this is insane:prt2

~did Canadians hold our govt responsible for trying to overthrow an evil form of govt in SE Asia and forcing illegal immigrants into their Country~
What country is Mexico at war with?When did they institue a draft for it?

That doesn't equate with the current topic.

~A difference is also we went to war and annexed Mexican land...then forced them all to go back to where we had redrawn our borders, unlike other Indigenous Americans the Aztecs (Mexicans) were not invited to live in Oklahoma...~
Using this logic no one gets property control because cave men were here first and they are the rightful owners.
Oh,,no,,wait,,it's the one before that,,cromagnon man,right?Nooo,ape like critters,that's the ones.Oh no,,PETA is gonna sue to evict all humans since the critters had the world first. Besides,,when you state it like that,it's plain that if they are trying to re-claim it,It's War,,isn't it?Okay.I concurr.Now,,seal the borders,,there is an invasion force infiltrating our country.
I reiterate:
how can the Mexican Gov hold the US to blame for what they do to their own citizens to cause them to evacuate their country AND why isn't anyone holding them accountable for it rather than acting like the US has some form of responsibilty for the policies of the Mexican Gov?

Unswayed by your logic and reasoning,and without an answer,

The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man


You said:

~Why do you wish to take away the guns
I have never said this..
I pointed out the discrepancies/hypocrisies in what you posted...I make or made no personal claims as to what my personal politics are...~
I guess the below that you responded with confused me since my post was about two diferent articles concerning Mexicos AG saying what he did and the other which pointed out why Mexicans are probally leaving the country and coming here:
~"American law to me is absurd because people can easily acquire firearms,"
"Conservatives" are the only ones who are "Liberal" with American Gun Laws.
I guess I have to continue to point out that when (in America) Democrats want to 'restrict' gun laws it is a Conservative action and when the NRA wants guns 'not outlawed' and remain easily obtainable that it is considered maintaining a "Liberal" political policy.
Conservative action (restrictions of rights) on our Constitution is Extend or expand rights already there is "liberal" make up 'rights' as we go along is nuts!
like for instance...
the "right to life" or the "right to know"... no where are these liberal 'rights' declared or were even considered by our founders...

Americans keep forgetting that it was a group of 'radical left wing' revolutionists that rebelled against a very Conservative British King who had his own Religion as the 'Official State Religeon" and he was also restricting gun ownership. He also wanted to garrison troops in private homes. Why is it so hard for Conservatives to figure out what is which...~

So,,what's that about a discrepancy,,whats discrepant or hypochritical in what I posted?That those were news articles or that the Mex AG said what he said,,or that the Mexicans throw people in jail on a presumption of guilt not innocence?
Or that it's valid to act like the US has something to do with a soverign nation handling it's own affairs?

Seriously curious,

The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man


ahhh,pkpost,,you're gonna try a different topic?
okay,,here we go:

~Let's start by admitting the FACT that it IS absurdly easy for bad guys to buy truckloads of guns in the US and transport them back to Mexico.~

Okay,,and lets admit that it's apparently even easier to get 12 million foriegn natinonals across the border.Oh,,and to get tons and tons of drugs across as well.

"...Did CIVILIAN Law Enforcemet personel arrest any of the Gitmo detainess?Were they all detained while in the US?..."

No. But let's just say, not yet.
p.s. - José Padillia was on his way to Gitmo, but Slippery Dick Cheney's posse weren't done torturing him into a bogus confession here so he never made it.~

I was on my way to Louisianna and the darn cop stopped me.Too bad I didn't own the car I was in.I made it jail though.

~"...Gitmo policies are not indicative of 'standard operating procedures' of the US regarding average criminal suspects which are average Amerian civilians..."

Au contrairé, mon ami! They are now! Witness the elimination of the writ of Habeas Corpus by house redumblicans last summer - arguably one of the strongest pillars of justice and fairness on which the United Sates of America was founded - TRASHED by Right Wing, White-is-Right, Religious Conservatives in the interest of intimidation and domination of their own domestic political opponents.~

War,,has it's own 'legal' provisions under the constitution,,and unless I remember incorrectly,,Bush had the support of House and Senate,,both ides,,all day long.So it wasn't right wing,,it was both wings that gave him that authority,,and were tickled to do so.

