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Who's Tapping Who?:

The Water Conspiracy

FDA,AMA,ADA direct benificiaries of adverse effects?

This isn't exactly the usual fare most might think would be found here since it's not exactly a subject most would consider 'political' allthough once you examine the issue you can clearly see it is.

The subject of chlorine in our water was brought up in a thread regarding bottled water,,that led me to offer info regarding the other chemical commonly added to your water by the 'powers that be',,for our own good of course.

My response included a lot of links and reference text so it got extremely large,,allmost 20,000 words so I had to put it here.

Do I believe it is a straight up conspiracy?

I don't want to,,I try hard to resist conspiracy theory type thinking,,yet sometimes,,some situations make it real hard to do so.

This is one of those.

Original thread:

Michael :

~Ever wonder why they have to put so much chlorine in the water?~

Chlorine is used to kill organisms.

Flouride kills such as well.

They are both 'toxins' used to be toxic.

Chlorine is injected into water as a gas,,as is flouride,,in a pressurized system the gas can accumulate,,become overly concentrated,,at the exit points,,as in,,your tap.

That would increase the concentrations you ingest,,on a regular consistant basis.

I personally can't stand it and have found on many occasions fountain sodas,,contain enough chlorine,,either in the mix,,or in the ice,,yeah,,ice is made from 'tap' water in most cases,,to actually cause stomach upset with 'bleachy burps'.

Needless to say,,but I will anyway,,I don't buy fountain sodas anymore,,and don't even drink bottled sodas for that matter.Too much acid.(Cancer tends to grow very well in acidic environments,,word up,,ya'll!)My 'bottled water' of choice is Zephyr Hills Natural Spring.

Chlorine,,can cause stomach discomfort most would consider simply heartburn,,(and take an antacid which would NOT have any effect on the 'chloride content' of their stomach) as well as inflamed bowels and a host of other common ailments that is hardly,,if ever,,correctly attributed to chloride ingestion by a doctor.

Continued ingestion can contribute to,,or straight up cause ulcerations of the stomach lining and bowels.

Floride,,which is often never even noticed as being a possible health hazard of any sort is also an 'openly known yet hidden detrimental vector' in this oddness which aparently helps fuel income for the med and dental professions through many avenues.

I am living prof of the harm flouride can cause teeth,,there are x-rays showing caries (actually areas of no enamel in which no decay had occured) in my teeth BEFORE they even broke through the gums.They often claim that is from bottle feeding somehow.

I truly resist falling into conspiracy theory thinking but I have to confess,,the FDA,AMA and ADA and the 'approved' chemicals in our water really make it hard sometimes.

Here's some folks who apparently jump into such with both feet:

Regardless of a 'conspiracy' or not,,there are reasons to not just accept the addition of stuff to our water without sound science backing it up,,not to mention the idea of 'public doping' being accepted for any reason,,especially considering how substances do NOT affect 100% of any population the same way.

To start off,,here is something that shows how much of a high wire act producing flourides beneficial effects are,,now remember,,like chlorine,,it's in ice even if it comes from the tap,,and freezing may concentrate it if it occurs quick enough,,and the info clearly states young children should NOT ingest it.:

~During the period of enamel formation in young children (before teeth appear in the mouth), inappropriate ingestion of high levels of fluoride is the risk factor for dental fluorosis.52, 135 Studies of fluoride intake from the diet including foods, beverages and water indicate that fluoride ingestion from these sources has remained relatively constant for over half a century and, therefore, is not likely to be associated with an observed increase in dental fluorosis.104, 107


Dental decay has decreased because children today are being exposed to fluoride from a wider variety of sources than decades ago. Many of these sources are intended for topical use only; however, some fluoride is inadvertently ingested by children.109 Inappropriate ingestion of topical fluoride can be prevented, thus reducing the risk for dental fluorosis without reducing decay prevention benefits.

