Meanwhile,,,back on the board,, 

Hmmmm,,what's been going on in Excitesovainia??

Well,,as usual,,for me it seems anyway,,I've asked questions that I've gotten no responses of any account on.

There's five of those that I selected as examples down below.

Then there's another thread named for me birthed from the ire of an angry seeming poster calling himself ,,jbutlerny,,maybe it's nybrits alter ego,,although the odds of this southern boy known as me pissing of another new yorker are not something I would bet could be called long,,so maybe it is another denizen of that domain trying their heart out to give a me a 'whut for'.

Then,,last,,but not least,,hopefully,,I left a 'light on' for nybrit at the bottom of this page.~smirk~
(untill he goes and adds to it??~wink~wink~watch him run now?)

1.From:RE: Separation of Church and State 
~Exactly what rationale did the 'founders' use to justify folks having the freedom to operate as a democracy regardless of what their legal ruler said?~
Last asked here:
37RE: Separation of Church and State


2.From:RE: "Extreme" this!
(A 'twoferoner')
~btw,,doesn't some important national documents contain the concept of what is okay to do IF,,or when,,a gov becomes too oppressive of it's own citizens?

And isn't THAT exactly what todays gov would call extremist rebel activity,,just like King G and his court did way back when it was wrote into those documents??~
Asked here:
15RE: "Extreme" this!


3.From:RE: Obama Said
(another 'twofer')
~~Integrity and accountability has its price in the short term, but in the long run it always wins...~

If BO agrees with THAT,,then why won't he allow the hospital to show his Birth Certificate AND his Certificate of Live Birth at the same time to whomever wants to see them?

After all,,in the long run,,that kind of simple example of 'integrity and accountability' would accomplish much in the 'bringing together' and 'healing' of the various fractured shards of Americas belief in 'guiless politicians' running the nation.

Wouldn't it?~
Asked here:
15RE: Obama Said


Pedophila an evolutionary plus? 
(thread head)
~"Any gene variant that increases your chance of having children early and often should be favored," Cochran said in an e-mail message.

This is the process of "natural selection," which Charles Darwin proposed 150 years ago and is still the heart of modern evolutionary theory.~

Pedophilia is a genetic condition,,like similisexuality and skin color,,right?
So,,,is this 'darwinian evolutionist' advocating favoring the pedo genes or not?~


5.From:RE: Global Warming Looters Bonanza
 ~Wouldn't just,,oh,,say about,,,maybe 10 or so laws,,be simpler and better for everyone involved?~
Last asked here:
6RE: Global Warming Looters Bonanza


Another thread made for 'me':

jbutlerny lets me know in no uncertain terms that he just don't like me,,even though he took a bit to express that in a rather uniquely,,er,,sorry,,that's not really true,,a below average fashion for those who have previously 'called me out by name' on the excite politics board.


And,,,a light left on for nybrit:
RE: Lights turn out on Global Warming Skeptics

30RE: Lights turn out on Global Warming Sk...


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