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Yeah,,another anti-psychoganda piece featuring the logic misadventures of that irrepresable,spunky yet intellectually challenged little psychotic murderer supporting relative of the dear departed Fahquar,,PK Mouse,aka,,pkpost.
You can find the original posts of pkpost here:

The below starts with a reply to a four post missive he dropped in the forum.
The ones below it are what preceded it.

Wow,,I set the kook off didn't I?

He got so upset he started off with a blatant lie.2 of them actually:

~I'm not talking about the sectarian violence going on. This is indeed a terrible
problem. And this problem was soley caused by the complete ineptitude of the li'l
white crusader - bush.~

First off,,regardless of the attempt to sanitize the language and divert attention from the truth,"ITS RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE"
(What constitutes the differences in the battling factions?Religious differences right?And what's up with the prejudicial stereotypical imagery of calling Bush a little white crusader?That's blatent discriminatory racism,,at least as much as Imus calling someone a nappy headed ho.Or Vivica fishing for racial card playing back up.Or Mel saying all the wars are caused by Jews.)

And how has the problem been caused soley by one mans incompetence when even by the 'terrorists statements' they are doing what they are doing as a 'service to Allah' and it has been going on since MO was alive?

~But that's not the point. The US soldier in Iraq today is NOT fighting a conventional
war against a conventionally trained and organized Army as he did in WWII. There
is no "Battle of the Bulge" going on. They are kicking in doors in the middle of the
night in every civilian neighborhood in every town and city in every province of Iraq.
Who knows what intelligence they base their raids on. A LOT of innocent people
are getting KILLED. By US ordinance. For NOTHING.~

The point was,,your saying there is no comparison to WW2 in this current conflict.
Don't change your position in mid thread,,it shows you are weak minded or is evidence of dishonesty.
Exactly what do you think all those links regarding Hitler,WW2 and Islam were about?There is an Islamic army and they are the ones fighting using terroristic attacks like thay have for ages.

Kicking in doors on 'questionable intelligence' goes on every day concerning law enforcemnet,,do you see any similarities?
And is kicking in doors worse than blowing up 'crowded marketplaces'?
As for being it being 'for nothing',,I see that you don't give a hoot about protecting innocent civlians from murderous psychopaths,,still.

Here,,this is what they are opposing,,and it is what those innocent people are dying from:

Some of the Deadliest Attacks in Iraq

~If you owned a gun, and an uninvited invading army had totally destroyed your
country, smashed your place of business and put you out of work, killed scores of
your relatives and friends, and at 2:00 in the morning were smashing your door in,
and tossing grenades in your windows, and spraying your living room with
machine gun fire, wouldn't you shoot back? If you were lucky enough to survive the
night, wouldn't you be at least a little tempted to fill a soccer ball with as much
explosive as you could pack in there and set it up to explode when the soldiers who
blew up your house and killed your nephew and grandma walked by? This is the
battle scenario facing our soldiers in Iraq.~

A what if scenario?Wasn't it you who once claimed referrring to 'hypothetical situations' as worthless?
Never the less,,let's flow with it,,

If it was an invasion to wipe out a dispicable tyrants regime,,then forign religious zealots showed up and began committing mass murder then I would help the foriegn army to wipe out the murdering psychopaths and help to re-estblish the rule of law so al folks could live in as much peace as is possible without worrying that some 'deluded psychopath' will blow uop your wife and kids while they are shopping for food.
Wouldn't you?
If terrible things happened I would NOT blame the ones fighting the murdering psychopaths,I would blame the ones purposely targeting the innocent non combatants,wouldn't you?

By the way,,I have been detained forcebly for violating laws and am currently being maltreated by my own government as regards my civil rights,,and I don't want to blow anyone up except for maybe,,maybe someone who blows up innocent folks like the MO-ists did in New York.

~America was not wanted there in 1991, or 2003, and is not wanted in Iraq today.
We do not belong in Iraq and never should have gone. American soldiers have
been given a senseless, terrible, ridiculous, totally unrealistic mission by li'l bush
and they are getting maimed and killed every fucking day because of his
boneheaded selfishness. The sectarian violence, though horrible, is completely
besides the point, fool.~

And you know this because you are an Iraqi who lives there,,right?If not,,what gives you the right to speak for them?
Their mission at this point is only senseless if you agree with the murderous psychotic 'faux' Islamists who are purposely targeting and murdering innnocent civilian Muslims to garner political power.
The faux religious violence IS the point.THAT IS what the troops are opposing now.They are combatting gangs of murdering psychos,,like cops do.
Should the cops stop?I have pointed out many times that the war on drugs kills maims and destroys more lives in one year than all the Troops affected for the duration of the conflict to date.

