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re:numbers of deaths:iraq-10/07/07
~As of Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007, at least 3,815 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The figure includes seven military civilians. At least 3,105 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military\'s numbers.
The AP count is nine higher than the Defense Department\'s tally, last updated Friday at 10 a.m. EDT.The British military has reported 170 deaths; Italy, 33; Ukraine, 18; Poland, 21; Bulgaria, 13; Spain, 11; Denmark, seven; El Salvador, five; Slovakia, four; Latvia, three; Estonia, Netherlands, Thailand, Romania, two each; and Australia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, South Korea, one death each.~
re:number of deahs:afghanistan-10/10/07
~As of Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2007, at least 381 members of the U.S. military had died in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan as a result of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, according to the Defense Department. ~
re:dems playing at dissing each other to skew primaries
~Barack Obama, John Edwards and Bill Richardson filed paperwork Tuesday, the deadline to withdraw from the ballot, said Kelly Chesney, spokeswoman for the Michigan Secretary of State\'s office.
A fourth candidate, Joe Biden, said in a statement that he was bypassing Michigan\'s primary, calling it a beauty contest.
"Today\'s decision reaffirms our pledge to respect the primary calendar as established by the DNC and makes it clear that we will not play into the politics of money and Republican machinations that only serve to interfere with the primary calendar," said Biden for President Campaign Manager Luis Navarro.
All of the Democratic candidates already have agreed not to campaign in Michigan because it broke Democratic National Committee rules when it moved its primary ahead of Feb. 5.
Other Democratic candidates had until the end of the day to decide if they\'ll stay on the ballot.
Party rules say states cannot hold their 2008 primary contests before Feb. 5, except for Iowa on Jan. 14, Nevada on Jan. 19, New Hampshire on Jan. 22 and South Carolina on Jan. 29.
The calendar was designed to preserve the traditional role that Iowa and New Hampshire have played in selecting the nominee, while adding two states with more racial and geographic diversity to influential early slots.As punishment, the DNC has vowed to strip Michigan and Florida, which scheduled its contest on Jan. 29, of their delegates."We\'re very disappointed and this is another
example of why the monopoly that Iowa and New Hampshire have needs to end," said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Jason Moon.~
re:phony green beret mayor still absent with out clear explanation
~Members of the city council say they\'re fed up with the disappearing mayor, who is under federal investigation for embellishing his Army service in Vietnam, and have asked a judge to declare the mayor\'s office vacant.~
(another nj politico story with out one mention of party affiliation)
re:dem mayor shows up,,plays victim of meds,,been in rehab since outed as a phony green beret
~Levy checked himself into a clinic because he had been overmedicating himself with pain pills to treat severe back pain, as well as using different medication to treat post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from his war service~
(?turns out he\'s a limbaugh? and this article finally OPENLY recognizes him as a dem)
re:obama on \'private security firms\' in iraq
~"And these private contractors, they go out and they\'re spraying bullets and hitting civilians and that makes it more dangerous for our troops," Obama said.~
And says public sevice should pay as well as private employment
~He also criticized the pay disparity between soldiers and private contractors, saying the contractors get paid nine times as much as those in uniform.
"You\'ve got young men and women signing up to serve, willing to spill blood for America. How could they be treated less well than private contractors?" ~
(I wonder if that means he wants a pay raise to equal a corp exec in the oil biz)
re:while obama touts his religious aspects he reveals lack of understanding regarding tower of babel story:~When people work together, he said, there is "nothing that can stop us because that\'s God\'s intention."~
(then he says Judge Roy Moore was wronged:~In those instances, he said, "my job is to try to draw a connection between the values that I express to the church and the challenges and issues that we face in politics. ... I don\'t think there\'s anything wrong with expressing faith in the public square and I think there\'s nothing wrong public servants expressing religiously rooted values."~
OR he\'s just playing to the crowd amidst all the akom and faux glory smoke:~The service at the center, founded by an International Pentecostal Holiness Church minister, had members on their feet much of the time singing, swaying and raising their hands. Thumping, rock-concert loud music played from a pulpit sometimes awash with fog and filled with a band and choir.~
re:more obama fertilizer
~That\'s why America isn\'t leading when taking on the threat of climate change. Washington\'s failure is the failure of a president who has spent most of his time in office denying the very existence of global warming, suggesting that it might be a hoax," Obama said.~
(oooh,,yet the actual distraction for the prez has been muslim terrorists and socialist adversaries ganging up on the US and him)
~On another topic - foreign trade deals, which are especially important to labor and U.S. manufacturers - Obama took tough questions from one voter who opposes an upcoming free trade bill that would add Peru as a trading partner.
Obama, who voted against the recent Central American Free Trade Agreement, said he would support Peru\'s inclusion because trade is a key way to keep the United States competitive.
"We\'re not going to draw a moat around the United States\' economy," he said. "If we do that, then China is still trading, India is still going to be trading."~
(and that echoes his UCC,ANSWER & WWP handlers rhetoric,goals,aspirations and machinations)
re:dispelling myths about muslims in congress,,like obama
re:obama being muslim
(note:the Basuki school, which Obama attended from 1969 to 1971-his personal life is like the lives folks say help breed \'radical\' ideologies=no dad,,moving around a lot,)
(note:ucc=united church of christ
~Another statistics based on the Hartford Institute report found that for opinion of the highest source of authority, 53.2% said "the Bible," 16.1% said "Holy Spirit" 9.2% said "Reason", 6.3% said "Experience" and 6.1% said "Creeds."~
~These structures carry out the work of the General Synod and support the local churches, associations, and conferences.,,,Justice and Witness Ministries (JWM) is responsible for ministries related to economic justice, human rights, justice for women and transformation, public life and social policy, and racial justice. In addition to its offices in Cleveland, JWM also maintains an
office on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The current Executive Minister for Justice and Witness Ministries is Rev. M. Linda Jaramillo. JWM also maintains an office called "Minister for Children, Families and Human Sexuality Advocacy" that promotes the Our Whole Lives sex education curriculum. ~
~Bernice Powell Jackson was the Executive Minister of JWM from the creation of the post in 1999 (during the UCC National office reorganiation) until 2005. Prior to leaving the UCC, Bernice Powell Jackson was elected in 2004 as the President of the North American Region of the World Council of Churches [1] [2].~
~Justice, Peace and Creation has drawn many elements together with an environmental focus. Its mandate is:
To analyze and reflect on justice, peace and creation in their interrelatedness, to promote values and practices that make for a culture of peace, and to work towards a culture of solidarity with young people, women, Indigenous Peoples and racially and ethnically oppressed people.~
(they ONLY focus on \'young people, women, Indigenous Peoples and racially and ethnically oppressed people\',,now who does that leave out?
