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Tuesday, 19 January 2010
120,841 peeks close the year,new one starts with ups,downs and same ol',same ol

Last year closed out with 120,841 pg vws counted for this itty bitty blog o' mine.

Amazingly,,,even tho I have posted nothing new since October the monthly count is staying around 4500.

Logging in tonight the pg vw counter showed 120 for yesterday and a hi for this month of 4508 (down from 4674 on the 17th).

I am still amazed (happily of course) that there are that many folks coming through here.

Thank you all very much!I truly appreciate it. 

And even more amazed no one has e-mailed me with any comments,critisizms,critiques or even kudos.
IOW,,I don't know who loves it or who loathes it.
Yet,,that's all okay since the pg vw counter tells me the truth of the matter.
And that is,,,a page is looked at around 4500 times every month.

Happily,my plants have weathered the recently past cold spell fine.
(Arnie is even putting out another 'apple'.)

Happily,I got a Facebook account which has allowed me to see pics of my two nieces 'never before seen by my eyes' faces.
(And a grand niece,,with another one,,or a nephew on the way.~wow~)

Happily,,I also contacted a couple of old friends thru FB as well.
Happily,,,me and most of mine are walking,talking and breathing.

Sadly,,,one of my brothers isn't.
Sadly,,I have not yet wrote any more of Wee!Gee!
Sadly,,the Excite boards have went bye-bye.
Sadly,,the economy is even deeper in the ditch.

I don't know about about other places but here where I live it's horrible.
I read something the other day where it was stated that there was 17% or so unemployment rate here then just today my wife was told by a gov worker that it was more like 30%.
Of course,,with a number like that one has to remember how many folks work/exist on the fringes that are not counted in those stats and adjust accordingly by adding at least another 5 if not 10% to that.(And that jives with my 'eyeball' guesstimate of around 40% since about 4 out of every 10 folks I know of are out of work.)

Yet,,,that's NOT what is broadcast on the local area news stations.

Sadly,,it seems the rich folks are even scared to spend money now and I am facing a distressingly severe lack of projects coming my way.(Add that to our landlord making up stories about someone buying his unfinished,delapidated,dangerous building for a quarter mill,,if it's empty,,and it equals to a forced relocation for us.Heck,,,we may wind up in Texas.)

Should I insert a tirade here about how stupid or incompetent politicos look when they mess something up by trying to fix it?


Why not?Because,,sadly,,not only is my pc still not up to snuff,,it looks more like to me that what we have now is the very effect they were shooting for so incompetence while trying to fix a problem is not a factor.

Even if that's not the case,,I sincerely hope a bunch of folks see clearly how detrimental an unbalanced political arena is for our form of government.
As in,,it's bad,,very bad for our government.
er,,excuse me,,I should NOT say bad for gov,,,I should say,,'bad for US'.
After all,,what THEY are doing is good for them,,both sides,,not us from what I can see.

I'm tempted to try to vent a little by laying out some of the devious,duplicitous things our gov appears to be doing but since I am still,,sadly,,working with a half crippled pc you folks won't be subjected to such in this entry.

Allthough,,I willl say,,,mandates eliminate choices,,less goverment equals more freedom,,health insurance reform does not equal healthcare cost reform,,,better wages mitigate affordability issues,,,less regulation (and less taxes) spurs growth and sustainable business action,,more jobs equal a more economically vigourous community/nation,,if ya have to use credit to get something you really can not afford it,,professional politicians and lawyers,along with the corporations they pander to,,are at the heart of our nations troubles,,,our governemnt is the biggest,baddest corporation on the block,,and 'legal does NOT equal honest'.

Now,,back to some things a little more personal.

This whole facebook thing has me at a loss somehow.
I can't seem to make much sense of the 'controls' or something.
Maybe it's my 'lame' pc and I can't see some things I should be able to but I can't make out what's publicly shared or not,,among other things.

Add that,,,,to the whole idea of family I really do not know and I sort of freeze up when I am logged in then wind up feeling kind of like a 'peeping tom' seeing the stuff they post/cross post on my 'wall'.

(I think I actually feel shy which is something I haven't experienced in decades.go figure.)

Like I said above,,the Excite Forums have closed.
Sadly,,that means a slew of links on my site will no longer return a page.
A lot of the regulars have migrated to other boards.There were several that popped up as the place wound down and I have registered at this one which michaelbrown200 set up: 

A lot of good conversations disappeared from the web when it shut down.
Of course,,,a lot of drivel went away with them.

I truly wish I could turn out some more of Wee!Gee! for those who have been reading it.I am saddened and feel pretty low about it but I just can't seem to get myself going on it.It does seem like I am simply depressed about the overall socio-econo-political situation and that is really a hinderence to wringing a tale like Wee!Gee! out of my psyche.
Perhaps if someone gave me a review or something of what I have wrote so far I may be able to get a little oomph worked up.(??)~hint~hint~

Yet,,even if not,,when I manage to do so,,I will post it and there it will be for those who like or loathe it to see.


Ya'll come back now,y'hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 11:54 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 20 January 2010 2:04 AM EST
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Monday, 12 October 2009
102,213 pg vws and a mixed bag of assorted sad stuff.
Topic: Multiple Topic


That's a bong a gongin',,er,,a gong a bongin',,for all 102,213 total peeks you people have given my pages here at Tripod since I started them back in 07.

