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Wee!Gee! prt 8 by Roy L.Harbin

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Wee!Gee! part eight by Roy Harbin

  Standing there waiting for Johh to come back with the roll of tape I really hoped was still on top of the mantle where I had put it the other day,,I realized the planchette seemed to be moving again.Not like it had before,,but in a way that seemed more sneaky like and sinister seeming.

  From the skittery sensations vibrating through my right hand on the bottom of the box it seemed as if the planchette was moving from the front right side leftward.It apparently was pinched by the tightened confines caused by the weight of the paver and the force from my hands since the skitteryness of it motion was no where near as rapid as it had been previously.

  I tried to look up and into the open back door to see if John was on his way back yet but I simply could not pull my eyes away from the point where it seemed the planchette was in it's journey around the box while seemingly trying to stay as far away from my hands as possible.

  As it came around the left corner and started toward the back of the box it's motion stopped about half way and began to retreat,,away from me.It's sinister skittering allmost seemed to get a little more furtive and perhaps panicky or anxious sounding as it did.

  After it had reached the same point on the other end it had just began to head back when I became aware of John standing there next to me saying,,"Dude,,hey,,hey,,,here's the tape.What do you want me to do?" Looking at him I said,,"Tape the ends closed.Just start wrapping it around it like you're winding a yo-yo."

  As I said that,,I got a look at the roll of tape and was relieved to see that there was plenty on it."Put it on a quarter inch thick,,John,,wrap it up tight.This thing's freaking me out,man!" , "Okay,,I got it,," , "Hurry,John," , "I gotit,I gotit,," ,"hurry up,,wrappit,hurry,," , "I am,okay?" ,"okay,but hurry up,","hey!,I got it,,you ain't the only one tripping out here,dude!Okay?" , "Geez,,okay,,but hurry up,,it's coming around this side over here,,that enough on that side!" , "It's moving?!" , "Yes,John,,remember?In the hall?Well,,it still is so hurry up,,willya'?"

  Since he had stopped moving on hearing it was still moving but it was after he tore off the tape,,I turned and shoved the still untaped end in his direction saying,,again,,"Hurry up willya?This thing's freaking me out,dude!"

  He didn't say another word.And if there was some kind of record for unrolling a roll of tape unto a box,,he would have been the 'eternal champ' because with in a wink it seemed the end of the roll came around and there appeared to be way more than the quarter inch thickness I had suggested for the other end.

  Not bothering to wait for him to seperate the roll from the tape I quickly stepped over to the open garbage can and keeping my right hand on the bottom for as far as I could,,I then pulled it out from beneath the box and shoved down with my left.Thus cramming the rectangular box down into the round bottom of the can with enough force to jam the ends inward conforming them to the shape of the can.Then,,without any apparent gap in our motions,,like a well practiced move,,as I brought my head and shoulders up put of the way,,John brought the can lid down and set it securely on to the top of the can with a very satisfying 'schninck".

  Standing there motionless for a few moments,,probally just a couple of heart beats that seemed like a lot longer,, staring at the now closed garbage can,,I realized there was a bit of noise around us that I hadn't noticed while this was happening.For one,,there was the music coming from my room,,,and it seemed it had gotten louder than I thought while we were in the hall.

  For another,,there was the sounds of a down winding siren coming from the front of the house.And there were flashing lights reflecting off of the building and trees around us.

  John looked at me,,his face set in a sort of,,'okay,,now what' look and asked,,"Cops?" to which I replied,,after looking at the lights bouncing around,,"It doesn't look like a lot of blue,,maybe one,,and that's an ambulance siren I think.Go tell them to stash my stash and I'll go out front and look."

  Without another word from either of us,,allmost as if what we had just did had not actually happened,,,he went back in the kitchen door and I walked around to the front of the house through the alleyway.Not thinking as I made my way out to the front and not even having the narrator voice that was so vocal a few minutes ago spouting off even a little,,I took in the scene across the street as it came into my view.

  There was a cop car,,and an ambulance parked in front of the doors to the apartment building across from our house.The paramedics were bringing someone out on a gurney,,picking their way down the short decorative looking steps between the doors and the curb where the ambulance sat with it's doors open and a cop standing there writing on a clipboard.He looked up at our house briefly then went back to writing as the music from my room stopped.