And isn\'t that also the common refrain when dem left leaners speak about who they are \'trying to help\'?)
and then there is the whole \'New World Order\' thing as well:
~Focal issues have been globalization and the emergence of new social movements (in terms of people bonding together in the struggle for justice, peace and the protection of creation).~
~A Policy Statement adopted by the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches and commended to member churches and ecumenical partners for study and action in September 1997.~
NOW,,don\'t forget,,there will be many,many folks who say,,\'I did this or that in your name\' and will hear,,\'I never knew you\'.

re:keith ellison
re:gay(sic) divorce in state NOT married in is next stage in maneuvers to destroy our cultures marriage traditions
~Lawyers for the women told the Supreme Court the only question to consider was whether Rhode Island could recognize a valid same-sex marriage from another state for the sole purpose of granting a divorce petition.
They stressed the case has no bearing on whether gay couples could get married in Rhode Island.
"You have a valid marriage in the state of Massachusetts," Louis Pulner, an attorney for Chambers, told the justices. "No one is asking the court to address the question of whether such marriages would be valid in Rhode Island."
(if the RI court doesn\'t address the legality of the marriage and rules for divorce,,it infers \'jurisdiction\' which it doesn\'t have over Mass laws in effect attacking state soverignty in order to bring legal action into play
i.e.,if you say they can get divorced,,you agree the marriage is legal for RI and sets a precedence for RI to accept gay marriage as legal and binding/otherwise,,they couldn\'t \'grant\' a divorce)
re:Dear Abbies daughter supports gay marriage
~In a March 2005 column that touched a nerve with some readers, for instance, Phillips came down unequivocally on the side of scientists who say sexual orientation is a matter of genetics, not personal choice. She advised a mother who had cautioned her 14-year-old daughter to keep her feelings for other girls secret to "come to terms with your own feelings about homosexuality."~
~"If gay Americans are not allowed to get married and have all the benefits that American citizens are entitled to by the Bill of Rights, they should get one hell of a tax break. That is my opinion," said Phillips, who speaks with the no-nonsense tone of someone who is used to settling debates.~
(what about those denied the right to vote due to a choice they made?)
re:parents who tried to force 20 yr old daughter to have abortion spend no time in jail
~The Kampfs\' daughter, Katelyn, 20, said she would be in court to voice her opposition to the decision to drop kidnapping charges.
"What I\'ve been looking for is some sort of justice," she said. "Them walking away with a misdemeanor is certainly not that."
The Kampfs were accused of tying up their daughter, forcing her into their car and heading toward New York for an abortion. They were arrested last September at a shopping center in Salem, N.H., after Katelyn fled and called police on a cell phone. Police found a .22-caliber rifle, duct tape and rope in the car.~
~,,Breaking her silence on the ordeal, Katelyn Kampf described a harrowing experience that ensued Sept. 15, 2006, after her parents learned she was pregnant with a mixed-race baby. Kampf is white. Reme Johnson, her boyfriend at the time, is black.
Kampf said her mother referred to the baby she was carrying as a "science project" before the episode unfolded.
"At one point I did make it out the door and I ran down the driveway," she said. "I didn\'t make it a 100 feet. My dad chased me and tackled me in the driveway. I had grass stains all over my clothes. I was screaming for help."
Hallett denied that the Kampfs were racist but said the parents were troubled by the unplanned pregnancy.~
(father was a crime committing illegal immigrant~Reme Johnson is being held by immigration officials and is to be deported to his native South Africa after serving time for receiving stolen property.~
re:like tobacco companies,,dem folk target immature minds
~Yet John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are betting that even a few new faces could sway a close contest.~
(I suppose young minds are easier to decieve than more experienced ones are)
~Campaigns hope to take advantage of a quirk in Iowa\'s caucus rules, which allow 17-year-olds to participate if they\'ll be 18 by Election Day, Nov. 4, 2008.~
~,,,The high school senior in Norwalk, a suburb of Des Moines, became interested in Edwards after discussing the candidates with his government teacher.
"He\'s the most genuine of all the candidates," McNulty said. "He represents the common person better than the others."~
(see it\'s true,,this kid thinks edwards is genuine and that the millionaire represents common people better)
re:examining hillarys claims about child health plan bush vetoed
(this actually reveals it was a pr ploy and is also evidence that she fully intends to tie her possible pres admin with sliks and shows she violated a \'balanced budget\' agreement and bumped it higher than at first,,amazingly?even after originally wanting to kill it to keep a balanced budget,,slik went along with it.)
re:bill clinton & the vietnam war draft
~Comment: Jackson\'s statement is contrary to Clinton\'s repeated assertions that he received no special treatment in avoiding military service. "(I) never received any unusual or favorable treatment." [LA Times Sep 02 92]~
~December 3, 1969 - While still in England, Clinton writes to Lt. Col. Eugene Holmes, , commander of the University of Arkansas ROTC Program and states, "From my work I came to believe that the draft system is illegitimate ... I decided to accept the draft in spite of my beliefs for one reason - to maintain my political viability." ~
~December 12, 1969 (approximately): Clinton visits Norway where he meets with various "peace" organizations.
December 12 (approx.) - December 31, 1969: ???
Comment: After visiting Norway with Father McSorley, Clinton\'s movements and activities are unknown until he arrives in Moscow on December 31, 1969. There are a lot of questions as to who Clinton met and where he went during this time period.
December 31, 1969 - January 6, 1970: Clinton travels to Moscow. He later said "relations between our two countries were pretty good then." He then described his visit as "a very friendly time, a good atmosphere."