Thank you all very much!

Even tho the count had dropped down into the hi 3000's for one month it still finished out in the 4000's,I have been getting a count in the 4000's for about a year and a half now,the hi number from the month of August,which was 4470,pushed the total over the 100,00 mark.(Not to mention,,but I will,,the former bellringer of 5030 back in April was nice boost.~thankya,thankya,thankya!~)

When I logged on to make this post the pg vw counter was showing 131 for yesterday and 4531 sofar for this month.
(oh,,and for the record,,I actually started this post entry back on Sept.4th.)

To those who regularly come through,I apologize in advance for the following downer entry you are about to wade through.
I have allways tried to keep these upbeat at best and at least not reflective of the negative events or circumstances in my life so this post should hopefully be seen as an example of my base humanity and not taken as a reason to shy away in the future since those 'emotional' tides do change.
IOW,,the next one (whenever I may make it) will most likely NOT be as dismal as what you are about to read.

Unfortunately,I have not written any more of Wee!Gee! in a while.For those looking for such,,I apologize profusely and can only offer up a rather chagrin filled explanation of,,,not only has my PC situation NOT changed,,I ain't been feelling up to it what with all the crud going on in our political arena.
(Not to mention,,yet I feel I must,,Tripod has been doing some stuffinvolving replacing a new,different 'site-editor prog' called WebOn so I have also been waiting for them to get done doing that.then,,they then decided to keep the old and just add the new as an option,'whenever' upgrade.That is done,now.)

After all,,for the first time in my life,,I can not enthusiastically proclaim I am proud to be an American.

3 words:BO and Co.
(That includes both sides of the partisan aisle.As far as I can tell these days,they are virtually indistinguishable from each other.)

Never before have I felt there was so much reason to doubt this nations future.
In the past,,even with the various illogical,unethical and morally doubtful behaviour from our politicians I have essentially had an unsinkable faith in our nations citizenry's ability to see through the haze well enuff to turn back the ever increasing growth of Gov.
There had allways seemed to be a few decent minded members of our ruling class who actively and vigorously pursued the goals of our founders.

That is no longer the case.
From what I can see,,neither party is actually looking out for the best interests of the free people called Americans.

Without getting into all the 'particulars',,,we are drowning in a flood of lies flowing down off of Capitol Hill.
And like with what happened in New Orleans during Katrina,,,the dikes that are supposed to protect US (our state level politicos) have been compromised due to a severe lack of maintenence brought about through widespread incompetence,purposeful inattention designed to allow a failure in order to bring about just such a scenario as we have developing or a total sellout to position preserving participants and career minded capitulation in order to avoid financial difficulties.
Of course,,there are a few other ways of looking at it.

Like,,McCarthy was not ALL wrong.
And those who opposed him have gained considerable ground.

Our 'head' has been converted into a devotee of certain 'religious ideology' which is antithetical to our nations culturally,historically traditional moral,ethics,values and virtues that has a 'creedo' that gets sung every evening.

From a windy land,,revellie has been sounded for radicals.

Or even,,,

A stupour has fallen on those folks,,and many,many more as a certain old book predicted would happen and they have all chosen to follow the broad path to destruction instead of looking for the narrow,straight path.

No matter which take on it is selected it really seems to me that it could be said like so:

The day is here,,or nearly so,,in which we will be delivered up to 'death/destruction' by those who think/claim they are doing a good thing for US.

I am sure that many who have slogged through my blatherings on this blog,,or are familiar with my views as expressed on and/or through my postings at or about the excite boards can decipher my meanings.
Whether you agree with my take on things is,,naturally,,another thing all together.

Yet,,regardless of that,,no one can deny that things are un-necessarily confused and chaotic here in what used to be easily seen as 'the home of the free' thanx to what amounts to our local (D.of C.)chapter of Olympian wannabe gods and their faithful acolytes and worshippers.

Nuff sed,for now.

As for a couple of those other things I have typed about in the past:

My pineapples are doing fine,,and I even started a new one from the last cone I harvested.Those crazy ants (raspberry) are once again gaining ground against the various other species.

I still have yet to upgrade my pc related gear in order to upload pics of the various things I've mentioned.

The other book I have started is languishing.

And as for my 'long lost' sister.
Well,,with an 'almost' broke heart I must say,,she seems to be very similar to the 'not lost' siblings and assorted relatives like nephews,nieces,aunts,uncles and cousins I have been blessed with.(I apparently have to chase her down to interact with her and any interest or opinions they may have regarding what I have here are totally non existant based on the feedback or comments they could easily provide yet haven't.Yeah,,this is a purposely pointed,publicly posted set of statements that I honestly do hope they all read.)
All of you folks out there with close knit families really should thank whatever you hold sacred that you have one of those.Take it from someone who does not have such a family,,it's worth more than gold,,or even good credit.Go quickly and tell your relatives that they are loved,cherished and appreciated while you can.

Since they insist on acting like a bunch of strangers who thankfully do visit yet do NOT comment I must,,for my own sense of selfworth,,reluctantly place them and the situation in the same box labeled,,'too bad,,so sad' that I place the many others who do not comment in and simply say,,

Whether ya like it or loath it,,thanx for visiting,,I appreciate it.

Ya'll come back now,y'hear!?!

