this is insane:prt3

*sheesh* All of that,,then watch,,at the end,,he claims it's all 'spleen venting'.

~The votes were far from unanimous and only a few misguided and misinformed people fell for the LIES of li'l bush and Slippery Dick Cheney, but it just so happened to be enough to get America into huge neo-mess.~

Constitutionally,,unanimous doesn't matter.He still had the majority,,both sides,,all day long.
Don't foget as well that if those folks that YOU support fell for a deception constructed by a such a dumbya C student,,do you really think you should support them?

~You fear me enough to smear me now don't you?~ Responding to you is smearing you?Answering in kind,,minus the profanity,,is smearing you? I don't get it,,is that some kind of esoteric religious teaching or what? ~What's with all this "...moonfruit..." business,,~

Moonfruit refers to you being a 'luna-tic' as well as to those who worship the moongod. The imagery is of you being a fruit from a tree called a moonfruit tree.Would "Mr.Fruity" be bettr for ya?How about "Moonie"?Oh,,I know,,maybe Psychotic Killer in honor of the pk in your nic?
Yet,,considering that 'moonfruit' is pretty much all that I use on you as opposed to the many descriptive terms you use on me,,don't ya think thats rather petty and one sided of you to think it's some kind of smear?Aren't you seeming to be a little overly sensitive about it,,IF it's NOT true?After all it's better than 'butt buddy' isn't it?

~,,and equating my support for the solemn indemnity of the Constitution of the United States and the protections afforded EVERYONE by the Bill of Rights with "...supporting murderous psychopathic fanatical conservative religious fundamentalists..." then? Mmm...? Cat got your tongue? Or just your neck?~

Dude,,you keep claiming that but you keep showing it's NOT true by consistantly showing a bias against it that's apparently based on FORIEGN Interests and by supporting murderous psychopathic fanatical conservative religious fundamentalists through bashing Bush and America.Just like Marwat Barkatullah did.JUST LIKE HIM.So much so,,you could be him,IMHsmellyO.Got it?Good?
For a mouse you sure can't hear very well,,,"Foriegn nationals are not covered under the base provisions of the doucument." Forign interests have less interests to a Patriotic American, period.Country first,,world second.That's 'Patriotism',,period.Pick up a dictionary.

~"...You are fearful enough to hide your identity,,..." I prefer not to expose myself or my family to the dangers of the many minions of neo-nutcases out there who disagree with my particular stances, thank you very much.~

Right,,your preference is motivated through fear of consequences.Like I said.FEAR.And since you admitt you are,,why call me fearful?cowardly?I'M NOT.I prefer to not bite my tongue or NOT speak my mind due to fear of 'minions' of any sort.Especially when I feel the interests of my country are involved.That's patriotism,,isn't it?Where's yours?

Watchya gonnna do when the the red,white and blue runs into you?????
Crawl under the bed with the other mice because you aren't willing to be a man of conviction?
THAT'S a big part of what's wrong with many Americans today.No strength of conviction. IMHsmellyO,,of course.

~" are the one who can't resist smearing Bush and America..."
li'l bush has smeared himself with the oil laced shit of his miserable feed the rich mis-administration and has smeared the reputation and integrity of America along with it. The neo-con in America has been a true scourge of their own creation - all I do is put their deeds into some hacked sentences with what little of the English language I command.~

Here we go again,,Obsession with Bush,,(I was gonna ask you 'don't you get enough at home?',,but I changed my mind so I won't.)This language is very much like the language of the folks you constantly try to equate me with.
Like the 'fear' thing,,it's more an aspect of your 'presented' personality not mine.
So,,vote,,but don't bash.It's unbecoming a 'patriot' when dealing with their own countrys folks.
You may not agree with him,,but he is your President.Have you no Patriotism?If you do,why attack other Americans and cause there to be more division than what a screwy politico causes?
Americas strength lays in OUR solidarity regarding making our REPS do the right thing.Once they go bad,,WE have to stick together in order to fix it.How is US being divided over 'undue focus' on a problem that will be somewhat negated by 'term limits' going to help anything?What is more of a problem is the ones without term limits.Pay attention to logic,patriot.
Hacked sentences,,what little English??Do you mean the exchange with roo was bologna?
I thought you said your teachers were good.And if you have a lack of command of the English Language can you be so sure you read the Constitution with clarity?