Despite Clinton\'s claim that January 1970 was "a time of détente," relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were anything but warm. The Soviets were supplying the North Vietnamese with advisors and anti-aircraft weapons. ~
~September 7, 1992: Col. Eugene Holmes, USA Ret., signs a notarized statement in which he asserts that "there is the imminent danger to our country of a draft dodger becoming Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States." He later writes that "I believe that he (Clinton) purposefully deceived me, using the possibility of joining the ROTC as a ploy to work with the draft board to delay his induction and get a new draft reclassification." ~
~This account would not have been imperative had Bill Clinton been completely honest with the American public concerning this matter. But as Mr. Clinton replied on a news conference this evening (September 5, 1992) after being asked another particular about his dodging the draft,
"Almost everyone concerned with these incidents are dead. I have no more comments to make". Since I may be the only person living who can give a first hand account of what actually transpired, I am obligated by my love for my country and my sense of duty to divulge what actually happened and make it a matter of record. ~
~At no time during this long conversation about his desire to join the program did he inform me of his involvement, participation and actually organizing protests against the United States involvement in South East Asia. He was shrewd enough to realize that had I been aware of his activities, he would not
have been accepted into the ROTC program as a potential officer in the United States Army. ~
~I was not "saving" him from serving his country, as he erroneously thanked me for in his letter from England (dated December 3,1969). I was making it possible for a Rhodes Scholar to serve in the military as an officer. In retrospect I see that Mr. Clinton had no intention of following through with his agreement to join the Army ROTC program at the University of Arkansas or to attend the University of Arkansas Law School.~
~The December 3rd letter written to me by Mr. Clinton, and subsequently taken from the files by Lt. Col. Clint Jones, my executive officer, was placed into the ROTC files so that a record would be available in case the applicant should again petition to enter the ROTC program. The information in that letter alone would have restricted Bill Clinton from ever qualifying to be an officer in the United States Military. Even more significant was his lack of veracity in purposefully defrauding the military by deceiving me, both in concealing his anti-military activities overseas and his counterfeit intentions for later military service. These actions cause me to question both his patriotism and his integrity.~
~Eugene Holmes
Colonel, U.S.A., Ret.
September 1992
~Last year I read a book entitled "Year of the Rat" by Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II. The book relates how Bill Clinton compromised U.S. security for Chinese cash. After reading the book, I wondered if Communist Agents might have contacted Bill Clinton while he was in England. If so, has he worked with these people throughout his political career? The book showed links to known or suspected Communist Chinese Agents from very early in his political career in Arkansas.
Government agents, including United States, Russia and Communist China are always looking for people to aid them in their cause. Part of an agent\'s job is to find the individual\'s weaknesses. We all know that Bill Clinton has at least two weaknesses, women and the quest for power. From my search on the Internet, I believe that Bill Clinton was contacted by Communist agents and even made a trip to Moscow during December 1969.~
re:former regional director for the Utah Division of Child and Family Services arrested for running down wife,,\'like a dog\'
re:mexicos vicente fox says immigration impeded by racism,while at it he says,,
~Fox also denied media and opposition allegations of illicit wealth that have arisen in Mexico, after a celebrity magazine published photos of his newly renovated ranch. He said the accusations were made "without any evidence."
"It\'s just yellow journalism," he said.~(Yet he backed out on Iraq,,why?Just yellow spine-ism?Didn\'t want his Mo-istic WWP & ANSWER PALS mad at him?)
(a.n.s.w.e.r. must have had sharpton coach him in the proper use of the phrase racism,,it only applies to white americans who want laws obeyed)
he even delivers a side ways slam at \'stupid americans\' with this:
~Fox said he hopes his new book, written in English, helps Americans understand the Mexican point of view on immigration.~
(All as he lives hi on the \'hog\' while his people became so desperately poor they were forced to \'leave their country\'
Just like Castro did,,he\'s getting rid of his poor folks while overburdening a forign nation which he then accuses of being racist because it won\'t allow undocumented folks willy nilly into a peaceful law abiding country that many people died making it so and are dying every day keeping it so))
re:mexican invasion moved along by lawyers
(another attack on our police when they were attacked the same way pals attack israeli soldiers,,with deadly missiles called rocks,,media tunnel vision helps machination)
~The clash broke out after officers reported being targeted by people throwing rocks and bottles. No one was seriously hurt, but images of baton-wielding officers knocking people to the ground played repeatedly on newscasts.~
re:attack on american citizen speaker opposing immigration at columbia
~Students stormed the stage at Columbia University\'s Roone auditorium yesterday, knocking over chairs and tables and attacking Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minutemen, a group that patrols the border between America and Mexico.
Mr. Gilchrist and Marvin Stewart, another member of his group, were in the process of giving a speech at the invitation of the Columbia College Republicans. They were escorted off the stage unharmed and exited the auditorium by a back door.
Having wreaked havoc onstage, the students unrolled a banner that read, in both Arabic and English, "No one is ever illegal." As security guards closed the curtains and began escorting people from the auditorium, the students jumped from the stage, pumping their fists, chanting victoriously, "Si se pudo, si se pudo," Spanish for "Yes we could!"~
(how come none of these students were tazered???)
They even turn on a black man quoting the declaration of independence:
~The student protesters, who attended the event clad in white as a sign of dissent, booed and shouted the speakers down throughout. They interrupted Mr. Stewart, who is African-American, when he referred to the Declaration of Independence\'s self-evident truth that "All men are created equal," calling him a racist, a sellout, and a black white supremacist.~
re:rampant racism directed at minutemen,,who are also non white americans protecting their borders nd helping to uphold federal laws
~Navarrette implies racism, but never says exactly which of The Minuteman Project volunteers is racist. Could it be the African-American members? Or the Asians or Hispanics? Perhaps he refers to the Native American Indian members? Maybe Navarrette means the Jewish members of The Minuteman Project?
Of course, there are European-Caucasian members. Ah-hah! In the twisted perception of the propagandist journalist, any organization with at least one white person must be, ipso facto, a racist organization.~
re:attack threat issued by cia for london,italy,france & germany from Al-Qaida in Islamic North Africa
~The group has claimed responsibility for a string of recent attacks in Algeria. The No. 2 al-Qaida official, Ayman al-Zawahri, has called for attacks against French and Spanish interests in that region.~
re:topoff exercises
(and some folk oppose it?want to make it all public,,and have even exposed a \'secret\' part of it,,~According to a brief summary of the 2005 exercise - marked For Official Use Only, but obtained by AP~ )
re:gov money wasted across the board
~Government investigators found that employees openly flouted the rules and agencies did little to check their abuses.~
re:the cost of safety for the modern us soldier
~Indeed, spending on ever improving and ever more costly technology to make troops safer and more effective could be seen as just what taxpayers wanted.~

re:torture memos
(I wonder how those people suffering pain unto death by terrorists would feel about being so nice to terrorists?)
re:cost of conflict in africa
~The report looked at 23 African nations that had wars between 1990 and 2005, estimating the fighting cost a total of about $300 billion.~
~The report did not include Somalia, which has been in a state of anarchy and war since a dictatorship was overthrown in 1991 but for which no statistics were available.
