Obscuring religious extremism

or ,, A classic example of moonfruity mumblings.

Yeah,,another anti-psychoganda piece featuring the logic misadventures of that irrepresable,spunky yet intellectually challenged little psychotic murderer supporting relative of the dear departed Fahquar,,PK Mouse,aka,,pkpost.
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The pk(psychotic killer)post said:
"...Islamic extremeism is the greatest threat we face as a nation..."

Only partly true. A more accurate statement would read:

"Right wing religious conservative extremism is the greatest threat we face as nation..."

To which I would add: "...including that which is currently being used to tear the Constitution of the
United States of America into so much worthless confetti by the members of the republican party from the
president on down."~

Ya know what?,,considering that 'militant MO-ists' are definitly religious conservative extremists' I would have kept agreeing with you except you had to go and mix definitions.
Republican does not equal 'right wing religious conservative extremism'.
And the republican party is not the enemy of our constitution.
And exactly what do you mean by,,'right wing?'
Right wing of what,,the mental ward,,right across from the 'left wing'?

~To wit, I for one am more afraid of li'l bush and his right wing crusade than I could ever possibly be of a
terrorist coming here to attack me.~

Why would a 'supporter' of the 'murderous psychopaths' be afraid of one of his 'brothers' coming and attacking him?

~The Islamic Fear Factor as promulgated and evangelized by li'l bush
and Slippery Dick Cheney has been a preposterous SHAM since day #1.~

YEAH,,right.As we can all plainly see by the nationalities,,religious affiliations,,and 'taped comments' of those who were the instruments of those murderous Islamic Empire Advocates.

~9/11 was a tragic FLUKE brought
on by THEIR OWN extreme incompetence - not the wileyness of bin-Laden - and, instead of waving our
flags and rallying around those idiots in the days after 9/11, we should have risen up and THROWN THE

And do exactly what the Islamic Empires Militant Wing wants?
Screw 'em!!
Even if Bush was the worst man there ever was,,even if it was Ol'Willie himself you were referring to,,no way do you capitulate to any one who operates through murdering,,and the fear of being murdered.
IOW,,keep them despite the murderous psychopaths demands and threats.
(and at least he took it to them,,he didn't hang back waffling while getting his jollies)

~In the months following the attack, It was all too easy to see what was coming - the LIES to Congress and
to the people of America;~

Let's talk about lies for minute,,
a.didn't you once say you were once a republican?And Bush turned you into a democratic liberal?
b.what lies?

This one:
~Without naming him, CIA director George Tenet discussed intelligence on Abu Hajer in a letter to Senator Bob Graham dated October 7, 2002.~
~But the overarching fact--that Saddam and al Qaeda had a relationship--can no longer be seriously disputed.~

~The answer to that last question is simple: lots. The CIA has confirmed, in interviews with detainees and informants it finds highly credible, that al Qaeda's Number 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, met with Iraqi intelligence in Baghdad in 1992 and 1998. More disturbing, according to an administration official familiar with briefings the CIA has given President Bush, the Agency has "irrefutable evidence" that the Iraqi regime paid Zawahiri $300,000 in 1998, around the time his Islamic Jihad was merging with al Qaeda. "It's a lock," says this source. Other administration officials are a bit more circumspect, noting that the intelligence may have come from a single source. Still, four sources spread across the national security hierarchy have confirmed the payment.~

or this one:

House Reopens Issue of Iraq's WMD - February 3, 2006 - The New York Sun.
~... a view also promoted by a former Iraqi air force general, Georges Sada. Senator Clinton last week acknowledged that the possibility is still a live one,~

~the bogus excuses for war which 90% of the WORLD KNEW were bogus;~

Which percentage were you in?And what percentage of our government did NOT vote to allow Clinton to put the 'Iraq' plan into legal land and which percentage then did NOT vote to allow George to continue under that aegis granted previously to Bill?

failure and manipulation of the US media, etc.~

Hey,,you 'mis-typed' that,,didn't you want to type,,'the failure in manipulation BY the US media'?

IMHsmelyO,,The only reason why we aren't under Shari Law right now is because the media failed in manipulating America's people like it apparently wanted to.

