A Response to "war movies nice but,," by BMarwat from Roy Harbin

A Response to "Warmovies nice but reality is different" by BMarwat from Roy Harbin

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RE: War movies nice but reality is different
05/28/07 04:00pm Reply

The MO-Wart broke throught the skin and croaked this example of an attempt at psyco-ganda:

~This is with reference to a news story appearing in the media, "British Army U-turn on sending Prince Harry to Iraq" that prompted me to say something about the war on terror.
And that's what I had asked that if Bush had son(s), would he have sent them to Iraq to fight along with the US Marines against the militants? The answer is a big NO. Why?
Because blood is thicker than water. Currently, it appears that the blood of a common soldier whether he is from the US or the British regiment is thinner than the blood of royal and ruling families and its vivid example is what we witnessed in the U-turn policy of the British Army on sending the young prince to Iraq which is no less than hell itself consuming as many soldiers and people as it can.~

Marwat talks as though the Muslim Fanatics,,you know,,those murderous psychopaths that willingly kill innocent folks to promote political and supposed religious agendas are somehow superior in some fashion because they actually urge their folks,,their own sons and daughters to kill themselves in the process of killing uninvolvd innocent MUSLIMS,,alledgedly their OWN ISLAMIC people,to advance the psychopathic agenda of the their leaders.

Mowart pretends to believe he doesn't know that those self same folks he is supporting actually started this crap with their viscious repeated attacks on innocent uninvolved people.

Mowart attempt at making this something selfish as regards the family of The Prince when it is actually an example of consideration for those who become targeted along with Harry due to Harry's very presence.This is an example of how different the forces involved in this conflict actually are.

Just think,,if the Brits were like the MO-ists they would be paying rewards to the family of folks who produce suicidal murderers out of their own children.Hey,,they would be broadcasting video of pre-adolescents cutting off the heads of hostages and mutilated enemy combatants while complainning that their enemy is too viscious due to waterboarding and indeterminate incarceration periods.

Or perhaps they would be nuking the countries these folks come from,,like Syria,Iran,Saudi Arabia and those others across the globe instead of fighting a protracted war in order to try to keep down on the numbers of innocents harmed.

For instance,,this slanted assertion hides many facts that The MO-Wart really would trather not have aired:

~Iraq which is no less than hell itself consuming as many soldiers and people as it can~

If Iraq is hell,,then those committing the atrocities that called the UN and it's coalition intothe area must be the very devils and demons that want to run Iraq as though it is their very ownreal estate,,Hell.And if Iraq is hell then why are so many Mo-ist fanatics running there like it's a summer resort,anxious to get a little blood for themselves?

Yes,,like in Hell,you must bow to The Head Devil,,the one that claims Hell as his own land,takes what he wants from those under him,forces his own religion and policies on the inhabitants that are suffering from being disconnected from the prescence of God.All the while he blames others in order to confuse the facts that he is simply ruling after his own desires.The desire being to cause as much suffering on Earth as he can in order to get humans to 'curse and turn on God'.Just like he tried with Job.

Here is something interesting,,who were the ones who raided Jobs childrens lands and murdered them?Go check it out.

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RE: War movies nice but reality is different
05/28/07 04:03pm Reply

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I suppose The MoWart actually looks on Saddams sons as hero types since they actually died fighting the forces who were coming to detain them on murderous activity charges.
They committed suicide by cop,,just like common street thug murderers do over here in America.

So,,even if The MO-Wart claims to be someone who was there,,and is demeaning someone for not going there,,my questions for The MO-Wart is:

1."Why don't you go and blow yourself up somewhere if you like these psychopaths so much and agree with their goals and tactics?"
2."Why don't you sneak into Iraq and sacrifice yourself during the murder of innocent folks so you can become just like the others who caused their terror in the land of the living so you too can sleep on the sides of the pit with those 'uncircumsized' who also caused their terror in the land of the living?"
3.Why not MoWart?If that is your religion,,you know you can't get to Paradise with out committing murderous acts since you folks deny the provision which came down from the The Father which enables us ALL to obtain acceptance with out the shedding of any more blood than Yeshuas."

You claim to have Abram/Abraham as your Father,,what did he do when the evil Kings raided the plain of Soddom and took those folks and Lot,Abrams nephew?Did he go and tell his folks to kill the innocent folks in those kings cities?No,,he chased down the forces that did it.

What did Esau do when his brother JACOB(Israel) showed back up?Did he kill his brother?No.Even this famous Edomite didn't behave as those who claim him as ancestor do today.

Even Ishmael didn't turn and attack his fathers family.

Yet,,these folks today claim affiliation with Islam and those ignorant of their own religion and nations ethnic history are bamboozled and coerced into accepting the association on fear of death from their Own Muslim Brothers.

The Islamists were not such heinous vile murderous people until after the Twitchy One hijacked their religion in favor of the Moon Gods.The very denominations within Islam are at each others throats because of MO and his followers.

Pay attention to this part MOWart,,,unlike YOUR society,,our children are capable and allowed to make up their own minds regarding their own lives.As a people we do not insist our children follow in our footsteps when their own hearts and minds do not agree with us.And unlike the society you live in,,we do not kill our own on purpose in order to make political statements or force policy changes in other soverign nations leaders.

In short,,you are simply a deluded victim of a culture that hasn't had any religious nor social integrity since Mo messed it all up so why don't all you guys hurry up and blow yourselves up so the world can regain some sanity.

Oh,,and by the way,,you claiming you would bugger a man because you are 'Khan' shows you are simply a degenerate human no different in attitude from a 'beast of the field'.I suppose Mo did the same,,right?Or did he disagree with a dominating male sodomozing another male as well?
Do you rape women and children to show superiority as well?I myself believe you would.
Just like a dog would.

Still out here and still shooting straight at the moonfruit,
The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man

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