The group blamed the availability of small arms for fueling fighting in Africa. It said about 95 percent of the weapons used in African wars - mostly the ubiquitous Kalashnikov automatic rifle - are imported from outside the continent.~
(this report made no mention of the prevailing islamic factors involved)
re:carter & co speak against sudanese gov janjajaweed backers
re:sudanese gov moves in,,town burns,,15000 flee
(gov blames rebels,rebels blame gov)
~U.N. spokeswoman Radhia Achouri said it would be up to the African Union to investigate who was behind the town\'s destruction.
"The U.N. has no mandate to investigate security incidents," she said in an e-mail to the AP.
Sudan\'s government denies backing the janjaweed, who have been accused of the worst atrocities in Darfur,,,The AU said was investigating last week\'s attack on its base, but could not say whether it would expand the inquiry to the town\'s destruction.~
~The underfunded and ill-equipped AU force has been overwhelmed in its efforts to quell Darfur\'s bloodshed. A joint AU-U.N. force of 26,000 peacekeepers is due to takeover on Jan. 1, also to be headed by Agwai.~
re:sudanese gov uses troops instead of janjaweed since UN/UA visits over
re:several articles on Darfur by A.DeMontesquiou
re:carter has to flap his peanut trap
~"Because of Iraq, this crisis had been simmering at a lower level," he told the AP.However, he said he disagreed with Bush and others who called the killings
in Darfur a genocide. ~
~"Rwanda was definitely a genocide; what Hitler did to the Jews was; but I don\'t think it\'s the case in Darfur," Carter said. "I think Darfur is a crime against humanity, but done on a micro scale.
A dozen janjaweed attacking here and there," he said, noting many refugees have survived the violence."I don\'t think the commitment was to exterminate a whole group of people,
but to chase them from their water holes and lands, killing them in the process at random," he said. "I think you can call it ethnic cleansing." ~
(please note:in darfur the gov is islamic,the insurgents resist sharia law)
re:more on darur
(trails of islamic oppression)
re:based in resistance of arab domination
~The Mahdist Revolt of the 1880s finally put an end to the pretense, and Equatoria ceased to exist as an Egyptian oupost in 1889.~
~,,,an aggressive alliance dedicated to establishing an "Islamic" Republic as the first step in the global "Islamic" state.~
~In Islamic eschatology the Mahdi (???? transliteration: Mahdi-, also Mehdi; "Guided One") is the prophesied redeemer of Islam. ~
~The Mahdi, according to Shi\'ite tradition, will arise at some point before the day of judgement, institute a kingdom of justice, and will in the last days fight alongside the returned Jesus against the Dajjal, the Antichrist.~
~1946 the British gave in to northern pressure to integrate the two areas. Arabic was made the language of administration in the south, and northerners began to hold positions there.~
~In 1955, southern resentment of northern Muslim Arab domination culminated in a mutiny among southern troops in Equatoria Province.~
re:first sudan civil war
~Southern Sudan is inhabited primarily by Christians and animists and considers itself culturally sub-Saharan, while most of the north is inhabited by Muslims who consider themselves culturally Arabic.~
~In August 1955, members of the British Equatorial Corps, together with local police, mutinied in Torit and other southern towns. ~
(notice the yr.55?see \'wiki/Madhi\' above)
~In 1943 al-Azhari and his supporters from the congress formed the Ashiqqa (Brothers\') party, the first true political party in the Sudan. His main support came from the Khatmiyya brotherhood, one of the two main Moslem groups in the country.
When the more moderate nationalists formed the Umma (Nation) party in 1945, its principal support came from the chief rival of the Khatmiyya, the anti-Egyptian Mahdist sect.
,,,In 1954 al-Azhari became the Sudan\'s first prime minister.Neither by his background nor by his political convictions was al-Azhari sympathetic to the aspirations of the Southern Sudanese, and he sought to control the Southern Sudan by
a combination of military and police repression on the one hand and negotiations and discussion on the other.~
~Five hundred thousand people, of which only one in five was considered an armed combatant, were killed in the seventeen year war and hundreds of thousands more were forced to leave their homes. The Addis Ababa Agreement proved to be
only temporary respite. Perceived infringements by the north led to increased unrest in the south starting in the mid-1970s, leading to the 1983 army mutiny that sparked the Second Sudanese Civil War.~
~After graduating, he returned to Sudan and became a member of the Islamic Charter Front, an offshoot of the Sudanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.~
~In 1977, the regime and the two factions of the Islamic movement in Sudan attempt to reach a `national reconciliation`, where opposition leaders were freed and/or allowed back from exile, including Al-Turabi. "Turabi and his people now
begin to play a major role, infiltrating the top echelons of the government where their education, frequently acquired in the West, made them indispensable," and "Islamizing society from the top down."~
~Turabi protected Osama bin Laden when the al Qaeda leader based his operations in Sudan from around 1990-1996, at Turabi\'s invitation.,,,Turabi granted Bin Laden a safe and friendly haven from which to conduct jihadist activities; in return,
Bin Laden agreed to help the Sudanese government in roadbuilding and to fight animist and Christian separatists in Southern Sudan. While in Sudan, bin Laden also married one of Turabi\'s nieces.~
~In private conversations with Osama bin Laden, Al-Turabi advocated a peace between the Sunni and Shia, as well as integrating art, music, and singing into religion, all of which offended bin Laden tremendously. Al-Turabi also laid out his
vision for a Sharia law that would be applied gradually instead of forcefully, and would only apply to Muslims, who would share power with the Christians in a federal system.~
re:oil one consideration glossed over in media
~Another factor in the Second war was the natural resources of Sudan, particularly in the south, where there are significant oil fields. Oil revenues make up about 70% of Sudan\'s export earnings.~
re:who\'s who in national islamic front
re:another saddam bin laden link:
~This meeting was to prove helpful to both bin Laden and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. In his ongoing fight to suppress Kurdish dissidents, Saddam needed help. This was provided by underground Islamic groups at the instigation of bin Laden. These groups later openly functioned to carry out relief work in Iraq.
