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Wee!Gee!part thirty eight by Roy L. Harbin

 Hiram knew it took Reez awhile after he had died before he was able to wriggle around the locks to some degree and find out that LeRoy had walked away until he was about ten feet from the canal lip,dropped his duffle on the sandy ground,squatted down and quickly pulled out a white,two and a half pound can of black powder,a roll of military green adehesive tape and a red bandana.
 After spreading the bandana out flat he opened the black powder can and poured about a pound into the bandana,twisted the corners together untill the fabric formed a taught ball then taped it secure leaving the ends of the bandana flopping like a turnip top.
 Setting this aside he then took one each of the three different canisters for his dessicator, taped them securely to the can of black powder so their ends stuck beyond the top edge before sprinting to the bridge about thirty feet away.
 Ducking down the bank he twisted their caps almost off and set the can upright in the sand about two foot from the waters edge around ten foot north of the bridge then hastily ripped some grass away from the south side of it.

 Climbing back up the bank he returned to his duffle,pulled out another powder canister, unscrewed the cap and trailed a line leading from about five foot in front of his position then quick stepped back to the bridge while sprinkling it parallel to the canal bank untill he ended at the waters edge about three feet north of the blackpowder can where he tossed the empty away.
 Having done so he quickly returned to his duffle once again and pulled out a bundle of rope along with a sixteen inch long dagger in a thick home made sheath.After cutting a three foot length off he tied it onto his dessicator to make a carry strap before closing the duffle almost all the way and slinging it around his neck and left shoulder.
 After sliding the double edged slender blade back into it's sheath he slid it between his belt and pants on his left hip before picking up the bandana bomb and shouldering his dessicator while muttering,"Oh,Lord.If you're not gonna make this go away then please let it go off well." right before Reez called out,"I'm done,Roy!"

 He responded with,"Time to go then Reez!" then watched his friend hustle to stow his gear before running around to the trucks drivers door while saying,""God be with you,Bright Raven!!"
 After replieng,"And with you old friend!" he continued with "Don't forget to open the valves on that spice gun before you use it.Now,hurry up so you can hide my truck good before they get here."
 As Reez cranked the truck and took off LeRoy enthusiastically yelled,"Go!Go!Go!" before the sand dust kicked up by the rapid takeoff caused him to cough and hack untill he seen the trucks brakelights flare,then turn off to the right and disappear.
  After a very short time that seemed a week long the sound of speeding vehicles coming over the hills ridge reached his ears as a greasy green ball of flame appeared about twenty feet in front of him which coalesced into a glowing humanoid form in the exact spot the truck had occupied that immediately began fading.

 LeRoys eyes seemed to glue themselves to the so absolutely black that it seemed to actually swallow even what little light there was hooded and cloaked form left by the rapidly disappearing flickers of greasy greenish phosphorescence against his will even as he realized that he had to reach into his left pocket to get the Zippo with which he had intended to light his bandana bomb.
 As he was about to drop the faux hold on the ground in order to do that he became aware of a slight metallic like whooshing sound growing from his left and decided to drop the bandana bound clump of blackpowder from his right hand so he could reach for the .380 tucked into his waist band.
 Pulling the gun from behind his back he shifted slightly to his right and fired at the man shaped blackness from the hip in one fluid motion slightly after the airy sound rushing upon him had ended in a set of three tiny pops almost directly in front of his face while the headlights of the first truck rushing towards him from his right filled the area with a flickering yellowish glow.
 Eyes still on his target LeRoy witnessed three glints streak toward the light swallowing form to enter the man shaped void directly in the middle of its suddenly visible chest where they impacted and shattered a crystal medallion stitched onto a heavy leather suit that appeared to be covered by a thick dark liquid substance that spattered outward along with the crystals shards of red and yellow as LeRoys hot piece of steel encased lead sizzled through the leather encased forehead.
 Barely glimpsing the stream of red liquidly arcing from the hole above and between the two eyes covered by dark lenses in a thick rubbery strap stretched tightly around the hood covered head LeRoy turned to face the truck that had barely slowed before expelling a roaring man from the drivers doors and continued it's path as two hooded and cloaked figures wearing tall leather hip boots leaped from its back where two barrels sloshed dark liquid untill it clumped to a stop over the fallen figure. 
 LeRoys kicking right foot sent the bandana bomb straight at the head of the leathery faced man clad in a thick long sleeved shirt and breeches tucked into high boots,a bandana over an apparently bald head that covered both ears entirely with a thick cloth around his throat.
