful many average folks reading this blog may have seen the connection between this subject and the recent 'phone tapping by the Bush Admin issue'.
In light of that,,let me explain:
Even though every one was using the old phrase,,'phone tapping',,the method mainly used,,unfortunately lost in the media clutter,,was,,cell phone signal interception.
IOW,,there were very few 'lines' tapped,,there were mainly 'radio waves' picked up.
Now,,pick up your cell phone,,read the back or the 'manual' for it and you will see that it falls under FCC regs for a 'radio device'.
Then look for the TOS.
Find a clause that says you can be assured of the privacy of your transmission.
I can allmost guarantee you will find nothing of the sort.
Because it is a radio,,just like a walkie talkie except a cell phone is more sophisticated and on a different set off frequencies.
A 'land line' is a solid/physical connection.
THAT 'wire',,or even 'an optical fiber',,can carry an assurance of 'privacy' and is the 'tappable thing' in the phrase 'phone tap'.
NOT broadcast radio waves.

Now,,given that,,why is everyone so anxious to conduct sensitive discussions over the air waves which anyone with the right device can intercept?
Even you or me.
There are devices out there that can recieve them,,there are also devices which can be modified to do so.
Not to mention that there are ways to intercept and 'alter' the voice over internet systems that are also popular.
I believe I posted something about a horror story some family as been living because some one hs figured how to 'hack' their cell phone accounts.
Even making them turn on unnoticed and recording the conversations hearable and sending them as voice mail.

So,,why the 'infatuation' with them when the gripe was over security and privacy concerns?
(Not to mention the 'gps' locating features now)
And why does it seem like the 'corps and companies' are pushing the 'cell phones' so hard?
Do I think the phone company would 'force' folks off a land line and onto a 'cell phone'?
They are making me consider it,,but I don't want to.
How about you?
Oh,,do you allready have one?And all you have is wireless service?
I see.
(That figures)

Well,to me this is something that should make the conspiracy nuts all jittery and I am surprised that no one has picked up on it,,that I know of anyway.

About the 'bee colony'.
After I reported the 'demise' of the colony I experienced a surprise.
The bees came back,,sort of.
There were two 'hatchings' after the first 'disappearence'.
Unfortunately,,they were all pretty much affected in the same way as the one I described in the previous post about them.
(Uneven,incomplete,malformed wings.)
And given the huge numbers of them that wound up littering the ground in pretty large piles,,I was able to see other 'abberations' in their bodies,,like disproprtionate body sections,,odd shaped or missing limbs and others.
Upon subsequent investigation of the hive I spotted a moth just outside of the opening and later,,seen more inside.
There were the several species of ants of course,,along with 'larval worms' of some kind and a type of beetle.
After a little 'web research' I identified the moth,worm and beetle' and two of the most common foe of the honey bee.
The moth is a 'wax moth' and I don't recal the name of the beetle.
The 'larval worm' was the intermediate stage of the 'wax moths' life stages before becoming an adult.
(These apparently eat the wax in the honeycombe which would 'crack open' the bees prematurely.That explained the 'unformed and malformed' features as well as why they didn't survive long.

Now,,given that these pests are the bane of the honey bee,,I decided to 'burn' the log the hive was in and destroy the creatures in situ.

Yet,,the story has a NOT UNHAPPY ENDING.
About a week ago,,a guy came out of the woods/field behind our building asking if anyone had lost some bees.

It seemed the queen had vacated.Along with a number of workers.
They had wound up in a corner of the fellows chicken coop.
So,,we gave him the number to the bee keeper we had called when they showed up here.
(He really couldn't work them for honey because the hollow log couldn't be opened so since they weren't 'african' I didn't cut the log and have him take them.)
But he wound up with them anyway.
This way is better than if he had took the log,,though.If he had taken the log then his yard could have become infested from the moth and beetle in it.
So overall,,I am no longer as sad about the situation as I was.
(It does just go to show ya how God has things working even if we don't know it.And He did arrange to let me know how it turned out for the ol'girl and her retinue.)

Okay,,,as of this writing,,,I have had a pg view count of 4048 for the month of December.
That number was on Jan 2nd and was a so far for the month total.
My highest one day count was 429 on the 1st day of January.
I am tickled plumb purple by that and want to say,,
"THANK YOU,very,very,very much!!!"
(Naturally,,with the beginning of the month looking good like that,,,the AT&T/BS had to bump my connection on the 3rd.)

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:30 AM EST
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Monday, 17 December 2007
The demise of a bee hive,,evolution,a dead budgie & 3616 peepers!

It's been 12 days since I updated my blog.I had posted part 13 of Wee!Gee! about a week ago and wound up forgetting to make an entry here saying so,,sorry.

The view counter is showing 3616 so far with 88 yesterday.I do appreciate those who keep coming through to see if there is any new stuff.