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:50 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 12 October 2009 3:42 AM EDT
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Monday, 1 June 2009

4694 peeks this month makes for almost 90,000 total sofar,2 more Wee!Gee! parts,boards baseness bores and a long lost sis finds me proving this blog bit was a good idea after all.

    Thanks for popping in.I appreciate it.
    All you people clicking in has put 91 pg vws on the counter with a month ending total of 4465.Counting monthly highs since I started this blog I am now carrying a total of 89,015.The 100,000 mark isn't too far away.
    Fortunately,,,from what I've seen,,I apparently have a small set of folks following along reading Wee!Gee! who will most likely keep providing me with a bit over 4000 pg vws a month so that 100 grand is almost guaranteed in,,at most,,3 months time.
    Especially since I've added two more parts since my last blog entry.~smile~
    Wee!Gee! prt31 
   Wee!Gee! prt32 
    I'm skipping the teaser thingy this time too,,but,,hey,,they DO make it to the beach,,,finally!Oh,,and Melissa meets Reez and scares the crap out of HIM!(uh,mmm,,that's a bit of a teaser after all,isn't it?oops.~smirk~)
    As for the boreds,,uh,,boards,,well,,I grew bored again.It's a real sad shame to see such fine minds degenerate into personal attacks to keep from facing inescapable yet personally distasteful truths regarding the kayfabe spaectacular which is our nations political arena.
    I personally find it awesome how some folks,,that I often refer to as 'party pups',,are either incapable of seeing outside their own 'boxes' clearly enough to discern,,and apropriately apply,equitable logic to the matters discussed or are simply playing the fool for the sake of 'aggravating' with no respect for others intelligence or sincerity regarding those matters.
    I myself do not advocate party politics of any sort.I expect an honest politician to vote his conscience regardless of partisan ploys to 'lead' the votes.
    After all,,it's WE the people he is supposed to be looking out for,,not ways to compromise with those who he is supposed to keep off our backs so we can enjoy 'life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness',,among other 'endowed' rights,,that those documents are supposed to guarantee US all enjoying.
    So for me to see a bunch of folks blindly following party rhetoric in an equal fashion as one might expect from a 'religious cult' member while following a 'bad shepherds' talking points,,makes me reiterate,,organized religion is the original politics.
    And there is a whole bunch of neoreligious or perhaps oldpolitic zealots out there who refrain from thinking for themselves long enough to consider openly how their 'idols,priests or leaders' may be fleecing them like Tammys once favorite Baker would.
    I know,,I said it was 'awesome'.Awesomely amazingly asinine is what I meant.And I get tired of wading through all that to find the occasional nugget of lucidity coupled with rational logic that births an intelligent clear minded discussion,,for more than minute or two.
    Is that more clearer?
    But,,alas,,and sigh,,what can a patriotic convicted felon who won't kiss a ring,,or pay a dime,,nor bend a knee,,to vote for Prez do about it?
    Vote in local elections for folks who apparently have no interest in me being able to vote?
    Naw,,that's feeding the beast,,isn't it?
    So,,on occasion,,I do wade in,,yet,,a new hunting ground may be a desireable thing.I'm ruminatin' on it.
    I shy away from that since I'm sort of loyal hearted and I've been an excite user for a while,,so,,we'll see.
    After all,,maybe the tide will change and sanity will resurface.Untill then,,well,,I have an off line life that is rich and full enough for any human.
    Allthough I do have to type,,happily and with smile broad,,not all things about the web and such is so dismal.
    For instance,,this here little ol'blog o'mine actually helped my 'long lost' sister find me!
    Yeah,,a joyful internet soap episode resulting from the disintegration of the traditional family through ever increasing divorce rates and an apparent rejection of any form of patriaricahl considerations being counteracted by a google search.
    Uhh,,well,,one could say it like that.I just did.
    Or,,I could say what I really think about it:
    Getting the first few spots on goog brought my sis to my e-doorstep in a few short seconds.
    I hadn't seen her since I was like,,maybe 7 or 8.I looked for her a bit a decade or so ago but life didn't let anything pan out from that.
    Now,,I'm 45 and she's well,,older than me.I wonder if there's an age limit on the job of the little brother picking on the older sister,,I'm a couple of decades behind on my duties.Am I allowed to catch up?Are squirt guns and fake poo age specific?Itching or sneezing powders?If I interupt her date with a canned fart or whoopee cushion at her,,er,um,,uh,,our age's,,is it funny,,pervey or life threatening for her paramour? Ahh,,the questions for a 'duty oriented little brother grown old'.~smirk~
    At first I thought that maybe I was just suffering from a fever dream since I had stayed home from a job on the morning after she e-mailed me,,the first time.(And she was giving me crud for not responding sooner at that!Can ya believe it?sheesh,,sisters.~smirk~wink~wince~)But after I called my mom a day later after my fever broke,,to find out if she had been called by this,,'alledged long lost touch with sister',,(I'm picking at her,,everyone knows that,,right?),,I had to believe it was true.
    I ain't saying I am goin to be posting any soapy stuff about this situation,,but I may,so,,if'n curiosity nips,,
    Ya'll come back,now,y'hear!?
    (please excuse the editing on this one,,somethings more hinky with this set up than usual tonight)

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 12:44 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 1 June 2009 1:14 AM EDT
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Monday, 11 May 2009
Wee!Gee! now available in 4 flavors,an extremists desire fulfilled and things,,they are a changing,

   ,,things,,they are a changing,,but not the way board life goes or my pc situation so far.

