This is my reply to several posts in the excite politics forum regarding militant Mexican nationals comments.

gang response

lonesome bert:

~White people have been riding herd over the darker souls on this earth because they are SMARTER~

Some would say that's because the darker colored folks have had the 'smarts or drive' bred out through the husbandry of slavers.Domestication through selected breeding,,evolution in action?

~EVERY winter here in Southern California,,,he lights a BAR-B-Q in his HOUSE because it's cold.
That person is ALWAYS a Mexican. ~

Not so down here in Fla,,it's uneducated folks of all colors.
IOW,,stupid is as stupid does,bubba.



That's what every one says,,untill they get tired of saying it,,or um,,uh,,what?,,oh yeah,,
Or untill they get distracted from the problem.
Remember,,ADD is rising to epidemic proportions.Add that to a fried education system. And you have some one group getting what every one doesn't want.


~buy a Glock 17~
Is it American made?


I agree with you.
Let's get on it.You go vote and maybe I'll find someone to vote for me.
Any one out there got a voting priveledge not being used?
IOW,,will you vote for me,,since I want to but can't and you can yet don't?


~That is why they want to take your guns away. You will not be able to defend yourself when the riots start. The rioters will have guns though because they can break the law and get away with it. ~

Criminals aren't the only ones with guns.Guns aren't the only weapons criminals use.Have you seen how rocks,machetes,propane tanks,cell phones and fertilizer are used in the world?Not to mention transport vehecles od all sorts.
So,,,Why limit the idea of defense to guns?

~if a white person had made any of those remarks it would have been in the new for a week or more and demands for apologies from all over the world.~

Yeah,,ain't that odd?And they claim white folks are the racists.
Hey,,can you tell me,,How J.Imus is racist like A.Fox?


re:old men and young girls,,I agree that's considered perverted yet,,if evolution is a fact and we've evolved to where humans are maturing younger and are apparently much smarter now,, enough so to determine for themselves what those kids in the bygone days weren't allowed to decide,,like sex and abortion and so amny other things,,and the girl nor her parents doesn't mind,,so what?
Speaking as a 'highly evolved ape like creature that was produced through billions of years and millions of generations of evolution would',,old enuff ta bleed,,old enuff to breed,,no?
And if you get a good dowry,,hey,,so much the better,,right?He'll die way before her,,Anna NS knew that.

re:Koresh,Jones,,these types are the kind used to demean the idea of protecting one rights to religion and arms for protection from miscreants,varmints and gov persons gone batty. They shouldn't be mentioned except as lessons in depravity and zeal gone sour.
That's something that happens in allmost all group activities.Including our gov.


~I say, go for it and see how successful they'll be without the 'white' influence.~

They would holler that THAT wouldn't be fair.Just like your comment would make them holler,,


My belated condolences regarding your wife.
She sounded intelligent and fair minded.That is the attitude that turned this melting pot into something the world still envies.Allthough the envy has become tainted by spiteful hate lately.


~Boy Brokeback Bert, if you think skin tone has anything to do with intelligence you must have flunked every biology course you ever took~

Yeah,,tell him dude,,biology has nothing to do with genetics,animal husbandry nor evolution!
What a maroooooonic statement worthy of The Triune Diety of Comedic Divinity.Hey,Art,what's the difference between a house servant and a field hand?A highland Haitian and a coastal Haitian?An African American and an African?A cracker and a w.a.s.p.?An American and an Australian?A Seminole and a Blackfoot?A blue bird and a mocking bird,,a chihuahua and a great dane,,a blue rose and a red rose?And lets don't even mention lizards,amphibians,molluscs, cephalapods and fish,,or insects.
(sure,,it's not exclusive,,yet it can't be excluded)
So,,who failed what?


~I think that there always some extreme examples of militants in every society. I discount it, because:~

To discount the extremes in a group is to allow,condone and abett their attitues,behaviour and overall effect in your decision making process.That would make it unbalanced and not inclusive of all knowable elements leading to 'bad choices' based on 'bad intelligence'.
Just like what some claimed happened to Bush.