~"..,,,I have never voted,,so it ain't my kind..." Not voting is irrelevent to your white-is-right positions you post here.

Where do you get 'racism' from?That's just deceptive.Prove I'm racist or be proven a 'race baiter'.

"...Who did you vote for?Why isn't he smart enough to deal with Bush?..."
I didn't vote for him, but my dog is smart enough to deal with li'l bush. The problem is he ain't in Congress and there are so many lapdogs scratching their neo-fleas and licking each other's neo-asses in there that it's hard to get enough support to win the dogfight.
Even when the fur flies, li'l bush has so many neo-leg humpers all lined up to hump his leg that he still stands in the tall grass and pisses on everyone. Those days, I believe, are numbered however.~

You didn't vote this last time,,or the first time?Didn't you make a post declaring you used to be a 'lifetime' rep that voted for Bush?Or was that one of your other nics?
This language is very much like the language of the folks you constantly try to equate me with.
And doesn't the little dog allways resent the big dog?
And of course they are numbered,,'TERM LIMITS'.So why be all whacko obsessive regarding him?

~"...And I don't drool over them,,I don't drool over what I don't like...."
You cite "...murderous psychopathic fanatical conservative religious fundamentalists..." and falsely accuse me of sympathy with them every chance you get.~

So I don't drool over them,,that makes your statement false,illogical and misleading,right?

Actually,,I say moonfruit,MO-ists or psychopathic murderers mostly.You instituted that string.
Yet I did 'cite' that string to show that that's what you call many Americans that you disagree with and that the words describe the MO-ists as well.Remember?And the sympathy is plain and obvious to any and all who read any of these exchanges.

~I don't like them either. That's why I don't like li'l bush and Slippery Dick Cheney and the redumblicans in Congress who continue to perpetuate this bloody nightmare.~

Awww,come on,,they are all politicians.Don't be bamboozled into being so partisian.It's NOT condusive to good government to be 'party biased'.Don't be fooled.Pay attention.Distraction is rampant on both sides of the floor.Show patriotism not prejudice.

~"...Considering your propensity to support Mo-ists..."
There you go again: making a smear of dog meat out of a juicy steak. You are quick with the accusations, but slow on verisimilitude.~

Before you can claim that,,you have to prove it.You do support them with your words.
Do you need me to actually point out all the proof hanging in Excites boards?
(just using a word doesn't mean you know how to use it,,and you just proved that)

~"...and bash America,,..."
I bash what the li'l bush and the neo has done to ruin America. Get it straight.~

Okay,,here,,I'll get it straight:
1.Latin America is only following the US lead on jailing her citizens without due cause.
2.The Mexican AG is CORRECT. It IS way too easy for Mexican bad guys to buy guns by the truckload in America and bring them back to Mexico and do harm to her citizens. This IS our problem and I've posted here before about the need for sensible and uniform national gun control laws.

1.Bash on America.And I know you will want to say,,that was a lil bush bash,, but the words US are in it,,not lil bush.
2.a) The Mexican AG says our (US) laws are too cynical.That's an America bash.
b) If the bad guys were kept in Mexico,like I'm kept in America,they couldn't come to the flea market and buy truckloads of guns,right?America Bash.
c) You claiming it's OUR problem is an America Bash since it's logicaly equal to me claiming their folks coming over here are the Mex Govs responsibility as well as if I were to say thedrugs brought over by Mexicans is actually the responsiblity of the Mex Gov. and the money we spend on them is the Mex Gov responsibilty to REPAY since they are Mexican Nationals.

