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Sunday, 12 September 2010
9-11-10 Another set of towers crumble
Topic: Opposing Terror

9-11-10 Another set of towers crumble

I feel like 9-11-01 just happened all over again.
BO & Co all came out of the wood work to ask Jones to not provoke the percentage of Islamists in our and other countries who advocate violence,murder and mayhem when they get their feelings hurt or their idols are damaged or someone doesn't 'submit' to the politics of ISLAM or become a Muslim,,,YET,,,not once have I heard any of those same folks asking RAUF to NOT build an Islamic Center at Ground Zero in a desire to NOT provoke the peace loving folks in THIS COUNTRY.

IOW,,,as far as I am concerned,,it's equal to Islam just killing those folks all over again with the implied approval of Obama,Biden,Betrayus,Clinton and the Republicans,Christians,Catholic and Jews,celebrities,pundits,etc.etc.etc.
(It's like they are all running down a wide highway hollering Islam!Islam!,,er,,Peace!Peace! while those who paved the road are lopping the heads off those who don't want to run with the herd.)

Let's look at the logic being displayed over this mess.
(Keep in mind,,even BO insisted publicly that 'words' must mean something,'laws' must be obeyed and 'violations' must be punished. )

I'll start with my own comments above lest someone feel I may be slanting something.
I juxtaposed the desire of BO & Co to NOT provoke the percentage of Islamic RELIGOUS FOLKS IN FORIGN COUNTRIES and those who champion Sharia dominance,advocate violence,murder and mayhem when they get their feelings hurt or their idols are damaged WITH their LACK of desire to NOT provke the NON Islamists in America whose feelings are hurt by the murders and acts of war committed against innocent people (civilians not military personel).

Logically speaking,,,what does that display if NOT a clear and obvious priority consisting of 'satisfying' forign interests (whose 'members of state' threaten violence in retaliation) without equal consideration being shown to the domestic interests of this nations 'members of state' who 'do not' threaten to retaliate violently?

Does not 'compassion' demand one chose to champion the non violent and revile the murderous?

Does not JUSTICE & Sound Ethics demand a nations leaders look out for and protect the interests (which includes morale) of the nation they lead?

Would not 'fairness' expect those folks to at least ask that the Islamic Center?Mosque not be built in such a sensitive place as one involving loss of human life with as much 'enthusiasm' as was displayed to a fella who wanted to burn some books to protest a theocratic agenda?

Are we here in the US undeserving of being equally shown the compassionate understanding which our leaders and public heads display toward folks and political-religious entities which are clearly okay with violence being committed ON US over such a thing as 'religious icon desecration' that our very own National Endowement for the Arts pays out grants for?

Are we NOT under a form of 'constructive compliance' to Sharia if those laws are treated with more respect than our own by our very own leaders?

Are we of such low worth to our CiC,,the POTUS,,that it appears that he and his crew do not care if we suffer from intolerant minded,religiously bigoted,politically prejudiced folks that hide murderous political agendas behind a facade of religion that terrifies understanding non adherents night and day?

If that's NOT the case,,then why are THEY being shown more respect,compassion and consideration by him and his than their FELLOW AMERICANS get?

As for some saying that 'all Muslims' do not advocate the 'threats of violence'.
Which one's are speaking out loudly and proudly against their fellow muslims acting like psychopathic murderers?
Why do the few that may,,not get more 'media exposure' by US news corporations?
Why won't they protest publicly against such in their own countries or even in a place as tolerant and peaceful as America is where they can be protected from harm by our 'Law enforcement' and even military might?

Now,,for the 'justification' most used against that pastor burning those books.

It will make Muslims around the world want to kill Americans.
The only response possible to anyone that is aware of history spanning a least the past few decades,not actively compatriot with Islam or 'overly indoctrinated by party-pup PC rhetoric',honest minded,at least half as smart as a doorknob and reasonably sane could give is,,,"What doesn't make Muslims world wide want to kill Americans or any non Muslims for that matter?"
(You want to see what I mean?check it out,,now,,NOT building the Islamic Center or it not being allowed to be built due to some mundane reason such as 'building codes' would result in Muslims wanting to commit violence as surely as burning korans would:

~The imam of the mosque conceded Wednesday he would have changed sites if he knew how controversial it would become - but he now believes a switch would anger the radical Muslim world.