The 'Iraqi civilians' have had more killed by 'your buddies' than by 'my buddies'.
As for being it being 'besides the point',,I see that you don't give a hoot about protecting innocent civlians from murderous psychopaths,,still.

~And who completely destroyed ALL OF IT and set progress in Iraq back hundreds
of years, fomented hatred for America on an astronomical scale, created
exponentially MORE danger to American citizens everywhere in the world, and is
getting American soldiers killed DAILY based on a series of OIL soaked LIES?~

A gang of psychos who masqurade as a sect of radical fundamentalist Mo-ists.And you're helping them,,aren't you?Just like,,maybe,,I am helping those opposing them by intellectually opposing your psychoganda in this forum.

~"...There are huge similarities,,..."
Between the wars? False. Between bush/Cheney and Hiter/Goering? True.~

Prove you have sound logical reasons for this.Show us a comparative set of links if you can't express it in youur own words at least.

~Saddam warred with Iran with massive amounts of aid from Ronny Reagan and
poppY busH; making HUGE profits for companies run by non-other than
151Rummy Rumsfeld and Slippery Dick Cheney. Do you suppose for one second
that their involvement in the Iran/Iraq war was altruistic in nature? You don't think
that encouraging Saddam to continue the war with Iran while supplying him with
the chemicals and weapon delivery systems was a matter of priniciple do you?
poppY busH, Rumsfeld, and Cheney are every bit as responsible as Saddam for
the carnage and destruction AND the atrocities committed against civilians during
that war. And don't you forget it.~

First off,,the US gives a lot to a lot.Was it altruistic?What political manuevering is?Nothing any of them do is ever soely altruistic.
Can you please provide something besides your assertion to back up your claim?Maybe a link or two.
Hey,just to show you how you are wrong by trying to blame it all on Bush,do a search on Saddam and the French and,,oh never mind,,I will:
Now,,don't YOU forget that stuff.

Besides,,Using your logic,,if someone recieves monies and misuses it,,it's the fault of the people who gave it,,right?
So,,if you contribute to a charity that gives a kitchen knife to a destitute person and he uses it to commit a crime,,aren't you responsible?
Come on,,try to find some intellectual integrity,pk.

~Not coincidently, take a guess at who was building and maintaining those OIL rigs that
were politely stealing Iraqi OIL - HALLIBURTON.~

Not coincidently,,you were and still are happily driving around and buying products produced from oil.
If you and others didn't continue,,Halliburton and others wouldn't have the incentive to do a thing about oil.
So,,according to the logic that you used above,,YOU are as guilty as Halliburton regarding need and greed for oil.

~Iraq "...a major threat to world peace..."? Hillarious. Rummy and Cheney played
Saddam like a $2 banjo. He warred with Iran to make money for Rummy and
Cheney and attacked Kuwait with tacit approval from poppY busH by proxy through
April Glaspie.~

Oh,,so you don't think Saddam was a threat?That sounds like what many say Ford and Bushes grandpa said about Hitler.
And we all know how wrong that 'assertion' was,don't we?BTW,,Saddam also hated the Israelis,do you?

Regarding Glaspie:
And if she said:
~~We have no opinion on your Arab - Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary (of State James) Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960's, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America.~~

Then wasn't that an attempt to 'butt out' of their Arab on Arab violence?Isn't that what you want Bush to do now?
Make up your mind,pk!

