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Wee!Gee!prt 12 by Roy L. Harbin

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Wee!Gee! part twelve by Roy L. Harbin

- The meadow was beautiful,,as was the late afternoon day.The smell of grass,flowers,female and something else wafted through the air.Looking out over the soft contoured shoulder my chin was resting on,,I watched a horse drawn wagon come slowly into the beautiful meadow.It had a large blue glass like tank thing on it with the word 'Absolutely' in big sparkly silver colored letters across the side facing me.

  That's when I realized what that other smell was,,Absolute vodka and thought to myself,,'cool,,but,,what's that other smell?'

  "It's da weed,dude.All meadows have some weeds in them." said the wagon driver."It's just a shame it's not allways the good weeds.Sometimes though,,it is the good weeds." He had climbed down from the buckboard while saying this.He turned,looked around,,took a big smelling whiff and said,,"Now,,that's the good weed." He smiled a great big smile then came over closer to me and the woman I was laying with.Looking down at me he tapped my foot with his and said,,"What time do you have to get up?Don't you have to work today?"

  Not quite comprehending why he was asking me that question,,I looked up at him and asked,,"Who cares?Can't you see who I am laying here with?Forget the club,,Aloisias can handle a shift alone,,I know I have done it often enough. Now,, unless you're gonna tell me where the weeds are or crak out some of that Absolute ya got over there,,Go Away!"

  He tapped my foot again and said,,"If you don't wake up you won't figure out the question,,you pale native.What time do you have to go to work,man?And why are you two on the floor?You have a bed right there."

  Looking where he gestured to,,I seen my bed.The meadow was gone,,the wagon was too.But the odors and the shoulder was still there.Looking back up at the wagon driver,,I could see it was Dale.

  Standing in my room.Smiling.Smoking a joint.

  Looking past him at my clock I could see I had about 45 minutes before I needed to be at work.

  Dale,,in between puffs and small exhales from the doob he was hot boxing like a kid smoking a cig in the school bathroom between classes said,"And,,puff,,what are you ,,puff,,pu-cough-puff,,doing on the floor,dude?Oh,,and thanx,,I found this laying over there." He sorted of waved the short spliff and smiled a big ol'grin again,,knowing I didn't really care,,"So long as you didn't get in my stash,,a roach ain't a big deal,,and you did do something for it.Thanks for waking me up,Dale."

  Taking a break from hot boxing the remains of the spliff he said,,"Yeah,,I figured you didn't set your alarm,,John said you guys got well fried and all bleary eyed after I left last night.I just got home and you're usually up by now if you have to work,,do you?"

  "Yeah,man,,I do,," Looking down at Melissa sleeping peacefully,,I finished softly with,,"unfortunately." Then standing up I said to Dale,,"She was on the bed when I went to sleep."

  "Hey,,I guess she likes ya enuff to sleep on the floor with you.She might be a keeper,bro." He turned to walk toward the door as I recalled the words he spoke as he woke me up."Hey,Dale,,what was that 'can't answer the question if I don't wake up' bit about?"

  He responded with,,"I didn't say nothing like that.You must have been dreaming,dude." as he left the room pulling the door shut behind him.

  Looking down at the sleeping Melissa I thought to myself,,"Yeah,,I was dreaming,,but it was half true.She was real."

  At that moment,,the sleeping beauty on the floor stirred and seemed to curl in on herself as though chilled.Reaching over to the bed,,I grabbed the top blanket off of it and spread it over her.After watching her snuggle into it,,I went out to the kitchen to make some coffee after stopping off in the bathroom to wizz,splash some water on my face and chew some Colgate.

  As I stepped into the kitchen I seen Amanda making coffee.She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled real big while saying loudly,,"Good morning!I am so sorry about last night,,I think I did a little too much coke on top of not eating much for a few days.And then the beers and vodka must of just pushed me right into la-la land.I do apologize."

  Stopping in mid step,,stunned at her suddeness and brevity,,it took me a minute to fully absorb what she said.As it kind of settled in,,I asked,,"You are making coffee,,right?Just plain normal Maxwell House,,right?" , "Yes,,Maxwell House,,I didn't bring none of that flavored mix I had last week.Dale asked me to make some for you.", "What was that last week,,hazelnut?" , "Yes.Did you like it?" , "Uh,,no,,not much.It was more like a 'dessert' flavor or something.Okay on occasion but not all the time."

  Finishing pouring the water in and putting the pot under the drip spout she grabbed a paper towel to dry her hands and said,,"It's on,it will be done in a few minutes.Is Melissa still here?"

