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Yeah,,another anti-psychoganda piece featuring the logic misadventures of that irrepresable,spunky yet intellectually challenged little psychotic murderer supporting relative of the dear departed Fahquar,,PK Mouse,aka,,pkpost.
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 ~1652 = Days since li'l bush declared "Mission Accomplished"

A million DEAD.

4.5 million driven from their homes.

America at her greatest risk of domestic bloodshed since the civil war.

And democrats caving to these right wing rah-rah-war-is-fun lunatics at every turn.

Where will it all end? With Rudy Guilliani? With Hillary "bush lite" Clinton?

America is in trouble. BIG trouble. And li'l bush took a tenuous situation and made it exponentially

and disasterously WORSE.


And all that was instigated by 'psychopathic murderers' attempting to sway world politics from behind a facade of religious fervor.

(context man,,context!)

~And just for you harby:

Christianity reaches South Africa:~

First,,prove their 'christianity' is what Yeshua,,the Originator,,taught.

(at least show your understanding of the elements involved,,if ya can)

Yeah,,the same year Mo-ism hit the continent.They came together.So?


*~South African Christianity began in 1652 with the founding of the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (NGK) in the Dutch East India Company reprovisioning station established at the Cape of Good Hope.~

~Its identity, however, along with the Afrikaner identity as a whole is African, though it has continued to maintain ties with the worldwide Reformed community, especially in the Netherlands and North America.~*

~Christianity and the Negros:

2. ~:

This is the first paragraph set from that page ya'll!:

*~ Traditional beliefs are usually the basis for our present attitudes and social behavior. White racial attitudes based upon 1) traditional biblical misinterpretations of Genesis 9, 2) theological dogma wrongly applied (the depravity of man), and/or 3) pseudo-scientific concepts (physically relating man to apes and culturally classifying man in stages of savage to civilized) became the basis for the White race's assumed behavioral superiority over the Negro.

In contrast, Negro Africans' views of Americans are based upon 1) the lives and teachings of early American missionaries, 2) early American traders, 3) American Aid projects and personnel since 1950, 4) White American attitudes and behavior toward the American Negro, 5) America's foreign policy to African nations vis-a-vis Russia, and 6) America's relation to African nations in the United Nations. For the most part, these are favorable.

The future of world race relations can be predicted to the degree that just as soon as America recognizes the Negro and the African as fellow human beings, there will be a change of inter-racial behavior and assured racial stability. ~*

Now,,as the fella says,,there is more than one element affecting this issue he writes on.Among them,,as you can see is,,~3) pseudo-scientific concepts (physically relating man to apes and culturally classifying man in stages of savage to civilized)~

Yet his focus,,according to the text,,is directed soley on 'whites'.

As if such elements don't apply to others,,if they are taught them same stuff.

IOW,,go teach them to believe,,~3) pseudo-scientific concepts (physically relating man to apes and culturally classifying man in stages of savage to civilized)~

,,and they will believe such as well.It's a short step from there to them 'advocating their race' as the 'superior' race,,,if they can find,,or present 'science' to say such.

(and did you noticed the dude refers to 'behavourial difference' being the root issue? Should one 'assume' he infers ALL whites,,everywhere?If so,,he is expressing a 'biased,pre-judged' opinion of 'whites' as a whole.That's not 'equitable',,is it?)

None the less,,the rest is presented in the context of 'misapplied' concepts and beliefs,,according to that mans own 'ideologies',,resulting from various interpretations of either science or religion.

Which points directly to 'results of education'.

That education is invariably ran and orchestrated either by,,or under aegis of 'governments'.

Ergo,,what's that,,if not 'politics'?

(look at how Islamists,PALS,,,and many other 'groups' promote their own agendas IN THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS they have 'control or influence' over.

As in,,what are you presenting that site as proof of?

That an unbiased education that allows the student to gather info and base their own conclusions on the aggregated understandings which develope 'independantly of the teachers agenda' is better than 'forcing perceptions to fit political 'or religious' agandas?

If so,,I agree.

~The White Christian settlement of South Africa:



Well,,what can I say,,the Titans just march right on.

And all the rest still hate'em,,just like allways.

What's wrong?

Should a 'historically' minority race in the world 'hood just sit back and let the other races do what ever they want to them?

Or should they do what 'evolution' demands and 'survive' as a race?

If they 'conquer' the competition,,ain't that a validation of Darwins Theory based on observations of 'divergent traits' between 'same species' groups forced by 'survival needs'?

See what I mean by the 'effects of education'?

What did you learn in who's school?

To this:

Historical persecution by christians:

4.~ ~

I'll just offer this:


5.~Selected atrocities: ~

Click the link,,scroll down that page and see what else is there.