And for the first timers,,thanks and 'welcome'!

I have put up a Staks entry concerning evolution.It is a ccp article from moneil.And since moneil seems to be a bit reserved when it comes to using moneils own words rather than ccp'ing,,I treated his article like a regular board post:

Now,,I ain't no scientist,,but there seems to be certain things that the adherents of evolution quite often appear to gloss over or misdirect focus off of and onto less relevant aspects and way from more revealing info.

That's what I attempt to point out in that piece.

And here's an update on those bees:

After having filled up the hollow space that they started in,completely,,with honeycombe,,they had began to expand into an adjacent yet smaller space.

Then we had a slight cold snap.This seemed to mark a decline in the hive.A few days after it warmed up again,,I noticed dead bees scattered around and a gradual increase in ant presence.I do not know the actual cause of that event,,,but along towards the final days,,I noticed one bee that seemed apparently healthy except for one wing which seemed 'smaller' than the other like it wasn't as finished.

About three days before I saw that bee,,some critter had apparently been sitting right above the hole because there were a couple of pieces of scat/pellets/feces tht made me think rat,,either field or norway but large enuff to pass marble sized pieces.

Eventually,,I assume as the bees numbers dwindled,,and perhaps that occured due to defending the colony from this critter,,the combes showed nibbles and as of now are well chewed since the hole has been broken open more.

I also noticed that as the bees numbers dwindled,,the combes turned dark.Even while there were quite a few still there.Now they are quite brown and produce a rotting odor.What little's left that is.

Over all,,I am saddened at the way it ended.I find myself hoping that maybe the queen vacated because the total emptyness was rather abrupt seeming.

And the sadness is even comppounded by the death of our budgie.Apparently a 'mouse' that had making raids on our place bit one of his little feet and he wound up totally weakened and expiring before we had a clue there was anything wrong wwith him.There was no sign of blood that we noticed.

We aren't sure when it happened.But he died on the 10th.I ain't really a bird dude,,and the little feather brained squawaker really made me mad sometimes for conducting screeching sessions so sharp I allmost expected my ears to bleed,,but I am gonna miss him.

Actually,,I allready do.

But,,here's all the parts to Wee!Gee! (sofar) with the TWO new parts since my last blog entry.

(intro) (prt1) (prt2) (prt3) (prt4) (prt5) (prt6) (prt7) (prt8) (prt9) (prt10) (prt11) (prt12) (prt13) (prt14)

Again,,thanks for clicking in and,,

'Ya'll come back now,,y'hear?!'

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:47 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 17 December 2007 4:28 PM EST
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Wednesday, 5 December 2007
3597 look ats for Nov,an xmas webwalk and 4 more piles o'links

Right now,,the sofar pg view count is 3503 with 95 yesterday.The hi total for November was 3597 with several days over 200.
Thanks folks!

I have put together an Xmas webwalk focusing on Santa Claus.There's three parts.
There are also 4 more pages added to the links pile pages.

Here's the links to them,,and they can be found on the linkspile index,,#'s 28 thru 32.
The Xmas webwalks are #'s 33 thru 35.

Thanks for dropping in,,and I will have the next part to Wee!Gee! soon.
(I have to plot the next few parts in a more detailed fashion to keep it within the outline I have established allready.)

And I am also writing a different piece of an entirely different sort,,so,,well,,hey,,I'm working on it.
You guys will be the first to know when it's finished.

Ya'll come back now,,ya'hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 11:48 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 5 December 2007 12:08 PM EST
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Friday, 30 November 2007
A long time to get to tomorrow,3422 peeps and a twelth part to Wee!Gee!

I did say it was a 'tentative' maybe.Sorry.
But,,I am almost done painting our office.

3422 pg views (so far) with 120 yesterday.
Thank you!

And I bet at least some of you were looking for the next part to Wee!Gee!
Well,,ta-dah!!,,here it is,,

Wee!Gee! Part 12
(It's actually a little shorter than I wanted it to be,,but it's cohesive and moves the story along adequately.I actually couldn't figure how to 'start' it.I think I worked it out pretty,,At least I thought it was pretty good.)

Sorry it took a while.

I have added two more (I think) links pile pages,,just check for filled in numbers in the index.
There have been no 'conversations' worth adding to the Staks but I have been dropping in the boards in between trying to piece together the next few parts of Wee!Gee!.
Also,,I have been doing some research on 'ouijie,,er make that ouija' boards and ran into some rather interesting material.I will put it together and place it in the Piles,,later.
I want to thank you folks who have been checking in,,or dropping in from the board or such.

Now,,if only I can get some 'reviews','critiques' or even 'criticisms' from one or two of you,,it would be really great.
But even if not,,thank you all for keeping the Tripod pg view counters numbers up.
I do appreciate it.

Ya'll come back now,,ya'hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 4:29 AM EST
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