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Fair is fair,or is it? by Roy L.Harbin

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A quasi biographical set of accounts regarding working in America titled "Fair is fair,or is it?" by Roy Harbin 

  This is not meant to be a definitive statement regarding anything other than that these are events that happened in the authors life.
  Sure,,there are elements strongly indicative of immigration issues being a particular focus of this essay style written work but that is simply a result of there being such issues in existence.This piece is a look back at the same issues through the course of the authors life.Yes,,one could rightfully say the writing of this piece was inspired by such current topics yet to say it is stating any particular stance,,or if it was intended to present any such rather than simple recounts from the authors memory about the events would be patently incorrect.
  Regardless,,if any one were to find it offensive at any point,,in any way,,well,, please,,stop reading it immediately at the point you become offended.Do not continue reading it.And please understand that your offense at it simply means it wasn't written for those with your viewpoint or ideology.
  Because,,,it was wrote to give an account of certain events in the life of the author brought to mind by the current events regarding such issues as immigration.
  Again,the accounts are not definitive nor all inclusive regarding any events other than wrote is included.There are many other things and events between and surrounding these events in this piece that may not be mentioned nor are names of the people or places used.
  If you read it and would like to give me a reasonablely stated review,commentary or even rebuttal,retort or response that isn't full of spleen juice,,feel free to clik the appropiate link to the left and do so.
  Or if you know me from Excite say something on the forums politics board ,,let me have it there,,I have no control over that place.
  Or you could click over here to a friends bravehost forum and drop a few lines,,he wouldn't mind a little action on that board.(yeah,,I did the logo for it a while ago)
  But he will squash spleen filled comments,,he's like me that way,,if you can't say it reasonably,,you must not want it to be considered reasonable nor reasonably.So in such a case,,why waste bandwidth on it by letting it clutter up a message board?
  I will admit to being interested in some folks opinions of my actual writing ability,,In other words,,I do hope somebody finds something likeable about it.Yet,If not,,oh well,,here it is anyway:

Part one lead in to:
Fair is Fair,or Is It? by Roy L.Harbin
 I am an American,,from a long line of Americans.My family goes back many generations here in America on both my mothers and fathers side.
 I have Dutch,,Native American,German,Irish and English ancestors on both sides.To the best of my knowledge they were all legal under the then existing immigration laws.
  Grade school was good to me,,I enjoyed it.Don't most kids?I remember there being students of many diverse ethnic backgrounds,,among which was european, hispanic and asian.That is of course to the best of my recollection.That may be a little faulty since I don't seem to recall those kids,,my friends,,in those terms unless you asked me to describe how they looked.As a matter of fact,the only real stupid stuff that happened in a way that could possibly be considered racially
oriented in any way was a five way battle royal on the first graders playground sometime in the first few months of first grade that involved me,,a white kid,,short,fat,freckled,pale,blonde and blue eyed and four 'american of african descent kids' of various shades of brown.At that point in time,,it was acceptable to say Negro.No,,I wasn't raised with the understanding that the currently notorious 'n' word,,nigger,,as being assosciated with anyones skin color at all
in any way.If my parents heard me or my siblings use it as merely an indicater of race,,it was quite likely a backhand punishable crime if they were within arms reach.
 It was a word used to indicate a persons particular life style that tended to include nasty,unneeded mess,clutter or perhaps such as ones attitudes toward other people.In my house,,Archie B. was often called a
nigger himself in response to his characters proclivities.And there was never a need to make a 'color' distinction if one called someone that since the color of the 'nigger' was self evident.
 As to the cause of the battle royal,,I don't know.As to the victor,,I don't know.The only memory I can drudge up from right before or right after something regarding me showing someone how to tie their shoe laces.As to the resulting dynamics between us five.I remember those four as pretty much my best friends during those early years.Me and one of them shared a desk for several graded.In first grade we established ourselves as 'recalitrant desk drawers'.
 Personally,,that was the first and only time I ever received a paddling in school.The next time it came up,,I opted for detention or suspension,Principals pick.But that's another story.
 The other three and him and I and a few others,were a little 'clique' during those school years.And as far a I can tell,,we all actually liked to learn.School was cool back then.I actually have a lot of fond memories of back then still vibrant in my minds eye today.But anyway,,we all seemed to urge and encourage each other to excell.Sure,,we were only grade schoolers but I like to think that there are a lot of similar folks who started and stayed non division oriented according to the colors but by attitudes and behaviour.One was even of a religious faith that forbid him from Pledgiing Allegience to the flag and participating in any Bible related 'a.m.
readings' that was common there and then.It wasn't a big deal,,he just stepped outside.And we all knew how he felt even though he did as his family told him to.It made him sad that he couldn't do it because he wanted to do it.He didn't talk about it much but I knew him for a while and it was allways the same as long as I did.And he knew all the words anyway and I seen him with a KJV New and an Old T many times.
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Fair is Fair,Or is it?©2007/RoyL.Harbin®

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