Response Set: Barkatullah Marwat (BM) on Recruitment Tactics of US and an incident at a school in Iraq.

This guy is turning into a real moaner.Ha,,,The Marwat Moaner.The Moaning Mowart.I ccp'ed these from a couple of different threads in the Excite Politics Forum.

It is a good example of what Barkatullah Marwat is doing,,and the propensity for some to 'hitch to his wagon' in order to 'further the cause' of the terroristic murderous psychopathic group that's murdering innocent folks worldwide.




Attractive Offer for Iraq

05/08/07 12:31pm Reply

++Employment and deployment of US troops around the world is US business but what's my concern is that young guys and gals are reported to being recruited by Pentagon like 35000 extra troops for Iraq been notified by Pentagon.++

Three points on this paragraph.First,,it being US business.Do you mean it's business as in commerce,,or as in it's our business,,not someone else?

If it's being reffered to as 'commercial business' then why is it so non cost effective that a common tactic against it is too state just how expensive the 'psychopathic murderers the US is protecting innocent folks from ' make it.

If you mean it's US busines as in not someone elses,,then why di dhte UN and many other nations agree with taking Saddam out?

(And we all know the Psycho Murderers wieren't in Iraq whaile Saddam was in power was because he was MORE ruthless and psychopathic than they are and would have visciously destroyed them any time they stuck their head out of a hole.

He probally would have played human whak-a-mole with them if he got a hold of any.Hey,,maybe he did.

Second,,Is there something actually wrong with recruiting efforts?If so,,let's compare the two factions to each other.

The US has a 'policy' that demands open disclosure and is a very easily observable process and event.They are made aware of the facts like,,you ar joining the military,,you will be required to carry arms and actually shoot at people and people will shoot at you.You may die,you may not,,you may be severly injured,,you may not,,you may be dismembered,,you may not.

You will receive training,education and other benifits for which you are expected to carry out your military obligations in exchange for.You will be poorly paid and many folks won't like you.

But,,exactly what do they say to the 'murderous types' that join the terorists groups?

Hey,,come kill yourself while killing a bunch of women,kids and old men who don't have anything to do with anything and you get called a martyr,get 'spirit virgins' in heaven and we pay money to your family.

We will train you to be able to kill innocent folks while chanting religious phrases we 'pick' for you.

You will learn to fly planes,,but not land them.You will be taught how to pretend to be an innocent non combatant while you 'mine' a girls school with military munitions and propane tanks.

We will teach you how to blend into,then fire on troops from within innocent non combatant crowds of civilians in order to draw US fire and have them kill more innocent people trying to hit the ones you hide behind.And we will teach some how to state these things in a way that the Americans and Israelis will be blamed for them.

Third,,he protests as though the Troops being told to report are being 'drafted or coerced' into military service.

And IMHsmellyO,,it doesn't seem like he is too thrilled about the Psychopaths immediate future.

++According to reports, these guys

are lured to be paid high salaries along with other perks and fringes in the adventure

going on in Iraq and Afghanistan but ironically, they are not told that they should not

forget taking 'coffin' along with them while setting out on adventure.++

This is obvious illogical blather.

We don't use devious methods of recruitment.As pointed out above,,they all know what they are getting into.They are adults.Whether or not their parents or loved ones agree,,they are allowed to make up their own minds.

We don't allow children in our forces,,unlike the 'terroristic murderers' we are fighting.

++Because they are

not going out on a date but to face up militants in both the countries.++

They know that.

++I always feel sympathetic for those who meet, hug and kiss their lovers before sailing

out to Iraq, because so far 3,370 have lost their lovers in the hellish situations in Iraq.++

But that doesn't appear to stop you from supporting the psychopathic murderers they are going to comabt while defending innocent non combatant civilians from those same lunatics.

Hey,,Marwat,,how many Iraqis and Afghanis have been killed and injured by Insurgent attacks?

How many by 'incorrect Coalition Actions'?

How many Terrorists?

++Therefore, these 35,000 troops notified by Pentagon should also be taught and educated

that the fringes and perks could cost their lives.++

They are.Are the weak minds that the 'terrorists' recruit informed of how they may not be told that they may be willfully sacrificed to the cause by their leaders and fellows?

++Finally, Mr Bush hanged Saddam but despite that the former could not check the

insurgency...what a shame!++

This convinces me that the reason they weren't there before is that Saddam was too mean for them.

Can't you just hear the gleeful vindictiveness and contemptuous ridicule in that line?They are actually jealous that the US & Co. did what they couldn't.

Barkatullah Marwat


Marwat Post



And this fellow is just as bad:

(I think this is one is supposed to be an American.)



RE: Attractive Offer for Iraq

05/08/07 05:12pm Reply

++Barkatullah, you make some excellent points.++

Which one?The one on top of his head?

++Many joined the military seeking to improve themselves, get money for college, and be able to pull themselves out of the hell hole they grew up in...with very little chances of being employed in any job other than a McDonalds type job.++

And the fact that they joined the MILITARY is a real good clue that they may be expected to perform MILITARILY.Unless they are mentally or emotionally infringed for some reason or other.Wouldn't even you agree with this logic,truthout,,or is the 'truth out' of you?

