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A response to santasbaby on the excite politics board regarding the soundness of the atheistic faith. Original thread: http://boards.excite.com/jsp/topicview.jsp?tid=494718&va=13

santasbaby wrote:

~I live a life by the rules of common sense. I don't lie, steal, cheat, kill, or anything to cause harm to others. I don't do these things because of some final retribution or judgement of some god. I don't do those things because those things serve no purpose.~

Which leads to a few questions:
How can one saying lieing,cheating and stealing,,and I'll throw in murder and illicit sex for ones own desires to be obtained say it 'serves no purpose' or 'it' (crime) doesn't pay?
It gets folks what they want,,doesn't it?
And besides,,,look at how many folks have lied,cheated and stole and have gotten away with it,,you know it pays,,as long as people don't catch you at it.

I am confident that a casual look around at the world will easily reveal to you that that just isn't so.

Common sense is not so common and the common variety you find says you only say such as santasbaby when you want to hide what you actually believe from the folks you are talking to.
And if it was like yours,,ans it was common,,why are so many folks displaying a view that isn't,,as you claim,,'common sensical'?
Seriously,,that phrase irks me so bad sometimes,,common sense,,common sense says get what you can get when you can get it so no one else can get it besides or 'before' you.
That's the 'sense most commonly displayed',isn't it?

So,,why do they claim that?
After all,,as long as you hide your misdeeds from MEN untill you die,,all those can easily do YOU good if your goal is to provide your OWN desires and have no 'ethical,moralistic,altruistic,compassion' on others.
As in,,the only way you CAN'T get away with misdeeds committed during your life,,is if YOU don't believe there is no final arbiter of truth and justice besides men or their governments.
AS in,,he who dies with the most stuff,money,toys,the most prestigious public life or had completely done it Their Way wins,,so long as you get out BEFORE they stop or catch you,,right?
I can hide stuff from and fool men,,it's Yahaveh (The Divine) you can't deceive.

Which leads to:
How come those that claim to not believe in an Entity that caused humans to be as they are,,
Actually claim being 'good'(godly) is something they hold as important?

After all,,IF there is NO DIVINE associated with humans,,and we are only and just,mammals that,,,'happened to turn into highly evolved ape like creatures',
the 'rules of evolution' are your prime directive,,correct?

I mean really,,the very concept of 'badness' like lying,cheating,stealing and murder only have relevance IF one considers there to be more to life than just living this one life.
IOW,,just saying such implies 'morals'.And for an 'atheist' to imply they themselves have 'morals or ethics or compassion' is inherently hypochritical since 'psychologically' there is no need for such belief considering they 'intellectually believe' there is no such thing.

Ergo,,without the idea of an 'existance without the physical body' and an 'omniscient,omnipotent Final Arbiter of Truth' to be held accountable by for actions in this life folks would actually act like the animals they are taught that they are.
(And,,we all know many,more and more often,,are,now aren't they?)

Since,,as evolutionary theory plainly lays out,,,the most successful species in any contentious niche is invariably the most viscious beater,,most prolific breeder.
To be such in order to be a successful species,,lying,cheating,stealing and killing are all acceptable,are they not?Hey,they could even be called 'emperitives',couldn't they?
As well as,,if there were no 'actual need' for particular intellectual/emotional traits as powerful as altruistic 'compassion,empathy,ethics,morals or,,mercy and forgiveness'.
I for one can see absolutely no reason for any 'evolved creature' without a 'belief' in the 'divine' to exhibit any of those characteristics.

Read my blog article,,'How to Seperate Church from State':
(scroll to the bottom and click to the older section)

As I explain in there,,your very concept of 'good and bad' are rooted in the 'church of your mind'.
And that couldn't exist so ubiquitously in an 'evolutionarily driven' species mind without a 'sound,logical as in very real and actual' reason to develop,,if Darwinianism is a fact,that is.

For instance,,,do 'chimpanzees',,the next highest evolved apelike creatures' we know of,,apply such concepts as 'lying,cheating,stealing,no rape or murder' to their world view and act accordingly,,as you do?
If not,,,then,,where is a reasonable example of 'darwinianistically evolved' altruistic ideology occuring anywhere besides 'humans'?
Even IF,,you could find reasonable similarites it would only reinforce the 'likelyhood' of the 'divine' actually existing.(see above)
Why?Because evolutionary success equals 'survival' which all too often calls for 'sneakiness,visciousness and a total lack of empathy for competitors'.
And to say that that would evolve out of 'human social interaction' without an actual environmental stimulus invokes the 'which came first,,chic or egg' conundrum.

Which does bring me to this 'intellectual puzzler':
'Why would an alledgedly higher evolved creature claim they should act in a like fashion or say because the less evolved does it,,it's okay and appropiate for the 'alledgedly higher' evolved to do it?'

And as the rest goes:

~I don't do these things because of some final retribution or judgement of some god.~

If that were so,,then you only don't do those things because men might catch you and punish you,,right?
After all,,you don't recognise a higher authority than 'mans law',correct?
So,,a reasonable conclusion would be that you only say this so 'people' won't suspect you of such.
Since,,as could be easily illustrated,,even science says 'people' have a tendency to lie,cheat and yes,,steal and even murder,,if they think they can keep others from dicovering it and facing 'consequesnces'.

Now,,if one accepts the idea of nothing you do is ever gotten away with,,like as if an 'eternal,omnipotent,omniscient' entity,,like oh,,say,,Yahaveh,who WILL hold you accountable for all you have done then you are way less likely to commit the moralistic infractions which you laid out as rules for your own behaviour.
Conversely,,IF,,you are only a 'highly evolved ape like creature' that developed in an environment without even any actual reason to think of the divine let alone 'believe' in it and the only 'authority' you know is 'physical force or detainment,,or retribution as punishment' as long as no other 'human' knows,you are more likely to commit such deeds.

As to this:
~I don't do those things because those things serve no purpose.~

Lying ,cheating and stealing,,and even murder are quite easily capable of serving purposes.
Of course,,that does depend on the individuals sense of purpose,,and ultimate concept of 'right and wrong'.
Or as many say it,,righteousness and wickedness.
(right=righteousness/wicked=wrongness,,correct=on target=pleasing/wrong=sin=miss the mark=displeasing,,the concepts contained are identical the only quantifier is 'according to whom')

So to sum up:
For you to simply claim that you are such a person means you have a sense of 'church/god/the divine' with in your psyche.

Otherwise,,why would someone alledgedly 'with commonly evolved common sense',who claims to not believe in God, ,Yahaveh,Allah or any other display such attidudes or ideas that couldn't have developed through the nessecities arising from the evolutionary struggle??

If your not simply saying so to be 'crafty',,like any succesful 'prey become predator type animal' such as the highly evolved ape like creature homo sapiens alledgedly is,
then you are reacting in a fashion which could not have developed through the nessecities arising from the evolutionary struggle?? .
Why,,of why,,would you possibly do that,,if evolutionary theory,,as it's 'common sensically' accepted,,is a fact?

Because,,whether you like it or not,,evolutionary theory is still just that,,a theory and you have the 'laws of God wrote in your very heart'.

It was written:
~Romans 2:15 Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and [their] thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;)~


That's why you at least claim you don't lie, steal, cheat, kill, or anything to cause harm to others.
Just like He said.
Of course,,some would say that's just a theory as well.Yet,,apparently,,I just proved it seems valid in an actual atheist.
Or at the very least,,gave one a little something to chew on.

With all due respect to all on this planet,
The DANG - DInGIE American
The Evil White Man

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