~Saddam's nyook-u-ler programs had two purposes - to generate electricity and
produce the by products needed to DETER Israel from attacking Iraq. Saddam
bought into the Mutually Assured Destruction scenario in the same way it was sold
to the West (NATO) by the Military Industrial Complex during the Cold War. But
Israel didn't like the competition, or the fact that any country might DETER it from its
constitutionally stated goals of pursuing "...a greater Israel...". So they bombed the
shit out of the reactor. If there is ANY threat to world peace in that region, it is
ISRAEL as buttressed by the nyooks, chemo, and bio weapons showered FOR
FREE upon them since the 1950s at the expense of the US TAXPAYER, coupled
with unwavering support by the US of whatever atrocity they could commit or
whatever international law or agreement they felt like ignoring or breaking.~

~I'm not denying the rights of the Jews to have a homeland in Israel, but they have
behaved terribly and over-reacted in the most miserable ways over the past 5
decades. And the US stood by and did nothing or encouraged them to do more. Is
it any wonder why the US is so viciously hated over there. ~

Oooh,bad Israel,,bad Hebrews,,bad children of Abraham.
If your 'people' had just been through a 'pogrom' like they had,,wouldn't you probally react extremely aggressive toward the folks who helped commit genocide on your people like the mo-ist Muslims did?
And I thought the world supported and enabled victims of prejudism and GENOCIDE to assert themselves when they are removed from the destructive influences of their oppressors.
I guess you do hate the Israelis.Let me guess,,you agree with Ahminidejab that the 'Hebrew Holocaust' never happened?
No wonder you produced a four post tirade to cover up and divert from the info I posted regarding the Arab/Mo-ist involvement with WW2.

After all even Saddam said this in the Glaspie talk:
~In my opinion, the American President has not made mistakes regarding the Arabs, although his decision to freeze dialogue with the P.L.O. was wrong. But it appears that this decision was made to appease the Zionist lobby or as a piece of strategy to cool the Zionist anger, before trying again. I hope that our latter conclusion is the correct one. But we will carry on saying it was the wrong decision.
You are appeasing the usurper in so many ways -- economically, politically and militarily as well as in the media.~

As to the US being hated,,of course it is,,it's the decadent West,,according to the Arab Islamic Mo-ist leaders.You know,,the 'RELIGIOUS' government that is historically hateful of their relatives,,the children of Abraham through Israel and all those who don't bend a knee to MO or Allah.
Just like wahhabists:~Their ideas says that all people who aren’t Wahhabi (extremist Sunni type) should be killed. Being Sunni doesn’t matter, only a Wahhabi Sunni is good enough for them, otherwise they are allowed to kill you, so they think! Their actions all over the world are just for killing people, many of them. And of course in Iraq they have done very much damage, killing Iraqis and attacking holy sites.~.
Which is part of the similarity with WW2.Do you get it yet?

~"...most 'participating insurgents' are NOT Iraqis..."

Patently FALSE. Most "...participating insurgents...", as you call them, ARE INDEED
Iraqis. By the MILLIONS. And MOST of the small number of foreign fighters
seeping into Iraq to bolster the fight come from li'l bushes hand holding friends -
the SAUDIS. Get it straight.~

Dude,,if you were accurate,,there is no way we would have lasted there as long as we have with the teeny tiny casualty count.
Unless you're saying the US Army & Co are such baaaad assses that they only lose 3600 or so against MILLIONS of enemy combatants???
Sure some are Saudis and other types,,but they are all folks with similar ideologies like this:
~Their ideas says that all people who aren’t Wahhabi (extremist Sunni type) should be killed.~
And that makes up the Army of the Islamic Empire,,like locusts,,they come out from holes in the ground,,destroy everything in a mob like mass and it makes no difference if you kill some because like insects,,they don't recognise self,,only the group cause,,kill infidels.
Here,,you get it straight,,this is a sample:

Iraqis Urged to Take Up Arms for Defense

Most Foreign Fighters in Iraq are Saudi | Drudge Retort
Although Bush administration officials frequently lash out at Syria and Iran, accusing them of backing insurgents, the largest number of foreign fighters ...

The Role of Foreign Fighters in Iraq (Part 3) Video
you will be amazed of how many foreing fighters operate in Iraq.

The Role of Foreign Fighters in Iraq (Part 1) Video
an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber blows himself up at a US military base in Mosul, Iraq.