~Anyone with a bugs lick of common sense could see this
was an obvious OIL grab from a hundred miles away.~

I guess,,since YOU didn't make waves about it,,according to what you once said,,are you also without a bugs lick of common sense?
But,,if Bush was 'grabbing oil',,why did he wait untill Osamas boys hit the towers?
Oh,,that's right,,you think Bush did that.
What's that about being licked by that 'bug'.??

~And, that it would turn out to be a blood soaked

It's not a disaster by the Islamists standards,though now is it?
Look at how they have the whole world hating on America and any nation associated with the U.S.
Hey,,even you,,an American(alledgedly) have joined right in with their choir,haven't you?
You know,,it's funny,,even those folks think a great deal of those who exhibit loyalty to 'their own'.I wonder what they really think of those Americans that turn on America?
Even if it assists their aims,,I am pretty confident that as soon as those kinds aren't needed anymore,,they die worse than one would in battle.
As cowardly traitors who realize they have been played like a fiddle on an Arkansas mountainside Friday night.

~with nearly a MILLION dead already, 5 MILLION forceably removed from their homes,~

This suites the Islamists openly stated desires way more than Bushes if he only wanted the oil,doesn't it?
Again,,you lay blame for the actions instigated by Mo-ist murdering psychopaths at Bushs door exclusively.
Does some 'charity org' pay you by the word,,or by the month?

corruption, graft, and deceit the bywords of everyone involved as they rob the US treasury blind.~

Uh,,what's new about that?
Where have you been?
How old are you?
Do you know what the word,,'naive',,means?
It's been like that way longer than Bush has even been alive.
And it is definitly not exclusive to the US.
The Islamists also have as much as any 'modern civilised nation' does.
You could add all those into a 'text book definition' of 'politics' and it would only make it more accurate.

~Even as bad as li'l bush and his incompetent band of OIL soaked white- is-right crusaders have made
everything -~

Aww gee,,why don't you just openly confess to being a Mulsim yourself?Everytime you use this phrase,,'white is right crusaders',,you make it plainly apparent you are a racist bigot nursing a centuries old grudge against some very blindly zealous European Catholic Christians who were duped by corrupt national leaders.
(ummm,,sounds like something you see now.Just transpose Mideastern Islamic Mohammadans for 'European Catholic Christians'.)

~including the exponential INCREASE of the DANGER of another vicious catastrophic attack on
Americans -~

Which is more likely to occur with each 'percieved victory' on the 'psychos' part.
Go study Islamic wars,,from as many sides as you can,,and you'll see that is how they react.
Their attitudes and tactics are virtually identical with those used through out the centuries.

~one still has a greater chance of being bitten by a shark while wading in the river along Eagle
Point Park in Dubuque, Iowa than being attacked by a terrorist.~

First off,,where?
Iraq,Sudan,Malaysia,Afghanistan,France,Germany,Spain,Chechnya or,,?
(If you're gonna play stastical,,expect to get slapped,statistically.)

After all,,if you're statement were true then 'many,many someones' could still have been bit by a shark in said waters,,right?
So,,since you did NOT specify where,,add all the 'attacked by terrorists' numbers worldwide up,,and there's the chances of being attacked by a terrorist,,isn't it?

~What a mind boggling WASTE.~

Yeah,,what a waste.All those innocent folks murdered by psychopathic Mo-ists in order to 'garner political power' from behind a facade of 'religious zealousness'.
And you are helping to obscure that oh so pertinent element of this whole mess,,aren't you?
How many kids under 12 count for one 'heavenly houris?'
Come on,,let us in on the exchange rate,pk.

~No wonder li'l bush and Slippery Dick Cheney are so eager to hand this
mess off to their successors.~

Eager?Then why did he run the second time?
That's when I would have passed the baton if I was going to duck responsibility.

~If you were about to remembered as having presided over the greatest
foreign policy disaster in all of recorded human history, wouldn't you?~

He didn't.
I guess you and him don't think alike,pk.

Man,,I am sure glad for that.
If he did we would all be Muslim by now,,or dead.

I am pretty certain I would have to be a dead one,,how about you MO,,er I mean pk?

Can you be as loyal to your alledged country in the face of bullying,murderous psychotics who wish to get YOU to kneel to a religion and way of life you do NOT agree with as,,

A DANG-DInGIE American
aka,, an Evil White Man







roy harbin is roy l.harbin aka,,the dang-dingie american aka,,the evil white man