~Add to that several provisions contained within the Patriot Joke regarding vast new powers given to law enforcement agencies regarding SPYING on US Citizens (in direct and abhorant conflict with the protections provided by 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America in the Bill of Rights), up to and including JAILING of LIBRARIANS who refuse to provide the FBI with a list of books one might be reading, the cynical warrantless wiretapping of American Citizens, the unfettered and unwarranted data mining of the personal business of American citizens, etc.~

And HOuse,Senate,left and right wings went along with it.
I say,,spy on me,,they do it anyway if they want.It's the nature of the job the have to do. I haven't truly had a reasonable expectation of privacy since I realised I was in the world with other people.And I am a convict.
IOW,,welcome to my world.

~Face it. At this point, li'l bush can throw ANYONE - American citizen or not - into JAIL if he simply doesn't like the color of their socks. And that's the LAW.~

And Mexican police have been doing all along,,that was the point of the original posts topic,,wasn't it?

~"...Can't you focus on anything but your own agenda which seems to be supporting murderous psychopathic fanatical conservative religious fundamentalists from a foriegn country that have adamantly stated their desire for world domination by the Islamic Empire ?..."
Can't you get it through your thick skull that I am more of a true blue American than you pretend to be? You can smear and fear all you want there li'l bush butt buddy, but I do not subscribe to anything other than the FACT that you and your kind have bungled so horrendously, and have screwed America so catastrophically badly that the average American citizen IS indeed in GREATER danger from attack NOW than at 8:00 in the morning of September 11, 2001. Even so, somebody relaxing by the river in Dubuque, Iowa has a greater probability of being bitten by a shark than being attacked by a Dominator from the Islamic Empire you so feverously drool over.~

True blue,,as anonymous as you are?Stand up and be counted or remain teal. Smear and fear?What am I showing fear of?What am I smearing?You are fearful enough to hide your identity,,you are the one who can't resist smearing Bush and America. Not me,,I have never voted,,so it ain't my kind.Who did you vote for?Why isn't he smart enough to deal with Bush?And I don't drool over them,,I don't drool over what I don't like. That must be your saliva dribbling all over the place.

~What I do fear is YOUR continued right wing religious conservative fundamentalist propensity for colossal mind boggling fuck ups to cause irreputable HARM to America far more than I will EVER fear some right wing religious conservative fundamentalist from the middle-east coming to blow up in my neighborhood.~
Considering your propensity to support Mo-ists and bash America,,you are probally justified in your fear of the more 'lawless' among them. Well,of course you don't think they will do it there,,it's a moonfruit enclave,isn't it?
~So, BOO!~

EEEEEK!!It's a mouse!!!!!!

~(and don't forget to shoot the dust bunnies when you come out from under your bed)~

Dude,,I should say I can't fit under there because all the guns are in the way.But that wouldn't be true.So instead I'll say,,I ain't hiding,you can find me at my front door real easy.BUT you are hiding,,ain't ya?Like a mouse under that bed among all those moldy pieces of rotten moonfruit someone else hid under there that wants to roar but can't get out more than a squeel.
I'm evidently talking to moonfruit about moonfruit when the topic was Mexico stuff,but that's no surprise I suppose.Victims of delusion do find it hard to focus on other things than their obsessisions.

Still shooting at the moonfruit,,

The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, The D'Evil White Khatt



RE: This is insane!
06/18/07 11:02pm Reply

"...Bush had the support of House and Senate,,both ides,,all day long.So it wasn't right wing,,it was both wings that gave him that authority,,and were tickled to do so..."
The votes were far from unanimous and only a few misguided and misinformed people fell for the LIES of li'l bush and Slippery Dick Cheney, but it just so happened to be enough to get America into huge neo-mess.