And if their goal is to fight Bush&Co then why do they do this sort of stuff?:

Some of the Deadliest Attacks in Iraq

Finally regarding Iraqis blaming,,or of liking the 'foriegn fighter influx',pk,,why don't you go read what someone who may know a little more than you may think aboout it:
~~I have to blame al-Qa’ida first of course. Also I have to blame the people who supported them in Iraq, which means Ba’thists who thought they could work with al-Qa’ida to win back control. Also anyone who let them in their neighborhood and actively supported them, like I have talked about before (different from people who were just scared to work against them). And of course many of the Sunnis and Arabs all over the world who thought that it is “resistance” and of course they don’t give a damn how many Iraqis are killed by the “resistance” of this evil called al-Qa’ida. The Iraqis and foreign people who supported them before or now, bastards, who are more moved by hatred than anything. They are the garbage of Iraq and the world, like Saddam and his supporters.
Iraqis all need to unite against al-Qa’ida and maybe it is happening, more and more I think it is. But they also need to somehow get rid of the higher level of hatreds that al-Qa’ida brought into Iraq. It is one big problem and we know Iraq has so many more of them as well. Iraqis also need to deal with Saddam and Ba’thism, so much to deal with, maybe I will write about that soon. But how can it be done when it is just a struggle to stay alive for your average Iraqi in so many parts of the country?~~
And BTW,,that blog is where this came from(as you'll see):
~Their ideas says that all people who aren’t Wahhabi (extremist Sunni type) should be killed. Being Sunni doesn’t matter, only a Wahhabi Sunni is good enough for them, otherwise they are allowed to kill you, so they think! Their actions all over the world are just for killing people, many of them. And of course in Iraq they have done very much damage, killing Iraqis and attacking holy sites.~

~So what the fu** are WE doing there then? Who are we to say they cannot chose
for themselves? Isn't freedom of choice an American thing? Or is freedom only for
Americans inside the contiguous land of the US. Everybody else has to convert to
the western christian capitalist model or die? How is this PNAC different from your
"...Islamic thing..."?~

This Islamic thing is not going to stop there and you know it.
After all,,like I pointed out,,it was instrumental in Hitlers efforts during WW2,,and continues today.
And it is a series of attacks on and murder of innocent uninvolved civilians and the taking of hostages,,both war crimes.
THATS WHY a free nation like America should assist the civilian population to quell the psychotic murdering militants behaviour
in order to establish a 'free nation' that isn't oppressed through their tactics.And all the other Arab-Islamists who aren't FOR such tactics should vocally and militarily oppose them as well.

~And what is the stated platform of Israel? Look at the Israeli Constitution. Is it not
that they wish to spread throughout the region in pursuit of "...a greater Israel..."?
Do you think that the 100 million Arabs in the region are not familiar with the goals
of Israel? Do you think that is not among the reasons that they hate the US with
such passionate fervor? If not, then why do they hate us? If you say, "...for our
freedoms...", I'll puke all over my keyboard. NOTHING could be further from the

In no way can 'a greater Israel' be interpreted to be an expansionistic call except in a Wahabist speech.
And it's NOT all the Arabs,,as much as you are trying to make it seem like it is,,so 100 mill is incorrect.
It's the virilent,violent,psychotic militant minority that is trying to force all the rest of the world to bow to their god.
Historically,,most non Mo Islamists are generally tolerant,even if separatist,,like most of their cousins,,the other children of Abraham,,the Israelis,,and most modern Christians of most flavors and many others.
And BTW,,the majority LOVE our freedoms and want to have them as we do,,and the psychopaths are the ones that HATE our freedoms because their subjects want to have freedoms like ours.
That would destroy their 'fear of death and destruction power base',,now wouldn't it?
SOOOO,,no USofA freedoms to see,,no example for their subjects to draw hopes and dangerous ideas from.
Like Christianity.If it became the common religion of the Arab nations,and a tradition of forgiveness rather than vengeance overtook the people of those lands,what would the world look like then?
Oooooh,,the end of the Immams despotic,,'god granted',,pope like prominent positions of political power.
And no,,I do not consider Castalottaschism Christianity.

So,,hey,,if you want to claim the Militant Islamic Empires LEADERS hates the West for something you may as well say,,I hope you have a spare keyboard,,,,they hate us for our freedoms.