Two of bin Laden\'s senior lieutenants, Abdullah Qasim and Mohammed Abu Islam, met with Saddam, at which time the Iraqi leader agreed to provide military training to Saudi al-Qaeda members and to equip them with arms and ammunition. One of the key goals of al-Qaeda by this time had become to drive US forces out of Saudi Arabia, where they had remained since the Gulf War of 1991.
After this verbal promise from Saddam, Saudi citizens were able to travel to Baghdad without passports, using special routes, to receive training in Iraq.~
~Sources say that al Zawhari also visited Saddam and proposed the establishment of al-Qaeda offices in Iraq. The suggestion was accepted, with guarantees that bin Laden would never use his people to rouse the Iraqi masses against Saddam\'s rule. Subsequently, Iraq became the center of activity for Egyptian, Yemani and Saudi youths being trained the al-Qaeda way. ~
re:in 9/11 commisions report
(a good overview of moism)
*Remember,,we are told that MOST will do stuff and things in what they believe to be the Name of God and will be told they were wrong.
re:attack by pakistani troops on insurgents hiding among innocents harm civilians
(of course,,every one is saying pakistan is evil for this,,ignoring the ones who called harm down on them by their murderous activities,,like they plan it)
re:terror opposition in pakistans intricacies,mushareff and others bristle at US demands
(I believe osama wanted this to happen instead of iraq,,which is one reason bush went there)
re:pakistan going into political limbo
(now osama can go to work)
re:political issues in land of al-qaidas hidey holes,,pakistan
~Both Bhutto and Musharraf are pro-U.S. and have called for moderates to unite against extremism. Bhutto said Monday she would cooperate with the U.S. military in targeting Osama bin Laden.~
re:myanmar unrest
re:citizens \'turning off\' the gov propaganda
~With the streets cleared of protesters, the Internet down and many residents too fearful to go out, turning off the government news appears to be one of the few avenues left to express opposition to the regime.~
re:the \'ruler\' of myanmar
~Numerous, but unconfirmed, stories have circulated about the portly, bemedaled Than Shwe acting like a king and his daughters ordering military officers to treat them as royalty. Diplomats say some members of his family and possibly even Than Shwe himself are also locked into corrupt dealings with rich businessmen, a common practice among the military elite.~
re:turkey being pulled into melee in iraq by pkk
(yet,,no one seems to see it,,or a playing along for effect)
~The statement said the PKK was trying to increase attacks in order to disrupt economic, social and political development in Turkey that had sapped support for the group.~
(even tho the us points it out)
~The United States opposes a Turkish military operation in the relatively peaceful north of Iraq because it would complicate efforts to stabilize the rest of the country. Such an operation could be costly and inconclusive for Turkey, jeopardizing ties with Western allies, and hardening animosity among Turkey\'s minority population of Kurds.~
and here\'s corroborating evidence that what patriots in the us said would occur if this was done here)
~The latest images of soldiers\' coffins draped in the Turkish flag intensified pressure on Erdogan.~
(and they play the race card as well,,or point out others are)
~Turks are furious that PKK rebels carry out attacks on Turkish soil and then slip across the border to mountain hideouts in the predominantly Kurdish region of northern Iraq. Turkey has accused Iraqi Kurds of tolerating their ethnic brethren in the PKK; one punitive measure at Turkey\'s disposal is to close the border with northern Iraq, hurting the economy of the landlocked region.~
re:putin casts lot with ahmandinejab

re:nuclear policies hurting iran according to top exec
~Iran\'s former top nuclear negotiator said Wednesday that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad\'s policies were turning more countries against Iran and had failed to fix the nation\'s ailing economy, in unusually sharp criticism of the hard-line leader.~
re:iran allows a small anti aminadijab protest
~Ahmadinejad\'s popularity at home has fallen since he was elected, with critics saying he has failed to fix the economy and has hurt Iran\'s image internationally.
Elected on a populist agenda, Ahmadinejad has not kept campaign promises to share oil revenues with every family, eradicate poverty and reduce unemployment. Instead, housing prices in Tehran have tripled, and prices for fruit, vegetables or other commodities have more than doubled over the past year. Inflation worsened after a 25 percent hike in fuel prices in May.
Last December, Ahmadinejad\'s allies were humiliated in municipal elections, with some reformists gaining seats. He was dealt another blow when a rival, former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, was chosen as chairman of the Assembly of Experts, a powerful clerical body, over a close Ahmadinejad ally.
Conservatives who once supported the president have increasingly joined in the criticism, saying that he needs to pay more attention to domestic issues and that his inflammatory rhetoric has needlessly stoked tensions with the West.~
(he sounds just like dem left leaning folks in our country,don\'t he?)
re:irans pres says US must change in order to talk to him
~We firstly say that we never asked for negotiations with the United States. Negotiations with the U.S. will happen when the U.S. government applies basic changes in its behavior and attitude," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying.~
re:iran warned by eu about stalling on nuke program
re:irans revolutuionary guard infiltrating rest of society
~To supporters, the Revolutionary Guards are the cream of Iran\'s talent.To the United States, they are simply terrorists~
re:a look at iran,north as different from south as east is from west
~In one office building the morning after Ahmadinejad\'s recent speech at Columbia University, a middle-aged employee laughed ruefully and told a friend, "It\'s better not to know" what Ahmadinejad had said. "We don\'t deserve such a guy," he said, asking that his name not be used. The hardest-line newspapers, however, were full of praise.~
re:afgahnistan us troops lambasted for civilian death,,insurgents targeting them,,ignored
~The military said it investigate the deaths, while blaming militants for using civilians as cover. Initially, the coalition had said there were no civilians killed and wounded in the clash, one of the latest in soaring violence in the country.~
re:bagram base in afghanistan expands
re:economic face on iranian involvement
~The Iraqis have found themselves caught between two allies as they struggle to balance the interests of the U.S. military, their main sponsor, and Iran, a major regional ally. Iran holds considerable sway in Iraq: Both countries have majority Shiite populations, and many members of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki\'s ruling Shiite bloc have close ties with Tehran.~
re:in iraq,,the ploy,,hide militants as civilians
~He said the civilians were killed when families rushed out to help those hurt in the initial bombing.~
re:telling friend from foe in iraq
re:us troops on edge of powder keg during pilgrimage
~"I do not rule out the possibility of violence in the coming days in Najaf despite the tight security measures," said Ahmed al-Yassiri, a 42-year-old grocery store owner who traveled to the holy city from Baghdad. "The terrorists have many means, plans and experience to penetrate the security measures and hit the pilgrims."~
re:polish ambassador attacked in iraq
(where was blackwater?)
re:rices news rules and guidelines for blackwater
re:blackwater-iraq says bw killed 17 & recomends trial
(report has details of the kinds of attacks that blackwater faces when guarding folks)
re:iraqi commission
~An Iraqi government panel investigating last month\'s deadly shooting involving Blackwater security contractors calls the guards\' actions "premeditated murder."
Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said Sunday that the investigative commission formed by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki accused the American company\'s contractors of indiscriminately firing on citizens and violating the rights of Iraqis.
re:iraq said to want blackwater out
please note:they are opposing,,,,,
~the use of private security contractors to guard U.S. diplomats and other officials.~
(AND,,this is the company the 2 guys that were hung on the bridge worked for)
This is what they have been doing over there:
~The report found that Blackwater guards also had killed 21 Iraqi civilians and wounded 27 in previous shootings since it took over security for U.S. diplomats in Baghdad after the U.S. invasion. ~
(how many were \'actual attackers\'?NONE?If not,,why not say how many were \'justifiable shootings\'?)
re:fbi to investigate
(now we have the fbi in iraq.That could be good,,is this a swerve to get better intell operations going)
re:us opposition elements protest blackwater training facility in potrero,california
re:pieces of the blackwater incident
~Kerry Pelzman, a USAID specialist on helping rebuild Iraqi businesses, schools and other infrastructure, rode in one of the Suburbans. ~
~At about noon, a car bomb exploded about 200 yards away. Blackwater guards hustled Pelzman back into the vehicles, worried the bomb was the beginning of a larger attack. The convoy raced back toward the Green Zone.~
(who was the target?Or was this the intented result?)
~Iraqi police used water trucks to block the GMCs from entering the square. ~
(Why didn\'t Iraqi police provide protection?)
re:bus & car bombs used to attack police chiefs house
~A minibus laden with explosives slammed into the house of a local police chief on Tuesday, while minutes later, a Toyota Land Cruiser blew up outside the home of a Sunni official in a northern Iraqi city, police said.~
(with this as a reality,,why think blackwater reacted so terribly?After all,,prove the dead weren\'t insurgents.Mothers urge sons to kill themselves in this religious environment,,don\'t they?)
re:two christian women killed by Iraqi Ministry security force,,folks claim it was a US NGO security convoy
~Security officials in Baghdad, who spoke anonymously because of the sensitivity of the topic, said the description of the convoy vehicles matched those used by Iraq\'s Interior Ministry, although that could not immediately be confirmed.
Another policeman, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared retribution, said the guards were masked and wearing khaki uniforms. He said one of them left the vehicle and started to shoot at the car while another opened fire from the open back door of a separate SUV.~
(now that they have folks blaming Blackwater,,look what occurs)
re:Unity Resources Group a dubai based australian security company fesses up
~Majid said the convoy raced away after the shooting. Iraqi police came to collect the bodies and tow the car to the local station.
A second policeman, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared retribution, said the guards were masked and wearing khaki uniforms. He said one of them left the vehicle and started to shoot at the car while another opened fire from the open back door of a separate SUV~
~RTI International, a group based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., that promotes governance projects in Iraq, said Unity was providing security for the group but none of its staff members "were involved or present when the incident occurred."~
re:court case said to be test of how to reveal state secrets to judges and to give forign nationals citizen level rights
~The case is El-Masri v. U.S., 06-1613. ~
~A German man who says he was abducted and tortured by the CIA as part of the anti-terrorism rendition program lost his final chance Tuesday to persuade U.S. courts to hear his claims.
The Supreme Court rejected without comment an appeal from Khaled el-Masri, effectively endorsing Bush administration arguments that state secrets would be revealed if courts allowed the case to proceed.
El-Masri, 44, a German citizen of Lebanese descent, says he was mistakenly identified as an associate of the Sept. 11 hijackers and was detained while attempting to enter Macedonia on New Year\'s Eve 2003.~
re:alqaida video release receives flak
~Overall the public release of this material before official release by terrorist groups has caused the work that we do to become much harder," said Venzke, whose group has contracts with U.S. intelligence agencies, law enforcement and the military.~
re:the results of gitmo denigration
~The decisions are not orderly nor analytic and only rational if you accept the premise that they are made for political and not legal reasons," Abraham said ~
(first every ones says let\'em go,,now they say you\'re letting them go wrongly)
re:judge says gitmo torture preferable to tunisian
(now we not only have olet them go,,we have to protect them from another soverign nation?)
~A federal judge in Washington has blocked the Pentagon from transferring a Guantanamo Bay detainee to Tunisia, where he allegedly faces torture, according to a ruling unsealed Tuesday that marked a milestone in the treatment of detainees.~
~The State Department, citing human rights groups, said sleep deprivation, electric shock, submersion of the head in water, beatings and cigarette burns were among Tunisian security forces\' torture methods.~
(so that means tazers are torture?noisy jail cells?showers?and not to mention physical detainment by force?)
re:carter attacks and berates and denigrates bush and adds validity to anti-american factions sentiment
~The U.S. tortures prisoners in violation of international law, former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday, adding that President Bush makes up his own definition of torture.
"Our country for the first time in my life time has abandoned the basic principle of human rights," Carter said on CNN. "We\'ve said that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to those people in Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo, and we\'ve said we can torture prisoners and deprive them of an accusation of a crime."~
~He said he also disagreed with positions taken by Democratic Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who have declined to promise to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq over the following four years if elected president next year.~
(he sure seems pro-islamic these days,under the guise of \'peace maker\')
re:(HUH?)Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor freed by Libya after more than eight years in prison for allegedly infecting children with HIV
~Libya had accused the six of deliberately infecting more than 400 Libyan children with HIV; 50 of the children died. The medics denied the allegations.
International experts testified at their trial that the infections were caused by unclean conditions at the hospitals.~
~The medics, jailed since 1999, were initially sentenced to death, but later had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment.