  Watching for the few moments it took for them to load the patient I could make out that it was an older person on the stretcher but not what that persons gender was.Not surprised,,since there were quite a few scenes like this as the mainly older set of residents succumbed to the ravages of age and living on this planet,,just saddened and yet also relieved it was only that and not cops at my front door,,which I went to and opened it with a twist of the handle,,it was unlocked,,of course.Stepping in,,and with one last look and a thought for the well fare of the unknown oldster,,I shut,,and locked the front door.

  Getting to the hallway I seen my jeans laying where I had forgot I dropped them.Stooping to pick them up,,thoughts of the recent occurance went through my head,,stopping with a jerk at the point where John asked,,'Did they take it with them when they left?' Briefly considering whether or not I should go look for it in the candle stinking room that was Dales or just go take a shower and return to Melissas company,,,I went to take a shower.

  Stepping into the bathroom,,which was no where as clean and tidy as I had last seen it before I went to work,I grabbed the last clean towel out of the cabinet and hung it and my jeans on the towel bar.Putting the toilet seat down,,I sat down to shed my shoes and socks.As I got to my second foot I was waging a battle in my mind as to thinking about what had happened or thinking about what may happen with Melissa.I desperately wanted to just think about the possibilities concerning Melissa.Yet,,the events kept replaying themselves in my minds eye.

  "In other words,," came that pesky,,yet often invaluable,,inner voice of mine,,'half yo ass is in the Twilight Zone and the other half is coming unglued." , "Exactly." I said out loud while standing up,unbuttoning and pulling my shirt off.

  As I undid my belt,my pants button,unzipped,dropped my drawers and was pulling my right foot out of them a very approving sounding ,,allmost cooing,,beautiful feminine voice came from the now open door,,that I had failed to lock,, saying,, "Absolutely." Looking at the wide smile on Melissas face with an equally wide smile on my own I calmy said,,"No fair,,I ain't looking at you nudely,,er,,rather I am,,and you're not." Giggling at that,,and turning reddish all around her neck and cheeks,,but not looking away from a rapidly reddening,,and stiffening part of my exposed nekkidness,she asked,,"Is it okay out front?John said you went and looked."

  Stepping the rest of the way out of my pants,,I casually reached over and took my time turning on the water in the shower and pulling the shower curtain closed to keep the water from splashing out.Facing her full on,,I said,,"They were taking an old person out on a gurney.There was only one cop,,no big deal,it's cool,they'll be gone soon."

  She had protruded a bit more of her torso into view and I could see a tiny bit of her body had also stiffened.There was a very delicious looking half inch tall mound making a tempting tent in her blouse.After looking casually at the pretty nip,,I looked her square in the eye and said,,"Now,,unless you wanna share a shower with me,,and that is an invite,,could you leave?You're making it very,very hard on me."

  "Oooh,,did I do that?" was her response,accompanied by a very exaggerated 'oggling' of the 'that'.To which I had to say,,"Yes,,and unless you want to see it do some tricks,you might want to step back out through the door,,it's loaded." Looking straight at the member in question she said huskily,,"And building pressure too,I see.Oh,,I do want to see it do some tricks,,but later.Wash it good for me,,'kay?"

  As she pulled her head and shoulders out I quippingly said,,"I'm glad you're not as scared of this one as you were the last one you seen tonight." Stopping her withdrawal,,she stuck her head back in and said,,"Not at all,,but it does make me hungry."

  Supressing a quiver but not being able to hide the pleasure her words gave me since my barometer was stuck right out in plain sight,,being avidly read by her beautiful now smouldering green eyes,,I asked,,"Are you sure?It's not a real big meal." Her eyes met mine and twinkled like stars do in a bright clear cold crisp night sky before she again pulled her head out of the bathroom while saying,,adamantly,,,"Absolutely!"

  Since the door clicked shut I gave into the quivering fit that I had shrugged off,,goose bumps erupting all over my body while once again thanking God that man had invented liquor,,took a few deep breaths and stepped under the unadjusted for comfort,still straight cold water jetting from the shower head.Even with the icy sensation I couldn't get my fully aroused body part to deflate. Not untill I let the events in the hall and out back come to mind again.

  Allmost immediately,,deflation occured,,along with a new goose bump eruption of a different sort and I was adjusting the temperature of what I was going to make a very quick shower.

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