~Contrary to what the white-is-right religious conservative crowd in the west would
have you believe, the goal of the "insurgents" in Iraq is NOT to spread Islam and
Sharia Law to America, but rather to EXPEL America and western influences from
their land.~

That's the facade they,,and evidently,,YOU,,want folks to think.
I ask you again,,are you an Iraqi?Do you even live there?No?Then I'll defer to this persons (and others who agree with him) opinion on the matter for the time being:
~Iraqis all need to unite against al-Qa’ida and maybe it is happening, more and more I think it is~

~The enemy here is NOT Islam per sť, the enemy is the LUST FOR
POWER of ALL organized religions - including the Imams of Islam, the Priests of
white western Christianity, and the Rabbis of mid-east Judaism. This lust is
causing a great amount of the sectarian bloodshed in Iraq. The Imams deem the
west to be their enemy because it competes with them for control over the masses.~

Okay,,so that means the Immams are MORE lustful for power than the other world religions leaders,right?
After all,,other religions are not so oppressive that people have to be threatened with death to convert to them,,are they?
There are NO members of other religions,,that I am aware of,,that are purposely,actively murdering innocent civilians to garner political power.Hey,,the Poop of Rome doesn't even advocate,,NOR condone,,NOR order such anymore,,now does he?
So,,how about some sanity applied to it?

~Creating a Holy Caliphate in the region - which includes the destruction of Israel -
is little different than the goal of the Jews to create a "...greater Israel..." - which
includes the destruction of Palestine - or, of the christians to convert EVERYONE to
christianity through evangelism, mission, and crusade.~

Oh here we go again,,where is the destruction of Palestine called for by the gov of Israel?
And like I pointed out above:
There are NO members of other religions,,that I am aware of,,that are purposely,actively murdering innocent civilians to garner political power.Hey,,the Poop of Rome doesn't even advocate,,NOR condone,,NOR order such anymore,,now does he?
So,,how about some sanity applied to it?

~Most analysts who actually LIVE in the REGION (NOT in the great white west)~

Another racist remark.Why say white?going for the black vote,Obama?

~agree that the SOONER the US gets out, the SOONER a political solution to the sectarian
conflicts in Iraq may be found~

And that would mean that 'murder for political leverage won',,just like the murderous psychopaths want it to.

~- no matter what you hear on Faux Noise, or from the right wing chickenhawk
hand-wringers on Capital Hill, or from other racist bigots with whom I'm sure you
are all too familiar. ~

Again with a 'race jab'.Hoo boy,,it sounds like he sure was wound up tight as Dicks hatband when he wrote this ya'll!
And BTW,,I don't do Fox News.I ain't hooked any one source of news and info like some are.
Like -ahem- those 'non great white west analysts' you mentioned,maybe.

~li'l bush and Slippery Dick INVADED a sovereign nation (led by an impotent
pipsqueak) who posed NO THREAT to ANYONE~

Ask these guys about Saddam being a threat:

Iranian Victims Recall Saddam's Attacks

or these people:
~Other graves go on for hundreds of meters, densely packed with thousands of bodies~

or these:
Committee of the Missing (Saddam's victims may number eight million)
Keep in mind that this accounting of Saddam's victims doesn't even take into consideration the one million Iranians he killed, not to mention the thousands ...

you want more?:

~(for no reasons other than to
secure profit potential for OIL conglomerates and Halliburton, and spread
imperialist white western capitalist expansionism and christian evangelism in the

Here your adopted (I assume) 'prejudicial mindset' shows off in a glaringly bright light,,did you know that?
Shoot!That's no different than the kind of stuff I hear out of the mouths of my southern racist relatives,ya'll.
Yeah,,like you said,,I am all too familiar with a few racist bigots,,and then there's you as well.
That's PART of why I oppose you in here,As I see it,,you're a bigot defending a violent ideology following group.
Like Barkatullah Marwat.Don't you get that yet?

~Hitler invaded a sovereign nation who posed NO THREAT to ANYONE
(Poland) in 1939 for no other reason than to expand his empire to conquer all of
Europe and turn in into a great white aryan nation. Not altogether too dissimilar. ~

Okay,,back to Hitler and his Aryan Race theory.
Like I have pointed out,,and the history of the word itself will show from a different angle:*
and heres how it linked Hitler Germany to Iran:
And even though you glossed over my reference to Walid Shoebats granddaddy,which I supplied links to,you have never addressed the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem role during Hitlers reign.
Why NOT?
So,,Hitlers Empire which he wanted to cover the globe with,,included the Arab Muslim but NOT the Hebrew/Israeli?
And there is NO similarity in that with the current conflicts elements?
Anyway,,one more time:

Walid's Story -
Arabs Speak Out -
Contact Us -
Books -

His grandpappy:
~was Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a Palestinian Arab nationalist and a Muslim religious leader. Known for his anti-Semitism and his opposition to Zionism, al-Husayni fought against the establishment of a Jewish Homeland in the territory of the British Mandate of Palestine. To this end, Husayni collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II and helped recruit Muslims for the Waffen-SS.~

okay?see?got it?