~1. Most people come here to get jobs so that they can make a better life for their families.
The productivity of the current economic system is the mechanism to create those jobs and opportunities.~

Yay,,but the economy of the US is not the same as it was in the past.
The productivity today is not equal to the 'manufacturing' dominated economy of the past.
Competition for ag and service industry jobs will soon be a fact of life for too many.
Unfortuanately,,the immigrants are from a culture where the 'subservient' mentality and attitude has been ingrained for generations.This gives them a decided advantage over the more rights and respect acclimatized spoiled Americans when dealing with such occupations.This makes them much less desirable as hires since they will complain when the boss mistreats or disrespects them.

~2. They do not want to create another Mexico here, because they decided to leave Mexico and its extensive corruption, even worse than the U. S.~

See,,you are allready out of balance logically since you have discounted the extremist/militant examples.
To be intellectually honest,,you could simply say,,MOST don't want to,,since honestly,,some do.

Re:Mexican corruption
Like Americans have done throughout history,ever since we obtained soil that is,,they should stay and fight to change their own nation.
That way maybe they could have a country with less corruption than the US.
BTW,,how could 'their corruptive element' be affecting 'our corruptive element in regards to this entire issue?

~3. You may notice that most Mexican immigrants have dark skins and evidence of indian ancestry.
If you look at Urban Mexico in its television, big business, and colleges you see people of lighter skin, and more European Characteristics. It is likely that our laws here provide more equality under the law and more opportunities.~

This is indicative of 'racism' in action.What I see going on is a purge of their undesirables.
You may have noticed that even you say,,Most immigrants to America have the darker skins indicative of their Indian ancestry,yet their media shows many other tones. Why is it disproportionate?Could it be due to the corruptive element you alluded to being motivated in this issue by a racist bias?Aren't there international laws prohibiting such?

~4. In the area where I live (Northern California) and New Mexico (Recent visit to Albuquerque), the second generation Latinos speak ENGLISH as their primary language, have cell phones and go to college.~

And this means what?They don't have such in Mexico?
You are raised in a language.Cells phones are a luxury.
Are you talking legal or illegal immigrants?
BTW,,I got turned down for colledge funding due to being a felon.Yet there were and are plenty of black and brown felons getting to go since they are disadvantaged by being not white.
I keep looking for all the advantages I am supposed to have because I am white and I have yet to find any.I am free to live poor and die broke,,just like every one else in the US is supposed to be.

~You can create a lot of fear repeating the dialog of the extremists, but nobody from Mexico realistically wants to destroy this society, they just want to be a part of it.~

You can create a lot of chaos,damage,destruction and suffering by discounting the dialog of the extremist element that does wish to destroy American government or society.
And again,,like Bush,,faulty intelligent leads to faulty conclusions,,right?
After all,,you can easily look around and find examples of folks who wish to destroy our government and the socio-cultural way of life.
If you wished to be intellectually honest and show no bias,,you should simply say 'most','not all' or 'some'.
But,,don't discount any element of the equation or the solution will be incorrect.
Logically speaking that is.

~Do you have any quotes that were made in the last 10 yrs? All those were in the early 90's.~

Are the people that said them still alive?If so,,or if they have influenced others with those ideologies,,it's still a valid concern.

If someone was quoted fifty years ago as saying,,'If you stand in the middle of a freeway at rush hour expect to get hit by an auto.',,would it be less valid today?
How about,,'don't look directly at the sun,,it'll hurt your eyes'?
No longer good advice?

Besides,,didn't you read this from the posted article?:

~"We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes understood by Latinos . . . " Professor Fernando Guerra, Loyola Marymount University ~

Now,,just think,,if they took his advice in the early 90's,,you wouldn't be aware of it still going on,would you?
Why not?Because they would have,,'started using codes understood by Latinos in order to avoid 'white backlash'.
IOW,,it seems to have worked,ON YOU,so far.

~This is just more of the conservative mantra, "First I'll make ya scared, then you'll listen" , but then again apparently it's working.~

Of course that works,,,and many use it regarding many things in our 'free society'.
Like law enforcement,self defense products,'not having insurance','drugs','guns','tobacco' and conservatism it self.
And yet,,isn't it better than the opposite mantra?
You know,,The Ostrich Mantra,,'If I can't see it and ignore it being there,,it can't hurt me.'
Or even The Ann Boline Mantra,,'Let them eat cake'.

Tossing my few centavos worth in,
The DANG - DInGIE American
aka,, The Evil White Man

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