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Article: Republicans R Racists???


Member profile for santasbaby  

(Ignore) RE: trevino
11/01/07 01:40pm Reply 

And I ask again, why did all those liberally run colleges NEED to have affirmative action? They needed a law to force them to give preferencial treatment?


Member profile for death_scouter  

(Ignore) RE: trevino
11/01/07 02:18pm Reply 

Colleges don't "need" affirmative action because they're going to fill their classrooms regardless of what color person sits there.

It's the POLITICIANS who need affirmative action so they can CLAIM they are "helping put minorities in college" and gain a "poltical victory"...despite the fact that 80% fail out or drop out and don't END UP college educated.

It's ALL about being able to call themselves "defenders" for black america.


Member profile for chuck-trevino  

(Ignore) RE: trevino
11/01/07 02:23pm Reply 

Do we start the debate by disagreeing that the playing field is equal, only a caucasian would believe this to be true. By who's admission, would settle this debate for you? Would you ask a black person? Or are you satified supplying answers to your own questions? All is fair, in your world, but you do admit that "blacks REMAIN the lowest rung on the American Socio-Economic ladder" so I would answer this by saying, nooses have been making headlines lately and I'm guessing you can't understand why this is so unsettling to African Americans? Perception is everything, every day minorites get subliminal reminders that they are not welcome at the table of opportunity, wheather real or imagined, the results can be the same.The history of racism in this country has excluded blacks and it took seriously and timely legislation to afford them a fair chance to achieve the American dream. Poverty is disabling, not only for blacks, poverty can be passed on for generations. Remember "A mind is a terrible thing to waste?" how sad that all these programs you speak of can barely keep folks alive much less pay for college. A aweful lot of middle class white folks are learning this lesson as we speak.

We absolutely can give you facts, on how the Democratic Party is the party of all people, we gave minorites the Civil Rights Voting Act of 1965, Affirmative Action ,(Brown vs the Board of Education), we are for freedom of choice for women (Roe vs Wade), Social Security and Medicare, we just rised minimum wage for working poor. The list is endless.


Member profile for roxola1  

(Ignore) RE: trevino
11/01/07 03:01pm Reply 

Chuck, being a liberal is your only sin as far as I am concerned. Being black and lacking in any respect is your own perceived idea of yourself and I am afraid only you can solve that.

BTW, is getting too much education a trait you would consider "too White"?

Ask Crosby what your biggest problem is and he will not say Caucasians!

Get a life!


Member profile for chuck-trevino  

(Ignore) RE: trevino
11/01/07 04:06pm Reply 

"too White"? is not in my vocabulary, but I'm glad you're familar with it. It is a very real perception fio a great many young black kids and its something that they are not born with, they get from the subliminal racism that can obviously only be detected by those sensative to it. Bill Cosby message is self regulation, and how could you go wrong with that?

Trying to describe whats its like to be black in a white world? Roxola, how about walking though a black neighborhood at night, and ask yourself what you are feeling?


Member profile for roxola1  

(Ignore) RE: trevino
11/01/07 04:16pm Reply 

Roxola, how about walking though a black neighborhood at night, and ask yourself what you are feeling?


Much to my disappointment, about the same as it would have been 50 years ago................fear!

And that is also the feeling of blacks too, I am sure!

And who fault is that? The white race, yeah. What will cure it? Reparations. Yeah! What do you have to do, nothing, yeah!

Take some control for your own blight, fears, stand on your own two feet and drop those crutches (called slavery)!


Member profile for wealthint  

(Ignore) RE: Republicans R Racists???
11/01/07 04:27pm Reply 

paine is correct the charge of racism can easily be made against both parties. The Dimocrats have the supremacist groups, La Raza and the NAACP as their strongest supporters, and the GOP is made up of mostly white Christians. Believe me, the La Razans are some of the most racist people in this country.

Trevino is correct, the Dimocrats include everybody except white Christian males. Good luck with that strategy, Dims!