Following the medics\' release the EU said it would offer Libya a wide-ranging package of better economic and political ties.~
(medical orientated extortion for economic aid?)
re:christian pal murdered in gaza where the islamic hamas has gained power
~The body of Rami Khader Ayyad, the 32-year-old director of Gaza\'s only Christian bookstore, bore a visible gunshot wound to the head, and an official at Gaza\'s Shifa Hospital said he was also stabbed numerous times. Ayyad had been missing since Saturday afternoon.~
re:lebanon calls for russia and china to reel in their allies
~The leader of the anti-Syrian majority in Lebanon\'s parliament on Tuesday called on Russia and China to use their influence to stop disruptive elements from interfering in his country\'s upcoming presidential election.~
re:abbas reveals true goals to \'win\' \'67 war
~Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday laid out his most specific demands for the borders of a future independent state, calling for a full Israeli withdrawal from all territories captured in the 1967 Mideast war.~
~According to Palestinian negotiating documents obtained by The Associated Press, the Palestinian demands include all of the Gaza Strip, West Bank, east Jerusalem and small areas along the West Bank frontier that were considered no man\'s land before the 1967 war.~
re:focus on roads leads to another \'obstacle to peace\' according to detractors
~You cannot talk about a Mideast conference and in the meantime create facts on the ground that create a reality that cannot enable a final peace deal," he said. "If you want to go to a peace conference, you have to stop these actions~
~The project, known as E-1, remains on hold because of U.S. pressure, he said. If built, E-1 would cut off a future Palestinian state from its intended capital, east Jerusalem.~
re:elements of proposed agreement
(it\'s all about the temple mount)
re:some consider a split of jerusalem
re:israel & pals to meet again
re:israels says us led conference no replacement for direct talks
re:pal MBA refused entry
(so,,isn\'t Israel a soverign nation like Arab Muslim nations that refuse Israelis entrance?)
re:israel & pals announce another get together
~The conference is expected to take place sometime in late November or early December, but it remains unclear who will attend. Several Arab leaders have said they\'d only participate if the conference deals with substance.~
re:us senators/congress talk about plan for two capitols
(if all these nations are independent,,then why is everyone apparently so dependent on the US?)
re:israel releases details on syrian \'military\' target
~In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corp. Monday, Assad said Israeli warplanes attacked an "unused military building," the first time Syria officially acknowledged an air raid had taken place.Assad said the raid last month showed Israel\'s "visceral antipathy towards peace."~
re:pals push to get to al-aqsa mosque
~President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel\'s continued existence was an "insult to human dignity."~
(illustrates that allah is not yahaveh)
re:like in america,schools blame low grades on everything but the teachers abilty to teach and the students desire to learn
here\'s the way they leave you thinking it\'s israels fault:
~Gaza\'s children have been exposed to horrific violence for years, including gun battles fought right in their neighborhoods. Since the outbreak of the second Palestinian uprising in 2000, Israeli troops have frequently raided areas of Gaza to hunt Palestinian militants, and aircraft have fired missiles at wanted gunmen driving in crowded streets.~
(after so many years teaching anti-israeli propaganda indoctrination this is whats left,,incompetence and whining)
re:violence in egypts northern sinai bedouins alledgedly responsible

re:chavez \'changes\' time & \'money\' to control nation
~"Instead of going forward, we\'re going to go backward," says Mendoza, who voted for Chavez last year but is dubious about these changes. "We\'ll be going back to the time of the \'locha.\'"~
re:the locha
~We’re witnessing policy in the form of window dressing, all carried out at the whim of one man whose strong point is not economics,” said Hugo Faría, an economist at the Institute of Higher Management Studies, a private business school here. “Anyone who sees a 12 ½-cent coin as a remedy for this country’s problems isn’t thinking too clearly.~
re:venezuela america & columbias american hostages
~,,an imminent thawing in relations is unlikely because of differences over crucial issues such as Iran, the Venezuelan foreign minister said.~
re:china & taiwan butt heads over stuff
~Defense experts say Taiwan is developing its cruise missiles to counter China\'s aggressive military buildup in recent years. Taiwanese leaders say the mainland has deployed 900 missiles targeting Taiwan.~
re:how they work
(china uses \'thugs\' to intimidate \'disident\' lawyer)
re:china does it again,,acts like our kids are theirs,,and they advocate abortion for population control tatcics
~More than a half-million Chinese-made products were recalled Thursday, including "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Baby Einstein toys, because they contain dangerous levels of lead.
Coin-shaped "Pirates of the Caribbean" flashlights and soft, textured Baby Einstein blocks were among the 555,200 products recalled, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced.
The recall also includes Totally Me! Funky Room Decor Set decorating kits imported and sold by Toys "R" Us Inc. and a variety of wooden toys imported and sold by KB Toys Inc.
Aluminum water bottles, imported and sold by The Sports Authority Inc., were also recalled.The flashlight\'s leather strap, the back of the decorating kit\'s mirror,
the blue Baby Einstein block, the water bottles and the wooden toys have surface paint that contains high levels of lead, which is toxic if ingested by young children.
Under current regulations, children\'s products found to have more than 0.06 percent lead accessible to users are subject to a recall.
Commission spokeswoman Julie Vallese noted that the effects of lead are cumulative.The recall also included cups shaped like Frankenstein\'s head with high levels of lead in their surface paint.
There will be more recalls because of lead violations, but we also anticipate that we will begin to see fewer and fewer of them as a big portion of the marketplace will have been tested," Vallese said.
"What you\'re seeing now is the result of a systematic approach to going through inventories ~
(and with each event,,the cumulative effects increase)
re:death from muslim over cartoon
re:liberty 7 tape played in court
~The so-called "Liberty City Seven" are accused of plotting to destroy the 110-story Sears Tower in Chicago and bomb FBI offices in five cities to ignite a war aimed at overthrowing the U.S. government.
"What\'s your plan?" Mohammed asked Batiste."To build an Islamic army. For Islamic jihad," Batiste replied.~
re:jena mayor has enuff when hears mellencamps money making diddy
re:teen advocating freeing black students who gang beat a white student sues to wear t-shirt saying so
(here\'s how the aricle puts it:~The T-shirt refers to six black students in Jena, La., accused of beating a white student unconscious in December.~)
re:nooses hanging around all over
~Thousands of demonstrators, including the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, converged on Jena on Sept. 20 to decry what they called a racist double standard in the justice system. They protested the way six blacks were arrested on attempted murder charges in the beating of a white student, while three whites were suspended but not prosecuted for hanging nooses in a tree in August 2006.~
~The noose evokes the lynchings of the Jim Crow South and "is a symbol that can be deployed with no ambiguity. People understand exactly what it means," said William Jelani Cobb, a professor of black American history at Spelman College in Atlanta.