 Reacting catlike to the suddenly approaching dust trailing ball the rushing man ducked reflexively straight into the left foot LeRoy lashed out heel first which connected with enough force to snap the mans head back amid fatal sounding cracking noises while the blackpowder package flew over the other two men rushing toward him and ended it's arc against the windshield of the second truck which had been helped to a sudden stop by the thick sugar sand.
 As LeRoy bolted toward the bridge the driver barreled out of the cab amid the cloud of black powder dust that poofed from the bandana bomb which was coming to a rest on the hood of the truck he fired off a round at the sloshy sounding,hip boot wearing,hooded cape covered set of darkly glistening human bones that was  approaching slightly ahead of it's slimy leather encased companion whose goggle faced forms body made one think of a bag of sticks then another in the direction of the second trucks decanted passengers.

 His first lead missle cracked through the beings goo covered sternum and ripped a hole in the top of the red fluid oozing leather bag held suspended in the bony cage by silver chains that then splashed out in splattering gobs and streams which became a sparkling shower in the red light sparked off by LeRoys second shot as it richocheted off the truck hood about six inches from the bandana bomb.
 The dust filled air turned into a fizzling fog out of which suddenly blossomed a red and yellow puff ball that spewed flame and black acrid smoke over the truck cab,it's driver and the hooded,cloaked form scrambling around the front of the truck through the deep sugar sand accompanied by a slushy thump.
 Ducking reflexively at the sudden sound LeRoy impulsively uttered a Curly-esque "Ngah-ngah-ngah!" while tucking his pistol away and accelerating his dash into a full out run along the canal before holding the decoy high in his left hand and letting out a perfectly executed "Woop-oop-oop-oop-oop-oop!" that ended in a smirky lopsided grin that went unseen by the two arm flapping fire dusted forms or the cloak covered bagless boney one vaulting out of the trucks bed.
 Without glancing back he kicked hard for two more strides then lept off the canal lip to land running just the other side of his pre-planted surprise where he let the fake hold drop from his hand to land with a slight skitter about a foot from the waters edge.
 Stopping his flight around ten foot beyond the other side of the bridge and about two foot into the knee deep water he quickly ducked his left hand into his duffle to pull out the scooter des mers Reez had given him while muttering,"Oh,God,,help me focus now." as the sound of a single guttural voice saying "Fuori dalla mia strada!" separated itself from the otherwise unintelligable roaring of the many that echoed through the bridge underpinings.
 Flicking out the flimsy,almost whispy piece of cloth about three foot by two foot so that it would land spread out flat on the slightly northward flowing water,paused a heartbeat,then placed his left foot squarely in the middle of the now absolutly rigid rectangle that never quite seemed to actually touch the water.
 Letting out an allmost silent "Thank You!" he secured a grip on his dessicator then left handedly pulled his .380 while watching the fellow he had kicked stop then stoop over the decoy after gesturing at LeRoy and barking "Presto! Prendetelo!" at his two truckmates who were allready rushing toward him at a breath taking speed.
 LeRoy fired off two rounds at the white target of the preplanted powdercan then splashed down into the water to land with his butt solidly on the canals white sand bottom while keeping his left foot firmly on the scooter as the can exploded into an expanding ball of smoke laced red and yellow flame that quickly became a violet and sky blue liquid like gaseous cloud that filled the space under the bridge with a sudden cracking boom.
 The beautifully colored blossom swept toward him engulfing the two approaching forms which simply dissapeared as it's writhing form rolled over them and then barreled toward LeRoy.
 Throwing himself backwards not quite half a blink before the force preceding the gurgling hissing blue and violet ball of dessication reached him did not spare him feeling pain as it's dehydrating wave swept excruciating prickles across the foot and lower leg held out of the water by the scooter des mers.
 As the totally dry air engulfed his leg his water covered eyes witnessed the beautifully terrifying sight of the water above him literally evaporating into the roiling tendrils of the unexpectedly awesome explosion.
 Just as the water disappeared completely from off his open eyed breath holding face and his skin began prickling while his eyes almost felt like their surfaces started cracking it immediately sloshed back over his forehead and glasses then flowed downward over his chest and began to refloat his still falling body.