Member profile for tom_paine8  

(Ignore) RE: Republicans R Racists???
11/01/07 06:58pm Reply 

Don’t put words in my mouth. I loathe O’Reilly, Limbaugh and ALL other mouthpieces that preach politics or religion, so don’t even say I’ve said “fair and balanced” in a reply or post. I’ll take a pot shot at either side and admit to being an independent on the fence but never “fair and balanced”.

As for the Democratic Party smoking the Republican Party when it comes to government for the people, you forgot two other words “of and by”. Neither party has held or acted historically in the best interests of ALL Americans or even the majority of ALL Americans.

As for the “Minorities who have been directly affected realize this and vote accordingly” comment the answer is obvious. Of course if it affects you in a positive way you’re going to vote for it. You don’t have to be a minority to do that. If the congress said they were cutting veterans benefits to fund a program that benefited the poor and racial minorities, the minorities would vote for it and veterans against it. A government of, for and by the people has a majority rule, not a minority rule, especially where race is concerned.

As for your history lesson on what the dems have done is without merit but I will mention one of the major amendments to reshape our government was the ERA. Yet when it was passed by the house and senate, two senators named Irvin and Celler put a time limit on ratification process of seven years. Since the ERA was introduced in 1923, it was quite a blow to NOW to see a time limit in 1972. The amendment was not ratified in 1979 nor in 1982 after it was extended. To this day, the amendment has not passed – so much for minorities. 20 states mostly represented by dems have not ratified and it came up for reintroduction this year.

The one thing I remember most in recent history was the mid-term elections when the dems took over the house and senate using the “We will stop the war in Iraq platform”. I supported that platform out of the hope that they would. Do you see the results? No,chuck, don’t give me that crap of a government for the people by either party.


Member profile for harbin336  

(Ignore) RE: Republicans R Racists???
11/02/07 01:55am Reply 

I was going to do a point by point of several posts and assorted statements but,,that gets old,yeah,,even to me.
Besides,,many in here said it fine,,just not with my words.

Instead,,I would like to tell a story about a totally non racist interacial couple of mixed ancestry who became a 'black' neighborhoods point of contention.

I will call the man and woman ,,Mary and Larry.

Mary had a friend who had a thrift store that had so much stuff she didn't have room to store the new while waiting for current stock to move.
So she would give a lot to Mary who would give it to anyone who had a need.
Mary met John at her job.They were friendly and eventually the subject of the 'surplus goods' came up.John said he knew a whole neighborhood of folks who were real poor and would definitly need such stuff as she had to offer.
Mary took some stuff on several occasions and became friendly with a few folks there.Bobbie Sue,her daughters,,Bobs other kids and various others.Eventually,,Johns father Bob invited Mary 'and her mate' to a 'get together'.
Mary and Larry went.It was a good time,,friendly and totally cool.
(Even if,,when shopping in local stores,,Larry was often treated in 'disturbing and prejudicial ways' by many in the surrounding community.
This occured,,not with standing the fact that many of those in the surrounding community,,when interacting with him would often 'recognise or remember' him from a previous period in his life when he hung around there,,the 'bigoted' reactions and treatment would happen as a matter of course.)

Mary and Larry very often went to see the folks in htat neighborhood,,just to go visit.Sadly,,they only had one reciprocal visit from anyone.Mary and Larry were told that the folks were afraid to come visit them.
Mary and Larry never really could figure that out since they livd in a 'commercial' location which was full of businesses which were open to the public.
They did get the clear impression that it had something to do with some form of 'percieved or claimed threat of being assumed to be criminals',,even though many of them often shopped at the two 'supermarkets' with in 2 blocks of the location.

