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This is a response to nybrit regarding 'resources' for my statements regarding 'studies' about planning parenthood under the influence of the ideology that an authority above state exists.
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nybrit asked:
~Harpin, do you have a resource for these studies?~
(harpin,,is that a slam?I ain't harpin',,I'm just sharing knowledge and the results of rational linear logic being applied to the subject.Sorry if ya don't like it,,it's the scientist in me,,I can't hep muhsef!)

Actually,,at this time,,I am unable to use the pc the articles and links I have collected about what I said.

But,,I can still show how the common perception of 'abstinence only programs' as being religious based is flawed.
And by doing so,,I can show that the dumbing down has happened,,is happening,,and unless we get some sanity back,,will keep happening.All under the guise of 'allowing inalienable rights endowed by an alledgedly fictituous authority called "our Creator' which they wish to remove from existence or acknowledgement in our public schools,airwaves,streets,schools,government and ergo,,our leaders and our peoples minds.
And that it occurs in school,,on the 'religious folks' and all others dime.Just like the previous example of elementry biology regarding basic human female reproduction being forgotten or ignored in the 'my body,my right' arguement.

First,,you should be aware of differences within the common phrase,,'abstinence program':
(this url is a cached article,,you can get it as a pdf)

Now,,one more for clarification:

But,,in case you don't notice as you read them,,there is NO 'quantification' of the religious content.

Because,,, what's thought of 'religious elements' of 'abstinence education' have actually been removed from it.

Of course,,when one says 'religion based',,the next most logical question should be,'what religion?',,shouldn't it.
For instance,,check this neat site out,,and it will give you a glimpse into the differences in 'religious ideology' regarding sex education.
PBS http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/week823/feature.html

Here's a goody,,look at what happens when 'sex' isn't defined by 'busting a nut'.(I wonder who really gave that lunacy a boost?)
And backs up the arguement that there is an agenda pushing a 'this or that' approach rather than giving info along with advocating MORALISTIC behaviour.

This backs up the agenda to seperate God,,as in the Creator that guarantees our inalienable rights,,from all aspects of a childs education:
(I'm pointing out the 'elimination' of religion as a component of the abstinence programs,,that's like getting 'chimpanzees' to 'agree' to abstain from sex. They believe they are animals and have no inherent control,,just like science teaches them to believe they are.

(Which is done through 'education' as I point out quite clearly here:
http://royharbin.tripod.com/blog/index.blog/1667089/regarding-how-to-seperate-church-from-state/ )

Now,,doing this:
Completely skews the understanding of what is being discussed when one assumes(as most seem to)'abstinence education' is religion based since the 'abstinence program' doesn't actually have a 'religious' element in it.

Like this one does,,but claims how someone else has a little going on that seems to work better:
(They don't get into what the 'comprehensive' program includes but do say,,
~comprehensive programs with extremely positive results: increased contraceptive use and an increased average age of first sexual experience.~
Please note,,the goal of 'religious based abstinence' is to increase the average age of first contraception,,
Nonetheless,,they try to make a case against the religious ideas,,which have been removed from the program,,see above)

(Yet,,the folks they say are doing good are including 'religious' folks in on the 'biology' of sex which resultes in this,,which relgion actually aims for:
~"Among the most encouraging trends is that the program is changing the way boys and girls interact," says Eseit. "Girls said the curriculum is positively influencing boys' behavior toward them. Both boys and girls showed a better understanding of a girl's right to refuse sex. And students reported learning new skills in negotiation and friendship."~

Just like this one does,,remember,,the religious elements of the abstinence only program they are referring to have been removed.IOW,,they aren't talking about 'religious based' abstinence,,they are talking about non-religious based abstinence)
(another cached article)

To end this I will point out how,,science ,,Darwinism to be specific,,advances the concept that we are only animals,,higher evolved than others in our phylum,,yet 'just' animals.
Science even uses the behaviour of creatures 'not as evolved as we are' to pattern human behaviour on.
If you raise children believing such is okay,,wouldn't you get a bunch of hedonistic,self serving,amoral bunch of adults who have no comprehension of self control and do what they want when they want because they want to feel good no matter what the consequences involve,,like child?
Look around,,what do you have?

Now,,check this out,since we are actually talking about abortion:
~As to the latter figure, Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson, now a pro-life stalwart but in the 1960s and 1970s a key player in the effort to eliminate all protective abortion statutes, wrote in Aborting America, "I knew the figures were totally false."~

Which is correlated with the info on 'teen births within marriage' found here:
(That illustrates the 'different mindsets' between pre 1960,when religion was high,,and now.)

Like this one does,,but ya have to read it:

Here's one with a focus on STD's:
~* It is important to note that this is not just a case of medical science diagnosing what has existed all along. These are NEW diseases, caused by sexual activity with multiple partners. Viruses continue to mutate and multiply, all the while becoming more resistant to treatment.~

I guess that's enuff for a reasonably intelligent,at least half sane individual with a third of the sense God gave to a doorknob to see what I am talking about,,but if ya don't catch it,,ask again later.
Or just wait for the board to float the topic back up.You now how that goes.

With all due respect to all on this planet,
The DANG-DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man

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