Must Prepare to Fight:A Response by Roy Harbin

The situation as it stands is by far the most severe conflict the 'modern civilised world' has ever experienced.This is due largely in part to the nature of the threat.It is essentially a long term project that has been in action for several hundred years and illustrates how badly a religion can be misused by folks who hold position for such long periods of time.
It is an ingrained ideology that has not been a secret in any fashion at any time during all the ages it has existed.It is part of their social and cultural make up.It is for all intents a purposes,,a religious matter.Even if the 'original religion' is the hi-jaked' vehicle,,it still operates as a religion in the minds of those subjected to its machinations.

Yes,,this also goes for the elements of the political arena that are involved as well.Remember:Term limits limit self serving terms.
Yet irregardless of this,,the basics of adversarial conflict still apply.Take their moves away.Negate their power.Remove their base.

What would that entail in this case?
What is it that they most often use as their most beloved move?
Fear.Right?Fear of what?Them hurting innocent folks if they don't get their desires.Correct?So it's the 'fear of the death of the hostage' that they use most often.
Remove that from their arsenal.

I know this sounds really cold to some,,but bear with me for a minute,,I will talk from my own viewpoint on this matter.
IF,,someone were to hold me 'hostage' to get something from someone else,,I myself would rather be killed than have them get their way.
Hey,,shoot the guy holding me by shooting through me,,get it?Or shoot me,,I'll fall down,,you shoot them.I would rather risk dying that way than be used by a psychotic to get their way.

I know that many wouldn't agree since the 'desire to live' is so strong in people but I know that if you give in to a 'bully' the 'bullying' never ends.Once you let them think that that tactic was effective they will use it again and again.That's their power base,,your care for others.
They will kill you with your care for innocents.Way too often the good folks in the world forget that if the psycho sets the situation up,,and someone gets hurt or dies,,it is squarely on the psychos head as being the party responsible for any and all unfortunate events that follow.
That's their moves.

This is their power,,being able to convince followers that the tactics advocated are pleasing to their god.Of course,,for those who are allready unhinged psychologically,,this is a bit like icing on the cake and lends justification and validation to their 'murderous desires' being acted out.Then there are those who don't care about any gods of any sort,,or actually worship a 'killing' god.
Examine,,Thuggees,Assassins,Kali,Aryans(ancient Persians),Nazis,and others.

They are enabled greatly by having a population that is heavily indoctrinated by the 'religiously ran' government.Now,,keep in mind that the 'religion' is a hi-jakked one.You can determine for yourself when and who hi-jakked it by simply studying the history of their religion.Don't forget they are also Sons of Abraham and some are even Sons of Isaac.

I did,,and it's not hard to see where and when it went sour.
How do you affect a change in that dynamic,,from the outside and with out a 'creditable ideology' to replace the resulting vaccuum in their psyche?
Well,,at the obvious risk of sounding overly religious to many slack minded folks who actually miss the value and importance of 'religion',,
use what The Creator has given us,,the Truth in the form of that which their religion has left out,,Grace.

Now,,the 'religion' that includes Grace also advocates ending such a persons ability to continue their behaviour if they don't control their behaviour themselves,,by sending them to the final arbiter of truth.
It also makes adequate provision to remove such heinous acts from their permissable to God ideology since the only act needed by men to get to heaven is acceptance of The Saviour.The very person they deny as being able to provide such to Men.The very avenue their 'un-hi-jakked' religion also has plainly spelled out.
So,,,two steps covered,,their moves and their power.
Third,,,their base.

To disconnect the supporters from the 'leaders'.How?
I admit that other than what was outlined above,,I really don't know.Perhaps that's why no one can get a handle on the situation untill God,,yeah,,Yahaveh,,the God of Abraham,Isacc and Jacob(Israel),Moses and all the other Prophets up till Yeshua Immanuel of Nazareth,decides the time has come to set it in a different perspective.
But,,in the meantime we are perfectly allowed and I believe,are expected to resist this 'murderrous element' that has at it's heart 'submission' via force to worship or allow superiority of their particular Religion and god,hijakked though it may be.
There are too many examples for any one that cares to look of 'religions' that force conversions or 'capitulations' through threats of death are synonymous with any definition of evil any one may honestly consider adequate,,period.Yes,I include the Crusades,stuff that happened in the Americas as well as The Spanish Inquisition and other heinous acts committed by alleged Churches of the Creator.