After a time,,Mary and Larry were a common sight in the neighborhood.Most of the residents had met them or at least knew who they were and who they came to see.
Larry,,like Mary,,was a helpful hearted fellow who would 'fix,repair,build,make or modify stuff' for people,,yes most often for at least a little money,,but very often,,for those with out assisstance forthcoming from other sources,,for free.
He first did a bit for Bob,and Larry and Mary made some gifts for a couple of folks in that family.
Then,,he and she did a little for this one,,some things for others,,mostly older folks without a pair of hands available for their needs
Often,,in lieu of money,,a fine home cooked meal was tendered.Mary and Larry liked that and usually brought a little to go with what was offered.

One day,,while attending to some of and discussing the further attention her domicile cried out for with Bobbie Sue,,Bobbie Sue said she was having a sort of 'get together' for a couple of different reasons.
To celebrate a couple of her grandkids birthdays,,and a couple of 'kids',,to 'reunion' with a few relatives from out of town,,and to 'have a party!!!'
Every one in the neighborhood was invited,,as was the custom,,if there was a party at a house,,it was generally acceptable for 'the neighbors' to crash it anyway.

~> cont next post ~>


Member profile for harbin336  

(Ignore) RE: Republicans R Racists???
11/02/07 01:56am Reply 

~ cont from prev post ~

And so were Mary and Larry.They came,,they partied,,they even brought food and drink,,and a friend,,Mark who had had a severe cycle accident and suffered from permanent,,noticable physical effects.
It was all a good time,,every one was there or came by.
Except Bob,,his family and the 'close friends' who hung out with him.

As it turns out,,Bob had apparently formed some kind of 'proprietary attitude' regarding those he referred to as his 'white friends'.
He had declared a 'boycott' over him and his attending the Bobbie Sue party.He was upset that she was 'taking his white friends' away from him and his friends.
His friends and family must have agreed on some level,,based on their lack of attendence,that is.

Unbeknown to Mary and Larry,,,this had been common knowledge and a source of 'neighbor vs neighbor' conflict for quite some time.
They were fighting over who was the better friends to the white guy with a mexican wife.
This came out after that party,,as well as knowledge of a few 'covert racists' that were quite chummy with Mary and Larry while in their presence but were openly denigrating and demeaning them when they weren't around.

Now,,this was a rather strange surprise for Mary and Larry.Yes,,Larry appears to be a 'glaring' example of the sterotypical 'white guy',,Mary was obviously of Native American descent.
And both of them were very vocal regarding such,,and the fact that Larry,,despite appearences,,was not 'pure white'.No 'shrinking lillies' those two,,they said it often and often loud.
Despite their 'allready displayed' anti-racist stance,,their happily helpful and consistantly considerate courteous behavior,,the 'labels' persisted.

The neighbor vs neighbor contention remained.

The 'closet bigots' made them selves scarce when Mary and Larry arrived.

The atmosphere of the neighborhood shifted.

Estrangements occured amongst previously 'close' neighbors.

And it was a topic of common conversation.

Mary and Larry no longer felt as comfortable as they did before.

Some seemed to vie for 'their presence' in their presence.

Others seemed to shun any interaction with them.

All because one man had laid claim to them as white friends and allowed it to disturb his relations with his friends.

Mary and Larry came to feel like the 'value' of their association was based somehow on their skin color,,not their personal qualities.
They didn't want to feel that way,,yet it was plainly,blatantly,openly visible.

Mary and Larry began to visit less frequently,,it was no longer a 'pleasently peaceable' experience.The rewards began to out weigh the risks and added stress.
Soon,,somehow,,it began to float around that Mary and Larry were racists according to some residents of the neighborhood,,and that that was why Mary and Larry didn't come around as much.

The visible reactions of many became way less friendly when Mary and Larry visited or passed by while going or coming.

Mary and Larry actually began dreading going to visit anyone in the neighborhood.
Since the visits were never reciprical to begin with,,interaction dropped to nill eventually,,regardless of Mary and Larrys constant persistant requests and a standing open invites.

Mary and Larry no longer visit that neighborhood.
They never see any of them any more.
Allthough,,they do miss the friends they thought they had.
Too bad Mary and Larry were wrong about what makes a friend.

From the keyboard of,,
The DANG-DinGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man

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