response to a retort from moose6,aka,,ballwrinkle,the poster formerly known as infidibulum

Honestly,,I had no idea he was so sensitive about a nic.
This came from the Nazification of the Left thread on the Excite Politics Forum

wow,,that got you fired up didn't it?
And my response wound up over 10,000 words.Is that your goal?To get a response set to you in the Staks?

Well,,here ya go.I'll start it here and end it there,,just for you,ballwrinkle moose.

So bad that you started out on a very unbalanced logic foot.

~You didn't read the piece on my blog before you posted your response here,,,did you?


No I didn't...wanna know why? Because this debate about separation has been going on since our founding... ~

So?Does that have anything to do with you using good logic?
Just think,,if we apply that displayed logic to other 'overly debated' topics we would
wind up with people saying stuff like,,'Why read a science text book since science has been debated for a long time?' Why read what a 'highly educated man' says about murdering babies because the debate over abortion is an old one?',,how about,,'Why read anything since anything has been debated?

Or,,'I don't want to read about intellectual freedom or freedom of speech or right to vote or
is it okay to kill your buddy for sleeping with your wife,,since it has been debated for a
long time?'

I mean really,,what a lame line that was.

~The Stokes trial had nothing to do with the Nazi' had to do with out of touch
politicians...a conservative democrat (Bryan's) didn't like what was being taught with govt

And it has nothing to do with my article,,or does it?You would know if you had of read it
before you responded.
As it is,,you've missed a chance to actually displayed non prejudicial biased reaction to a
thought out commentary on something that concerns exactly why seperating church from state is equal to 'placing state as sole arbiter of justice'.Just as one finds in a 'communist state'.

~In the 1950's govt tried to fool us into believing we were better than another country because we had faith and they didn't...what crap that is...some call it propaganda, like me!~

And we all know that the best response to propaganda is to holler what crap that is,,and then refuse to read the 'crap' thereby leaving you totally unarmed in regards to countering the effects of said propaganda,or even debating it to expose it for propaganda,,,right?

~My govt and you ought to be more interested in real issues that have substance and real morals and values that have to do with being a good American citizen rather than having govt tell me to go to church to be a good American.~

How can you logically seperate 'morals and values' from church when church is in every person regardless of their individual religious ideology?
If you had read my article you would understand my question.

~You socialists who believe that govt has some role in the morals of my family ought to first make the govt act morally and according to church other words do as Jesus taught and all become commies/socialists because that is what Jesus called for...isn't it?~

Socialist?Not really,,I don't like socialising much,,I'm sort of 'a-social'.
As to Gov having some role regarding your families morals:
Laws are derived from morals which are derived from church.You can't have laws with out morals formed from church.Period.
As to making gov act morally,,I can't help you there except by doing what I am doing,,speaking my mind.I can't vote,,I can't affect the political process from the inside.
As to Jesus calling for us to become commies/socialists,,you lost me there.
Would you are to elaborate on this theory?

You really should have read my article before responding.

~Jesus didn't know that being a commie or a socialists was wrong...all he knew was that
Capitalism was wrong and pointed that out often...~

Actually,,I get it that He was pointing oout that 'making money from religion and having
unfair biz practices designed to get over on folks' was wrong.
Let me guess,,you haven't actually read the Bible because folks have debated it for a long

~You just don't get it do you? Really, that govt just has no place telling me not to kill when
they request it of me as a voluntary tax or when they murder someone for my safety when it's cheaper to lock them up for their crimes...sends all the wrong messages...don't it?~

What gov are you talking about?No one has requested me to go voluntarily murder someone.
Did I miss a meeting?
As to executing murderers:
Would you rather Donner ate your son?
Do you want them to murder some body in their cell block who simply committed too many misdemeanors while on felony probation?
Did you want Gore to murder me?Search it up pal,,'Gore & Waterfield,murder,Florida.'
I used to play chess with him,,and he even admitted,,he deserved to die.
I even was friends with one of his victims brother.
Talk to me about what kinds of people are kept alive in prison and allowed to continue their psychotic behaviour.Afterwards,,we can talk about how a bullets cheaper than the electric chair and how housing a murderer alive and allowed to continue murdering on the public dime is cheaper than neither.

~Has it ever occurred to you that many of us Christians in the real world are disgusted by the fact that our govt is immoral and wrong according to our faiths...and here you are advocating that govt must do something to put god back in my life...~

1.What other world do you think there is other than the real world that I could be in? christians. What Christians are you a part of?The ones that accept sodomists or molechism?
Are you a christian that prays to idols and practices ritual while keeping Christ on the cross
in effigy?Are you one of those that babble in 'unknown tongues'?Which christians is the
christians you call 'us'?