"...Smear and fear?What am I showing fear of?What am I smearing?..."
You fear me enough to smear me now don't you? What's with all this "...moonfruit..." business and equating my support for the solemn indemnity of the Constitution of the United States and the protections afforded EVERYONE by the Bill of Rights with "...supporting murderous psychopathic fanatical conservative religious fundamentalists..." then? Mmm...? Cat got your tongue? Or just your neck?

"...You are fearful enough to hide your identity,,..."
I prefer not to expose myself or my family to the dangers of the many minions of neo-nutcases out there who disagree with my particular stances, thank you very much.

" are the one who can't resist smearing Bush and America..."
li'l bush has smeared himself with the oil laced shit of his miserable feed the rich mis-administration and has smeared the reputation and integrity of America along with it. The neo-con in America has been a true scourge of their own creation - all I do is put their deeds into some hacked sentences with what little of the English language I command.

"..,,,I have never voted,,so it ain't my kind..."
Not voting is irrelevent to your white-is-right positions you post here.

"...Who did you vote for?Why isn't he smart enough to deal with Bush?..."
I didn't vote for him, but my dog is smart enough to deal with li'l bush. The problem is he ain't in Congress and there are so many lapdogs scratching their neo-fleas and licking each other's neo-asses in there that it's hard to get enough support to win the dogfight. Even when the fur flies, li'l bush has so many neo-leg humpers all lined up to hump his leg that he still stands in the tall grass and pisses on everyone. Those days, I believe, are numbered however.

"...And I don't drool over them,,I don't drool over what I don't like...."
You cite "...murderous psychopathic fanatical conservative religious fundamentalists..." and falsely accuse me of sympathy with them every chance you get. I don't like them either. That's why I don't like li'l bush and Slippery Dick Cheney and the redumblicans in Congress who continue to perpetuate this bloody nightmare.

"...Considering your propensity to support Mo-ists..."
There you go again: making a smear of dog meat out of a juicy steak. You are quick with the accusations, but slow on verisimilitude.

"...and bash America,,..."
I bash what the li'l bush and the neo has done to ruin America. Get it straight.

" are probally justified in your fear of the more 'lawless' among them..."


RE: This is insane!
06/18/07 11:03pm Reply

"...a moonfruit enclave..."
"...I'm evidently talking to moonfruit about moonfruit..."
"...when the topic was Mexico stuff,..."

I proferred what I considered a valid a response to your topic, and your rebuttal contained all your usual invectives. I tossed a snowball at you, and you turned your shotgun on me.

Let me try again. The Mexican AG is CORRECT. It IS way too easy for Mexican bad guys to buy guns by the truckload in America and bring them back to Mexico and do harm to her citizens. This IS our problem and I've posted here before about the need for sensible and uniform national gun control laws.

Latin America is only following the US lead on jailing her citizens without due cause.

And Mexicans come to America for the same reasons that the Irish, Italians, Spaniards, French, British, Russians, Danes, Congolese, etc., etc., etc., etc., ALL come to America - to pursue the American Dream.

"...Victims of delusion do find it hard to focus on other things than their obsessisions..."

I am not a victim of delusion, but I am obsessed. I am angry and heartbroken. I am sad and confused. I am distraught and seething at what the scurrilous li'l bush and Slippery Dick Cheney and the neo-cons have done to ruin America and take her so far backward. They have shit on the Constitution and wiped their asses with the Bill of RIghts and have killed who knows how many hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the process of securing no-bid contracts for Halliburton and profits for their pals in the OIL industry. I find it difficult to think of much else but of the danger to America these two war criminals have created and how I can work to change that. One of my minor outlets for my vitriol is posting here. I apologize if I seem to go on, but it is one small way I get it out of my system.


"...D'Evil White Khatt..."
is brought to you by:
The Annieclone/li'l bush School for Denial and Regressive Abnegation of Reality.

Neo-cons, c'mon down! Get your sheepsskin in Utter Fantasy today at

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