"If we don't do this right, anger will explode in the Muslim world," said Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on CNN's "Larry King Live."

"It could become something very dangerous indeed."~

(Do you or don't you think that man was referring to violence equal to,or greater than,the violence threatened in retaliation for burning korans?Which do you believe is truthful,,the statement 'he wouldn't have placed it there if he had known' or the inference that he did NOT know it would result in controversy or,,the statement NOT doing so is dangerous.Do you think maybe not picking that location was dangerous to Rauf,personally?Or do you think it's likely he is moving in accordance with an agenda shared by his political-religious compatriots?)

And considering Rauf is someone advocating instituting Sharia Law in the U.S. (which constitutes 'rejection' of or promotes supremecy over U.S. Soverignty) simply demanding that someone not excercise their right to freedom of expression constitutes a flagrant disrespect and rejection of U.S. laws,what reasons other than asserting dominance over (psychologically&symbolically at the very least) and/or provoking negative reactions (as in provoking to violence or as in 'terrorizing them') from the local cultures members could there be??

It is un Christian or unBiblical.
So is Islam.
(to whit:The prescription given in The New Testament,,which COMPLETED the 'old testament,,was to treat others as you would like to be treated.I am a follower of Yeshua and I would rather those folks burnt Bibles if they opposed America or wanted their Islamic center in a certain 'sensitive' spot as opposed to murdering folks.Which would you prefer?)

It's sends the wrong message.
What message should be sent,,"We the people of diverse religious and political persuasions that live in the United States submit to the religious/political laws of Sharia so we will not face threat of or see commision of violence or death?"
(That IS unconstitutional even if BO wants us to.And is what comes from losing/surrendering in a war between nations.And THAT wouldn't even stop such,IMHsmellyO.)

That's not how Americans act.
Which Americans?Muslim Americans?Kenyan Americans?Irish Americans?Christian Americans?Anti-Americans?DANG-DInGIE Americans?Or do you mean Americans who apply for and get NEA grants to desecrate religious icons of flavors other than Islamic?

That's not what America stands for.
(This one came from a constitutional lawyer,,can ya guess who?)
If America does NOT stand for 'freedom of expression' then what's the first amendment about?

To finish this:
I,,as a human being who is an American Citizen,,and a non main stream  Christian,,am extremely dissapointed,dismayed,astounded and hurt beyond compare by what I have witnessed over the last few days.

Another set of towers have been destroyed.
The ideas of Freedom of Speech and that our elected officials are loyaly dedicated to protecting America,it's constitution,laws and it's people's freedoms have been crumbled into rubble.

What's gonna happen on next 9/11?
Will that Islamic Center explode and thousands of more folks get murdered so a religious-political system can garner more power or will that be un-needed by then here in what was called one of the biggest Islamic nations on Earth by BO whom some want to establish a new Caliphate like what was formed in old time Cordoba? : : ~Obama: U.S. One of World's Biggest Muslim Nations - World Watch ...Jun 3, 2009 ... Obama: U.S. One of World's Biggest Muslim Nations ... to deliver what has become a much-anticipated speech, Obama is practicing the kind of ...~
 - : - -
~Minister wants Obama to become Ameer-ul-Momineen
Published: September 02, 2010
ISLAMABAD  In a development that could be duly termed as one and only of its kind, an incumbent Government’s Minister has urged US President Barrack Obama to offer Eid prayers at Ground Zero Mosque and become Ameer-ul-Momineen of Muslim Ummah.
Minister of State for Industries and former member Pakistan Ideological Council Ayatullah Durrani called TheNation on Wednesday to register his demand made to President Obama.
 The coming Eid would expectedly be observed on 9/11, this a golden opportunity for President Obama to offer Eid prayers at Ground Zero and become Amir-ul-Momineen or Caliph of Muslims. In this way, all the problems of Muslim World would be solved,he thought.
Durrani argued that Muslim World was in dire need of a Caliph and the distinguished slot of Caliphate would earn President Obama the exemplary titles of what he termed, Mullah Barrack Hussain Obama” or Allama Obama. The time is approaching fast. Barrack Hussain Obama must act now. This is a golden opportunity, Muslims badly need it,he added, saying that the elevation of President Obama to Muslim’s Caliphate would be the key to success.~


