This Harbin on 2 things named Harbin

I often run a search on my name,,just out of curiousity and I have to admit I have been a little surprised by the following two bits of info.
The first one I came across was some info I found on that had a link reference to 'Unit 731' ( ) which was a Japanese ran mad scientist lab project located just outside of Harbin starting in 1932.The first facility was located about 100 km from Harbin until '35 when it was moved to Pingfang, approximately 24 kilometers south of Harbin.
The studies conducted were some of the most horrific and inhuman,,yeah,,I said in-human,not inhumane,,things I have ever heard of a human doing to another human.
Here is a definitive paragraph from that page:
~A special project code-named 'Maruta' used human beings for experiments. Test subjects were gathered from the surrounding population and were sometimes referred to euphemistically as 'logs' (maruta, ??).[6] This term originated as a 'joke' on the part of the staff due to the fact that the official cover story for the facility given to the local authorities was that it was a lumber mill. The test subjects included infants, the elderly, and pregnant women. Many experiments and dissections were performed on the living without the use of anesthetics because it was believed that it might affect the results, or that it just was not necessary because the subjects were tied down.[7]~

It even managed to be a seed subject for the X Files it was so 'bizarre'.The episodes 'Nisei' and '731' were based on the events.
I don't have a conscious recollection of the episodes at this time but the fact they used the story for fodder is a big indicator of it's strangeness in a way.
Regardless,,just the overview on the page is enough to curdle your blood.And in many ways while reading it,,it brought many elements of alien abduction and experimentation tales to mind.And the assorted related concepts right along with them.It speaks to the idea of something that can only be defined as 'evil' as being a real thing that exists or occurs through many misguided or arrogantly over reaching actions and beliefs of the men involved.

The other surprise I ran into may not be any thing new or surprising to some but it was to me because I had never dreamed there was actually a 'Harbin Beer'!

And here I am these days a non drinker.To top it off,,it's apparently the Chinese version of Busch.( pic )Although the American label is less similar.( pic )

There is actually a long and rather oddly interesting history associated with the brewery itself starting in 1900: ~Harbin Brewery is a Chinese brewery founded in 1900 by a Russian, Ulubulevskij, in Harbin, Manchuria.
Brief details:
Harbin is China's fourth largest brewery. Harbin is one of the oldest brewers in China, has a leading position in Northeast China and produces the Hapi beer brand.~
I do believe that if I happen to run into this brand by some chance I will have to partake for namesake.And than make a 'collectable' from the dead ones.Six or twelve if I have company during the act. I can display that next to my own Harbin Brand Hooch bottle I etched.( pic )
Just on the chance that someone reading this happens to know of a store this brand can be found,,let me know.I would find it interesting to know where it can be found,,in a brick and mortar store.
It's no big deal to find something on line these days,,but to know where the place is that you could walk in and buy it is a different thing in some weird way,to me anyway.
I do suppose I mean to say a more local store than Denver:
Harbin Lager, $3.49 a six-pack
I found another blogger who wrote something about it,,those are his pics above,,no I didn't hot link.
He said he bought all the store had,,the store is mentioned by name in his piece.
And another blogger put this up:
If you read it,,you'll see that he doesn't exactly think it's a bad thing.
And according to this fellow,,it sounds like a beer drinker may find it worth four bucks per 6:

I do like the look of the bottle they sell in China better.But I suppose it looks too much like American Busch to sell over here.
My name has more interesting things connected to it than I thought.Cool.

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