Since 1992, the American Dental Association has required manufacturers of toothpaste to include the phrase "Use only a pea-sized amount (of toothpaste) for children under six" on fluoride toothpaste labels with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The rationale for choosing six years of age for the toothpaste label is based on the fact that the swallowing reflex is not fully developed in children of preschool age and they may inadvertently swallow toothpaste during brushing. In addition, the enamel formation of permanent teeth is basically complete at six and so there is a decreased risk of fluorosis. Because dental fluorosis occurs while teeth are forming under the gums, individuals whose teeth have erupted are not at risk for dental fluorosis.

Numerous studies have established a direct relationship between young children brushing with more than the recommended pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste and the risk of very mild or mild dental fluorosis.136-138 One study of 916 children residing in a fluoridated community revealed that an estimated 71% of identified fluorosis cases could be explained by a history of having brushed more than once a day with more than the recommended amount (only one pea-sized dab at each brushing) of fluoride toothpaste throughout the first eight years of life.139 Parents and caregivers should put only one pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste on a young child's toothbrush at each brushing. Young children should be supervised while brushing and taught to spit out, rather than swallow, the toothpaste.~

Now,,here's some more:

~Fluoride has been shown to be mutagenic, cause chromosome damage and interfere with the enzymes involved with DNA repair in a variety of cell and tissue studies (Tsutsui 1984; Caspary 1987; Kishi 1993 and Mihashi 1996). Recent studies have also found a correlation between fluoride exposure and chromosome damage in humans (Sheth 1994; Wu 1995; Meng 1997 and Joseph 2000).~

~Rats fed for one year with 1 ppm fluoride in their water, using either sodium fluoride or aluminum fluoride, had morphological changes to their kidneys and brains, an increased uptake of aluminum in the brain, and the formation of beta amyloid deposits which are characteristic of Alzheimers disease (Varner 1998).~

~Animal experiments show that fluoride accumulates in the brain and exposure alters mental behavior in a manner consistent with a neurotoxic agent (Mullenix 1995). Rats dosed prenatally demonstrated hyperactive behavior. Those dosed postnatally demonstrated hypoactivity (i.e. under activity or "couch potato" syndrome). More recent animal experiments have reported that fluoride can damage the brain (Wang 1997; Guan 1998; Varner 1998; Zhao 1998; Zhang 1999; Lu 2000; Shao 2000; Sun 2000; Bhatnagar 2002; Chen 2002, 2003; Long 2002; Shivarajashankara 2002a, b; Shashi 2003 and Zhai 2003) and impact learning and behavior (Paul 1998; Zhang 1999, 2001; Sun 2000; Ekambaram 2001; Bhatnagar 2002).~

~Studies by Jennifer Luke (2001) showed that fluoride accumulates in the human pineal gland to very high levels. In her Ph.D. thesis Luke has also shown in animal studies that fluoride reduces melatonin production and leads to an earlier onset of puberty (Luke 1997).~

~Some of the early symptoms of skeletal fluorosis, a fluoride-induced bone and joint disease that impacts millions of people in India, China, and Africa , mimic the symptoms of arthritis (Singh 1963; Franke 1975; Teotia 1976; Carnow 1981; Czerwinski 1988; DHHS 1991). According to a review on fluoridation by Chemical & Engineering News, "Because some of the clinical symptoms mimic arthritis, the first two clinical phases of skeletal fluorosis could be easily misdiagnosed" (Hileman 1988). Few if any studies have been done to determine the extent of this misdiagnosis, and whether the high prevalence of arthritis in America (1 in 3 Americans have some form of arthritis - CDC, 2002) is related to our growing fluoride exposure, which is highly plausible. The causes of most forms of arthritis (e.g. osteoarthritis) are unknown.~

~Fluoride administered to animals at high doses wreaks havoc on the male reproductive system - it damages sperm and increases the rate of infertility in a number of different species (Kour 1980; Chinoy 1989; Chinoy 1991; Susheela 1991; Chinoy 1994; Kumar 1994; Narayana 1994a, b; Zhao 1995; Elbetieha 2000; Ghosh 2002 and Zakrzewska 2002). Whilestudies conducted at the FDA have failed to find reproductive effects in rats (Sprando 1996, 1997, 1998), an epidemiological study from the US has found increased rates of infertility among couples living in areas with 3 or more ppm fluoride in the water (Freni 1994), and 2 studies have found a reduced level of circulating testosterone in males living in high fluoride areas (Susheela 1996 and Barot 1998).~

