2920 words of evasive distraction.

What to do?Oh,,I am so flustered by the awesome power of your intellect that I can't think straight.Your rapier wit and overwhelmingly odiferous personality has caused a total collapse of my sense of self,a raging fire in my olfactory organ and a fatal short circuit in my willpower.
AAAAAGGGHHH!! The flies,,the flies,,the buzzing is in my mind,,,,erp-ack,eep,, I am ready to be reprogrammed,,,Om madme padme ohm,ollie-ali-oxen free!!come out come out where ever you are!!


And since I literally have nothing else to do right now,,except watch Kimmel,,let's just wade through it anyway.
Just for kicks and giggles.

~Went to your blog. What a laugher! ~

owww,,what are ya doin'?Tryin'ta make me kwy?

~I think I had it right when I compared you to the mouse in the teeth of the cat.~

Hey,,you know better than to go around thinking.Your fevered mind can't handle any excess heat.

~Accusing me of being a Muslim, or a terrorist, and using what to base your assumptions - shameless unsubstantiated manipulation of allegorical references to either fractions of, or nothing of, what I wrote what-so-ever?~

Your shameless manipulative presentations of facts that turn them into no more than allegorical references that are obviously nothing less than repetitive psychoganda calculated to demoralize the folks the 'Fanatically fundamental,conservatively religious Mo-ists' are attempting to dominate politically through murderous tactics is what I base it on.
And that's ALSO why I put what I did in my blog staks,,so others can see it too.

~I do not suppose that my turning your "moonfruit" term back onto your own Right Wing Religious Conservative mantra ever struck you as simply being coy, if not altogether semantically flippant, did it?~

Sure,,you can suppose that.
And actually,,It did strike me like that,,but I swatted that fly away and seen it for what it was,truth hidden in plain sight behind presumably innocuous 'coy,flippant semantics'.
You know,,psychoganda.

~You DO argue like the annieclones~

Naw,,I'm way too polite.If I wasn't this sentence would be full of invective,spleen juice and several obscenities.

~and, like the annieclones, you don't know when you been beat.~

Sure I do,,that's why I ain't quit,,you haven't beat nothing but your own fingertips against a keyboard.

~Geez, I hope you ain't a lawyer~


~,,harpo because if you are, arguing like that will put most of your clients in the slammer.~

harpo?!Who are you talking to,?,my nic is harbin336,,my name is roy harbin,,but you can call me a DANG American,,or ya could call me a DInGIE Ameriacn,,or ya could call me a DANG - DInGIE American,,or you could call me an Evil White Man,,or ya could call me Evil,,or you can call me White Man,,or you could even call me Man,,but ya can't call me anonymous can you,,pkpost?.

~And for pete's sake,learn how to use the punctuation on your keyboard properly.~

Who's Pete?And I have,,so I do.

~I just might take you a bit more seriously.~

Oh?Like that's my goal?Whacha twyin' ta do?make me cwy?Yu urt mah feewins,,sob,,wahhh.

~Unless you are trying to be "artistic", or "poetic", or are somehow physically (as well as mentally) handicapped (sorry if you are), trying to read what you write is like trying to make sense of what you might type while on LSD during an earthquake - to wit: one comma is enough - properly positioned, and with a space after, spaces on either side of the parentheses that enclose a parenthetical phrase, periods - not commas to end sentences, spaces after the period at the end of a sentence, etc.~

Aww,,your doing it again,,ooh,,please stop,,it's too much,,aaagh,,waaaggghhhh!!!
(I guess,,,,ummm,,er,,I isn't gonna wynn dat akademik awahd na-ow.bou-hew!)

~Sheesh, and you had the nerve to get down on my English and Creative Writing teachers.~

Didn't happen.Go back and re-read it.I asked,,'did not your teachers teach you that?'
To be succinct,,and precise,,Ah has da noiv ta git down on yo 'braggadacio' that yo represented in dat old post ta da 'roo one'.