Hi ya'll!

Thanks for clicking in.
      Since the tally broke the 5000 mark there's been a steady decline. Allthough the pg vw counter has not dropped below 4000 they have dipped into the high 4100's.I came into this month with 4672 and the vw total when I came on to post this was 103 showing a sofar high of 4179.
      Even though I have been astounded that I've received as many veiws as I have been getting with virtually no new stuff in so long,,the fact I've gotten so many lately,,let alone 5000+,,just blows me away!
      I have to say,,thank you,thank you,thank you,,and I would repeat that several times,,but after doing it in those previous posts I realize now it just looks,,at best,,silly,,and at worst,,sorta like disengenuous overkill,,so instead I will just go ahead and give you folks part 30 of Wee!Gee!
      Yeah,,I finally got another one out of me.
      I thought I was going to go ahead and bang out 31,,but that didn't happen.
      But,,,I did manage to get the first 29 parts,the intro,,and a forward into paper form and make it available,,in the same unedited form as you find online here at my site,,for purchase online.(If anyone wants to start collecting,these are gonna be the 'trial',,and therefore,,limited editions.~hint~hint~wink~wink~smile~)
      There are currently 3 forms ready.They are not the finalized versions.One is a typical 'perfect bound' paperback,,one is a larger formatted 'spiral' bound form,,not unlike a school notebook,,and the third is like a pamphlet,,'saddlestitch' bound,,the size of a paperback with 50 pages.
      The paperback and large form have the first 29 parts(Volume 1).The small booklet has the intro thru part 5 and the rest will follow in an 'episodic' serial format which means that depending on how many 'parts' will fit the 50pg restriction I am currently unsure how many 'parts' may be in any particular episode.
      They are,essentially just the results of the process I had to go thru to figure out how to get them properly into a form to publish using the service.
      That involved converting the text from the html pages online (since I no longer had access to them in the pc they were wrote in) into text in this pc, (which meant I had to download them using a dialup connection) then into pdf form,then uploading them to the publishing port.(again,,using dialup,,aaargh!!)
      To do that,,since I do not have a pdf writer prog,,I first sought out an online converting service and found several.

      Since that turned into something not doable,,or maybe I should say,inadequate for my needs since I wound up with graphics from the webpages,,including the banner ads as well as the text and they would only be printed in black and white,so,,well,,I didn't want that even for rough editions,,and it made the pdf file's HUGE,I had to back up and try something I was reluctant to do,,go find a downloadable free converter prog.
      After searching around a bit,,I found several to try.After waiting much more than a bit for them to download(dialup,aargh!) I wound up using pdf995 and was quite pleased with the results,,so far. 
      Of course,,the publishing port required cover graphics,,so I had to make and fit those.(That's why there are more than one version of covers right now.)
     Anyone want to check out those progs I found,,I will be posting links to them on one of the links pages I have later. 
      I will do some better ones later.Ideally by hand,,with paper,penils and or inks.(I am much better with that stuff than I can ever be with any programs I've met sofar)Those will be scenes or what have you from the story itself most likely.
      And even tho it may only be doable in black and white with these folks,,,I do believe I will be making an illustrated version later.Yeeehaaaw!!A graphic novel!
      All this is just prepping me for turning out the novel that I posted a piece from in an earlier blog entry in a professional manner right off the bat when I get it finished.
      Now,,THAT story will most likely make a much better graphic novel than Wee!Gee!,,more straight up action and different visuals will be involved.
      That same place that offers the 'publishing service',,CafePress, also allows for providing apparel and merchandise with custom imprints online.
      I've had the set up going for a while(01) but was only using it to show clients,,in person,,what either I could do for them,,or what they could do themselves,,and/or what the items they wanted would look like(as a visual regardless of using cpress or another) and had intended to eventually make up a bunch of hi quality designs in a laid out and organized fashion to offer thru there and use it as an online department for my biz R&D Studios(cc&ss).
      But since I have the book thing ready now and a certain Excite board poster wanted a certain design for a t design that many another citizen may wish to own,,I decided to open it up to all those folks who may come through here now.
      Mainly,,right now,,there are items with our logos and pieces from the logos on them.Yet there is more than one section and a 'nook' for the book,,and future ones too.
      As a matter of fact,,one section is named for,,or in honor of,if you prefer,,and I just like the name,,the poster I mentioned.
      That poster goes by the nic 'psychotiki' but since I really only like calling folks I think are psycho 'psycho' I tend to refer to the poster,,a she,,as just 'tiki'.
      Yep,,the section is called,,The Tiki Room and is intended to fullfill an extremists desires.
      Okay,,I just really did that 'cause she has a pretty little puss.
      And I only know she does because she posted pics of it on her excite profile.
      ~winkin' & smirkin' at tiki while wondering how many will vist her profile page now~
      To get to those places and see the main pages pictured items,click ~> here <~
      Ahhh,,speaking of the board I've come to refer to as Excitesovainia (t's available soon),,that place hasn't changed.Well,not for the better anyway.Like my p.c. situation,,it works,,but is frustrating,,needs major improvements and ultimately leaves a lot to be desired.
      What do I mean?
      Well,,for me at least,,a conversation can only occur when two parties are involved,,(I'm not counting when your 'nagger' chimes in,,that's just you,,for most folks. ~yikes~),,so when I ask questions,,pertinent to the topic,as 'counterpoint' or that grew out of the discussion,,I do expect a reasonablely intelligent,not very insane,honest minded person to respond with at least an attempt at an answer.
      And as far as I can tell,,that's what a conversation,,and a dicussion or debate is to the vast majority of folks in this world.
      Yet,,for me,,on that board,,that rarely occurs.
      Here's some examples of what I am talking about:
      ~> Meanwhile,,back on the boards,, <~
      (Oh,,and you'll see the light I left on for nybrit through that link too.)
      Most of the time,,it seems to me that people simply have no regard for the words that they type after they utter them.
      Heck,,in real 'offline' life as well for that matter,it isn't restricted to that board by any means.And it isn't exactly a new phenomena either.So that means it isn't a straight symptom of MMS but a widespread characteristic of the general population.
      I suppose it's much easier on those kinds of folks offline since once you speak it,,it's gone.Online it can be ccp'ed.
      I wonder if our public educational system had anything to do with that?
      (You'd think more would at least understand how the words they type don't go away like those spoken)
      I'm sure many would argue it is the 'entertainment medias' influence causing it.
      (Of course,,the arguement could be nade that IT does what it does because most of those that are involved with or run it are also products of the aforementioned system.)
      Yet,,we all could do without as much of it being present no matter where it originates,,right?
      Personally,,I think the world would be a whole lot better off with a whole lot less of that being in it.
      Considering that sort of question among the many types found in life inspired this section,,check it out:
      ~> Reminders Series <~
      (*At least the man has those 3 things correct.
      I wonder if he applies them to himself?
      Only time will tell more than what we have seen allready in that regards,won't it?*
      I'm only answering my own questions because I'm mono-bloggin' here ya'll,,not having a discussion.~smile~)
      IF ya wanna say something tho,,feel free to ccp my word's and take them to the Excite boards,,my boards or this comment form here at this site,,your email service or you can even tickle that little thingie down at the right corner of this post and let me know what ya think or want to say.(Or what ya may want a shirt or other item to say or show as far as that goes.IOW,,'buy my butter'.~smile~)
      Regardless of all that,,thanks for visiting this time,and,,,
      Ya'll come back,now,y'hear?!