~Once fluoride is put in the water it is impossible to control the dose each individual receives. This is because 1) some people (e.g. manual laborers, athletes, diabetics, and people with kidney disease) drink more water than others, and 2) we receive fluoride from sources other than the water supply. Other sources of fluoride include food and beverages processed with fluoridated water (Kiritsy 1996 and Heilman 1999), fluoridated dental products (Bentley 1999 and Levy 1999), mechanically deboned meat (Fein 2001), teas (Levy 1999), and pesticide residues on food (Stannard 1991 and Burgstahler 1997).~

~Fluoridation is unethical because individuals are not being asked for their informed consent prior to medication. This is standard practice for all medication, and one of the key reasons why most of western Europe has ruled against fluoridation (see appendix 2).

As one doctor aptly stated, "No physician in his right senses would prescribe for a person he has never met, whose medical history he does not know, a substance which is intended to create bodily change, with the advice: 'Take as much as you like, but you will take it for the rest of your life because some children suffer from tooth decay.’ It is a preposterous notion."~

~While referenda are preferential to imposed policies from central government, it still leaves the problem of individual rights versus majority rule. Put another way -- does a voter have the right to require that their neighbor ingest a certain medication (even if it's against that neighbor's will)?~

~Despite the fact that we are exposed to far more fluoride today than we were in 1945 (when fluoridation began), the "optimal" fluoridation level is still 1 part per million, the same level deemed optimal in 1945! (Marier & Rose 1977; Levy 1999; Rozier 1999 and Fomon 2000).~

~The chemicals used to fluoridate water in the US are not pharmaceutical grade. Instead, they come from the wet scrubbing systems of the superphosphate fertilizer industry. These chemicals (90% of which are sodium fluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid), are classified hazardous wastes contaminated with various impurities. Recent testing by the National Sanitation Foundation suggest that the levels of arsenic in these chemicals are relatively high (up to 1.6 ppb after dilution into public water) and of potential concern (NSF 2000 and Wang 2000).~

~The recent Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology, Dr. Arvid Carlsson (2000), was one of the leading opponents of fluoridation in Sweden, and part of the panel that recommended that the Swedish government reject the practice, which they did in 1971. According to Carlsson:

"I am quite convinced that water fluoridation, in a not-too-distant future, will be consigned to medical history...Water fluoridation goes against leading principles of pharmacotherapy, which is progressing from a stereotyped medication - of the type 1 tablet 3 times a day - to a much more individualized therapy as regards both dosage and selection of drugs. The addition of drugs to the drinking water means exactly the opposite of an individualized therapy" (Carlsson 1978).~

Fluoride Destroys Tooth Enamel: Chemistry Prof - Health Supreme

~Although benefits from fluoridated water are certainly not a scientific certainty, there is quite some data on dental fluorosis, brittling of teeth by the action of fluoride, which is generally put down to being a mere "cosmetic problem". Fluoride has also been found by major epidemiological studies to cause skeletal fluorosis, causing an increase in the rate of hip fractures.~

~Spokesmen for national groups are beginning to notice AN ALARMING RISE IN CAVITIES AMONG CHILDREN AND TEENS. Some dentists recommend DENTAL SEALANTS, especially for older teens not previously considered candidates for the treatment. But if sealants are now ordered, AREN'T DENTISTS ADMITTING NO CONFIDENCE IN THE ABILITY OF FLUORIDE TO PREVENT CAVITIES?

FLUORIDE in water at I part per million INCREASED TOOTH CAVITIES in four large reliable studies 7.22.45 and 10% (average 21 %). The reason far these increases has to do with the fact that adenosine diphosphatase is destroyed by fluoride and CALCIUM FLUORIDE which slips into the enamel, IS ALIEN TO THE TOOTH COMPOSITE AND MAKES THE ENAMEL WEAK, BRITTLE AND DISCOLORED.~

~27. To avoid fluoride is to prevent the destruction of 83 enzymes listed with references in Good Teeth, Birth to Death, by Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D.. FLUORIDE IS A SEVERE BIOLOGICAL POISON. Being intensely negative, it unlatches positive hydrogen bonds in enzymes AND proteins.

