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Roy L.Harbin:The D.A.N.G.-D.In.G.I.E. American
Monday, 12 October 2009
102,213 pg vws and a mixed bag of assorted sad stuff.
Topic: Multiple Topic


That's a bong a gongin',,er,,a gong a bongin',,for all 102,213 total peeks you people have given my pages here at Tripod since I started them back in 07.

Thank you all very much!

Even tho the count had dropped down into the hi 3000's for one month it still finished out in the 4000's,I have been getting a count in the 4000's for about a year and a half now,the hi number from the month of August,which was 4470,pushed the total over the 100,00 mark.(Not to mention,,but I will,,the former bellringer of 5030 back in April was nice boost.~thankya,thankya,thankya!~)

When I logged on to make this post the pg vw counter was showing 131 for yesterday and 4531 sofar for this month.
(oh,,and for the record,,I actually started this post entry back on Sept.4th.)

To those who regularly come through,I apologize in advance for the following downer entry you are about to wade through.
I have allways tried to keep these upbeat at best and at least not reflective of the negative events or circumstances in my life so this post should hopefully be seen as an example of my base humanity and not taken as a reason to shy away in the future since those 'emotional' tides do change.
IOW,,the next one (whenever I may make it) will most likely NOT be as dismal as what you are about to read.

Unfortunately,I have not written any more of Wee!Gee! in a while.For those looking for such,,I apologize profusely and can only offer up a rather chagrin filled explanation of,,,not only has my PC situation NOT changed,,I ain't been feelling up to it what with all the crud going on in our political arena.
(Not to mention,,yet I feel I must,,Tripod has been doing some stuffinvolving replacing a new,different 'site-editor prog' called WebOn so I have also been waiting for them to get done doing that.then,,they then decided to keep the old and just add the new as an option,'whenever' upgrade.That is done,now.)

After all,,for the first time in my life,,I can not enthusiastically proclaim I am proud to be an American.

3 words:BO and Co.
(That includes both sides of the partisan aisle.As far as I can tell these days,they are virtually indistinguishable from each other.)

Never before have I felt there was so much reason to doubt this nations future.
In the past,,even with the various illogical,unethical and morally doubtful behaviour from our politicians I have essentially had an unsinkable faith in our nations citizenry's ability to see through the haze well enuff to turn back the ever increasing growth of Gov.
There had allways seemed to be a few decent minded members of our ruling class who actively and vigorously pursued the goals of our founders.

That is no longer the case.
From what I can see,,neither party is actually looking out for the best interests of the free people called Americans.

Without getting into all the 'particulars',,,we are drowning in a flood of lies flowing down off of Capitol Hill.
And like with what happened in New Orleans during Katrina,,,the dikes that are supposed to protect US (our state level politicos) have been compromised due to a severe lack of maintenence brought about through widespread incompetence,purposeful inattention designed to allow a failure in order to bring about just such a scenario as we have developing or a total sellout to position preserving participants and career minded capitulation in order to avoid financial difficulties.
Of course,,there are a few other ways of looking at it.

Like,,McCarthy was not ALL wrong.
And those who opposed him have gained considerable ground.

Our 'head' has been converted into a devotee of certain 'religious ideology' which is antithetical to our nations culturally,historically traditional moral,ethics,values and virtues that has a 'creedo' that gets sung every evening.

From a windy land,,revellie has been sounded for radicals.

Or even,,,

A stupour has fallen on those folks,,and many,many more as a certain old book predicted would happen and they have all chosen to follow the broad path to destruction instead of looking for the narrow,straight path.

No matter which take on it is selected it really seems to me that it could be said like so:

The day is here,,or nearly so,,in which we will be delivered up to 'death/destruction' by those who think/claim they are doing a good thing for US.

I am sure that many who have slogged through my blatherings on this blog,,or are familiar with my views as expressed on and/or through my postings at or about the excite boards can decipher my meanings.
Whether you agree with my take on things is,,naturally,,another thing all together.

Yet,,regardless of that,,no one can deny that things are un-necessarily confused and chaotic here in what used to be easily seen as 'the home of the free' thanx to what amounts to our local (D.of C.)chapter of Olympian wannabe gods and their faithful acolytes and worshippers.