  "Yeah,,she's in my room asleep still.Does she have to go to work or somewhere else that you know of?" , "I'm not sure."

  I said,"Thanks for making coffee,Amanda." then turned and went back to my room.As I stepped into the hall,,I thought I heard a voice,,not Amandas,,in the kitchen say,,"Get some rat pison." and Amanda said,,"No." Then Dales bedroom door opened and he stepped out into the hall,looked at me and asked,,"Did Amanda put on a pot of coffee?" , "Yeah.Dude,,is she okay?What happened last night after you two left?"

  This seemed to startle him.He stepped close to me quickly,glanced around toward the kitchen then whispered into my ear,,"I'll tell you later,I don't want her to hear us,okay?" Looking at me sort of bug eyed and grimace faced he mouthed the words,,'She's a freeek!I can barely walk.'

  Wondering why he thought I was asking about the sex aspect rather than the incident in the hall,,I just turned and went on in to my room.Stepping in,,I seen Melissa straightening up the bed.She had replaced the pillows and blanket and tucked everything in.I said,"Hey,,good morning,Melissa." Turning,,she smiled brightly and stepped to me saying,,"Good morning." ,,grabbed me in a hug and kissed me on the cheek.Just as quick,,she was behind me heading out the door with the words,,"I'll be back in a minute,," and something I didn't quite catch about,,'dragon breath,witches hair and a bursting bladder'.

  I walked to my closet and grabbed a shirt,put it on then found my shoes and socks.Sitting down at my little table,,wishing I allready had a cuppa in my hand,,I couldn't help but wonder what had went on with Amanda,,and why Dale had seemed to not remember the incident in the hall.And why is she here?I would think that she would be at least a little ashamed or maybe just a tad embarrassed.As that series of thoughts finished rolling through my head,,the narrator chimed in with,,'who spoke to her in the kitchen,,mmm?'

  That was a good question,,I was just in there with her,,there was no one else there,,and I did not hear the back door open.Narrator asked,,'what was that about rat poison?' , "Hey,,Amanda said no,thank God." , 'yeah,,this time.'

  Something else to consider.Having finished with my shoes and socks I stood up and began gathering the 'glasses and stuff' ,,placed them on the tray and sat them on my dresser while I wiped the table with some napkins.

  Tossing that in the trash I picked up the tray and headed for the door as it opened and Melissa,,smiling,,walked through it.I said,,"Good timing,sweetie,,thank you." and went started to head past her out the door saying,,"I'll be back in a moment." Then stopped suddenly right next to her.Would you like some water,or something else until the coffee is finished?I'm gonna grab a soda,,want one?Or some o.j.,,if there is any?"

  She considered a moment then said,,"A 7Up would do.", "Okee-dokee!" And I was in the hall,thinking that she still smelled nice even after getting well fried,bleary eyed and sloshed.And to think,,she curled up on the floor next to me.I felt humbled for some reason,,and immensly flattered.

  Getting to the kitchen,,I noted that the coffee was about two thirds finished as I set the tray down to place the dirties in the sink,turned the hot water on and began washing them.Placing everything in the drain board as I finished rinsing them,,I grabbed four cups down,set them next to the coffee maker,spun,opened the refridgerator,grabbed two 7Ups and zipped out of the kitchen.

  Heading to the front sitting room where I figured John was sleeping since he wasn't on the living room couch I stepped in, said,,"John." in a rather loud abrupt voice.Pausing while I tucked one soda under a forearm in order to free a hand to open the other and take a big swig,,winced at the sensation and tatste it made when combined with Colgate,,I took another and said,,"YO!John!You have to go to work don't you?"

  That was accompanied by a few kicks against the couch leg.He popped his eyes open as I finished taking another swig of soda,,belched and held the can out to him."It's almost 7,dude.Here.Coffees allmost done." He sat up,,said,,'monin', rubbed his eyes,,then took the can as I belched 'good morning' and left.

  Getting back to my room I walked in,wiped the 7Up can lid with my shirt,,popped the top and then handed it to Melissa with a smile and a 'your soda madam'.

  "Thank you' she said with a smile.Taking a few swallows,,she wiped her mouth,belched and said "Excuse me,,but ahhhh." then giggled adorably.

  "Do you want coffee?" , "Yes,,I do." , "It's allmost done."

  Standing up,,she stepped close to me and said,,"Thank you for puttng me in your bed,,Cindy was wrong,,you didn't molest me." , "Huh?What's that mean?" , "She said you would probally strip me and molest me if I fell asleep in your room." , "You sound dissapointed or something." , "I sort of am,,but I'm more glad that you didn't.Thank you."