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 5:06 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 11 May 2009 11:35 PM EDT
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Friday, 10 April 2009
5000 pg vws,,old pc back down,dial up dialed up,suki gets a head,alas,,no wee!gee!







That’s a gong a bonging for those who helped push my pg vw count up and over the 5000 mark!


I logged in on 4/9 at 11:04p and the count was standing at 5016 with 320 showing for yesterday.


When I logged back in to edit and post this at 3:54a on 4/10,,the vw counter said,,,363 for yesterday and 5030 sofar.


Thank you all very,very much!
(And a special welcome to the new ones I know have surfed in recently.I hear you folks have been enjoying Wee!Gee!)


I would say ‘a round for everyone’,,, and pass out a few Harbin beers (even if I had to use these bottles ) but I can’t,,so,,here’s a small attempt to show a little appreciation to you folks.Click here.

If you don’t see something that suits you for those prices,,let me know and maybe I will work something up for you.


Yeah,,that would mean you have to contact me.You can do that using the methods here at this site,,,or surf thru the ‘click here’ link on that page or the link under the logo icon on the left nav bar.


Again,,thank you, thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!!!


Now for,,


That pc I said came back to life ‘thankfully’ lasted long enuff for me to get a bunch of images out and up online so I can get them back via dial-up so I can use that other old pc to continue using them to make graphics for this project and others.

I wound up dealing with the transfer over that weekend I said I intended to write more Wee!Gee! during.


That means there isn’t any new Wee!Gee! parts for you folks.

I apologise.


Yet,,the laptop I mentioned,a Compaq Presario,(and the other pc an old Gateway2000) can go online,,,with dial up ~wince~ so I can still do some stuff besides surf.It’s got a few decent progs in it and I am typing this on it.I can get online and ccp text to make blog entries with no problem.It’s disc drive is dissed and it’s floppy is a flop but it can upload & download.


The one I’m going to try to use for working images in is also old and it doesn’t have a USB port so it’s limited to dial up.But,,I dug out another modem,,ordered a cable (I got it already) and will try getting that one ‘off the e-dirt road’ later after I post this.

It has more than it’s ‘fair share’ of problems,,but it’s got two drives, plenty of mem and reasonably fast enuff processors so I can make it do if I can get it to go with that workaround.


Of course,,if it works on that one,,it’ll work for the lap to.


The first one,,the HPPavillion worked fine then blanked out and wouldn’t power up just like it did before.Maybe it will come back up later.I will,,at the least,,try a new battery before I officially play taps for it and put it in the ‘resurrect later’ stack.


The one I can go online with,,an E-Machine(!),,is essentially no more than a web browser now.It seems like IE replaced the OS.


Can IE take over OS’s?

Did it? How did it do that? What’s the best way to fix the problem?

I do not know,,yet.But,,I’m still working on it.And won’t quit till they all crap out,get fixed or I get a new one.

Which wouldn’t stop me from continuing to try to fix them,of course.