 After holding his head under for two more heart beats LeRoy braced his left foot on the esoteric fabric with now dried out looked slightly curled corners,got his right leg under him,shoved with both elbows in order to stand up out of the water and watch the colorful remains of the explosions conflagration drift upward like a dual colored fog.
 Leaning on his left knee with his gun filled left hand he felt the still active effects of the explosive dessication as the moisture in his clothes,hair,eyes and skin left so painfully quick he thought he was going to dry up into dust to float upwards like the vegetation and about six inches of bank soil for a distance of twenty feet or so south of the bridge.
 Snatching his bone dry cap off his head with his right hand he scooped canal water over his body once before replacing it on his head with a second load still in it while speaking with a hoarse voice into the dry air as he watched the waterdrops on his glasses disappear,"Well,,I guess those grenades I made will work."
 After he replaced his pistol in his waist band he adjusted the duffle over his shoulder,leaned forward on his left foot,lifted his right onto the fabric platform now beginning to move north and gripped his dessicator in both hands with it pointed defensively at the spot where the trail led down the now desert dry plantless canal bank and under the bridge.
 He began to angle left so that he would pass under the bridge with it's center pilings between him and the eastern bank untill his scanning eyes spotted the decoy box sitting on the northern side not two feet from it's original position with one corner about two inches in the water.
 Muttering,"Well,,looky there.I get to play it out." he changed course with a twist of his feet and bent his knees as his speed increased dramatically.
 With an oddly foamy,effervescent yellowy gold colored yet extremely slight wake trailing his curving path he swooped along side the bank,scooped the box up with his right hand and let out an exuberant,"Weeeee!!" before changing the faux prize to his left hand and filling his right with his spice guns trigger grip.
 Standing up straighter as his arc took him toward the middle of the canal he lifted it high while hollering loudly and firmly yet in a definitately sarcastic tone,"Olly,Olly oxen freeeee!" then ducked as he cut right to scoot out from under the cloak covered hip boot wearing boney form that leaped off the bridge above and to the east of him.
  As a bright blossom of pain erupted in his left arm right below his deltoid he swerved left to accelerate north through the shower of water the leaping forms landing splashed into the air and fired at the goggled head to booted foot leather encased body leaping from the canal rim to his right.
 The liquidy gurgle of the spice guns lavender and sky blue tongue of dehydrating cool fire filled the air as the form passed into and through it to hit the canal bank with a sound like a sack full of dry sticks and mud then slide moaning into the water.
 LeRoy quickly scanned the east banks rim before glancing back to see the one from the bridge remove it's cloak and exclaim loudly "Damn! mwen rate sak nan vyann!" before slinging it into the water so that it hit flat then leap on it.
 "Oh,crap!" said LeRoy as he realized the Bone Man's cloak was a scooter des mers then turned back to focus on making his own go faster while a voice cried out from the the canal rim north of him,"Drop quella scatola, mortale!"
 Looking up he spotted the black powder charred and still smoking cloaked form of the second trucks driver pointing a revolver at him while striding toward the canal rim right before the tattered shirt over leather suited figure dropped flat as it's right foot crossed LeRoy's previously placed spice line.
 Smiling,he turned his attention back to staying ahead of the foamy yellow wake trailing,foriegn language cursing abomination following in his own now brightening effervescent wake.
 As his speed increased he crouched lower and began gaining some distance on his pursuer when the crack of a firearm from behind and hi to his right rang out and another bright white hot pain blossomed across his left arms deltoid.
 Not bothering to even glance at the burning spot LeRoy zigzagged while he unzipped his duffle far enough to stuff Schlomos faux hold into it with his left hand,pull out a Very pistol then spin his scooter one hundred and eighty degrees and come to a dead stop about thirty feet in front of his now rapidly approaching pursuer.
 Standing calmly in the middle of a bright golden pool of foam he aimed up and to his left then triggered the flare gun sending its illuminating blue white magnesium flare allmost straight at the pistol wielding form on the canal bank that hastily stepped a few feet to it's left while ducking and bobbing it's head right into the path of the fiery man made miniature meteor.
 Barely glimpsing the surprising impact of the flare into the cloaked forms right eye LeRoy focused on the nearer threat and fired his spice gun as the flare's hot,intense flame allmost instantly cremated the contents of the skull until light poured out of the once alive mans boiled away eyes,temples,nose,mouth and ears to turn his pallid face into a flaming visage from a psychcotics demetented nightmare and witnessed the dissapearance of his scooter riding pursuers skeletal form into the roiling,gurgling, hissing lavender and sky blue plume that spewed from his invention.
