A point by point response to Pysgon Kids post : BOMB WASHINGTON, NOT BAGHDAD of 06/05/07 03:10pm on the Excite Forums Politics Board.
(Since the thread this post was in disappeared I assume the user name has been banned and since it has become plain to me that Psygon Kid was just another piece of moonfruit I figured I would place it here for posterity along with the other ones.Like Ol' MoWarts psycho-gandic spewings.)

Now,remember,,where you see a 'tilday',,one of these ~ ,that starts the part ccp'ed from PKs post and where you see the next one is the end of that particular piece.They are followed by my comment or response to that piece in the next paragraph that does NOT have a tilday starting it.

~I wonder how many posters on this board have heard a US warplane swooping in to deliver it's payload, or heard the whirring moan of a smart bomb as it approached its target and felt the shudder of the ground and fear as this indiscriminant GIANT SLEDGEHAMMER pounds the life out of anyone close by. FEW, probably.~

I wonder how many Iraqis and other innocent Muslims being attacked by alledged Muslims have heard the sounds of a deranged psychopath blowing himself up in order to murder innocent uninvolved people at the direction of other deranged psychopathic murderers.
It's really too bad the alledged Muslims murdering those innocent folks,,AND THEIR SUPPORTERS refuse to take responsibility for their own psychopathic murderous tactics bringing down such on their heads and those they hide behind and around knowing their enemy,,The US doesn't want to harm those innocents.
At least the bombs dropped are indescriminate,,they aren't PURPOSELY targeting innocents,,
just those murderers hiding behind them.

~Iraqis have plenty to hate Americans for and the reasons are growing every day. Everytime a baby, or a mother, or a child is blown to smithereens by a grinning, blood-thirsty American pilot who jokes with his wingman about how fun it is to erase ragheads, I'm sure there are dozens of Iraqis who shake their fists at the sky, curse America and vow to avenge the blood of these innocents before they die.~

If the psygon kid was being honest he would say:
'Iraqis have plenty to hate Muslims for and the reasons are growing every day. Everytime a baby, or a mother, or a child is blown to smithereens by a deranged psychopath under direction of another derangd psychpath who enjoys killing innocent folks to force politics in their favor,I'm sure there are dozens of Iraqis who shake their fists at the Mo-ists, and curse Islam and Mohammed and vow to avenge the blood of these innocents before they die.'
IF he was being intellectually and ethically honest that is.Instead he is presenting a psycho-gandic tirade befitting of the most fanatic of the murderous psychopaths most ardent supporters.

~Matt Lauer asked a question the other day about "home grown terrorists" and the embrionic plans to attack JFK airport. He asked, "How could Americans who have been blessed and nurtured by the bounty and blessings of American come to HATE America so much that they would plot to destroy parts of their own homeland."~

I submit that they have been victimised by the psycho-ganda fed to them by such as psygon kid and the public schools teachers that insinusated their own agenda innto the curriculuum,,by the methods of the biasedmembers of the media and the very politicians that that have managed to undermine the basic values and morals that once made the US great in order to promote their own positions,,not the greater good of the country.

~ANSWER: A war built on lies and the blood of tens of thousands of innocents that have died at the hands of a consciousless, cold-blooded killing machine known as the US Armed Forces.~

What an example of outright lying in order to twist perception to hide the true reason for this crap,,murderous psychopaths killing innocent people to affect world politics while hiding behind a religious facade.

~I'm not willing to accept the arguement that it's just a tragic reality that accompanies military aggression.~

Good,,maybe that means you will be willing to accept that it is a result of murderous psychopaths targeting innocent civilians in order to 'intimidate' the entire world into capitulating to their fascist demands.

