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Wee!Gee! prt 10 by Roy L.Harbin

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Wee!Gee! part ten by Roy L.Harbin

  Sheryl came up next to me and asked,"Are you gonna help Andrew call the spirits that he wants to talk to?" ,"Well,I'm here to do something.I guess I don't know just yet." Mindy spoke up and told Sheryl,"Andrew wants him to read those magic words we heard him saying in his room.","Oh?They're scarey sounding,,I don't like hearing them."

  "Well",Andy said as he came back in the room,"You're gonna hear them tonight,Sheryl.And I hope I get to talk to what they bring up."

  "Hey,Andy,,I thought that you only needed the board and pointer thing to have them communicate with you.So what's up with this incanatation stuff?" I asked him this with all seriousness since from what I knew,,that was the case with a ouijie board,,you only needed the board,a pointer and at least two to touch it.His reply sounded reasonable,,but oddly disquieting,,it made me nervouse for some reason,,"If the board and pointer works like that,,then adding 'summoning' incantations should make it just work easier or better,right?" , "I guess,,but what kind of summoning?Aren't most of them that you find meant to call a particular spirit?" , "Aww,you can swap names and they don't have to be demons,,you can summon all kinds of different things if you do it right."

  "Who are you wanting to call up?" , "I really don't know,,I was thinking I would like to ask Harbin what was the last thing he was working on,,or Houdini,,he said he would give evidence for the afterlife to some folks in a seance.Cayce would be neat,,but I don't know what I would ask him." Watching his face as he spoke,,I could tell he wasn't as as sure that he wanted to do this as he made out he was."What's the matter,Andy?Do you think they might get mad at you or something?"

  His reply was soft and kind of low as he said,"Sort of,,who would you want to talk to?" Before I got a word out,Sheryl said,"Abraham Lincoln,,I have to do a report on him and I want to know if he really was a rassler." Me and Andy started laughing but Mindy said,,"Yeah,,why not Abraham Lincoln,he was nice wasn't he?I don't want to see nothing scary Andrew.If you scare Sheryl or me,,I'm gonna tell Mom you played with that board after she told you not to!" Andy stopped laughing and said loudly,"If you do,,she will know you were messing with it too,you little stupid dummy.!"

  "So?I'll just say you made me do it.She knows you're allways making me do stuff!"And she believes me more than she does you!" I took the chance to point out,"It's 10 till.Who we calling up?Let me see this summoning spell,is it a weird language or something?" , "No,,but there are some key words,,I think they are called Ee-knock-ee-an or something like that."

  Looking at the papers he pulled out I asked him,"Where did you find these?" Rifling throught them while talking he said,"From a book in the public library,,I looked for like 3 weeks before I found them in a reference book so I copied them." , Coming across a particular one he stuck it up in front of my face and said,"This is the summoning one."

  Taking it from him,,I looked at the words which were in English but had many strange words capitalized throughout the page.It was hand wrote and in his handwriting.At the top it simply said 'summoning' from pg something or other and a book and author name.

  "Hey,,,are their instructions for this?" , "Yes,,I copied the whole chapter.Why?" I looked at him like I did my older brother when he expected me to do his homework for free."Why?You should allways read the instructions and warnings.Haven't you ever watched a horror movie?Isn't that what allways goes wrong in those stories you read?Someone doesn't read or doesn't follow the directions or ignores the 'curse' and everybody starts getting dead.Right?Where's the directions,Andy?"

  "Right here." He handed me two pages.Front and back."Is this all?I should have got here earlier." I started reading it,mostly aloud so they could hear it too.There was the normal stuff telling whoever does this that they can easily lose life,limb,sanity and soul.And some stuff about keeping to the 'pattern' that you make,,with great care,,and do the summoning from inside of.I stopped at that point and asked Andy,,"What about that?Do you have the stuff to make the pattern?Where are we going to make it?"

  He held up his hand which had a few pieces of school chalk in it and gestured with his other that had the papers in it toward the open space at the end of the porch toward the cemetary."Just move those toys." , "What about the pattern and instructions for making it?"

  Sheryl said poutingly,"Andy,,you said I could help draw it." , "You can Sheryl,,unless you keep bugging me.Mindy will do fine."

  After I just took all the papers and spread them out on the table I realised that he had nothing the list called for.I was actually surprised."Andy,,where's the candles?Holy water?And the pattern can't be drawn with chalk,,you need salt and sulphur.The candles are supposed to be 'swine tallow'?You have that stuff?And what is this about a 'virgin of less than 12 years of age' who is supposed to,,Andy what is this?"

