A pkpost,,built on failure.

Yeah,,another anti-psychoganda piece featuring the logic misadventures of that irrepresable,spunky yet intellectually challenged little psychotic murderer supporting relative of the dear departed Fahquar,,PK Mouse,aka,,pkpost.
You can find the original posts here:


The psychotic killer post said:

~ALL war is BUILT on FAILURE.~

Some is built on murder.Like the one Bin Laden built against all NON MUSLIMS at the request of the Islamic Empire.

~The rah-rah-war-is-fun-kill-'em-all crowd love to thump their chests and point to WWII
as a big glorious success.~

And the 'ah-sal-omi-Ally-ollie-oxen-free-blowem-allaaup-anyoursef-too-ooo' crowd say the Tower attack was a big glorious success.And those thousands and thousands of innocent women and children being murdered in alledged attacks on American elements are also considered glorious events by the murderous psychopaths are as well.
Aren't they?

~40 MILLION CIVILIANS were killed in a little over 5 years in WWII. What kind of measure
of success is that?~

It stopped the onslaught of a bunch of folks,,Islamists included from running roughshod over the face of the planet killing and murdering any ojne and every one they felt like.

~WWII brewed in the abject FAILURES of politicians all over the world -
INCLUDING the US - for the better part of 4 DECADES before Hitler lit the match by
invading Poland in 1939.~

But NOT the politicos running The Islamic Empire,right?No,,they didn't have a thing to do with Hitlers desire to destroy Hebrews and all things NON-ARYAN(Iranian)along with it.
( Hitler's Soviet Muslim Legions
The unrest of these Muslim peoples didn't escape from Hitler intention. When many of Muslim Soviet POWs enthusiastic wished to join with the victorious ...
http://stosstruppen39-45.tripod.com/id10.html - 64k -

Tell The Children The Truth - Homepage
Record of the Conversation between the Fuhrer and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem on November 28, 1941, in the Presence of Reich Foreign Minister and Minister ...
http://www.tellthechildrenthetruth.com/gallery/ - 105k

Bosnian Moslems recruited the Nazi SS by Yasser Arafat's 'Uncle'
A picture taken in 1943 of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el-Husseini reviewing Bosnian-Muslim troops - a unit of the "Hanjar (Saber) Division" of ...
http://www.eretzyisroel.org/~jkatz/recruited.html - 15k - )

~Is this what the white-is-right gang envisions for the future of the Mid East?~

Why do you keep using that phrase,,right is white?Are you a racist?Are you trying to garner the anti-white sympathy from those you,as a Muslim,,would also denigrate and murder for not being Muslim?

~40 MILLION civilians, or more, wiped off the face of the earth?For what?~

To stop then world being dominated by the Aryans,,didn't you learn anything besides the koran and hate Westerners in that madras?

~So the Western OIL conglomerates can thump their chests and tell their shareholders that
the price of a gallon of gas will quintuple instead of only triple?~

So,,something like this doesn't matter to you?:
~Finally, and perhaps most worryingly of all, we are highly dependant on oil for food production. Over 75% of the worlds population has become dependant on crops that are grown using Chemical fertilizer, or pesticides that require oil or gas to produce. Thanks to massive increases in the population over the last century, it has been necessary to fertilize otherwise infertile land, using Chemicals created using oil produce. What do you expect to happen to the approximately 4 Billion people who need Fertilizer grown crops in order to survive?~
or this:
~The biggest problem of all is however, no matter how many new forms of energy we find, none can adapt to make fertilizer, Pesticide, or plastics. We need all of these to sustain our way of life, and most importantly of all, get enough food to eat.~
Here read a little about what oil does for you that YOU don't want to do with out:

Yeah,,keep complaining and saying the big oil companies are behind it when YOU demand the products you hate them getting oil to make.
I guess you would be allright with out oil?

~Saddam was an impotent pipsqueak and there was absolutely NO security based reason to invade Iraq.~

I figure you wouldn't want to know about this stuff,,but here,anyway:

~Without naming him, CIA director George Tenet discussed intelligence on Abu Hajer in a letter to Senator Bob Graham dated October 7, 2002.~
~But the overarching fact--that Saddam and al Qaeda had a relationship--can no longer be seriously disputed.~

~The answer to that last question is simple: lots. The CIA has confirmed, in interviews with detainees and informants it finds highly credible, that al Qaeda's Number 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, met with Iraqi intelligence in Baghdad in 1992 and 1998. More disturbing, according to an administration official familiar with briefings the CIA has given President Bush, the Agency has "irrefutable evidence" that the Iraqi regime paid Zawahiri $300,000 in 1998, around the time his Islamic Jihad was merging with al Qaeda. "It's a lock," says this source. Other administration officials are a bit more circumspect, noting that the intelligence may have come from a single source. Still, four sources spread across the national security hierarchy have confirmed the payment.~