And yes,,I do and will bash the Mexican GOVERNMENT for it.As I am sure you would readily agree,,bashing doesn't mean you don't believe your reasons for it.
But,,disproportionant and obsessive bashing doesn't aid any ones cause let alone make it condusive to an intelligent discussion about the factors involved. There,,I have gotten that straight.Satisfied?Good,,keep it straight.

~" are probally justified in your fear of the more 'lawless' among them..."
Absolutely. ~

See,,fear IS fear,,justifiable or not.And courage is acting regardless of justified fears. And you call me 'coward'?Strength of conviction necessitates acting on your conviction regardless of various reasons NOT to.
Besides,,if your views are as widespread,common,,contain no 'undue' Anti-American elements and are so obviously patriotic,,then you shouldn't feel so isolated that you are fearful.
Should you?I for one feel confident the folks in my surrounding community are,,if not totally in agreement with my views are at least willing to defend my patriotism,integrity and convictions as not adverse to the US nor it's people best interest so I don't have to be fearful from those around me.
And I also am confident that they are wise and reasonable enough to spot such as may come sniffing around with malice in their heart or a bomb in their car to warn me and all other peace loving Americans around them.Or shoot them before they trigger the bomb.
Why do you want to further regulate guns in America if not to 'head off' such an action that would defend and have a better chance of saving the lives of innocent Americans in such a fashion?Especially on the recommendation/prescription of a forign nations AG if you were actually a true blue American Patriot?Answer that,Mouse.Try to be honest about it though.okay?

~"...a moonfruit enclave..."

Intellectual Jibe,actually.Meant to get your 'goat'.It worked too,didn't it?As well as being a logical extension of the concepts and imagery we have been using in our exchanges.No?

~"...I'm evidently talking to moonfruit about moonfruit..."

*see above

"...when the topic was Mexico stuff,..."
I proferred what I considered a valid a response to your topic, and your rebuttal contained all your usual invectives. I tossed a snowball at you, and you turned your shotgun on me.~

A valid response which was in essence an America Bash showing bias for a forign nation against the US which would further lessen the capability of the Fourth Branch of US Gov from being able to defend itself.
A self proclaimed American Patriot such as yourself should know that would illicit a vehement response from another Patriotic American.

So,,,that makes this question beg,,,"WHY would you throw a snowball at a man with a shotgun if he thinks you are attacking his country?"
After all,,, For all he knows,,it's not a snowball,,it could be an iceball.That would be like a rock right?Rocks,,as in stones,used to be the common method of execution and are often used today as lethal weapons to attack soldiers.
So,,how dumb was that for you to do if that's what happened?

~Let me try again. The Mexican AG is CORRECT. It IS way too easy for Mexican bad guys to buy guns by the truckload in America and bring them back to Mexico and do harm to her citizens. This IS our problem and I've posted here before about the need for sensible and uniform national gun control laws.
Latin America is only following the US lead on jailing her citizens without due cause.~

As pointed out above,,illogically biased against AMERICA.
The logic says the immigrants and drugs that come across in to the US are the Mexican Gov responsiblty.Do you agree?If so,,how can what their nationals,,that break our laws,,be OUR responsibilty?
(Of course it IS our problem that WE need to address with adequate action on this side to keep them OUT,,but why aren't you taking THAT tact instead of agreeing with the obvious attempt of the Mex AG to defer responsibility for their incompetence to the US,if you are a such a true blue Patriotic American?)

~And Mexicans come to America for the same reasons that the Irish, Italians, Spaniards, French, British, Russians, Danes, Congolese, etc., etc., etc., etc., ALL come to America - to pursue the American Dream.~

Yes they do.But that's no problem,,unless they show disregard for the rules of doing so. Like,,oh,,I don't know,,maybe sneaking into our counrty in violation of our NATIONS immigration laws.Using a dead Americans name and SocSec # to obtain benifits and rights that are the rightfull due for those that are citizens and law abiding immigrants. And when apprehended they should be 'deported'.And like America does,,those countrys that they come from should keep their people there and NOT want them to be miserable enough to WANT TO GO TO THE MOST HATED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TODAY.
A sincere,,reasonably intelligent,at least half sane,,law abiding Patriotic American would whole heartedly agree,why don't YOU?