If,,IF,,this were true,,he would have done it:

~The so-called "Final Solution" of Hitler can be likened to the li'l bush approved
preparedness of the US military to use nyook-u-ler weapons to vaporize any city
that posed a serious threat to the goals of the Army to secure the OIL Ministry
building in downtown Baghdad and every OIL field along the way.~

Yet,,there wasn't enough large scale defense to warrant it,,like you said,,the opposition is NOT a standard military force.
And the only strength they actually have is sending deluded over zealous suiciders to murder innocent folks,,they can't face a standing military.They don't have the 'reasoning minds' needed for it.
The indoctrination would not allow for it.

Here like the Pals are doing:
“Muslim Children’s Character “Martyred” on TV” -
Although our most common perception is fanatic young males thrusting their fists into the ... have featured a steady stream of Hamas Islamic indoctrination. ...

And like this man says:
Walid's Story -
Arabs Speak Out -
Contact Us -
Books -

And like you can read about here,along with the effects it's having on the world peace,,right down to every joe blows quiet time:
Islam Review - Presented by The Pen vs. the Sword Featured ...
One fanatic Muslim who came to faith in Jesus Christ is Samer Achmad Muhammed. ...... Attorney Sees Pro-Islam Bias in Religious Indoctrination Case Rulings ...

Considering Saddams petty minded penchant of torching oil wells,,it might have been the saving grace that didn't allow for more spiteful results like these:

Across the land more than six hundred oil wells ignited by Iraqi soldiers ... oil fires and the deliberate oil spills the Iraqis unleashed, putting Saddam ...

Iraq & Our Energy Future - Oil Fires
There were 600 to 750 oil well fires. Approximately 5 million barrels of crude ... Saddam filled trenches with oil and set them on fire in order to block ...

News from the Washington File
Besides extinguishing oil well fires, these activities include damage assessment ... evidence of Saddam Hussein's efforts to sabotage the oil installations. ...

Now this one is a stretch:
~Since then, at the
behest of li'l bush and Cheney, the US has captured (kidnapped) THOUSANDS
upon THOUSANDS of men and children of Arab descent from every corner of the
globe, tossed them into hell-holes like Abu-Ghrib and Guantanamo Bay and "Black
Prisons", DENIED them access to their families or legal council or even the
freaking Red Cross, tortured them in defiance of all decency, international law, and
the principles of the Geneva Conventions - some to DEATH.~

Come on,,thousands and thousands?Exactly how many?Got a link?Even one to lend credibility to that set of statements?
Besides,,didn't you say above that MILLIONS of Iraqis are insurgents?
If so,,IF that were true AS YOU CLAIM,,wouldn't such action be justified?

~Can you say, "Concentration Camps"? bush was ready for genocide alright. Believe it.~

Well,,I guess we agree on something since this was part of what Saddam was doing,,even the Iranians say he was:

halabja,halabjah, iraq, north iraq, kurdistan, kurdland, kurd ...
During my visit to Kurdistan, I talked with more than a hundred victims of Saddam's campaign against the Kurds. Saddam has been persecuting the Kurds ever ...

Dutchman held for aiding Saddam's genocide, Dutch News, The ...
AMSTERDAM — A Dutchman has been arrested on suspicion he was involved in war crimes and genocide committed by ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. ...

Gulfnews: Saddam genocide trial resumes
Saddam genocide trial resumes. Agencies. Baghdad: The trial of Saddam Hussain and six of his former commanders, accused of genocide against ethnic Kurds in ...

Iran News - Iran sends Saddam genocide indictment to Iraq
Iran sends Saddam genocide indictment to Iraq ... Archived Picture - Iran announced it had sent its own indictment against former Iraqi president Saddam ...