It is fortunate we have learned fluoride is a nerve poison. FLUORIDE CAUSES CAVITIES. There is not the slightest doubt.

Methylmercury formed from amalgams in the body is deadly. It causes brain disease. Fillings made of quartzite and epoxy are a safe substitute.

Fluoride harms the economy by MAKING PEOPLE PURCHASE OTHER THAN CITY WATER to avoid it. It also harms the economy by making people dependent on undependable professions that know nothing about it. Ignorance about fluoride and what it does is worldwide.~

(All those caps were in the original,,I did not add them.-r.h.)

Fluoride is Poison

Dr. Bill Douglass Explains Why He Does NOT Recommend Fluoride.

Sponsored by:

Fluoride Destroys Tooth Enamel: Chemistry Prof. Published on Wednesday, February 15, 2006 by Healthy News Service. Back to Healthy News ...

~Since oral health is affected by many factors, fluoride alone would be unable, nor would it be expected, to eradicate the disease. The social groups that would be more likely to benefit from water fluoridation are those living in poorer conditions, and an important factor to decrease dental health disparities may be water fluoridation programs.[2] Nonetheless, it is understood that these communities suffer from various problems which would impede oral health, such as lack of access to dental care and poorer oral hygiene education.~

~Researchers examined the medical allegations in depth and have concluded that, with the exception of dental fluorosis, the allegations are not true. Ongoing research continues to confirm the safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness and environmental compatibility of public water fluoridation. Most researchers have determined that there is no significant fluorosis at the level of one PPM in drinking water. There is also evidence that where fluorosis is found in communities with water fluoridation, it is often caused by intake of fluoride from sources other than public water fluoridation.

Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop stated, "Fluoridation is the single most important commitment a community can make to the oral health of its children and to future generations." Most experts conclude that the scientific case for fluoridation is now beyond dispute. The World Health Organization strongly recommends the use of community water fluoridation where it is technically feasible. A policy statement on fluoridation by the USPHS, reaffirmed in 1995, stated that water fluoridation is the most cost effective, practical and safe means of reducing the occurrence of tooth decay in a community. The American Dental Association is strongly in support of fluoridation. Over ninety local civic, health and professional organizations in San Diego endorse fluoridation, including the San Diego County Science Advisory Board, the San Diego County Dental Society, and the local chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The American Water Works Association, an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply, supports the practice of fluoridation of public water systems. ~

I'm including this one because I once stated in these boards (I don't remember right now to who though) that 'seemingly unrelated' articles can point out elements in 'unrelated' areas.

~re:article on meteor problem reveals 'flouride' info

~Alien Impact Poisons Canadian Town

Larry O'Hanlon, Discovery News

When Meteorites Strike Jan. 25, 2008 -- Well water of the tiny Canadian town of Gypsumville, Manitoba (population 65) has been poisoned by an extraterrestrial.

The invader: A meteorite which struck down almost a quarter-billion years ago, creating the 25-mile-wide (40-kilometer) Lake Martin impact crater.

The ancient impact shattered the granitic ground so that extraordinary amounts of fluoride now taint the well water. Slightly higher than recommended amounts of fluoride can cause mottled teeth, while even higher concentrations can lead to neurological problems and softened bones.~

I guess that's enuff to get the point across that there are many things that we take for granted because the 'approved authorities' say they are for our benefit,,regardless of the info 'repressed,derided or ignored' that is so easily findable now days.

Of course,,whether or not the 'powers that be' are actively conspiring to do such for some reason or other,,is a hard call to make,,right now.

But the fact remains,,it's like a lot of other things,,most accept it because the 'highest authority' they know,,says it's okay.

And even when it seems 'the it' causes detrimental effects,,folks still 'accept' it as okay and just go on their merry way wondering how they can obtain 'health insurance' to pay for having their 'chronic' digestive and dental and other health probs taken care of.

All while those they seek aid from for the problems either just keep them coming back while ignoring,,or not spotting the actual causes,,or offer mitigation of costs in return for surrendered self determination.

And that's fact,,not opinion.


created on: 5/27/08

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