If I can get the GW and/or CP usable at speed then I might try installing WinME over it’s 98.Allthough if the missing file isn’t included,and there isn’t a newer or different version in ME then I will be back to where I was with that pc.


Okay,,enuff tech talk,,as it were,,and on to Suki,,my youngest pineapple plant.

Even though I have been lax about swapping her to a bigger pot,,she has developed a nice little apple and has been kicking out those pretty purple flowers for about a week now.

It seems like the flowers pop out in waves and cycle until all have bloomed in an every other one kind of fashion,all over from top to bottom.


Her mother,Arnie is doing okay,,but no new pineapple yet.I get the impression that she may skip  this season.Her pot has lost enuff soil to have exposed the roots a bit.Maybe doing what I did with her mama last year may help her a bit.

Granny Frances-Jeanne is alive and well,,but getting old looking,AGAIN. I think since her pot has lost some soil again that I will try adding dirt ,, again.

After that,,and a period of waiting to see,I may take her out in the field and bury her up to her neck next to the flow well.

What better way to retire a good pineapple plant could one come up with?(if I owned that piece of property I believe I would have a slew of pineapples going)


When I figure out a way to deal with converting files I have now to pdf’s or retype what I have into a pdf prog,I am going to be offering how ever much of Wee!Gee! I have written by then in bookform.Available online.

I don’t know yet if they will be ‘adequately edited’ for spelling and punctuation but I will be offering them for ‘as cheap as possible’.I hope a few of those sets of eyes coming through here will be willing to ‘hep a feller out durin’ a recession’ and perhaps purchase a copy for yourself and maybe one for a friend or enemy.You could read yours and throw it at someone,too.If they ask why ya did that,,you can show them the new shirt ya got from the author to go with the book.~wink~wink~


That’s it for now,,I have to ‘dial-up’ my blog and post this and then see about getting up to speed with what I pay good money to ATT to use.


THANX AGAIN for pushing my pg vw count over 5000.I feel honored,flattered and humbled all at once.

(IOW,,I’m tickled plum purply pink over it~smile~)


Thanx for stopping in this time and,,,


Ya’ll come back now,y’hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:54 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 April 2009 4:09 AM EDT
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Saturday, 28 March 2009
Steady peeps,,a pc resuscitated,,and Wee!Gee! continues

When I logged into make this post,,the pg vw counter was showing 118 for yesterday and 4591 for a sofar this month total.The current high number for this month is 4671.

I have kept getting around 100 pg vws per day whether I post new material or not.
Thank you folks.

That's a thanks to those that visit and those that tell others about it and those that visit after they are told about it.
Thank you again,,and some more.
I am humbled and flattered.

I do know there have been a few new viewers,,some transfers from across the pond even.
And recently,,at least one who hasn't seen me in a while that just found out about my site.
(She calls me stud!~wink~wink~you know who you are,Patty,,oops,,did I type that?)

But I do have a little good news.
I'm a bit better off in the pc department and can write more of Wee!Gee!
The last pc that went down is now back up.
I do not know.I dragged it out,,,set it up,,restarted it a few times,,and it's okay now.
How long will it stay that way?
God knows,,I don't.

Yet,,I do know I will take advantage of it this weekend and see about a part,,or two?,,of Wee!Gee! getting writ and posted.
(I'm rather anxious to see what's going to happen myself!)

So,,for those that read this between now and then,,and those that read it afterward,,thanx,and,,,

Ya'll come back now,,ya'hear?!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 4:45 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 28 March 2009 4:54 AM EDT
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Thursday, 12 March 2009
Peepers keep peeking,pc still crippled,suki gets a head,a new page to get you linked up and a serving of slawdawg

Hi folks,,

My apologies and thanx to the folks who have kept my pg vw counters numbers in the 4000's.
(That would include B,J and J's bro whom I had it reported to me that they were overhead having a good time reading Wee!Gee! a week or so 3 know who you and the other two are,,and who told me about it.~smile~)

I apologize for no new material,,,like Wee!Gee! or even the excite stuff in a while (allthough I have posted in there a little recently).I haven't gotten the pc matter straight and pro help (or a new one?) isn't quite financially do-able just yet.Not to mention,,,biz is up,,so spare time is down.But THAT will hasten one or the other solutions to my pc problem.

None the less:

Thank You!

The counter was standing at 319 pg vws for yesterday with 4517 for this month sofar.

Like I've said before,,I am amazed,,,,flattered and humbled that those are staying high without me posting squat.

Suki,,,my youngest pineapple plant (Francis-Jeannes grandaughter and Arnies daughter) has finally popped an apple which currently is beginning to kick out those beautiful purple flowers (I'm gonna try to collect some seed this time around).

I have got a links page (for external links) up.There's a bunch of links from my favs and there will be more coming.You can get there through my Favrites Links Page links found on my sites nav bar and here's a direct link :
Info-tainment links

Now for,,,

Anyone recall an excite poster nicced kslawdawg that I have had a few exchanges with in the past?


Here's a refresher:
The Slawdawg Party
Slawdawg,,alienating the inalienable

Anyways,,,he finally got around to posting a link that I seen to his site where he lays out his 'plan' for a better America.(?)
Blueprint for a Better Tomorrow

Sounds real sky pie-y don't it?

But,,hey,,,he gets a hat tip from me since he went and put it together so whatever else might be sayable about him,,he put out the effort to put out his ideas.That makes it worth putting a link to it on my Main Fav Links pg.