And this,,was just proven false:
~And Saddam didn't gas the Kurds, RUMSFELD did~

But just to drive it home:

Saddam's Chemical Weapons Supplier Faces Genocide Charges
Frans van Anraat faces the charge of genocide in a Dutch court for supplying chemical weapons to Saddam, who then used them in his war against Iran during ...

And to show your obsession with Bush folk,,it was in no way limited to just a few:,92527,.shtml
Saddam Hussein bought more than 70 percent of his chemical warfare arsenal or the makings from the so-called G-7 nations (major European industrial nations) Japan, France, United States, Italy, Britain and Germany; only Canada apparently sold nothing; experts say that's because Canada had no chemical weapons to sell. A report commissioned by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles details how Germany sold more poison gases (and) chemicals to make them and testing facilities than any other country in the world.

The only connection I find is this:

Among the people instrumental in tilting U.S. policy toward Baghdad during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war was Donald H. Rumsfeld, now defense secretary, whose December 1983 meeting with Hussein as a special presidential envoy paved the way for normalization of U.S.-Iraqi relations. Declassified documents show that Rumsfeld traveled to Baghdad at a time when Iraq was using chemical weapons on an "almost daily" basis in defiance of international conventions.

Which only backs up Saddams Genocide through gas being a truthful horrendous event rather than placing Rummballs finger on the trigger.
Wouldn't you agree?

And BTW,,wasn't that similar to US and other politicians meeting with Hitler while he was doing evil stuff?
Yet,,just to be clear on this,,using your displayed logic,,
Does that mean if you meet with a murderer while his victim is slowly dying in his trunk,,you are as guilty as if you did the deed?
Or not?

As to this:
~The rumor goes that when Saddam was told of
what Ali had done to the Kurds, he got so angry that, during the ensuing argument
over the efficacy of such a maneuver, Saddam pulled out his sidearm and nearly
shot Ali in front of a dozen or so of his generals gathered in a conference room.
Propaganda? Maybe. We will never know.~

Sure we do.It came from you,,and it casts a good light on a murderous psychopath that was executed for war crimes like 'genocide and chemical warfare',,that makes it propaganda,,or as I like to call it,,'psycho-ganda'.
But,,we know.

~I looked through some of the links you provided, and I understand where the paths
of bush/Cheney - Hitler/Goering do certainly diverge. But I was also able to see
where many of the parallels between the pairs do truly exist as well. It's spooky
and spine chilling. But I wasn't able to discern how the fight to save the world
during WWII and the War to Conquer and Occupy Iraq compared at the military
level. Probably because they DON'T.~

Even though I believe this is stated in such a couched fashion that it is most likely disengenuous,,
I will respond as though it isn't.
As in,,'Okay,,here,,I'll spell it out.'

The toppling of Saddam was a different project than what is going on NOW.
Allthooouugh,,they both used similar tactics and were only marginally connected,,they were of a like ideology that allowed for murder in politics and genocide in social engineering.
Like Hitler and The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

So there is a similar concept uniting the whole ball of crap,,isn't there?
Murderous psychopaths with a desire for power among men,,and will place any facade they can on it to hide it in order to 'seduce' and 'beguile' folks into thinking they aren't murderous psychopaths that are ready,willing and eager to murder and kill millions in order to achieve their goal.
Along with the fact that they all apparently have a woody for Israel,,along with the 'decadent' Western cultures that they use to rally 'sincere,,yet led astray Muslims,Arabs and others' behind their psychotic drive for world domination through terror,death,anguish and fear.

Now,,add in the way the world didn't take Hitler serious for so long and the way he even has folks thinking he was a christian to this day while attempting to wipe out the Hebrews with an ANTI-Israeli Arab/Muslim leader approval and active participation.

Add to that,,the eventual involvement of the US through a serious surprise 'kamikaze' air attack like the Tower attack.

And how can you NOT see the similarities?

Come on,,even you can't say you don't see those connections.
Oh,,wait,,yes you can,,since you apparently ride the same logic train Amahdinajaber,Marwat,Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammad Amin al-Husayni,Hitler,Osama and Arafat.
Along with all the rest of the moonfruits.
Whoooo!Whoooo!Alla bored,kill some folks,,get into Paradise with one infidel for a tenth of a virgin.Kill your own,they get in too-ooh!!!

