A 'PK'post by psygon,,unwrapped,,

or,,a moon,,fruit pie,,is this guy.

I thought he was gone and simply left behind his stench to carry on,,but nope,,pk has done dusted off that ol'nic he use to use all the time,,psygon.I guess the Blackwater incident drove him into allowing his obviously fractured psyche a little leash room,,and psygon got loose.

So here is the response to another attempt at psychoganda by psygon that simply became an example of why some folks,,(psychiatrists mainly) advocate,,'better living through drugs' for folks like pk,,er,,I ,,mean,,'psygon'.

Of course,,other groups,,like Al-Qaida,The AMA,the Tailban,The APA,Jim Jones Ministries,HRS/CPS and even The Hells Angels may also advocate such,,but all seem to have their own reasoning.

I just want pk,,er,,I mean,,'psygon',,to get some peace for that tortured mind he keeps exposing in here.Apparently he is Muslim,,so I guess I can't suggest Yeshua to him,,even though Walid Shoebat may have a thing two he wants 'psygon',,(I got it that time),,to hear.

Anyways,,I responded to his posts by running them through the 'moonfruit detector' (catchy huh?) and even though the response isn't that big,(8767 words/spaces),,,I figured since the Staks have gone through a change,,it needs an example of 'psygon' flavored moonfruit pie.

You can find the original posts here:

I posted the lead in and it disappeared with psygons 'die!blackwater,die! post,,probally due to that phrase being in it.So I reposted it in the 'islamic threat' thread post.
Even if Excite took it down,,I think some ought to be able to see it for what it is.

While surfing in the forum one day,,I seen a couple of posts by psygon,another nic for pk (IMHsmellyO),,titled in caps,,one after another in close succession.
Curious because that looked like he was quite likely ranting again while supporting those murdering psychpaths pretending to be righteous noble religious adherents to Islam (Peace,,remember?).

So,,I clicked on the first one posted and seen that he was railing about how some employees of Blackwater should be executed and even their families treated in horrendously psychotic terroristic ways.
As should be expected,,the responses were not too agreeable with his views and it was pointed out to him that his statements could be 'construed'(no,,not 'misconstrued',,construed)for a threat that may be a jailable offense and probally be an 'attention getter' to the DHS.

A few minutes later by the post time stamp,,he posted what seemed to be an anti-Islamic post.

Let's turn the moonfruit detector on and get an analysis of the material,,shall we?

First post:
09/17/07 03:30pm

~Recent news headlines comfirm what I've been saying for a LONG time and that is that private contractors in Iraq are NOTHING BUT blood-thirsty killers who do not deserve to live.~

b)Nothing BUT.
c)Deserve NOT to live.

~They are the off-scouring of the earth and should be hunted down like rats and exterminated.~

a)denigration of a whole group.
b)comparing/reducing down the 'enemy' to animal-like terms.
c)advocating extermination of a whole group,,as one would animals.
Much like Hitlers rhetoric,,and the Klans,,and The Palestinians,,no?

~They are NOT FIT TO LIVE in ANY society, especially in the US.~

How so?Thanks to the destruction of our countries laws,,in America we let murderers live untill they die,,either in prison,,or on the streets.
Why would these be any different?
And,,why so much vindictive spleen sputum before guilt has been established?

Now for this:
~My judgment is that if anyone can produce information concerning the names, addresses and contact information of any of these loathsome creatures they should publish such on the internet with a price on their heads.~

a)HIS judgement.
b)price on their head = jargon for 'kill contract'
c)this is a request to provide a means to terrorise and or harm and or kill these Americans.

As an American,,who lives under the ideas of 'innocent untill proven guilty' and 'advocating murder is illegal and immoral' to hear someone say such just pisses me off.
It is a blatant attempt at terrorising the employees,their families and friends.
C.Manson is still in prison for it.
AND,,would you like your info to be published like that,pk,,er,,psygon?

Here's another ideological blast from the past,,

~Even their family and children should be eliminated because the SPAWN of such are also a threat to every one. If a father can be a cold-blooded killer, then the child has the propensity for such and should be eliminated with extreme prejudice.~

b)Darwinism and
c)slavehuman husbandry
d)along with the Nazi-istic 'pogrom' tactic.

Talk about extreme prejudism.
And,,I just can't shake the impression he means way more than just these Americans need to be treated like that.

