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Shaddow Domain - Gothic Treasures
Gothic, dark, just plain fun mail order. Devil Duckie, Transfusion Body Wash, It's just fun... really!
Mike Minton and the Bottom Line
Religion, FreeThought, and a dash of humor
Facts, Trivia, and Weird and Humorous Stories
Fresh and astonishing facts and figures, strange and unusual stories and happenings.

Web Weirdness  
Peek into the portal of weirdness, travel the internet to the strange odd cyber worlds of the most unusual, outrageously weird and wacky websites.
Haven For Those Who Fear the Sheep of Corporate America
A place to be inspired, to ruminate, to read poetry and stories, to learn weird things,
to laugh, and to find allegories...
Charlie Tubbles' Funny Videos
Hilarious short videos starring Charlie Tubbles and links to other humorous sites.

19th Century Medical Curios/Elephant man HomePages
Everything you want to know about the Elephant Man and many more curiosites. BIRTH
by RECTUM, WORMS in the UTERUS anyone?

The No Clown Zone
The official site for people who are afraid of, or just plain hate, clowns. Free games, email,
websites, cool t-shirts, online discussion and more.
Die Screaming With Sharp Things in Your Head
A collection of garden gnomes with a difference. 
How strange is your website? 1 strange web site selected every week.
WEIRD movies and pics.
Naked Truth

A mad, weird, bizarre place of honesty! Warning: intended for an insane audience only!
Grim Rides Hearse Club

Got some time to kill? Hearse pics, info, classifieds, features, and more!

The house of death.
Best Off-Beat, Wacky, Weird, and Tasteless Humor

A collection of really weird, wacky, off-beat, and tasteless humor!
Home of the 23rd Street Chapel
Legion of dynamic discord.
Paul's Alien Site

Your One Stop Site for All Things Alien!

TibFib Presents:Weird,Wacky,& Bizarre Pages!
Links to wild,bizarre,funny,and just plain weird sites on the internet.
The Weekly Weird Tribune
New strangeness every Sunday! 100% exclusive wackola and shocking photos!
The Utopian Cult

The darker side of an educated society.
The Anti Loser Party Homepage

The society as of today stinks! Lets get rid of all the losers.
Bizarre Magazine
No description can prepare you for the shocking truth! Buy it, read it and find out
what everyone is talking about...
Sickshow - prank calls in real audio

Prank calls in real audio and cd - online sales.
ACTUAL Bizarre Police Photos!

Actual bizarre police related photographs. Truly Amazing!
Amazing Fantasies
Alien fantasy/Hannibal Lecter's photo album, weird pics, paranormal events, phobias,
nightmares, Waterworld -a land under water and under siege before time began.

Your guide to the most bizarre, strange and creative sites on the internet!
When Good Toilets... Go BAD!
Weird things that happen when people and toilets don't get along.
Patently Absurd!

Absurd, weird and wacky patents, mainly from the UK Patent Office.
Featuring the useless inventions of Arthur Pedrick.
Where the Truth Lies
Your one-stop wild-ass toboggan ride through all that's twisted and true in our
Popular Culture.
Space monkey
Fun,Jokes,Politics,UFO's,Ghosts, and More....A must See!
Death and Dementia

The internet resource for death, crime, paranormal, art and entertainment, dark
clothing and accessories and more.
wEakLy wHiRL kNEwZ
Postmodern politix noir alternative reality ultra tabloid...
The Groove'n Octopus

A carnival of words, unusual poetry, psychedelic illusions and recreational delusions.
Space Station Homeless
Blast off--way, way off. "A futuristic vision of an
outer space Skid Row"--Los Angeles Times
tHe WeIrDo ZoNe

A place where wEiRd things like Star Trek, Catwoman, Japanese Anime, Sports,
Art , and Stories exist in tandom... This is the WeIrDo ZoNe!
The Freak Show
It's a Freak Show, creepy and funny mixed. Updated at least once a week!

Features bamboozled pedophiles and Erotic Bible Adventures. Erotic.
Pretenders Cure To Boredom

A site which aims to cure your boredom. Pic of the day, link archives.
Rune's Barf Bag Collection

Browse through colorful barf bags from airlines all over the world.
Bizarre Video Games

A huge collection of the sickest and most unusual video games available for
download off the web.
Poncho Land

A silly little web site dedicated to some happy RAIN PONCHOS. WOW.
A whole land for frolicking poncho paradise. TRUE.
The Official Pig War

A true story of how a pig takes an fall at the Pig War Reenactment.
The Mother of All Excuses Place
The Weekly Giggle
The Ultimate Martha Stewart
Furious Bosom
The funny name server
Parakeets ate my condo
The gallery of misused "quotations" marks
Fun with telemarketers
1st Encounters

The Anti-Hero Art
Crunchy Gods, Ltd.
The Guess the Evil Dictator or Sitcom Star
Home Appliance Shooting
The Bureau of Missing Socks
The Kooks Museum
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
Wall O' Shame
My name is Jesus Christ
Visible Human Project
Timothy Leary's page
Putrid Afterthought
The Useless Pages
Heckler's Online
Buy my in-laws
Generator 21
The Support Group for People Used by Microsoft
Weird stuff from the web
Love bytes...
Wacky news
Rotten bananas
The Death Clock
Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi
The Synchronicity Arkive
Driveways of the Rich and Famous
Apology Note Generator
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Harry Shearer's Found Objects
The Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer
The Old Folks Home
The Infamous Exploding Whale
Dr. Ruth's Sexnet
How can Nipple Addition Surgery work for you?
Why Is Brandon Hostile?
Rectal Foreign Bodies
Capt Kirk Sing-a-long Page
Black-Ops Conspiracy Page
The CyberMad Channel
The Straight Dope
Killer Fonts
William Burroughs
Creative Football Cookie
Internet Crime Archives
The Museum of Bad Art
The Weird Places On The Net
Weird wire stories
Dan's Gallery of the Grotesk
The serial killer hit list
Amazing prehistoric dogs


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