 After letting off the trigger he immediately swooped into a tight right hand turn to resume his north ward flight that allowed the bullet slightly preceding the sound of it's trajectories birth to whizz harmlessy past his own skull and kick up a splash about 6 foot in front of him.
 He ducked low,zagged,zigged,spun 180 degrees around,fired off another Very round at the undead thing with a now eyeless,skinless,bald,charred black,smoking skull that was taking aim at him,continued his spin untill he faced north again then accelerated to such a rate that his wake became a thirty foot long,fizzy,bright,short amplitude sine wave that lit up the canal walls on both sides enough for the grasses and brush to throw darting,dashing shadows and turn the tea brown water into an amber trough of pulsing light before it faded out.
 Leroy kept up the rapid pace for a bit before his spice enhanced vision could make out the northern bank of the intersecting east west canal that he was to take east to the watermarker station.
 Without slowing he stowed the Very pistol,slung his dessicator over his right shoulder,swung the duffle behind his back,shifted until he was facing squarely straight ahead in a squatting position then reached both hands forward to tightly grasp his waverunners leading edge.
 After a moments pause during which his lips moved silently and his darkness piercing hazel eyes stared at the now quite close and still rapidly approaching earthen wall he sprang up and forward while keeping a firm grip on the scooters fabric as it's glow suddenly winked out and his legs flipped over his head sending him flying face up and feet forward onto the brush and reed grass canal bank where he impacted about eight foot up with a thud only to slide bouncingly down to stop on a little grass covered sand bar rising about two foot above the waterline.
 Quickly sitting up he peered through the grassy brush southward while working to quell the noise from his rapid breathing to see only canal banks,brush and slow moving water which prompted him to mutter,"Can't have that."
 Standing up he checked his spice gun,stepped close to the waters edge,flopped his scooter des mers down to his left before firing two bursts and leaping onto the fabric,lay down two circles of glowing yellow bubbles then dash eastward.
 Once he was out of view from the south he slowed and spun around occasionally to watch behind him yet continued at a decent pace as a sliver moon came out and bathed the canal with a slight glow that seemed rather bright to his enhanced vision that left the southern bank darker than the north face and cast shadows from the occasionally taller trees lining the rim across the tea colored water that flowed eastward much slower than he did.
 A few minutes of flickering shadows passing over him and many spins later he stopped facing east,murmured "I know there's more." to himself then opened his duffle with his right,dug his Very gun out with his left hand,raised his arm skyward and fired before looking up to see the flares bright light unbelievably enter the pantcuff of a booted forms left leg right before it's mate slammed into his right shoulder knocking him to the left and off his scooter.
 Heading to the water he reflexivly grabbed for his spice gun and only got his right arm to flail uselessly as the forms weight collapsed onto him and he felt daggers of pain bloom in his left trapezius muscle that suddenly lessened when the water covered them both and the bony fingered hand pulled it tips out to deal with the Very flare that was violently burning it's crotch and thigh regardless of the water.
 Rolling to his left he got his feet under him,stood up and fired another flare into the charred looking black skulls empty left eye socket when it's burned fingerbones finally succeeded at ripping the flare out of it's now pantless,scortched and cracked leather encased crotch and turned to face him that simply exited through the back of the skull and flew into the brushy southern bank about twenty feet eastward.

 LeRoy fired another round that passed through the wordlessly roaring putridly burnt orifice that used to have a tongue and teeth into a mouldering throat,tossed the Very pistol straight up while managing to get his right arm under the barrel of his spice gun,swing it around and out far enough to trigger it with his now empty left hand then watched the dead thing lurching forward grabbing at him with both fire damaged skeletal fingered hands vanish into the beautiful roiling,gurgling, hissing lavender and sky blue cloud of dessicating destruction that enveloped the vile entity before LeRoy released the trigger,held his left hand,palm up about a foot in front of his left shoulder and feel the Very pistol bounce of his wrist,hit then bounce off his chest right before his pursuing hand pinned it against his abdomen.
 While tucking it into his back left pocket he smiled grimly and said "You got way too close that time,Bone Boy." to the dust settling into the water that slowly flowing past before a muttered,"Now exactly how did he get up there to drop in on me?" preceded him looking up and around at the canal banks illuminated by the burning flare untill he realized water was flowing around his pantlegs and inundated boots after which he said "Darn!My waverunner." then began trudging eastward through the slowly moving knee deep water while rubbing his right shoulder and rather compulsively looking at the gently rippling surface that reflected the flares white light and the dull reddish yellow of the vegetation it had ignited in a surprisingly beautiful fashion that was amazingly captivating.