~"...Victims of delusion do find it hard to focus on other things than their obsessisions..."
I am not a victim of delusion,~

From what I exposed above,,if you think you are exhibiting the ideas and attitudes of a true blue American Patriot,,there is something delusional somewhere in your mind.

~but I am obsessed. I am angry and heartbroken. I am sad and confused. I am distraught and seething at what the scurrilous li'l bush and Slippery Dick Cheney and the neo-cons have done to ruin America and take her so far backward.~

Obssessed with one man,his vp and a vague group of folks you call neo this and neo that. And it causes you to miss the fact that all the politicos have seemed to become just as corrupt and egomaniacal and that it's time for a change of course that will get those folks to be more honestly representational of what America actually was designed and meant to be by those wise God fearing rebels known as the Founding Fathers and The Sons of Freedom.
Why do you want further restrictions on the weapons of The Fourth Branch of Government,,US?

~They have shit on the Constitution and wiped their asses with the Bill of RIghts~
They ALL have if one has.They are a group responsible for policing their selves.Right?
NOPE,,it's the 'voting public' responsibilty to police them.The Fourth Branch bats cleanup,get it?

~and have killed who knows how many hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the process of securing no-bid contracts for Halliburton and profits for their pals in the OIL industry. ~

If that were so,,how come all those civilians working the jobs don't just quit like a member of the Fourth Branch should.Perhaps they don't want to work at Wal-Mart for minimum wage or pick produce for ag-min wages and/or it's not as you see it?
Why not address that issue by advocating getting rid of such elements that contribute to reduced wages for The American Citizen and the destruction of their social security and public assistance system?
IMHsmellyO,it's because you are too obsessed with Bush and republicans,,you are being led around by the nose 'emotionally' by all the politicos,,even the ones YOU LIKE.
OR,,you are a true piece of moonfruit waging intellectual psychogandic jihad on the internet.
Get it?Good.

~I find it difficult to think of much else but of the danger to America these two war criminals have created and how I can work to change that.

See,,if you are being manipulated,,that would be why.To keep you in that mental/emotional gear to keep you from seeing the 'other hand',which is your favorite politcos. Can you say,,'Prestidigitation'?Now,,say 'Political Prestidigitation'.There ya go,,I knew ya could.

~One of my minor outlets for my vitriol is posting here. I apologize if I seem to go on, but it is one small way I get it out of my system.~

You may be sincere for all I truly know.If so,,at least I give you resistance to help purge it more effectively,,right?
Otherwise it may be a way to 'garner sympathy' from your antagonist.
It's hard to tell in a text based environment,isn't it?
Even so,,I am doing all that an American Citizen that can NOT participate in the voting process can do,responding to visible examples of things I believe,feel or think are detrimental to the country I was blessed by God to be born in.I try to do it as logically,reasonably and politely as I can.
I am a-political,,not a party dog.What you get from me is me,,not 'excess vitriol' from the frustrations of life.
Why?Because an American Flag flies in BOTH my eyes,,not just on a flag pole.

"...D'Evil White Khatt..."
is brought to you by:
The Annieclone/li'l bush School for Denial and Regressive Abnegation of Reality. Neo-cons, c'mon down! Get your sheepsskin in Utter Fantasy today at
!!! ~

Thanks for the link referral,,but you are being misleading,,I ain't brought to this place by them,,I use Bellsouth/AT&T,,and I don't offer a sheepskin.
Allthough,,,I do have a 'mouse skin' now,fresh off of a PK Mouse.

The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,,D'Evil Blue (bloodshot) Eyed White Khatt

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