~Where did you learn to write, from the stall walls at the bus terminal?~

No,,but I have practiced on a few,,~smirk~

~A less impressive blog would be difficult to find.~

Thank you for your input,,the management apprecites you sharing your thoughts and opinions,,and Ya'll come back now!,,Ya hear?

~Bottom line is, and you have proven this, you are a hopeless right wing religious conservative neo-regressive.~

Dude,,I don't even have wings so how can I be right winged?Don't you need a right 'hand' to be right handed?,,wings would be like that too,,wouldn't they?.
I'm as conservative as a convicted felon can be I suppose.
As to being neo,,I am 43 yrs old,,that ain't new and I am way to big to be a neonate.
So exactly what is a neo-regressive anyway?A pre-partum refugee from the tongs? Or a foetus in the process of 'regressing' back to being seperate sperm and ovuum?

~You believe in the fear mongering parlayed by li'l bush and Slippery Dick Cheney to terrify and intimidate America.~

Nope.I believe that a great threat to world peace lies in the actions performed by alledged 'conservative,fundamental,Islamists' while waging jihad against all things non Muslim.And I would believe that even if Bush,Cheney,Moamar Khadafi,Hillary Clinton,her husband,Gore,my mother,my father or you said otherwise.

~You believe in the White Aryan Nation and all the racism and bigotry it stands for.~

Funny,,,I have had plenty of fistfights with my own relatives over SUCH STUFF that proves that statement false.
BTW,,Aryan is an ancient word which gave birth to the modern word,,IRAN.Read some history and you'll find THAT AND the Aryan connection during those war torn years between Hitler,genocide of the Israelis(and others) and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem ,,the grandfather of Walid Shoebat.

~You continue to believe there were WMDs, Saddam did 9/11, Iraq supported al-Qaeda, and the Iraq War was and is a good thing for America and the mid-east.~

I do,,still believe that the 'investigation' has been prematurely concluded.As in,,just because you may not have a clue right now doesn't mean you never did.Does it?
Saddam didn't have much,,if anything to do with the suicide murder of ALL those innocent folks that day,anymore than Bush did,that I know of.But,,hey,,Saddam allready had plenty of innocent blood on his hands and according to a previous post OF YOURS,,deserved to be hung,,now didn't he?
I didn't see any Arabs nor Muslims taking care of the problem,,,,,did you?
The Iraq War is good in the respect that it resists letting murderous psychopaths who have hi-jakked a reasonable religion for political and personal agendas being allowed to run around unopposed.

~You believe the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and The New Collosus are but quaint tourist destinations to either be gawked at, or used to wipe your ass with.~

Now,,you are starting to sound like an annieclone,,ain't ya?

~You twist and spin and machinate what-ever might be written into a form of your own concoction with little regard for the truth unless it agrees only with your version.~

Nope,,it seems that you may have me confused with a mirror.Or one of your lunatic (Moon Crazy) Brothers.

~You are miserably uninformed, and part of the 28% of ever dwindling minion of supporters of the li'l bush brand of Republican conservatism.~

Talk about uninformed,,I can't vote,,so I don't support any of them folks.Not even your favorite ones.

~So, blog all you want pal.~

I will.Again,,who are you talking to,,a 'Pal'estinian,?,I am an American.And a DANG - DInGIE one at that.

~The only ones who might take your view seriously are those whom are already blind to any other view - yoda5, dfcoll, annieassrapeslibs, roxola, msg92, and Bill O'Lielly and Bumsrush Limbaugh.~

YET,,you took it,,my view seriously enough to expend all that energy beating your fingertips against your keyboard in order to say your piece about my view.Didn't you?

~Everyone else is just gonna laugh.~

Momma allways told me to 'leave 'em laughing',,that way they they will enjoy seeing you again.
Sometimes I do,,but generally it is on purpose,,not inadvertant and unintended like what I get from your psychogandic attempts.

I've spent enough time playing with you for now,,I have to go.But don't worry,,rest assured,

I am (and others like me are) still out here and still shooting straight at the moonfruit as it falls from the MoonFruit trees,

The DANG - DInGIE America aka,, The Evil White Man

Created on ... June 15, 2007

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