I even registered for his discussion board forum,,even if he hasn't  did so for mine:
 RH/MC Board Forum

It ain't no biggee,tho,,,especially since no one else has either.

BUT and yet,,,you folks DO keep coming back,,,or there's a whole lot of new folks every month so,,it's all good to me.

Thank you ALL very much!

I will try to get back at Wee!Gee! ASAP,,so to catch it as fresh as possible,,,,

Ya'll come back now,y'hear!?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:42 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 March 2009 5:43 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 13 January 2009
She's Back!A dead p.c. and a crippled laptop cramp progress,,but NOT interest.

She's Back! 

Heck,,she's been back for a bit.

BUT,,,my 'back up' pc spazzed out on me and this one,,my back ups back up(!?!),,an old 'e-machine',,seems to have some serious malfunctions.

At first it was fine,,then,,

I went to install a few of the programs I like and wound up getting a comdlg32 error and can't open any programs.NOT even ones allready installed.

So,,that's why I haven't been posting and that's why I will be making shorter posts untill I get this straightened out since I can't write them in my pc and have to do it 'live',online,,in the blogs editor.(Of course,,I could just do a lot of saves and make big posts anyway,,knowing me,,that's probally gonna happen more than a little.)

Unfortunately,,this really puts a crimp in the process of writing more of Wee!Gee! 

I have a laptop that I THOUGHT would probally work just fine,,untill I found it and tried to run an AT&T disc.It ran a few moments and then took a dump.It took an hour to get it to give me my disc back.Then I thought maybe I could use it to write in,save to a discette and load through my desktop.I still havent managed to get that discette out.

Amazingly,,,even without posting anything for a while,I still have about the same amount of traffic on this site.

In September 4432 peepers peeked,,in October there were 4160,,November showed 4176 and December racked up 4247,,even with the pg vw counter being down from the 20th to the 24th.

That brings the tally to around 65,000,,so far!

As for this month,,I had 135 yesterday with a so far high number of 4257!(Of course,,the counter may still be off from the bobble I mentioned.)

I can only say,,,"THANK YOU",,and,,,I will be getting back to it as soon as I can.

In the meantime,,I sure could use a favor or two from someone who could straighten out my pc problems.If there is anyone willing to give some advice or tips,,pleasse feel fre to post a hello in the forums I have set up.You can access them through the 'RH-MC News' link on the navbar or click here,, Mastercom Services

Like I said,,I can get online,,but I have no way to write offline and get what I write uploaded right now.

I will let you folks know how things are going in regards to more Wee!Gee!,,here,,on my blog,,so,,

Ya'll come back now,,y'hear?!

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 12:26 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 13 January 2009 12:24 AM EST
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Wednesday, 27 August 2008
In appreciation

Hi ya'll!

Thank you!

For what?

For stopping in.
For telling others about my site here.

Yeah,,it has amazed me a bit.
I haven't posted squat,,but my pg views are staying right around the 4000 mark.
My high for this month has been,,so far,,4202.Earlier today,,the 27th,,I had 87 with a so far total showing of 4098,,logging in to post this I had 96 with 4093 so far.Yeah,,it seems schizoid since,,I think,,it displays a moving 'month'.I think,maybe,,but don't really know that,,it expresses in terms of that moment of the day that you log in as 'ending' a 30 day 'month' period.All I do know is,,I allways have a highest number for each month,,and that's what I count as my 'monthly high count'.

(And JFYI,,with the so far total from this month,,I have reached over 50,000 pg vws since I started this project.At the end of last month I had a tally of 48,548 and have stayed well above the 2,500 needed to put me over that amount.)

So,,in appreciation,,I have decided to give you folks a sneak peak at the other story I have been working on along with Wee!Gee!
If you have read,,(or you wind up reading),,some of my older entries here and what I 'still' have hanging out on my front page,, ,,you may recall me mentioning another,,very different sort of piece I was working on but chose to NOT post it for free like I was Wee!Gee!.
Anyway,,here it is:
(Now,,since it IS a 'teaser' excerpt,,I will NOT give it a set up.Ya gotta just jump right on in.Heck,,I'm not even going to tell you the title,,yet.Yes,,I do have a working title,,and for simplicities sake,,you can call it 'beneath' since it is 'beneath' the level of Wee!Gee! as regards being used on this site,,or as regards it's 'level of freeness'.I fully intend to 'publish' it later,,and truly hope some folks will purchase copies of it.)

A peek beneath.
There's no back links but it will open in a new window.

Of course,,the astute amongst those who come through here will quickly realize that I am doing this in lieu of presenting something I have wrote recently,,since I haven't wrote anything on Wee!Gee! or this other story,,except work related stuff,,a little ad copy and a few 'real paper letters' in the last couple of months.
(I did manage to draw up a set of biz cards before my NOW realized,,'carpal-tunell' syndrome got kicked into gear by too much sanding on a couple of projects.I can't hardly hold a pencil for long right now.Typing burns like fire,,and I found out I can't even change a fuel pump if I can't see what I am doing since my hands and fingers are numb and when I use them,,they get to hurting really bad and everything I touch feels like 'ice cubes and razor blades'.And that is really a bad scene if'n ya can't get the local,,like right next door,,professional mechanic to do it for ya in exchange for money.And to top it off,,I seriously need to get MY van back on the road so I can do some MORE work that will keep my 'syndrome' aggravated,,,oh well,,that's enuff about that,,the money ya can make now counts,,right now.The truly bad part is,,I'm a 'multi-genre artistian' and I can't do 'fine' work when my hands are like this.That hurts my heart,,and the 'finer' part of my business offerings.)