~I'm not willing to write off tens of thousands of other human beings like myself, my wife and my children and just dismiss them as NOTHING.~

First off,,,I don't believe you,,psygon kid even have a wife OR children.Second off,,I would be willing to bet that,,they aren't like you,,they don't support heinous bloodthirsty murdering of innocent non involved people in order to affect world politics.
Third,,if you feel the way you claim to,,then get your butt to an Islamo-Fascist country,, cover your wifes head and face and be a good MO-ist,,that way you can be safe from them.
As if they would accept you for long..You would be decapitated very quickly in my opinion.After being shown who was 'KAHN' by some buggering soddomist Islamist like Marwat,of course.
Your imaginary wife would become the chattel of some devout Mo-ist and your imaginary children would be sold as slaves to those 'marry for a day' brothels they have.

~I'm not willing to accept all the trite bromides that are trotted out to excuse the increasing bloodshed.~

Which trite excuses are you refering to?Is 'murder' trite?Is it,PK?
Is 'religious fascism' trite?Is the threat to world peace due to hordes(like locusts,,no king,,but they act in accord) of psychopathic murderers running around free and unimpeded 'trite'?

~That's why I think it is only fitting and proper that Americans suffer more and more until they repudiate the angry aggression of our leaders who lead us to war on false pretexts.~

And this is the goal of the 'fanatical MO-ist psychopathic murderers' as well.
And BTW,,the pretext is to 'oppose their deeds' and bring 'murderers to justice' in order to free the people they are 'oppressing' through their murderous political agenda that has precipitated the very thing that YOU ,PK, are blaming on the ones opposing murder.

~That's why I would CHEER if a nuke melted Washington, DC, taking out the entire top echelon of political, legislative, executive and judicial leadership in America. TO ME they deserve it because they are NO BETTER than the most helpless person in Iraq who is grasping for a few measly crumbs to survive, only to be blown to smithereens by a "near miss."~

Don't you mean blown to smithereens by a murderer who is brain washed into killing innocent people under the pretext of doing God a service?Face it,,MORE folks are killed by the Mo-ist fanatics than are killed by the forces opposing them killing and terrorising the most helpless people in the world.

~There's something fundamentally grounded in most Americans, a sympathy for the helpless underdog. As much as Americans may love a winner, the secretly cheer for the weak. That's why there is a growing community of underground terrorists in America! Nature compells them to try to even the playing field.~

You started this one right but twisted it into an example of perverted logic.That symapathy led us to oppose those murderous psychopaths in the first place.That cheering for the weak insurse we will not stop opposing thosae MURDERING the weak,innocent and defenseless.
People like you that dispense perverted logic regarding the situation and it's true causes is more likely to be the reason the community might be growing.So that's not nature,,unless you count the 'naivete and gullibility' that came from the indoctrination of the educational system that enables the murderous psychopaths use to suck people into supporting their agenda but ignore their tactics.

~Yep, the Bush Cabal opened Pandora's Box and may Washington BURN! May the Bush family all die unnatural deaths.~

YEP,,,you revealed your true persona,PK.After all that pontification you spewed you turn around and show us all that your heart is full of the same psychopathic murderous insanity that the Mo-ists use to promote their agenda and tactics.After all,,didn't you yourself post something about how many Muslims are in the world?IF your post is accurate,,doesn't that make all other religions memebers 'minority underdogs' compared to Islam?Isn't the Pres of the US the worlds biggest most visible underdog?Doesn't that make the US the premire underdog?Since you most accurately stated above that the US folks love the underdog,,I guess you ain't one of them.

None the less,,do US a favor,,go stand next to one of your beloved 'insurgents' while he commits his last act as a fanatical Islamist murderous psychopath assisting in Mo-ist attempts to change the political landscape by mass murdering poor,defenseless,innocent folks.

~OH, and BTW, go ahead and report me. I don't care. I've been reported many times.~

Just like a psychopath,,totally unconcerned with the repercussions of their behaviour.NO remorse over their obvious anti-social,immoral attitudes and actions.Like an animal,,they don't care about anything but getting their own desires.

Shooting straight at an obvious piece of moonfruit,
The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man




roy harbin is roy l.harbin aka,,the dang-dingie american aka,,the evil white man