Response to a Bush Obsessed piece of Moonfruit

Or,,,A Response to a Bush Obsessives selective logic applications.

That's about the best way I can title this exchange with factsandfigures2 from the Excite Boards.

Even though I personally believe he is no more than another piece of moonfruit plying a pathetic form of psychoganda on the web I place very little credence in any thing he spews on the boards I do engage him to at least expose the fallacious logic he utilizes in his obsessive attacks on Bush and allmost anything else he talks about as well.

And,,to show him that he's 'not as smart as The average DANG American or even an average Evil White Man' just for kicks and giggles,hey,boo boo?

This guy has got to have one of the MOST oxymoronic nics I have ever seen used.The truly sad thought is that he apparently thinks it describes his presented personality.

I can't help it,,sometimes I like to poke at the rotten moonfruit just to make the flies buzz.(they sound so funny when they buzz all angry like)

man,,you are a real piece of work factsandfigures?

All this effort to make a useless point while trying to dump on the object of your obsession.

~~,,,It is the Constitutional Duty of the President of the United States to Protect the American
Borders, isn't it seethrew? It is the Constitutional Duty of President George W. Bush to
ENFORCE the present Immigration Laws of America, isn't it,,,~

What do you want?Do you want him to go down there and patrol the border in person?
Would that make you happy?
Noooo,,you would gripe that he isn't paying attention to the terror threat.

~President Dwight Eisenhower didn't think it was the Duty of those people who were duly elected
to Government Offices, to do his Duties of Protecting the Borders of America, as he deported
Millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS during his two terms as President of the United States of America,
50 years ago, did he harbin336?~

If Bush ordered that,,you would be the first to cry impeach him for being mean to those folks.
Wouldn't you?
BTW,,I'm all for EXACTLY THAT.
Are you?

~The FACT is those Immigration LAWS remain the Law of America for more than 50 years, haven't
they, harbin336? How come President George W. Bush hasn't been able to figure out, that it is
his Responsibility, to ENFORCE the Immigration Laws, as President Eisenhower did 50 years ago,

I'm sure he knows that.What do you want him to do,,if he did what Eisenhower did,,you and your
ilk would be just as upset with him as you are now.You would be crying 'Fascist!' as the
illegals were rounded up,detained and deported with out trial.Just like you moan and gripe
over the Mo-ists,,oooh,,their Constitutional Rights are being violated by Bush,,ooh Bush bad!

BTW,,Eisenhower is dead.
Go dig him up and nominate him for the next campaign.I'll vote for him soley on his
immigration stance.Oh,,that's right,,I don't have the right to vote.
Hey,,anyone out there want to gripe about my loss of rights??Naw,,didn't think so.

~The Bush Justice Department is responsible for ENFORCING the Immigration Laws of America,
aren't they harbin336?
Instead of Prosecuting a Drug Running ILLEGAL ALIEN, the Bush administration, gave the ILLEGAL
ALIEN, Immunity from prosecution, if he would give Testimony against the Border Guards who
arrested the ILLEGAL ALIEN. See what happened when the Border Guards apprehended a DRUG RUNNING
ILLEGAL ALIEN, as you propose, harbin336?

The two Border Guards were sentenced to Prison time for trying to ENFORCE the Immigratioin
Laws of America, Compliments of the Bush administration. Aren't you PROUD of the Bush
administration for incarcerating the Border Guards, rather than the ILLEGAL ALIEN Drug RUNNER,

If that's the case,,I have nothing but contempt for the act.
Yet,,did you notice,,you said the Administration did it,,right?
NOT Bush himself,,correct?
Isn't that like blaming the voting populace for the elected official in office?
Aren't you proud of what you and the other voters have accomplished by putting a bunch of
lazy,greedy,self serving morons in congress and other offices that ignore wrong doing?
What's congress doing about that miscariage of justice?Nothing.