You will see that it is not a 'white' thing.

Men OF EVERY COLOR are quick to act in an heinous fashion to other men of other colors.

Usually under the guise of 'politics or religion' fueled by inferences,insinutions and outright demeaning,bigoted blatherings like yours.

Need I go on exposing your racially bigoted mindset,pk?

(naw,,you'll do THAT just fine on your own,,I'm sure.)

~Your feeble attempts to create a boogey man out of muslim history pales in comparison to the wanton

acts of destruction and mayhem enacted in the name of Jesus~

My feeble attempts?I didn't do a thing to create a 'thing' called muslim history that you claim I make out to be a boogeyman.

It allready existed long before I was even born.

Fully formed,,,with a rich history of aggresion and violence directed toward those who refused to 'convert' to it's 'official religion'.

Just like 'Cathlotisism' (a disputable form of Christianity,,at best),,I had nothig to do with it or the things it commited for what ever reason it claim was valid to commit.

And I in no way agree with either of those two groups having dome what they did that was any thing less than direct self preservation or a result of such a need instigated by any 'attacking group'.

Do you?

Besides,,what's some guy with a 'Hispanic' name got to do with it?

(have ya heard?There's a bit in an old book that says that a lot of folks will 'protest' that they did stuff in HIS name,,and HE will say something like,,'Get outta muh face!!I don't know ya!")

~But it is NOT Jesus NOR Mohammed who are the enemies of civilization...

It IS ORGANIZED RELIGIOUS DOCTRINAIRE and the LUST FOR POWER among the so-called religious

"elite" whom are driving humanity toward ultimate doom.~



Preach on,bruddah!!



(ahem,,I agree,whole heartedly,yet must add,,politicos and their related penny grubbers to that mix)

~And the anti-Islamic rhetoric you so often cite pegs you no higher than any standard, run-of-the-mill,

ho-hum, fly-on-shit RACIST.~


If I agree with you about rejecting the 'religious elitists' as 'valid authorities' whos machinations are destroying a peaceful existence for all humans,,then why would I NOT oppose the RELIGIOUS GROUP you just named,,or any other for that matter?

Have you ever seen me lambasting murderous Islamists for their 'race'?

That would be complicated,,and stupid,,that group consist of many races,,just like many other purely religious OR political groups.

And just plain incorrect to do.It's NOT factual.

And then,,you call me,,racist?

Scientifically,,evolutionarily,,according to Darwins Theory and assorted gene studies,,'race would be a more logical set of motivations for behaviour than 'religion',,wouldn't it?

If I was a racist,,I could readily agree with that since it results in an 'animalistic mindset' which contributes to racism,,among other undesirable traits being exhibited in otherwise intelligent reasonable people.

But I'm not,,so I don't.And that is NOT a secret or 'unknown info',,is it?

Now,,tell me,,how do you go from 'knocking religion' to equating disagreeing with a religion as evidence of the disagreeing one exhibiting racist attitudes?

Do you equate 'Islam' with a particular race?

Or do you equate 'Christianity' with a particular race?

If you do,,do you realize it shows evidence of a 'prejudicial,racially biased' perception of two religions that are NOT racially exclusive?

As in,,how does me rejecting Mo-ism equate to me being 'racist'?

Because you consider me white?

(I guess that plainly shows you for what YOU are,,now don't it?And don't blame me,,you did it all on your own.)

~Give it up, harby. REAL people are NOT afraid of muslims OR christians.~

Oh?So,,all those people NOT leaving their homes are NOT leaving to go to the local market,,because they are NOT afraid of 'mo-ists'?

Let me guess,,you think THEY aren't real?

It's all made up?

Or the 'liberal lefties and dem folk' aren't afraid of what Christians will do if they obtain 'political supremecy'?

Do you mean to tell me,,that you beleive,,that any one NOT wishing to live under Sharia Law,,should not be,,are not,,AFRAID of Mo-ists gaining 'political authority' over them?

I think there are millions of 'theives,drug users,prostitutes,similisexuals' and other 'real types' who do not follow your fantastical theory.

(Maybe ya ought ta adbandon it)

~But they SHOULD be afraid of

ZEALOTS like li'l bush, Slippery Dick Cheney, and the white-is-right OIL money grubbing RACIST

mentality that is the root of so much conflict in the world today.. ~

More exposure of your 'actual mindset'.

Of course,,I agree with you,,and they are,,just like they ARE afraid of Mo-ists trying to replace those kinds as the 'ruling elite'.

At least this kind will pretty much let you work and worship as you choose,,with out threatening you with DEATH if you disobey or don't convert,,Mo-isits won't.

And YOU know that.

Don't ya?

Shooting straight at the 'moonfruit',,as usual,,

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aka,, The Evil White Man

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