  He looked at me and laughed then said,,"All we need is the pattern,the words,the gestures and the object.Since the object is allready 'a vessel or conduit' then the other elements aren't needful." ,"And you think so,,why?" , "I've studied it front to back and not all rituals have to have all the elements or even any in some cases, that one man says use.It's mainly symbology and intent,,or will.It's about desire and strength of self.In this case all we need is the symbols there,,and for someone to say the words while the others respond.My sister is a virgin,,I'll have her hold the chalk while I draw the symbols and pattern,," , That made me laugh and say,,"You can draw it yourself Andy or does it have to be a girl?" , He blushed and said,,"has to be a female.But that and any kind of candle for the fire element and we have all we need."

  "Well,,if we gonna do it it's time to get to doing it,,look at the clock,start drawing the pattern,,where's the candles?"

  He ran from the room and his two sisters looked at me and said in a rather weird way,,"We're virgins.",,which made me very uncomfortable.I said in response,,"Yes,,you are." The idea of them doing what the paper called for was very disturbing,,since I assumed they didn't know about those details,,I said nothing,,just looked at the papers until Andy got back.As he approached I picked up the page with those details on it and asked him,,"You don't intend for this to go on do you?" Looking at it,,he said "No,,not at all.There's no need,,like I said.Just her holding my chalk will be enough since we have the ouijie board,,well,,that one any way.It's pure pagan,,those kinds of 'portal items' have strong forces associated with them.Many are formed in 'blood rites' and so fresh isn't needed." , "Why not?" , "Residual charge from past sacrifices.Strong stuff hangs around a while.And I wouldn't be trying this if I didn't have the board.I don't want to do that stuff to no one,,if I don't have to,,do you?" , "No,,and what do you mean,,if you don't have to,,?!"

  Laughing again,,like it was a big joke,,,,he kicked some stuff out of the way and said,,"Come here sweet sister of mine and hold my chalky stick like a good little thrall wench.",,which made me even more apprehensive.It started to seem like all the stuff people imagined or made up about him might be truer than I had believed.

  Shrugging it off I grabbed the candles,,9 in all.Three were used birthday candles.Mindy,,who had been standing wide eyed to the side watching all this said,,"Those are from my last birthday cake." After that,,as I began lighting the candles and placing them in the appropriate locations as Andy and Sheryl drew the pattern,,I remember the way the place looked seemed to shift somehow,,like the contrast in the colors nd light of the room deepened.Darkening and lightening at the same time in equal proportions.As though each quality of light and the state of an absence of light became more of what each was.

  Of course,,that isn't the way I framed it at that time,,it just looked weird and eerie aftr that.And even more so as Andy finished and turned off the light.Handing his sisters a candle each,,he took one and said,,"That one's yours,Mindy,sit next to him and hold your candle so he can see the paper better.We all sit in the circle,," he placed the board on the floor in the box-plate symbol and sat a little off to one side in front of it.Sheryl sat over on the other quadrant where he pointed.I and Mindy took corresponding positions as he finsidhed with,,"we each keep two fingers on the planchette while he reads the words,,and you girls say what I told you to when I nod at you,,after that's finished we ask the board what we will."

  "It's now midnight,Andy.",Sheryl said in a smaller voice,her eyes wide and glaringly white with the pupils as black as the sky between stars in the hi contrast view I was experiencing.The words,,written in simple pencil graphite,,seemed printed with black marker on bright yellow paper with green lines crossing it.They were blue any other time,,and the red line running vertically delineating the margin appeared as red as blood from a package of thawed frozen beef from the grocery store."Go ahead,,start reading,,it's better if you finish with in the first two minutes."

  To this day,,after reading the first line,,I do not remember the actual sound of me reading the rest of the words aloud.I know I did,,I just do not remember hearing the sound of my own voice saying them.After Andy and the two girls said there part the first time,,I heard that,,my own voice is simply absent from my memory.As I was trying to read the words in the flickering candle lights,,I was aware of the sound of everything else hearable,,but not my own voice.The wind outside,, cricketts,barking dogs,,someones tv,,the other threes quivery breathing,,like a recording,,but not my voice.From the looks on their faces,,I wasn't the only one seeing and hearing things a bit different from the usual.