~Attempting to clear the air of the rotten conservative stench of The DANG - DInGIE
aka,, The li'l White Mouse ~

One thing I am NOT,,is a conservative.
Dude,,do you have a crunched gene or what?I thought it was the white country folks with inbreeding damage,,I guess it's cuntry folks in all cuntries.Or would that be 'hill folk' for you pk?
Like that old movie,,Deliverance,,just Taliban/Mo-ist/Arab style?Ha!Camel-hump-back Mountain!

Ooh,eeew,yuk,ptooie,ack,,I have to go wash my brain now.

But,,I am still here shooting straight at the moonfruit,
The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man


This is my first post to him in this thread.

The psychotic murderer supporting pkpost has croaked out another ginormous load of deceptive,historical fact distorting psychogandic sputum.

~WWII was a completely different animal and for low lifes like yourself to be
comparing WWII to Iraq does a grave disservice and is a grotesque insult to all the
US soldiers and innocent civilians who died in both wars.~

Yet,,pkpost does it as soon as it becomes convenient for his own position:
~MILLIONS of his own people~(saddam)~LOVED him; the vast majority of whom are
now violently working to expel the invaders in the way the Underground Resistance
worked to do - through terrorism and guerilla tactics - against the Germans in WWII.~

And ignores the fact the the massive majority of deadly attacks by those terrrorists are against innocent civilian IRAQIS.

There are huge similarities,,

~WWII was fought to counter a GENUINE threat to the order of the world~

Saddams threat to world order was easily seen in his attitude that led to his attacks against Iran,Kuwait and even his own people.

Any nations leader who would have his own cabinet members that made a suggestion that was disagreeable to him be summarily executed is a major threat to world peace.

~The Battle Against Iraq is Army-against-Indiginous Peoples.~
Of course,,this is easily seen as a lie since we all know,,and no one hides the fact that most 'participating insurgents' are NOT Iraqis.

Now,,to the meat of it,,,'comparing WW2 to Iraq.

What is the stated platform of the insurgents?
Is it not that they wish to spread Islam and Sharia Law?
Is that or is that NOT an Islamic thing?

But pkpost says,,,
~Do not DARE to compare WWII and Iraq ever again, because the only comparisons
that truly CAN be made are between the actions of li'l bush and Cheney over the
past 6 years are with Hitler and Goebels.


Here,,cruise some links,,read a little,,learn a bit,,then reconsider what this psychotic murderer supporter has to say about it.
(of course,,he wouldn't have made such up such a lie if he wasn't as obsessed with Bush and Dick as he is since Bush nor ol'Dick have ordered or participated in the genocide of an entire race of people like Walid Shoebats GGGrandfather,Hitler,Goebbels did the Hebrews and Saddam did the Northern Kurds)

Walid Shoebat:
Shoebats Grandaddy:
Islam and Hitler
Hitler Copied Turkish Islam. THE JOURNAL / January 2005 "As Turkey moves toward eventual ...

Islamic World Domination
Not from his own head, but from Islam! Hitler was not insane! Hitler was indoctrinated! Did Hitler embrace Islam? Not entirely, but Islam influenced his ...

WorldNetDaily: Islam's Hitler
Prior to the Gulf War, the Bush administration compared the regime of Saddam Hussein to that of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. Bush was widely ridiculed for ...

WorldNetDaily: Muslim congressman compares Bush to Hitler
Book reveals Hitler's connection to radical Islamists ∑ "Infiltration": The shocking truth about Islamic spies, subversives in U.S. ...

From Al Husseini to Hitler :Radical Islam and the Nazi connection ...
Al Husseini found the Nazis to be a strong ideological match with his anti-Jewish brand of Islam, and schemed with Hitler and the Nazi hierarchy to create a ...

hitler was a christian
Indeed, these statements could be said to be Islamic just as easily as they could be said to derive from any "Christianity" on Hitler's part. ...

Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress - Telegraph
America's first Muslim congressman has provoked outrage by apparently comparing President George W Bush to Adolf Hitler and hinting that he might have been ...

Hitler’s Legacy: Islamic Antisemitism in the Middle East DRAFT DO ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Hitler’s Legacy: Islamic Antisemitism in the Middle East. Matthias Kuntzel. Technical College, Hamburg. DRAFT DO NOT QUOTE OR DISTRIBUTE WITHOUT ...

Attempting to clear the air of rotten moonfruit stench,
The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man


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