 Yanking his attention away from the glittering reflection show he spotted his scooter des mers hung up on a drift wood branch caught in the reedy grasses about thirty feet ahead on the northern side as the Very flare burned out leaving the brush fires warm orangey red glow to suffuse the area alone.
 LeRoy slogged through the water alternatingly looking at the glow from his left that was producing fascinating patterns in the water and keeping his eye on the piece of cloth that he was about ten foot closer to.
 After covering about half that distance with repeated looks that got longer and longer his right foot found a hole which it got stuck in and he fell clumsily in a way that wound up with him sitting on his butt up to his chest in the cool water which felt so good that it wrung a sigh of relief from him.
 Settling down on the soft sandy canal bottom he glanced at the amazing cloth and whispered,"Just for a minute or two,,,it's stuck and ain't going anywhere." before turning to watch the light glinting off the rippling water in silence while a look of contentment spread across his face as his eyes began to glaze over and a thin slight haze the color of the fires reflected light developed right above the surface of his eyeballs.
 His heads gradual droop ended with his chin against his chest and his red misted eyes half open as a softly chanting,cloaked form with a circle of stitched leather cords in the middle of it's chest surrounding a triangle of perfectly round holes through the body encasing heavy leather suit that appeared to be covered by a thick dark liquid substance whose eyes were covered by dark non reflecting lenses in a thick rubbery strap stretched tightly around the leather hood covered head with another yet smaller hole immediately above and between the eyes drifted slowly down out of the sky untill it was directly above and behind him.
 The leather garbed beings cloak billowed slightly in the perfectly calm air as it continued to softly chant,hold it's right leather covered hand out over LeRoy while reaching into a pocket in it's cloak to withdraw a small cork stoppered bottle which it opened and held above the bloody gouges and holes in LeRoys right trapezius until LeRoy coughed lightly,raised his head then stand up to begin trying to open his duffle bag with his right hand while holding it steady with his left for a moment before he stopped trying to get his still numb digits to work properly and turn his addled attention away from the the slow burning brush fires water reflected light to look bemusedly through now clear eyes at the gogglefaced and cracked,hole ridden leather body suited man shape standing atop a cloak trailing a bright yellowy effervescent wake rapidly approaching from the west.
 Almost as soon as LeRoy laid eyes on this scene the bemused look left his face and he bolted toward his scooter causing the few falling drops of shimmery greasy green liguid to fall into the water and a roar of frustrated rage explode from the floater that visibly increased the speed with which LeRoy moved and enabled him to grab his scooter with his righthand before the enraged floating being finished putting the small bottle away,swoop forward,grab LeRoy by the back of the neck with it's right hand,lift him up out of the water then grab for the strap of the duffle bag hanging off his left shoulder with it's left. 

 Feeling the being grab the strap LeRoy flipped his scooter several feet forward where it landed on the waters surface now three feet below,reached his right hand to the clip holding the back end of the strap to the duffle,slid his left down to grab the other clip and tried to release the two simultaneously while kicking backward with both feet at the body of the being who released it's right handed grip on the nape of his neck to grasp eagerly at the duffle only to have his right hand lag behind his left hand and thrusting feet a fraction of a second too long which caused just enough drag to send him into a left handed lateral spin that arced him toward the sloping bank where he landed with a thud in a tangled heap. 
 Despite the pain that blossomed in his right ribcage from landing on his spice gun LeRoy held onto the duffle with his left hand,jumped up firing his spice gun wildy above and behind him with a finger that barely felt the trigger while taking two long steps before leaping toward the square of fabric about ten feet away.
 Landing awkwardly with the duffle throwing his balance off LeRoy spun the now glow riding cloth around while firing his spice gun upwards into the air behind him until he realized his target had either gotten clear amazingly fast or was dust.
 He tucked the duffle securely under his left arm like an oversized football,spun eastward then took off like a shot after noting his other pursuers position was midstream about 20 feet away.
 A moment later LeRoy spun around to face backwards while angling a bit southward and let out a plume of dessication in the direction of his pursuer who was surprisingly a lot further back than anticipated right before he slammed right shoulder blade first into the watermarker piers westside outermost piling,spun leftward off his wave runner and flew through the air 20 feet to hit the rocky steeply inclined bank right at the waters edge with a thudding splash.