That makes this seem much more accurate:

Oh yeah.
I do not say I would or would not burn a Koran or any other religions material as a form of protest against a religion or political system.

I am saying that under the laws of the U.S. it is legal to express myself that way,,or dispose of such in that way if the situation demands or calls for it,,or if I simply want to as long as I rightfully and legally own it and that I will defend any human who wishes do do such whether our current or future government says it's okay or not.

I am also saying I will defend any human right to belong to any religion he or she so chooses,,and to leave it at the slightest whim,whether our current or future government says it's okay or not..

As well as,,

I will oppose any and all religions that insist one join or be submissive to it under penalty of taxation,tribute,exile,violence or death,whether our current or future government says it's okay or not.

Doing so IS what America's about.
To do anything else WOULD be Un-American.
And I expect no less from BO & Co and all other fellow freedom loving Americans,whether our current or future government says it's okay or not.

Here's a thought,,If a burnt book is worth killing over,,is it worth NOT killing to keep a book from being burnt?


Start with a number equal to the number of lives lost on 9-11-01 and add one for every life lost in the name of Allah since then.

Too many?

How about this,,starting tomorrow,for every human a Muslim murders in the name of Allah,,,a Koran is burnt?


Does anyone think that would get them to stop acting like psychopathic murderers?

I don't.

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 11:39 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 13 September 2010 11:14 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 22 May 2007
Must Prepare to Fight:A Response
Topic: Opposing Terror

_From an Excite Board thread

The situation as it stands is by far the most severe conflict the 'modern civilised world' has ever experienced.This is due largely in part to the nature of the threat.It is essentially a long term project that has been in action for several hundred years and illustrates how badly a religion can be misused by folks who hold position for such long periods of time.
It is an ingrained ideology that has not been a secret in any fashion at any time during all the ages it has existed.It is part of their social and cultural make up.It is for all intents a purposes,,a religious matter.Even if the 'original religion' is the hi-jaked' vehicle,,it still operates as a religion in the minds of those subjected to its machinations.

Yes,,this also goes for the elements of the political arena that are involved as well.Remember:Term limits limit self serving terms.
Yet irregardless of this,,the basics of adversarial conflict still apply.Take their moves away.Negate their power.Remove their base.

What would that entail in this case?
What is it that they most often use as their most beloved move?
Fear.Right?Fear of what?Them hurting innocent folks if they don't get their desires.Correct?So it's the 'fear of the death of the hostage' that they use most often.
Remove that from their arsenal.

I know this sounds really cold to some,,but bear with me for a minute,,I will talk from my own viewpoint on this matter.
IF,,someone were to hold me 'hostage' to get something from someone else,,I myself would rather be killed than have them get their way.
Hey,,shoot the guy holding me by shooting through me,,get it?Or shoot me,,I'll fall down,,you shoot them.I would rather risk dying that way than be used by a psychotic to get their way.

I know that many wouldn't agree since the 'desire to live' is so strong in people but I know that if you give in to a 'bully' the 'bullying' never ends.Once you let them think that that tactic was effective they will use it again and again.That's their power base,,your care for others.
They will kill you with your care for innocents.Way too often the good folks in the world forget that if the psycho sets the situation up,,and someone gets hurt or dies,,it is squarely on the psychos head as being the party responsible for any and all unfortunate events that follow.
That's their moves.


( read the rest )

Posted by Roy L.H.:That DANG DInGIE American at 8:40 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 22 May 2007 11:58 PM EDT
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