The point is that the 'relgious' facade is of such importance to people and that the hiders are virtually indistinguishable as far as the followers are concerned that to openly oppose it as what it is is virtually impossible since it will be seen as an attack on the whole religion and not as on 'deceivers with in it'.
Man,,as manipulative as we are,,ain't gonna touch that 'enmasse'.We can only respond in this 'physical realm' and point to the 'spiritual truth' by our words and actions.

But when it comes to 'individuals' that murder folks for any reason,,we are only able to end their ability to continue such behaviours.In my opinion,we are obligated to do so.It's not a thing anyone should take so lightly as to 'use such' to sway political agendas which is why those who do such should suffer that same fate to end their ability to do such.
Face it,,no one would care what they believed if the weren't trying to force it on other people and it just so happens that the religion places them in 'hi position'.
How convenient for them.

And how terrible for them that one of the things that Yeshua showed us all was that we don't need a Priest,Pastor,Imam,Mullah,Pope,Professor nor Parent to connect with The Father because as the name implies,,Immanuel,,God With Us negates their position of pre-eminence between US and The Father.

Allright,,I don't want to end this whithout saying something regarding what you pointed at about the school event in Beslan.This is something I could agree needs to be dealt with in much the same way as one might terminate the threat to public safety presented by a rabid dog and show compassion for suffering animals at the same time,,by using a well placed bullet.
My heart goes out to those affected,,and we all should be by such events.But I have no sympathy at all for those who actively and knowingly aided,abetted or promoted such,,or for those who excuse such actions for any reason what so ever.Before or after the fact.I also DO NOT hold those who were outside during the event accountable in any way for any thing.The entirety of the event is plainly layable at the feet of the 'terrostic murdering psychopaths' who set the situation in motion.Period.

Of course this shows a big part of the problem:
~The attackers hoped that Christian Ossetians seeking revenge for their murdered families would attack their Muslim Ingushetian and Chechen neighbours, fomenting ethnic and religious hatred and strife throughout the North Caucasus.[52][50]~
That being a common tactic of those that have:
~objectives of establishing an Islamic Emirate ~

Divide and conquer.
Do you see it going on 'less volently' in America and elsewhere?How?Through the kind hearted tendencies of a predominately Christian Influenced or Ideologically Compatable Culture.You know,,Western Culture.
Ummm,,how could it possibly turn around and bite them on the butt?

We'll see,,rest assured,,we'll see it happen.History shows that such won't last and their prophets and ours also agree on that.It won't last.The rest of US in the world won't let it.
I don't mean US as in the U.S. us,,I mean the ones they think they are so adequately endowed to lead,use or abuse.The ones they actually terrorize,,the average folks whose backs they wish to walk on to get to their hi positions.

But that don't mean we don't do anything against them as nations and groups of opposing minded folks.
Which leaves the simple question for any one discussing these psychopaths,,
Is it okay to murder or threaten to murder people to get political power?
I don't mean wars fought as standing miltary conflicts,I mean murder of uninvolved folks who have very little if not nothing to do with establishing political policies.
If so,,would you like for our Government to actually use the same tactics?
Could you see the head lines?

Unbridled Incontinent Fanati-schisms are the number one threat to public peace.
And they aren't limited to 'religious folks'.

I guess I should say that,,in short,Dimitri,,I agree with you.
But to find them,,you have to be able to identify them.Follow the signs,,the knowns and knowables,track them,hunt them,,when they appear oppose them till they are no longer a threat.It ain't gonna be easy but it's worth it.Otherwise,,you never know if when you step out your own front door the rabid dog is there to greet you yourself or your loved ones.

With all due respect,
The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man

~Harbin, you have the point that those who instigate murders are raging psychopats, but how that knowledge helps to fight them? You know, Iraq is bad, but these same psychopats took over a school full of kids, 1,000 of them on the first day of school in the city of Beslan, they raped and killed 14 girls, left the kids for few days without water of food until they made the run for their lives, and they began shooting them in the backs, about 350 of the children died. My view, whenever discovered, they must be killed on the spot, the hard part is to discover them . ~

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roy harbin is roy l.harbin aka,,the dang-dingie american aka,,the evil white man