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Wee!Gee! part twenty five by Roy L. Harbin

Looking over at Mike as we idled up the hill I had to laugh at the way he was smiling all goofy like and bopping in his seat.Turning down the music then swatting him in the shoulder I asked him,,"When are you gonna get a license so you can do that from over here behind the steering wheel?" , "What?Me?No way dude,,driving scares me,,you know that." , "Aww,,you just like pretending everyone is chaufering you around." , "Not really." , "Yeah.I know."

Taking a swallow off my Dew I looked around at the street that I used to walk to get on the school bus and then home if I didn't walk west on 3rd to take 6th court or 6th drive,,which was the street I lived on a block and a half north.

Passing a spot in front of the fourth or fifth house brought to mind a set of images from one particular day during my earlier school days.

Looking back over my shoulder in response to sounds of angry yelling to see a little red headed kid,,new to the neighborhood,,not a violent bone in his body whose name has,sadly,allready faded from memory,,running north as fast as he could go while carrying his books and Banana Splits lunch box.The sight of him weaving around and through a few other children like an obstacle course with the look of terror on his face and red hair streaming like flames on a Car-toons hot rod would have been funny in a movie or cuttin' a fool but simply wasn't since the cause of his fright was something kids like him have allways feared,,a real live bully.

A fat kid like me,yet heavier than I,,dark hair,eyes and complection to my light,,yet pasty white from very little sun,,named appropriately enough to be called Dicky and it be acceptable to say in front of adults.Him,,his two younger sisters,,his mom and an 'aunt' lived 3 houses up from mine so me and him had a bit of history between us.The fellow was the bane of those in the neighborhood who were smaller,,timid,,or less aggressive than he was.Boys and girls.I really have never liked seeing people and things be hurt for no good reason and Dicky seemed to like hurting people,,and animals,,a lot,,which meant we were at odds more often than we weren't.

After it was all said and done,,one could say I used to practice boxing and professional wrestling moves on him.Not to mention,,without him being there,,I suppose I would never have learned some things.

Like how to put someone bigger than me in a suplex.

That Dickie kid was trying to catch the red headed kid,,but naturally considering he was no where near capable of getting his close to 200 pound bulk moving well enough to do so,,he stops,,stoops and picks up a piece of asphalt broken off the edge of the road about 2 or 3 inches square with the obvious intention of flinging it at the terrified boy.

Having seen the scenario unfolding,,I stopped walking along with the two Marks and their sisters to turn around and holler at Dicky,,"Dicky,,You hit anyone with that and I'll hit you with one and put you in a suplex,too!,!" To which he responded back as he usually did,,unless his mother and aunt were around of course,,cussing at me like an adult would another adult and saying,,"I ain't doing nothing to you!" and threw the asphalt and gravel nugget.

The rock flew with a slight curve,,through the other heads between Dickie and the fleeing boy to hit squarely in the side of that red hair covered skull.

Admittedly,,based on the look on his face,,Dickie was astounded the rock found a target,,and amazed the target was the red headed boy.But,,to this day,,I believe it was only surprise in response to him hitting anything at all since he normally could be counted on to miss.

I recall actually seeing the missile bounce off and hit the road skipping,,a little in front of me and to my left as the kid went down like a sack of bricks while Dickies amazed facial expression was replaced with a gleeful one.

Quickly hopping to stop it with my foot I scooped it up then ran to the kids side as I heard a gleeful whoop from Dicky.The boy was down on hands and knees with spittle dripping from his lips in long strings to fall on the ground along with his sweat.Kneeling down to say,,"Hey,,are you okay?,,which is about one of the stupidest things anyone could ask someone after seeing that happen to them.

He didn't answer,,but Dickies happy crowing did as I spotted the gash a little above the kids ear which was about 2 inches long and gaped wide enough to let the white of skull bone show untill the blood now welling out obscured sight of it like a crimson curtain.

Dropping Dickies weapon I took the boy by the shoulders and got him to sit on his butt and sort of lean forward a bit then took the handkercheif my father taught me to carry out of my back pocket,,put it over the wound and made him hold his hand on it while saying to him,,"He pegged you good,,hold this over it or you'll have blood all over you.Now,,you have to push a little so it will hold the bleeding back,,okay?"

After he focused his eyes on me and said,,"Okay." I stood up and looked at Dicky who was still expressing his delight at hitting an intended target,,for a change.

As I did so,,he ceased his fat jiggling dance of joy and dropped the smile off his face.He evidently realized what I said seemed to be something he now had to be concerned about,,since he did hit someone with it.And,,he knew I fully intended to carry out what I told him I would.

He started backing up as I began rushing toward him,,anger pumping through me at what I just witnessed,,knowing the kid could not have done anything that deserved what he just got.Dickie grabbed his oldest little sister Nola and pulling her into my path while he took off down he road.Then,,being much like her brother,,and mother,,she started cussing and hollering,,"Leave my brother alone!" and tried to block my path to her brothers bigger than mine butt.

Before dodging around her I flung the asphalt chunk at the very wide back of the target of my ire.Naturally,,it hit him dead in between his shoulder blades,,right where I aimed.