And to make them appear sooo 'victimized' is lame.They could have easily done as any one else can do,,don't join.And especially don't join JUST to get an education or some 'perks' unless you are willing to trade the chance of getting maimed or killed for it.

Like a cop,,or a firefighter,,or a linesman,,or a welder,,or a lifeguard.DUH!

++Many are from small communities where poverty is high...and they were lied to by military recruiters to meet their quotas. None ever thought they would get STUCK IN IRAQ as Senator Kerry once said.++

Lied to how?There is a war going on,,you join the military,,you are probally going to war.And BTW,,Kerry said he was referring to BUSH,,not the troops when he faced critical questioning about that remark.

Was he telling a lie the first time he spoke,or when he spoke about what he said?What do you know about Kerry?Have you hung out with him?Do you know something the press would like to know about the actual meaning of Kerrys remark?

++The military is accepting more "bodies" even persons with criminal backgrounds to meet their quotas. If there still was a draft there would be rioting in the streets throughout America.++

As a 'convicted felon' in the state of Florida who can't vote nor serve,,I say YAYYYYYYYY!!!

And,,,,awwww maaaann,,and I am NOW TOO OLD!

Check it out,dude,,there are 'suicide bombings' in the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan and other places faceing Islam Radical Fundamental Terrorism and there should be no opposition by any healthy minded reasonably sane person to any one opposing them.

++As it stands now there will be rioting in the halls of Congress this summer until this quagmire ends.++

There isn't any rioting going on in the halls.There is politics going on in those halls.

Your insurgent pals should take note and do the same and quit killing innocent folks in the murderous psychopathic fashion which they do.


But this is the very attitude to counter such ploys:

(And this guy is an immigrant,I believe.)



RE: Attractive Offer for Iraq

05/08/07 05:58pm Reply

Bum: The premise of your offer is that main motives of those who enroll in the U.S. military are greed and fear. Maybe in Kuwait the soldiers are greedy cowards, but not in the U.S. Therefore, your plan would not work. Our soldiers serve in Iraq now for one purpose: to stop fanatical reprobates who call themselves "jihadi" from turning Iraq into a second Rwanda. If you happen to be doing propaganda job for those fanatics, your true colors are showing. The West is not a bunch of self-indulging weaklings, as maybe the Arab propaganda portrays it; the West has higher principles and beliefs, the beliefs in a man, his freedoms and his powers, the West is willing to stand for these principles, and if need be, to die for them, that's why the West won over fanaticism of religious bandits in the past, and will win again.



Bummie keeps on posting adverse reports that appear to be intended simply to cast just as bad a light on the US in any form whatso ever.

I'll just make a couple of comments then let the idea that Marwat posted the post speak for itself.

1.There is no reference link of any sort.It may as well be fiction.That would have been as easy as this:

2.It was against insurgents who 'had fired from the school'.Hiding behind non-comms and drawing deadly fire on them to make the US look bad.Just like the training manuals say to do,right?



US attack 'kills Iraqi children'

05/08/07 07:09pm Reply

An attack by a US helicopter against suspected insurgents in Iraq has killed a number of

children at a primary school, Iraqi security sources say.

The attack took place in Diyala province north-east of Baghdad, the sources say.

A spokesman for the US military said there had been helicopter activity in the area but

he was not able to confirm any other details.

The school is in the village of al-Nedawat close to the Iranian border.


One police officer said the helicopter was shot at from the ground during the morning.

The school was said to have been hit when the aircraft returned fire.

The officer said police had spoken to eyewitnesses and that six children had been killed

and six injured but the figures have not been independently confirmed.

A spokesman for the US forces in Iraq, Lt-Col Chris Garver, said the US tried to do

everything possible to avoid civilian casualties, which was why it was taking the

reports seriously and conducting an investigation.

There has been an escalation of violence in Diyala in recent weeks.

On Sunday, a convoy of US armoured vehicles was hit by a bomb which killed six soldiers

and a Russian journalist who was travelling with them. ~


Then along comes another hyena type character.You can allmost hear that hyena sounding laughter if you listen close while reading his comment:



RE: US attack

05/08/07 07:16pm Reply

Just to think of it, if we were not illegally occupying Iraq there would be less insurgents in Iraq. We brought them there! And those children would be alive...~

Of course,,I don't think they would agree with this logic if there meth dealers that moved next door to them.

Or if their loved ones were murdered by some psychopath who some other psychopath convinced to do it.

After all,it's like saying cops are illegally occupying the 'hood because there is a gang of thugs running wild and killing innocent people all willy nilly in order to get the mayor out of office and put their chosen one in instead.

And to blame the folks who DON'T want to harm innocents for the results of the 'terrorists' purposeful endangerment of same is plainly an enemy like act of 'psychological warfare'.

Or it's a sign the writer is 'enamored' with 'psychopathic murderers'.

Shooting straight at the moonfruit,

The DANG - DInGIE American

aka,, The Evil White Man

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