  As I began to say,,"Well,,you're welcome." she leaned up and kissed me on the lips,,shutting me up and pleasing me immensly.Her arms went around me in a very nice embrace that no man could have resisted melting into.I coudn't and didn't.Wrapping my arms around her in a reciprical fashion,,I got lost in her lips,smell and the feel of her body pressed up against me.Along with all that was the feeling of an 'acceptence' of me,,by her,,on a very primal,more rather,,a visceral level that seemed to exude from her,,infusing me.I liked it,,,and was exeedingly glad I hadn't stopped at Park Place after work last night.

  We broke lip contact and she tucked her head into my chest and just squoze."I'm glad I met you." she said in a small soft voice.This filled me with such a feeling of satisfaction,,it seemed I might begin to tear up.

  Allmost as if on cue,,Amandas voice came from the other part of the house through the door and slammed into my ears saying,,"Coffees done,you guys!"

  Pulling away from her,I asked,,"Do you have to work?I do." ,"Yes,but not 'till eleven.I get off at three." , "Me too,,but I have to be back by seven." Her eyes were glittering as she asked,,"Can I come over?" , "I'll pick you up on my way home if you want me to." , "Would you like to go to the beach?" , "Will you wear a skimpy suit?"

  Laughing,,a beautiful sound,,making me think of clear crystal and sunshine,,she headed for the door saying,,"You'll see." Smiling broadly,,invisioning the lithe form walking away in jeans wrapped instead in a sparce smattering of brightly colored cloth,,I trailed behind her to the kitchen to get a cuppa.

  Dale,John and Amanda was in the kitchen.With a little more than a slight feeling of relief I seen that John had appointed himself 'coffee expiditor' and was doling out condiments into the four cups I had taken down.Walking to the cabinet next to him,,I grabbed out another one and said,,'nothing'.He smoothly grabbed the pot,,poured my cup full,,then started on the four lined up."Melissa,,what do you take in yours?"

  "Nada" was the reply from where she had taken a seat at the table.Setting the pot back,,John nodded at the one on the end closest to me.I picked it up along with mine and walked to the table to set hers in front of her then stood next to her blowing a little on my coffee in between trying to take a sip.

  Looking around while doing so,,I seen Amanda was apparently having a little internal struggle,,based on the small contortions flitting across her face.Dale seemed like he was aware of it,,but said nothing.John,,while handing off Dales and Amandas coffee and stepping back for his said,,"I only have one class today,,what are ya'll doing later?" Melissa said,,"We're going to go to the beach,," then looking up at me with a slightly questioning look,,continued with,"right?" , "Yeah,,which one do you want to go to,,Jaycee,,Round Island,South Beach or The Pines?"

  Dale said,,"I like The Pines." which elicited a round of agreement from everyone,,even Amanda who had evidently ended her internal contortions,,said "It's secluded,,lot's of places to go.It is okay if I come,,isn't it guys?,,I'm really sorry about getting all bugged out last night."

  John spoke quickly,,saying,,"You and Dale ain't gonna be having no 'spooky sex' are you?Or what ever you two was doing,,you,,you,,man,,,you freaked me out!And you know that 'woojoo' board stuff ain't nothing to play with if you're from the wrong families,,don't you?"

  The look on Amandas face indicated briefly that she 'did' know.Dale looked at me with not just a little alarm on his face.Melissa started giggling,,with nervousness to my ear,,she could see Dales,,and Amandas face,,John and Amanda were on the other side of him.Amanda said,,"No silly,,not anymore,,I can't find the planchette."

  "You do remember what happened don't you?" was Johns question.Her answer was a low,,with eyes down,,'yes,I do,,and I am sorry,,I know he wouldn't do nothing to hurt me." Bringing her eyes up to look at mine she asked,,"You forgive me,,don't you?I'm sorry.You are one of the nicest people I know and you wouldn't hurt me on purpose with out a very very good reason."

  John,,voice becoming tinged with an edge seldom heard from him,,asked her,"What made you say that crap anyway?"

  She didn't answer immediately,,but no one seemed anxious to speak before she did.Dale,,who had began looking at a spot somewhere in the middle of the table with semi-glazed eyes,,stood up and went to the sink.Amanda watched him,then suddenly,quickly,,like pulling a bandaid off a scraped knee to reduce the pain,,said,,"It wasn't me,,it was the guide working the board,Sasabon Sam."

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