Nuff sed,for now.

As for a couple of those other things I have typed about in the past:

My pineapples are doing fine,,and I even started a new one from the last cone I harvested.Those crazy ants (raspberry) are once again gaining ground against the various other species.

I still have yet to upgrade my pc related gear in order to upload pics of the various things I've mentioned.

The other book I have started is languishing.

And as for my 'long lost' sister.
Well,,with an 'almost' broke heart I must say,,she seems to be very similar to the 'not lost' siblings and assorted relatives like nephews,nieces,aunts,uncles and cousins I have been blessed with.(I apparently have to chase her down to interact with her and any interest or opinions they may have regarding what I have here are totally non existant based on the feedback or comments they could easily provide yet haven't.Yeah,,this is a purposely pointed,publicly posted set of statements that I honestly do hope they all read.)
All of you folks out there with close knit families really should thank whatever you hold sacred that you have one of those.Take it from someone who does not have such a family,,it's worth more than gold,,or even good credit.Go quickly and tell your relatives that they are loved,cherished and appreciated while you can.

Since they insist on acting like a bunch of strangers who thankfully do visit yet do NOT comment I must,,for my own sense of selfworth,,reluctantly place them and the situation in the same box labeled,,'too bad,,so sad' that I place the many others who do not comment in and simply say,,

Whether ya like it or loath it,,thanx for visiting,,I appreciate it.

Ya'll come back now,y'hear!?!

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 3:50 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 12 October 2009 3:42 AM EDT
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Thursday, 28 June 2007
A moose,a rat kings domain and the nazification of the american left
Topic: Multiple Topic

A moose,,,to be more specific,,moose6,the poster formely known as 'infundibulum' sort of took offense at me adding a nic to his long list and gave me a scolding in the 'nazification of the american left' thread in the excite politics forum.Since our exchange touches on a few 'hot button topics' I put it and the backposts for it in The Staks.

And I have added another part to FIFOII? on my Tripod Site.You'll find a rat kings domain in it.

I have been making little icons to use in the backposts culled from the Excite Boards Politics Forum.They ain't fancy or nothing,but someone may like to see them.Read the moose6 exchange and clik on the backpost link to check them out.

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 4:24 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 28 June 2007 4:40 PM EDT
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Saturday, 9 June 2007
A new piece of Moonfruit and FIFOII?prt2 of 2
Topic: Multiple Topic

BMarwat hasn't been back in the Ecxite boards lately but he seems to have a kindred soul of sorts running around still.Er,,well,,he did,it seems.

I simply placed it in The Staks when I noticed the thread disappear.

Here's a piece from it:

~Iraqis have plenty to hate Americans for and the reasons are growing every day. Everytime a baby, or a mother, or a child is blown to smithereens by a grinning, blood-thirsty American pilot who jokes with his wingman about how fun it is to erase ragheads, I'm sure there are dozens of Iraqis who shake their fists at the sky, curse America and vow to avenge the blood of these innocents before they die.~

If the psygon kid was being honest he would say:
'Iraqis have plenty to hate Muslims for and the reasons are growing every day. Everytime a baby, or a mother, or a child is blown to smithereens by a deranged psychopath under direction of another derangd psychpath who enjoys killing innocent folks to force politics in their favor,I'm sure there are dozens of Iraqis who shake their fists at the Mo-ists, and curse Islam and Mohammed and vow to avenge the blood of these innocents before they die.'
IF he was being intellectually and ethically honest that is.Instead he is presenting a psycho-gandic tirade befitting of the most fanatic of the murderous psychopaths most ardent supporters.

Read it: ( A Point by Point to PKs post )

I have also added part 2 of part 2 of 'Fair Is Fair,Or Is It?' the quasi biographical essay style writings of yours truly regarding the immigrant issue in a purely 'recalled account' fashion. 

Here's the whole set that is up right now:

( intro )  ( part one )  ( part one of part two )  ( part two of part two )


Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 4:24 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 9 June 2007 4:54 AM EDT
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