 After he rebounded into the two foot deep water the flowing current drifted him into the reeds lining the innner curve of the bulge built into the canal sides where he came to laying face up and watched as a chortling cloak draped form swooped down to his left to land about 8 feet away where the strapless duffle lay half in the water with a splash.
 Upon discovering his right arm was once again useless and his dessicator was out of the reach of his left hand he shifted a bit and pulled the Very Pistol from his back left pocket,aimed it at the beings head and heard a click when he pulled the trigger but didn't see a flare erupt from the barrel.
 "Oh,Dear God!" he muttered as the things goggled eyes turned from looking into the now open duffle to watch him pull the trigger again and see the flare rush toward it and enter the open duffle it still held on to while reflexively holding it's hands up to sheild it's face from the fire rushing at it.
 The bright light winked out as the duffle folded in on itself during the fall from the hastily released leather encased hands and LeRoy let out an unbidden "Oooh!" as he flipped himself over his numb right arm into deeper water,roll once more then come to rest face up with his back on the rocky bottom and about 2 foot of water over him blocking his view of the other pursuer come through the pier pilings and stop about three foot west of him and of the smoking duffle hitting the surface of the water to immediately sink then disappear along with the water within a four foot radius as a lavender,sky blue,red,orange and purply green ball of hissing crackling incandescence blossomed out of it to expand up and out engulfing the two abominations on it's way to disintegrating all the brush,and a good bit of the sand, all along the bank aout 12 feet above the spot and just barely licking the pier pilings.
 The water borne concussion pushed him out into the flow that tumbled into the deep hole he had pointed out to Reeze earlier as he dropped his Very pistol to left handedly grab at the dessicator when he felt it's ad hoc rope shoulder strap let go.
 Missing it he awkwardly attepmpted to dive down without the use of his right arm twice before quitting to let himself slowly drift into a face up head east float and seen that the mixture of concotions must have cancelled out some of it's assumable force yet had still turned everything in its vicinity into a fine dust that was sort off pushed into the water by a breeze cutting up the canal from the west as he stroked one handed back through the narrows and stood up on the flat rocky bottom.
 He walked to the ladder to slowly and painfully climb to the top where he flopped onto the pier deck,stood up,retrieved his tackle box and try to quickly climb the stairs.
 He suceeded after a fashion and got into Reezes truck,cranked it and did a backup u-turn and without turning his headlights drove off into a sandy trail rhat led from the landfill through the sandy pine filled woods to the blunted off 2nd Street boulevard that intersected with 6th Drive that allowed him to get into his neighborhood in about 6 high rpm's and 30 foot rooster tail filled minutes.
 And Hiram knew Leroy had agonized over finding the dessicator was still in the truck and very surprised that it wasn't the one engraved with his sons name as well as that the wounds made by the bare bone fingers on his shoulder and upper arm combined with an unexpurged remnant from a previous such event which resulted in a type of mental instability that caused him to lose his wife,daughter and another daughter born to divorce in the time it took Reez to work around his bonds a bit.
 As well as that after getting treatment for the ailment he had found a new wife,a divorcee with 5 kids,the daughter of a man which Hiram knew with whom he sired a son by about 3 yrs into a marriage that suffered from the recurring bouts of residual effects that were bad enough to help it end in divorce after a little more than decade and his ruined sad life about 7 yrs after that.
 Then he also knew of all the interaction Reez had with his son since he had finally met the knife and said "That coração bit allways cuts to the coração of the matter doesn't it?" to Reez as he backed away from Hirams skull to which Reez responded with,"It seems to me that God just may have been working a plan to take care of Schlomo more permanetly,after all,blood debts and blood lines are powerful,he even seems named apropriately and he was willingly took up the cause pureheartedly even though it came from left field through a descendent of our Michael so I can see a symetry in it all."
 Puffing on his pipe Hiram nodded,said,"I see what you're saying Raph." and with that the ancient solid flesh man and the spirit manifested man watched silently while Fella and the deputy Davis Kelly carefully and reverently placed Reez's remains in the bag laid unzipped on the east side of the grave.
 "You know what?Even if Schlomo got out,I am glad the covert was broken." Hiram said after a moment or two."Now,I can to work on getting you back in that broken down body of yours,Raph."
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