Anyways,,I felt a desire to show you folks that I THANK YOU VERY MUCH for continuing to stop in.
And,,since I am sure new folks are showing up,,I THANK YOU people who have told a friend,,or three,,about me,my site,blog or written works.
And,,yes,,I THANK YOU new readers as well.

BTW,,in closing,,let me tell you,,you people are in my thoughts often.
Even if I ain't writing and posting here,,I wonder about all you folks who have,,and apparently continue to,,clik in.
What do I wonder?
I wonder,,what brings you here and keeps you coming back?
I am glad,,but puzzled.

What with all the other internet fare out there,,with fresh stuff all the time,,what's here you like,,or loathe,,enuff to keep stopping in?
It has to be Wee!Gee!,,right?
If not,,what?

Afer all,,,I am pretty sure it can't simply be because I sign off all the time with,,,

'Ya'll come back now,ya'hear!?'

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 11:31 PM EDT
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Thursday, 17 July 2008
Getting back to it,changes,sweetness plucked,bugged,We!Gee!part 29 and the I'm missin' my wife blues.

Hi ya'll!

Sorry it's been so long with no new post.
My wife went away for a few months and my schedule changed so,,my free time ain't the same and my mind is far away sitting next to her quite often.
IOW,,,I miss my wife.And that kinda makes it a bit difficult to write a tale like Wee!Gee! or post in the excite forums.
On top of that,,my dogs are affected by her absence rather strongly,,and my female is either in heat,,or being 'driven' into it by another 'beeyatch' on the block,,or in the vets kennel down the street,,so they ain't no darn help.
And I am sad to say,,I can't bong the gong for a 5000 pg vw mark either.
I AM happy to say,,the peak high was 4926 last month.
I missed it by 'THAT' much.
(No,,I have not seen the Get Smart movie.Yes,,,I did enjoy the old series.)
That does bring my total pg vw count up to 43,713,,not counting this month.Right now,,this months numbers are going down.
I had 102 yesterday and 4,477 so far.

Regardless,,Thank you folks very much.

Anyways,,for those coming for Wee!Gee!,,I kicked and slapped myself silly,,and then finished and posted part 29 a couple of days ago.
Here's the teaser thingy I have been doing:

home at last,questions,answers and explanations,things remembered,dale does the deed,mattress sandwiching the board,getting reezes pieces out from under my skin,a lovely nip nipping early arrival,schlomo sed 'no',,straight from knee valley,kitchen gangin',bringing elements together,ride ride,,who's gotta ride?,,a doob break broke,,,a gnarly digit points out a peek,,,where'd that thing go?

Wee!Gee! prt 29

Here's all of them:

(intro) (prt1) (prt2) (prt3) (prt4) (prt5) (prt6) (prt7) (prt8) (prt9) (prt10) (prt11) (prt12) (prt13) (prt14) (prt15) (prt16) (prt17) (prt18) (prt19) (prt20) (prt21) (prt22) (prt23) (prt24) (prt25) (prt26) (prt27) (prt28) (prt29)

Okay,,now,,for those interested in the pineapples I've talked about:

I picked Frances-Jeannes apple yesterday,,it is sweet,,very non acidic and juicey.
(I put some away in the freezer for when my wife gets back.)

This one did not get as big,,nor get as orange and velvety as the last one.
I even held off on plucking it hoping it would get more that way,,but evidently those little big headed ants thought she was as ripe as she needed to be since they started nibbling on her.
I sort of got peeved at them and put a little,,seriously,,a little,,pesticide in the pot,,now I hope I didn't wipe them out.

As for Arnie,,her apple is about 2 weeks behind FJ's so I ought to be plucking her soon.It too is NOT as big as FJ's first one was,,yet is a bit bigger than the one I just plucked off FJ.
Her second head is growing good.
And Suki,,she's growing fine.In about a month I think I ought to transfer her to a big pot.

Those wild grapes I have been giving TLC (Totally Lackadaisical Cultivation) to are fruiting,,but the ones I have left alone are not,,yet.
I guess that proves just a little can make a good diference.
I ain't holding my breath about them being sweeter than usual though.I'm pretty sure it will take a few seasons to actually get that to change.
And they have been colonized by some aphid herding ants,,just like the wild ones.

Next,,I have to plant the top off this apple and as soon as I'm able,,I'm gonna collect some seeds from the next fruiting,whoever that might be,,,and see how THAT goes,,or grows.
I also have some date palm seeds from a mature healthily producing tree thatI'm trying top decide what to do with.

I suppose that's all for now.
I will try to make a point of setting aside a time to write on a regular basis,,maybe I'll actually do it.
(Like a told a lady today,,even with all the traffic I'm getting,,no one is commenting.Maybe,maybe,,that would provide some added incentive for the process.Hint,hint,,do ya like it or loathe it,ya'll?)

Either way,,
Ya'll come back now,,ya'hear?

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 11:13 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 17 July 2008 11:18 PM EDT
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