Look at this little gem:

I refer to term limits being proof that congressional members are on the job longer and the
inferrence is that they are 'responsible' for not focusing on the lack of action on the
part of ANY President regarding this matter.They should have been all over every president
since Eisenhower,,evidently.

And yet,,factsandfigures? responds with:

~The only Federal OFFICE with a term limit is the OFFICE of President of the United States,
isn't that correct, harbin336? Had there not been term limits on the Office of President,
Bill Clinton would still be President, wouldn't he harbin336?~

~It matters not, how long the members of Congress have held their Offices, the Immigration Laws
have been around for more than 50 years, as President Eisenhower ENFORCED those Immigration
LAWS, 50 years ago, didn't he harbin336?~

Do you folks see that duck,dodge and diversion he pulled with a weak,,'it matters not'?

Do you think,,congress could have brought the matter up in those 50 years IF they were looking
out for the 'interests of their constituency,,or should I say Corporate Party Campaign

Isn't that how congress gets stuff done,,point fingers and complain to the voters?
Couldn't they have pointed and said,, 'The Immigration Laws haven't been being enforced since

So,,isn't it evident that Congress,,who stay there and don't have to leave every four years,,
hasn't been acting to protect the public interests by failing to 'alert the public' to
the problem or passing bills and resolutions and or yada,yada,like is happening over
every little thing now?

Then,,to answer this question from me:
~Yet,,it's all Georgie's fault.???????????????~

The fellow with the oxymoronic name said:

~Absolutely, it is the Constitutional Duty of the President of the United States to Protect the
Borders of the United States, no matter who is in Congress, isn't it harbin336? It is also the
Constitutional responsibility of the President of the United States to ENFORCE the Immigration
Laws and ALL Laws in America, isn't it harbin336? Who has been President for the last 6 and
one-half years, harbin336? Who ever has been President for the last 6 and one-half years is
responsible for Protecting the Borders of the United States and to ENFORCE the Immigration
Laws of America, isn't he harbin336?~

To which I would agree with the job duty of the Pres,,but must include way longer than the
past 6 and a half years.
And I would have to also insist that Congress is guilty of dereliction of duty,violation of
public trust,failure to protect their constituencies interests,aiding and abetting several
presidents in the commission of said criminally negligence act as well as complicity before
and after the fact for each President involved.All the way back to Eisenhower if need be.

Fair is Fair,,,right?

And then this is,,is,,is,,I don't know exactly what to call it but it's really weird:

My statement:

~Don't get me wrong,,I don't agree with what he has tried to implement.~

FF?'s retort:

It's SIMPLE President George W. Bush has REFUSED to do His Constitutional Duty, hasn't he

You see how the obsessed mind comes back to the focus of the obsession even when someone
agrees with his premise?
Regardles of how congress could have at least complained about it to get the publics
attention like they do about stuff they don't like,,this insane person simply refuses to admit
to the facts that figure in to the equation.

Watch,,he does it again :

~BUT I also DO NOT agree it's his fault that the problem exists nor persists.~

Who in the World can you BLAME, other than President George W. Bush for refusing to do his
Constitutional duty, habin336?~

And again:

~The problem is in existence NOW due to a 'history' of the problem being ignored for so long.~

Even IF, what you assume was true, President Reagan signed a Bill in 1986 that granted
AMNESTY to 3 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS. When does the President of the United States begin to
ENFORCE the Immigration Laws of America, harbin336? After our Country becomes North Mexico,
rather than North AMerica, As we have been for more than 230 years, harbin336?~

And I have to say,,when does congress start trying to force him to take appropiate action?
When does congress demand the illegals be deported instead of offering nothing less than
amnesty for them?
When does congress show thay agree with enforcing the immigaration laws by forcing Bush
like they try to force him on other stuff?

Is it because they don't want the immigration laws appropiately enforced because their
Special Interest Party Campaign Contributors will not support them if they do?

And this last one is a doozie!