~"...BCCI would make payments to key officials, sometimes in suitcases filled with cash. As BCCI officer Abdur Askhia stated in interviews tithe Subcommittee staff: Abedi's philosophy was to appeal to every sector. President Carter's main thing was charity, so he gave Carter charity. Pakistani President Zia's brother in law needed a job, he got a job. Bangladeshi president Ashraf's mistress needed a job, she got a job. Admission of your son to a top college, he would arrange it somehow. There was a world wide list of people who were in the payoff of BCCI...". from United States Senate Subcommittee Report on Bank Credit Commerce International, 1992--the Kerry Committee.
Osama bin Laden, whose funds were inherited from his father, Sheikh bin Laden's BCCI investments, has been operating out of Afghanistan since he was established as a conduit for CIA funds in the 1980's. "Afghanistan was by far the biggest; it was, in fact, the biggest CIA operation of all time, both in terms of dollars spent ($5-$6 billion) ~
(If that was how he was operating pre-Bush,,then who's to say it was arranged with him alone,or with/for forign intersts or by his 'then partners' to strategically start a 'frame' to be used against the opposite party?)

~Iraq is Slippery Dick Cheney's horribly deformed and disabled OIL baby
and he is as anxious as anybody to abandon it on the door step of the White House for
the next poor resident to nurse.~

If that is so,,then he is just doing like the previous admin,,so don't get mad at him for conducting 'biz as usaul'.

~Usama bin-Laden is an old family friend of li'l bush - they go back a very long way.~

I think if you look instead of following party line rhetoric,,yuo will find that Carter has a longer relationship with Obladen than G.Bush did.
~The Carter administration was well aware that in backing the mujahideen it was supporting forces with reactionary social goals, but this was outweighed by its own geopolitical interests. In August 1979, a classified State Department report bluntly asserted that "the United States' larger interest...would be served by the demise of the Taraki-Amin regime, despite whatever setbacks this might mean for future social and economic reforms in Afghanistan." That same month, in a stunning display of hypocrisy, State Department spokesperson Hodding Carter piously announced that the U.S. "expect[s] the principle of nonintervention to be respected by all parties in the area, including the Soviet Union."~

Byron York on bin Ladens & September 11 on National Review Online
The individuals were two dozen members of Osama bin Laden's extended family ... they have every right to do that," Carter explained. "The bin Laden family ...
http://www.nationalreview.com/york/york091102.asp - 40k -

WorldNetDaily: Bin Laden family gave $1 million to Carter
Former President Jimmy Carter's center in Atlanta received more than $1 million from the family of Osama bin Laden, according to an investigative report. ...
http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50468 - 33k

And look here,,you'll see how Carters org works now:

~Is it one of the reasons that li'l bush used the PDB entitled "bin-Laden Determined to Strike in
US" as a coffee coaster while on VACATION at the FAKE ranch in August 2001?~

Fake ranch?Then where was Sheehan?A fake house down the fake road from his fake ranch?


MAYBE,,he didn't believe much the previous admin had to say about much.After all the previous to Bush pres didn't eevn know how to define 'sex'.

~But the point of 9/11 was NOT to get the west to convert to Islam.~

Uh,,according to Bin Laden,,you are wrong,dude.He's gonna be mad at you,,again.

~It was to remind the
west of the economic SLAVERY imposed upon mankind by the ultra-rich, who perpetuate
and continue to expand globalization through military enforcement.~

And that is 'unlike' the Arab/Muslim ruling class,,how?Yuo do know that Arabs and Muslim rulers are amongst the richest countries,nations and families one can find on this planet,,don't you?
And how did they get their money?Either A) from their vassals OR B) doing biz with other countries for oil,,right?

~9/11 was an act of utter depravity and indifference.~

That I believe you enjoyed watching,just like the MO-istic murdering psychopaths you support ideologically in these boards.

~It was a message to the world. And though
heartbreaking, bloody and tragic, it was little more than an act of desperation.~

Oh,,an act of desperation?Like those folks desperately trying to get out of those towers?Or like those folks desperately trying to find their arms and legs amongst the dead bodies blown apart by 'murdering suiciders' under 'mind control' of bloodthirsty faux religious leaders spreading misery and angst to garner political power?
Like that?

~bin-Laden wanted the US to LEAVE Saudi Arabia.~

Bin Laden just got done saying he wanted America to convert to Islam,,didn't he?

~li'l bush appeased bin-Laden by pulling US
troops out of Saudi about a month after the invasion of Iraq.~

Where do you get this?D'ya got a link?Even one?
Ain't there still troops IN Saudi?

~Who are the worlds biggest
wimps when it comes to appeasing terrorists? Why that would be li'l bush and the
bastardized band of gypsies once known as republicans.~

Bastardized?Into what,,dem left leaners?

~The War Against Iraq is indeed an abject FAILURE of immense proportions.~

ONLY for those who wished to run around freely to murdering innocent folks.

~But it is
important to remember, ALL war is FAILURE.~

Go tell BinLaden and The Islamic Empire that.

Sincerely,,and still shooting straight at the moonfruit,,and the murderous psychopaths supporters,,like pkpost,,
The DANG-DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man





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