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re:bush in the 80's:

~"I would engage in some form of syntax destruction which sounded as though I were answering the question, but in fact, had not," he said.~
~However in an interview with The Washington Post, Greenspan clarified that while securing global oil supplies was "not the administration's motive," it had presented the White House with an opportunity to make the case that removing Saddam Hussein was important for the global economy.
"I was not saying that that's the administration's motive," he said in the interview. "I'm just saying that if somebody asked me, 'Are we fortunate in taking out Saddam?' I would say it was essential."~

re:more syntax destruction?

re:mcain on a 'possible muslim pres'

re:two supreme court religious focused cases dissed

re:the process-hickabee-huckabee,,screwamee-screwathee?:a preacher turned politician plus medicine=pain relief=drugs
(In June 1971, at age 15, Huckabee announced God had called him to preach.AND.The medicine had obviously worked. Huckabee was back.)

re:evidence of what goes on out of sight

re:evidence of special considerations desired
(proof that racism comes in colors other than white)

re:clinton and communism:
re:clinton as CIA spy(?):
re:hillary in colledge learns that attacking republicans gave her social acceptance:
re:hillary in colledge,,a different take:
re:bill & hill cash out:
re:hillary,DNC & corruption

re:dem uniters advocate division of iraq

re:pres signs spend bill & dem tax increasers plan
~The president said Democrats are planning the "biggest tax increase in American history" to pay for the new spending.~

re:dems fail to meet deadline
re:Mich dems fail to meet deadline,raise taxes
Michigans dem admin partially shut down,no budget to plug a $1.75 billion deficit.The Senate voted to raise the state's income tax from 3.9 percent to 4.35
(Granholm was waiting for the income tax increase and a bill placing the state's 6 percent sales tax on a wide range of services before she would sign a 30-day continuation budget that would keep government running.)

re:communist spying now:

re:communism undercover:

re:dems nevada dilemma:

re:how they work
Michigans dem admin partially shut down,no budget to plug a $1.75 billion deficit.The Senate voted to raise the state's income tax from 3.9 percent to 4.35
(Granholm was waiting for the income tax increase and a bill placing the state's 6 percent sales tax on a wide range of services before she would sign a 30-day continuation budget that would keep government running.)

re:edwards copies bin laden:

re:edwards school yard mentality

re:dems rival,freedoms watch

re:Kucinich echoes Bin Laden:

re:richardson panders to islamic empire concerns implemented by iran by ignoring cleric approval of gov actions
~"Calling them names, labeling them terrorists, drawing up military options is just making the situation worse and inflaming the Muslim world," he said.~

re:how dems gain from craigs loss
(clue to motive?)

re:obama woos with rhetoric
re:obamas wife lets cat out
~If we win Iowa then we can move to the world as it should be.~
re:obama profits from politics
re:obama on clinton,,
,,and his horn tune:
~"On the single most important foreign policy issue of our time, I got it right," Obama said.~
(and an odd commentary focused on a 'white' baptist church as opposed to a black one.The white one was watching a cross built instead of paying attention to obamas entrance)
re:dems and petraeus report
re:petraeus on missing weapons and admin overload in 04

re:edwards tries to equate limbaughs remarks to moveons petraeus advert

re:irans prez says,,bush on trial one day:

re:free speech issue diverts from speech content

r:the obscenity,f**ck,in student paper headline claimed to be okay due to free speech,,2181402,00.html

re:iran prez invites bush

re:nytimes on speech
(repeating saddams ploy)

re:cnn interview 98

re:cbs/m.wallace interview 06

re:involvement in hostage taking

re:iranian president (search pg results)
re:iran laws & etc

re:iran on israel and iraq

re:iranian missile used in iraq:

re:amadinijab(iraq) & chaves(venezuela)

re:how they work

re:how they work
(Biden-dems-U.S.senate attempts distractive division/article covers success content with angst title)

re:how they work
(dems blame bush to justify debt spending)

re:how they work
(china handles dissenters irrespective of 'inalienable rights')

re:anti-islam protesters not allowed to protest on 9-11 in Brussels:

re:anti-war protesters forcing cops to arrest them:

re:religious oppresion by islamo-fascists in Iraq & elsewhere:

re:boy murdered by 'Taliban' for having U.S. money

re:afghan muslims cry over muslims kiled by muslims
~This attack goes against all of Islam. There is no reason to blow up Muslims, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. My message to these people: Please stop killing Muslims~
(perhaps they should have opposed the psychopaths when they killed Americans,,then they wouldn't face this)

re:un & au announce birth of unamid
(The peacekeeping force, which will be known as UNAMID, "will be the world's largest peacekeeping operation," according to the U.N.)

re:record of peace keeping efforts failures

re:carter & other panderers get in on african pro-muslim bandwagon
~The conflict pits the Sudanese military against ethnic African rebels who rose up against discrimination by the Arab-dominated government. To help put down the rebellion, Khartoum is accused of unleashing Arab janjaweed militias who have burned hundreds of ethnic African villages, killing and raping civilians.~

re:carter and branson get blocked by security forces from meeting victims of sudanese/islamic oppression

re:confusion over who did it ploy

re:players opposing islamist dominance in africa

re:confusion as to who attacked-govs janjaweed or rebel freedom fighters
(pattern is familiar/similar to other islamist forces,,call cease fire,,keep atacking using 'finger' groups)

re:cartoonist marked for death;extreme censorship:

re:cartoonist plans musical based on controversy

re:shieks mourners & comments from the moonfruit:
("The Iraqi people have lost trust with this government and killings are still going on - the latest is the assassination of the Anbar Awakening Council leader," he told thousands of worshippers. "Everyone is threatened with death in this country as long as the American Black House is still giving the orders)
re:man arrested for sheiks murder & current events in Iraq:

re:blackwater blamed for being unprepared
re:rice orders investigation
re:five cases
re:focus on 'al-qaida' nemesis
~Iraqi authorities have said Blackwater guards fired indiscriminately at motorists in the square. But Prince said in remarks prepared for the committee that the convoy his contractors was guarding came under attack from insurgents near the square and says some of them were dressed in Iraqi police uniforms. ~

re:iraq 10/1/07 : update
re:afghanistan 10/1/07 : update

re:report on iraq ignores numbers of 'insurgents' killed(unless one counts alledged civilians,which insurgents dress like)

re:law profs infer controvery not reason to reject liberal law educators:

re:Truthers/9-11 Conspiracy is bogus:

re:saddams wmd:
~Three of them were bunkers buried 20-30 feet beneath the Euphrates. ~

re:mysterious israeli strike in syria
re:israel hit weapons headed for hezbollah:
re:israel quiet about syria:
re:n.koren ship plays s.korean and offloads in syria 3 days prior:
re:israeli bees invade syrian airspace,carry away pollen booty
re:syria pres assad says israel hit unused building
~"If they don't talk about the Syrian occupied territory, no, there's no way for Syria to go there. It should be about comprehensive peace, and Syria is part of this comprehensive peace. Without that, we shouldn't go, we wouldn't go," Assad said.~
(if they do talk about occupied territory,,it wouldn't be about comprehensive peace.It would be about Syrias peace only.)
re:israel releases details on syrian raid
re:reactions to israel speaking about raid

re:syria limits entrance to 'commercial interests',blocking innocent iraqi civilians from escaping muslim murderers

re:pals try to hi-jak christianity to denigrate israel:
re:charity tries to shift terror link woes to attack on islam:

re:pal refugees nab Nasser Ismail

re:staged video trial:
re:israel says video manipulated

re:pals still want land from israel instead of islamic empire

re:iran rankled by frances war warning:

re:iran exibits islamic disdain for us & israel at koran exhibit:,7340,L-3450440,00.html

re:iran threatens missile strikes on us targets:

re:muslim militants from liberty city
~In this case, all of the conspirators, on tape, walk up, take this oath, give their name and swear their loyalty to a foreign terrorist organization," Gregorie said. "They do it voluntarily~

re:mex cops buy guns in usa say for personal traveled in cop car:

re:mexicans hate walmart?:

re:wyatt conally saddam connection:

re:moms grief turns to suspicion:

re:only white groups mentioned as racist examples
re:anti-semitism only a white thang

re:1000 black men wanted,,whites not invited:
re:the Nation of Islam's security chief, Captain Dennis Muhammad:

re:kids wielded in immigration war:

re:clinton greece visit SaNov20/99:

re:chinese manuf blame buyers for bad products:

re:china recalls leukemia medicines:

re:cell phones and dna damage:
~Franz Adlkofer, who led the Reflex study, said people should use landlines, rather than mobiles, wherever possible. ~

re:US '05 deaths up/cancer too:

re:vegetative brain still aware of self
~By showing that her functional brain imaging studies (fMRI) are indistinguishable from those of healthy volunteers performing the same mental tasks, the researchers claim that the young woman's fMRI "confirmed beyond any doubt that she was consciously aware of herself and her surroundings, and was willfully following instructions given to her, despite her diagnosis of a vegetative state." ~

re:2 fungus deaths:

re:tangerine peel substance kills some cancers:

re:mirror particle/matter:

re:big bang theory flawed:more matter than anti:

re:mapping of dark matter:

re:man made quarks:

re:the human gene:

re:thank god not cops (enforcers not protective public servants)

re:domesticate violence charges kept children in home which mom murdered then them in
(more evidence of out of balance view of fathers in our culture causing more grief/writer -KROPKO- makes it look confusing regarding two seperate incidents were commited by father against mother when the father tried to remove children from moms care)

re:radio codes people can't hear
~Arbitron, which also runs the diary ratings, has been working on electronic measurement since 1992. Under the new system, Arbitron enlists a panel in each city to carry around a pager-like device called a Portable People Meter that picks up audio codes embedded in radio broadcasts but can't be heard by humans.~

re:image seen behind video
~Investigators determined that the video of the attack was recorded over the video of an 11-year-old girl taped in October 2005 through a window of a Pahrump home, DeMeo said~

re:ny cabs tagged with gps

re:cop unfairly charged
(this can happen to you,,it essentially happened to me)

re:dengue fever in latin america

re:how they work
science teaches flawed material
(suggest the oft-repeated narrative of the Genovese murder is "not supported by the available evidence." Nevertheless, the original tale is reiterated in classrooms and textbooks in the social psychology field, often at the expense of further research, the article maintains.)

re:rain forest ignores scientist predictions
~If you anthropomorphize a little bit,” Saleska said, “these trees are not dumb. They’ve been living here tens of millions of years. If you’re designing trees to live, make sure that they could survive. Make them take advantage of that sunlight~

re:attack on christ bust in boston library


re:floyds another brick in the wall couldn't happen nowdays ,in brit or us
~Bypassing the head teacher's office, they ended up in the music room, where the unconventional Mr Renshaw was always looking for ways to broaden his students' musical horizons. He jumped at the chance.
He took a handful of excited kids out of class and marched them round to the studio. They were given the words and asked to sing. ~

re:seebees swastika shaped building,0,2973328.story?coll=la-home-center
~As the oddity became more widely known, however, calls arose for the Navy to do something about it. Now the prevailing tone in blog comments is one of scorn for the waste of $600,000 on something that can only be seen from space.~

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