~By Congress and the People.
The American People have spoken, and almost 80% of the American people want the ILLEGAL ALIENS
stopped from coming into America. Even the President shouldn't be able to override the will of
the American people. It takes a Two-Thirds majority for Congress to override a Presidential
Veto. With almost 80% of the American people wanting the ILLEGAL ALIENS to be stopped from
coming into America, President George W. Bush again shows where his Loyalties are, and they
remain with his Corporate Campaign Contributors, don't they harbin336?

It simply provides an illustration of how congress as a group has not acted on he will of the
people by advocating immediate swift decisive action on the matter.

Couldn't they at least make a group statement or something that reflects what you just claimed
the people want?
Shouldn't they and the Senate and the Judicial Branch all being harping on the
expresed will of the people?If they don't,,or won't,,aren't they MORE guilty than Bush for
not acting to stop his infraction?

To NOT DO SO,,would be to allow anarchy to prevail,,wouldn't it factsandfigures2??
To allow anarchy to prevail when you were elected to keep stuff together on the behalf of your
voting constituency is to be incompetent at best and downright CRIMINAL & TREASONOUS at worst,
isn't it factsandfigures2?

Then for some one to 'support' NOT holding Congress accountable when they are in 'positions
of authority' before,after and through a presidents term limit and have NOT brought focus on
the issue in order to 'rectify the problem' and/or hold past presidents accountable,is
moronic and shows evidence of a lack of intellectual integrity and ethical soundness,isn't it,

Oh,,one last little chuckle,,then I'm through with this exercise in futility of trying to promote
'higher cognitive process' in a 'smarter than than the average ape like creature,,heh,,Boo-Boo?'

~Got logic?

Logic is for President George W, Bush to ENFORCE the IMMIGRATION Laws of America and for him to
Protect the Borders of the United States, to do otherwise is anarchy, isn't it harbin336?~

Got logic? was the question,,your answer shows ample evidence that you don't.
After all,,to allow such lawlessness anrchy is illogical unless you support anarchy,right,

Didn't some famous person in history say something about how bad things continue when people
stand idly by?And that that is NOT a good thing?

Wouldn't a law abiding publicly elected official spend most office hours trying to do something
about the Pesident violating laws?Isn't that what a good,ethical congressperson should do,

To NOT do so would be in violation of the trust their constitueincy placed in them,wouldn't

One could also claim it is evidence of collusion with the president,couldn't one,

BUT,,only if one,, 'Has Logic' at their disposal,,or would it be more appropiate to say,,if
one has 'intellectual integrity',factsandfigures2?

Would that be more descriptive of you,since you apparently believe you display 'logic' in this
obsessive type of tirade against one man whose 'time of presence and influence' in no way
compares to the duration that goes with the 'position of honor' given to congress,,,

BTW,,factsandfigures?,,Eisenhower is dead.
Go dig him up and nominate him for the next campaign.I'll vote for him soley on his
immigration stance.Oh,,that's right,,I don't have the right to vote or leave my own country.

Do I factsandfigures2?

Hey,,anyone out there want to gripe about my loss of rights to come and go across the US
border for the past 20 years?Or,,to ask,,Where has my amnesty been hiding since 1986?

Can you tell me,factsandfigures2?

When has congress spoken up about my 'rights' being made less than a womans,,or a negroes?

Can you point out an instance,factsandfigures2?

Why isn't any of the nice American Patriotic Citizens wanting to restore political process
involvement capability to 'born citizens' rather than pandering to the 12 mill that are NOT
citizens in any way and even snuck into our country like spies and sabatours while smuggling
and trafficking in drugs,guns and humans?Not to mention the ones that come in to 'spread terror'
under the guise of religious objectives?

Can you tell me why you don't,factsandfigures2?

Any one want to 'stand up for my loss of the rights' endowed by the The Creator mentioned in the

Do you,factsandfigures?

Naw?,I didn't think so since I'm just,,

A DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, An Evil White Man




What came before.This is some of what was posted previously to my above response.


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Created on ... June 26, 2007