He said the Jena incident demonstrated to some racists how offensive the sight of a noose can be: "What Jena did was reintroduce that symbol into the discussion."~
~Potok said the recent noose incidents could represent white backlash over the demonstrations in Jena.
"We\'re seeing a lot of generalized white resentment," he said. "The conversation among many white people, particularly in the South, amounts to the idea that Jena was a black-on-white hate crime that is being widely misconstrued as a case of racial oppression of blacks."~
(question is,,who\'s hanging \'em?)
(and to set them free is to declare open season on white folks by gangs of any other color,,just watch)
re:remains come to surface in moscow
~had gunshot wounds to the skull and appeared to date back to the 1930s~
re:charlie crist called floridas first \'black governor\',volunteers to head racist group
~Since then, Crist has worked to convince black Floridians that his efforts weren\'t just an election-year tactic. He met with black leaders in Jacksonville to talk about the city\'s violence, spoke to the NAACP, attended a legislative black caucus banquet where he was given a hero\'s welcome and volunteered to serve as the United Negro College Fund\'s Florida fundraising campaign chairman.
"Charlie Crist has been a friend to the African-American community even before he became governor," said Democratic Rep. Terry Fields of Jacksonville, who referred to Crist as the state\'s "first black governor."~
(but,,the expectations are not fulfilled adequately,,
~However, the new rules for executive clemency fall far short of expectations and of what is needed to address Florida’s civil and voting rights crisis.~ )
re:no mention of race in black football players death
(afraid to adit to the prevalence of black on black violent crime?Or what?Are they white,,why aren\'t you screaming race crime?)

re:case reveals implications of hate crime laws
~The law only requires that they have singled out a person for a violent act because of some belief or stereotype about that person\'s ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.~
(that leads to the question,,aren\'t all crimes hateful?)
re:nichols & vang fight to the death while squirrel hunting

re:horseplay leads to hate crime for deaf students

re:mercy,compassion & help for all but US poor folk
re:according to a study released Thursday by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a Washington-based education think tank dumbing down tests dumb down students(duh!)
~The Fordham study also found many states are making it easy to score well on the tests given in elementary school but harder to pass the middle-school tests.That could be "giving parents, educators, and the public the false impression that younger students are on track for future success - and perhaps setting them up for unhappy surprises in the future," the report states.~

re:report reveals humana training deficiencies
~Thus, CMS questions the effectiveness of the training of these agents and the oversight that Humana has over these agents in the field," the audit states.~
re:attacks starting on bushs choice for ag
~Sen. Patrick Leahy, who would preside over Mukasey\'s confirmation hearings, has refused to formally schedule them until White House counsel Fred Fielding answers questions about the administration\'s secretive eavesdropping program and its policy on the interrogation of terrorism suspects.~
re:two teens charged with felonious assault for bb gun attack on rugby playing lawyer
(will sharpton insure they aren\'t treated like adults?)
re:Robert Canizalez, 19, and Martin Morones, 21 kill 3 family members while street racing

re:mooning by activist exposes past,,faces multi life sentences from prev crimes now solved w/his dna
~He faces multiple life terms when sentenced Nov. 5 because jurors found true special allegations that a gun was used, the burglary was gang-related and the rape occurred during a burglary while the victim was tied up, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Jodi Link said.~
re:stress related elements effects and how the attention is on symptoms not causes
re:heartburn in children
re:disabled smoke more
re:fat chronic aids patients
re:more \'behind counter\' sales mulled by fda
(primarily for stress related meds)
Re:oxy makers face what happened to big tobacco & gun makers
~In a statement, Purdue Pharma officials said OxyContin\'s packaging warns against the dangers of abusing the drug and that the company shouldn\'t be held responsible for individuals who choose to do so.~
re:germ labs constitute unknown risks
~The major known cover-up came at Texas A&M, where lab officials failed to report worker exposures to Brucella bacteria and Q fever. One worker became seriously ill but recovered.~
re:no surprise inspections of germ labs
~He pointed out that the Texas A&M cover-up only was exposed when a watchdog group, the Sunshine Project, learned of the problem from state open records requests.~
re:craigs stall problem
(clinton claimed it wasn\'t sex,,why is it a crime for a republican?)
(how come clinton didn\'t resign?He actually had the sex craig alledgedly wanted)
re:bidoun(bedouin/nomadic arabs) in kuwait face nationality limbo
re:nazi holocaust denier
~Honsik had fled to Spain after being convicted in 1992 in Austria of neo-Nazi activities and sentenced to 1 1/2 years in prison for writings that defended Adolf Hitler\'s Third Reich.~
re:thank god,not cops
re:20 yr old off duty cops shoots 7
re:canadas own war on drugs equals war on free trade,pursuit of happiness and citizens peace
(they are following the us plan,,fake concern to generate funds and \'clout\' for their orgs)
re:questions about 9-11 hijakers,0,2198457.column
re:mortgage woe stories
re:gm and uaw talks
re:rilya wilson foster care murder case

re:benny (benoit)
~Defense attorney Manny Arora - who has since left Astin\'s case - argued that the government failed to seek the opinion of a hormone disorder specialist before filing search warrant affidavits asserting that the steroids Astin prescribed Benoit were excessive~
re:robert burns found some old memos about the US developing a radioactive poison program
(IF terrorists hadn\'t allready thought of this,,robert brown releases it to the world via AP while,apparently,,trying to make America look as evil as Mo-ists alledge it is.)
re:class action misdeeds by Milberg Weiss court case
~Vogel agreed last year to plead guilty to one count of making a false declaration before a court and acknowledged that he received $2.5 million in kickbacks from Milberg Weiss in connection with class-actions in which he was the plaintiff.~
re:study reveals catholic schools (such a jesuit) best for performance
~The study\'s lead researcher, Harold Wenglinsky of Columbia University, said it would be useful to study the holy order schools to see what\'s behind their success.~
~However, what the study shows is that family involvement matters more than whether a student goes to public or private school, said Jack Jennings, the center\'s president.~
re:gas prices affecting law enforcement
~Officers in Davis County have been told to limit their driving to 75 to 100 miles during a 12-hour shift, through the end of the year, sheriff\'s Lt. Brad Wilcox said Monday.~
re:backdoor approach gets candidate dog bit
re:imposter buried in veterans grave
(I wonder if the guy was an illegal immigrant who stole the mans identity)

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