3.Has your church filed the appropiate 'tax exemption forms' and been accepted as a
GOVERNMENTALY LISCENSED CHURCH in accordance with the US laws that make provision to allow YOU to practice your religion 'legally'?

4.Of course I am advocating Government putting it back in,who else can?Oh,,wait,,you don't realise that YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE GOVERNMENT,,do you?

You really should have read my article first.

~you should practice what you preach and then make the govt do it too. not me!~

Uhh,,I do.Read my article,,you'll see.

~A good Christian does not call others he is having a discussion with names to discredit what they/he is trying to say...I don't call you names and never have yet you think this is somehow funny??? I guess??? ~

What's a good Christian?Didn't even Yeshua comment on that by asking someone,,
'Why call thou me good?There is only one good and that is God'?
Maybe you should read that Book too before trying to debate on it.
As to calling you names,,hey,,I apologize for adding another nic to your long list.I had no
ideal you were so sensitive.
Would anonymous be better?
And actually,,I did think the twist on bullwinkle turning it into ballwrinkle was rather amusing.

~All it shows is how much of a hypocrite you really are and you my friend are the one my good book says I should avoid.~

Awww,,you know you didn't read it since it's been debated for long time.
And btw,,for someone NOT using their real name while playing the part of Hiram Abiff on the web to use that word is kind of like the three fingers pointing at the pointer when they point at others.And the thumb points at God which exists in church which exists in the men that make the governments that regulate our laws.

~..You don't care about Gods word, only thing you care about is that
govt isn't forcing everybody to adhere to some moral code that they themselves don't comply with...~

You are being a little presumptuous there,ain't you?
Who are you to decide or determine or declare whether or not I care about Gods Word?
Are you God that you can read my heart and mind?Or are you a man?For a person who just got done saying they were part of christians in the real world you are real close to attempting to do Gods job.And you know where that will get you don't you?
Oh,,never mind,,I see,,you haven't read anything about any of it since it has been debated ever since the first time it came up.

~Our govt is murdering people right now and you don't seem to think that is wrong...Why?~

Where do you get I don't think murder is wrong,ballwrinkle?Have you read my exzchanges with the local moonfruit?
Oh,,I guess not since we talked about stuff that has been debated for a long time.

~You think the death penalty is cool too, don't ya? That is a greater evil than not having govt make rules for me that they can't follow themselves...~

Haven't you read that bit about doing such will keep things like murder and other heinous
acts from 'occuring amongst you'?
Oh,,awww,,I guess not.That's been a topic of debate for along time too.
As to gov personell not following the laws,,prosecute them.Vote them out.Get busy and do your job as part of the government of your country.Don't you know that's what your vote is for?
Oh,,darn,,that's been debated for a long time too.

~get a life willya...and stop calling me names...if you don't understand something I post ask me to clarify and I will try...~

I have one infindibulum,and I don't know your name,,do I?And I have yet to read a post of yours that there was enough I was in doubt about to bother asking you.
Well,,after the first several times I asked questions of you and you ignored them,that is.

~one of the issues here is that it has become accepted by almost everyone that it is/was 1st ok for the city to run our schools instead of the people, next it was ok for the state to take it over and now the federal govt has taken it over and have set all the standards and benchmarks and you do not see that evil.~

Are you sure?After all,,it's a longtime topic of debate.
Yet,,I am in agreement with the stance that the schools are fried,dude., you see evil that they are not making us learn about more
groups of organized hypocrites (chuches) who don't practice what they preach.~

Wow!Where do you get that from?

~..or have you forgotten that the church has called for war, inquisitions to convert Jews who it says right in His book that he has a plan for the people he has Chosen, which are the Jews, not those who choose to follow Jesus. ~

ummm,no church I have been a member of has ever done or said such.
I would point out that using the generic term church when refering to Christianity is
something that is akin to stereotyping' based on religion,,,BUT it has been a topic of debate for a long time too so you probally haven't read enough about it to know anymore than you just typed.

~Hypocrites the dang bunch of ya's..~

I ain't in no movies or plays,,so who are you talking to?
Somebody play acting on the web as a moose?

~mit...not paying a tax is tax evasion...I don't think it's treasonous???~

Hey,,abu hiram,moose,ballwrinkle,,whoever you're pretending to be,,here's a question you can answer for me,,

Did you know that line makes it look like you are asking mit to make up your mind on the topic of
tax evasion as treason for you?

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