~The Mosaic cold MUST BE imposed on this vermin.~

How could he be more obvious?
He should have been open and said what he actually meant,,you know,,yep,,'Sharia Law'.IMHsmellyO.
And the Mosaic codes call for an investigation first,,right?

~Life for life. Die, Blackwater employees, DIE!~

As much as I may oppose,hate or speak out against murdering psychopaths,,I don't make such statements.
I personally believe it would be a sign of a 'fractured psyche' expressing way too much glee or zeal for the deaths of a human.
Executing 'murderers' may be a needful thing.That don't mean I want to do it or that I should 'chant' for it to be done.
Yet,,it does fit his nic,,psygon,,a mooshing of saigon and psycho,,,and that makes it a pk(psychotic killer)post.
Or a 'moonfruit propoganda pie'.

Then,,13 minutes later,,he posts another one.
This one appears on first read to be anti islamic.
Yeah,,I said on 'first read',,here let me show you:

~No one should be under ANY ILLUSIONS regarding the threat of Islam to America.~

This is ambiguous as regards the 'point of view' it comes from.
It simply says,,Islam is real,,not an illusion and it threatens America.
So,,DUH!,,this IS what the Islamic Forces want you to believe.
They use terror/fear,,don't they?
This is NOT an anti-islamic militant statement.
It is an affirmative statement regarding the threat,it's origin and everyone better believe it.

~While I am whole-heartedly OPPOSED to the war in Iraq AND to the Bush Cabal, I'm convinced that this ill-fated policy (dooming the US to military defeat) is the worst possible policy with regard to the prevailing Islamic threat.~

This says he is (whole heartedly) opposed to the military actions against murderous psychopaths,the Bush Admin(includes entire gov in function),,and that he wants others to believe is insuring victory for Islamic Forces.
And that he believes opposing them is the 'worst possible policy'.

NOT that he is against the tactics and actions of the murderous psychotics.

~ESPECIALLY bringing Iraqi people to the US as refugees or protected persons because they assisted the US in some fashion as interpreters, or whatever.~

This is a reasonable thing.Yet,,honestly,,if a person with such a displayed mentality advocates it,,I am suspicious of it.
Nonetheless,,I agree,,yet with adequate safeguards against letting in a member of a group notorious for using 'deception','plants','sleeper cells' and 'psychoganda' from with in,,,implemented and adhered to.

Yet,,he then says:

~EUROPE is nearly gone now with the burgeoning Islamic population. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT ASSIMILATE.~

Which would include any that are let in for any reason,,right?
Like I said,,psygon advocating it makes me double leary of advocating it.

~IF you want to stay awake at night, read the book, AMERICA ALONE, by Mark Steyn. Perhaps there is no greater compliment to Mr. Stein's insightful remarks than the SCORN of the Saudi ambassador.~

With this one,,he goes back to the 'shadow of fear' technique.
Note the title in caps for instance,,not enough by itself,,but is indicative of 'focusing a readers' attention.Yeah,,to the words,,America Alone.See the diff when appropiately capped?
And he emphasizes it by drawing attention to the Saudi ambassador.
Please note,,it is assumable that the ambassadors feelings are an extension or reflection of the official partys feelings.
This presents the 'idea' and it's one I personally feel is probally as accurate as one could wish for,,that THE MAJORITY of that nations leaders and/or population/ feel the same way.
Yet,,it does not oppose the actions or tactics of the murderous psychopaths killing innocent folks to garner political prestige,power or position.

Here's a little on the hero(?) mentioned,,a canadian pundit.He is fairly humorous:

But the ambassador,,was recalled and,,
~a couple of days later it was announced that King Fahd had appointed him Minister of Water - which, on closer inspection, turns out to mostly involve being Minister of Sewage.~

So,,it seems psygon simply went and found a site that had some thing he could try to use to make up for his faux pas with the earlier post.
Do you see it?

And what did the 'moon fruit' detector say about this set of pkposts from 'psygon'?

It gave me a quote from Allen Greenspan:
~"I would engage in some form of syntax destruction which sounded as though I were answering the question, but in fact, had not," he said.~

Exposing the moonfruit psychoganda,that,,though lame,,it needs exposing.Like all fungus,,it dies when exposed to the light,,
The DANG-DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man


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