  About two thirds of the way through,,and after the fourth 'refrain' which had seemed to increase in volume with each time they said it,,I heard what sounded like keys in a door followed smoothly by a door opening.Andy heard it too,,as well as each of the girls.Their eyes should have started bleeding as buggged out as they got.And when a loud,gratingly shrill voice echoed through our heads like a sax with a split reed in a cave,saying,,"Where are you kids at!",they all three screamed and Andy said,,"It's Mr's Sullivan!Get out quick,no one's supposed to be here!" He jumped up and started blowing out candles and,,well,,I don't know what else he did.I was allready pushing open the screen door and bounding over the steps,,hitting the ground running and scooting around the house the same way I came up.There was some bushes at the corner of the house which I ducked into,,waiting to see if I heard the old lady come all the way to the back of the house or stay out front where she may see me come out from behind the house on my way to the road out front.The night seemed like one of the blackest nights one could imagine,,the hi contrast effect I experienced inside was still affecting me,,the dark was not just night dark,,it had all the tangibility as a sack made of absolutely nothing.Like coal black cotton that had nothing but depth to it yet seemed solid as a brick.What little light managed to pierce this darkness seemed a million miles away and sharp as razors when it reached my eyes.

  I heard her voice come to the back porch and I began to work my way through the bush to get around the corner of the house and head out.As I began to emerge from the bush into the side yard,,I seen a sight that made me prickle from head to toe like a gajillion needles each hooked to a nine volt battery.

  There against the wall next to the window was a figure of what appeared to look like a man.His form was in the dark but was clearly visible to me as though drawn with what few colors visible in the night.No color of him was not present in my view of our surroundings.He was clear yet,,vague at the same time.I can't actually describe it,,I don't have words for it,,but even though he was plain,,there was a lack of definition.Not exactly fuzzy,,more like an unfinished illustration.The edges of what made his form simply became the night.

  He was in profile to me,,his undefinite face seemed to be peering in the window,,his hands not on the sill but in the sill up to his elbows.Like the rest of him,,the form of his arms simply appeared to become the wall at the point of contact,the darker colors of his limbs blending into the color of the wall.As a baby thought regarding the likely hood of him actually wearing a stove pipe style hat and having an Amish type beard barely formed in my mind,,I turned and ran out of the bush,across Andys back yard,somehow got over the chain link fence of his back door neighbor,,ran through their yard with out encountering their big black shepherd,,out the gate,,down their driveway,,,,and turned left toward the cemetary. Stopped in front of the next house,,stared at the headstones picked out by the glow of the street light on the corner,, turned and ran back the other way.I didn't stop until I got to the corner of my street three blocks away.

  Pausing in the boulevard to suck air in front of Tina V's house,,that image was still in front of my eyes.In the colored blobs of light that sometimes comes from straining your eyes in the dark,,or from exertion and panic I could see it.The thought that it may just be there on the other side of the blobby light dancing in my view sent me dashing past the last three houses,up to my door and in so quick I didn't even bother being quiet.

  I darted into my room where my tv was on making low sounds accompanied by my two friends snores.Feeling the need for light,,I went to the bathroom and turned the light on,shut the door and went to turn the water on in the sink.As I reached for the coldwater knob,,I realized I still had the papers in my hand.Astounded,,I took them with my other hand and looked down at them.

  In my minds eye,,as I stepped out of the shower and began toweling off,,I realised,,in an odd kind of eidietic epiphany exactly what I had looked down at before I dropped the papers into the bathroom trash can and splashed cold water on my face several years ago,,,

  ,,'who so ever completes this rituals vocal rites and limbic gestures yet does not have all the items,powders, tokens and sacrifices listed herein or uses them woth out properly preparing and dutifully consecrating said paraphanalia will most likely not live past the ending sylable as the 'pattern' is the resistors citadel.Whosoever starts these vocal rites and limbic gestures and does not completely execute them appropiately will have oportunity to complete the 'contest of wills' with the named entity initiated by them,with those words and gesturs,,at a later time in that persons life.That will be through the syllabus and symbiolgy of what ever the resident entity of the focus container for the rituals purposes or as pertains to it's desires at the time which the powers find oportune and appropiate.This is a more dire circumstances than a mistake in prepatory pattern may result in as the entities then have more vigor and extrude out of their realm at their discretion having an unbridled,unrestrained,unbridled influence.Often this results in widespread atrocities of catestrophic proportion in the surrounding populace.As allways ones best defense is,,if perchance one has acquaintance with Him,,The Name is the trump if the trump has your name writ in His book that resides in His Hand held by Him on the seat to the right of The Most High."

  That sometimes helpful narrator voice decided to show why I say 'sometimes helpful' by spitting out,,'Now you remember.Do you think that has anything to do with this?Doo-de-doodoo-doo-dee-doodoo,,we're there!'

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