Hearing the thwunk it made slamming into the fat on his back gave me a bit of satisfaction which only whetted my appetite for more."How's it feel,,Dickie?!" I yelled while putting my hand out and on Nolas head to keep her away,,I then went around her and charged the bully who had stopped and turned back to face my way while his arms twisted,,one down and one up,,trying to reach the spot the pain bloomed in.

Seeing me coming at him he did get his arms back around and up in time to block my arms while absorbing the force of my momentum with his heavier bulk.This caused a 'clinch' to develope which I quickly changed to me having a left armed headlock,with his head facing in toward me,,on him.Grabbing his pants at his hip I set my self like I seen those wrestlers do every Saturday afternoon while he hollered for me to let him go and began pushing against me like a bull.

Realizing we were too far onto the road,,I started tugged and shoving to get him over onto the grass more then,,

Cinching his head,,,firmly with my left arm,,I pushed against him to get him to push back,,then catching the flow of his push,,I crouched slightly before heaving with my back and left arm to get his bulk moving upward,,I then shifted my pelvis forward and yanked up with my right arm while straightening my legs.

Much to my own surprise,,his weight seemed to disapear as the balance and flow came together to enable his bulky body to rise in the air.As his hip rose to the point where my right arm wound up going above my head,,I pulled back to pause the motion and,,amazingly,,he paused very much like the victim of move would on tv.although his legs weren't extened straight up like theirs,,they were up and I was holding the full weight of Dicky high in an illustration of a suplex before it's delivery is finished.

Most likely,,I didn't hold it as long as my memory seems to record,,but I clearly recall thinking,,"Wow,,it worked!" before falling backwards as I slightly relaxed my tight hold on his neck,and kept the pressure on his hip to make sure it hit first.Which it did,,jarringly on the grass beside the asphalt road.

The impact jangled and jarred my body enough for me to have a slight period of disorientation,,but not as long as Dickies was.

Holding on to his hip brought it down first causing the bulk of the falls force to go into his hips and torso,,driving the air from his bloated looking bodies lungs.Doing that while relaxing the grip on his neck kept the force from hurting him there essentially turning it into a controlled type of fall that,,with practice,,one could either apply forcefully,,or use to lay the guy down like a bean bag fille with styrofoam balls.

I was up and on my feet before he had even fully realized he had no air left.The notion of kicking him like a dog ran strongly through my mind,,but the sight of him gasping,,and now flopping like a beached manatee reminded me of my 'manners' so even though I did kick him in the calf,,hoping to frog it for his walk home,,I left him alone and walked back to where the two Mikes and their sisters were gathered around the now standing red headed boy.

Amazingly,,I heard Dickies wheezing change position behind me so I turned around in time to swing my left up and catch him dead in his cheek right under his eye.

Bounding back a little,,I watched him go down,,kind of haltingly at first as his dwindling consciousness managed to get his body to overcome the blows backward propelling force,,then straight down as it lost the fight and his eyes sort of rolled up in their sockets and his eyelids started fluttering to peg his mug in the grassy green carpet covered packed hard pan.

Hearing the thud,,and thinking he might have a broken nose,,I rejected the momentary twinge of remorse and began backing away in order to not let him get a chance to rush my back again.His sister,,still cussing like a sailor,,ran to her obviously knocked out brother.

Getting about 15 feet away,,I finally turned and,,shaking the hand that was now hurting a good bit,,while glancing back often,,joined the little group and began escorting the boy home.

The flash of memory began and left by the time we had gone a few houses and I pointed out the boulders in front of the papers trees lining the churhes on the east sides property to Mark and asked,,"Hey,,have you ever seen fools gold." To which he responded with.."Yeah,,those same boulders.Did you forget when I rode over from Ixora Park and we chipped pieces out for Mr.Cravens science class in 7th grade?" ," Oh,yeah,,I guess I did forget."

"Ha,,you remember the hand crank generator he used to wake up sleepers in his class with?", Mike and I started laughing and nodding at the memory as we passed the intersection of 3rd on 6th.

Glancing right down 3rd at the house where it seemed maybe this whole weird bit with the freaking ouijia board and all this other began,,a sense of apprehension seemed to blossom down in me.Looking away quickly as we began idling past the old cemetary on the left,,a whiff of 'rotten' wafted momentarily past my nose causing my nagger to ask,,'road kill,,or,,what?'

Looking out at the slightly overgrown unfenced graveyards rows of headstones made me ask Mike,,"Did you say Amanda was with Dale?" , "Yeah,dude.I think." , "I wonder why they were down here." ,"Don't know,,and I don't think I want to know."

"Mike,,I want to agree with you,,but I think we may be better off finding out." , "Aww,man,,I was hoping you wouldn't say that." , "Yeah,,I figured that."

Braking a bit to slow us down even more to scan the woods as we got past the cemetary,,we seen Dale step out of the bushes and pepper trees about 40 feet in front of us and wave rather sheepishly.Whipping over to come up right in front of him,,I stopped and looked past Dale down the path there I could barely see his vans rear about 50 feet in.

Cutting off my car,,I looked at the slim black haired carpet cleaner and asked,,"What in the hell were you thinking,Dale? You don't own a four wheel drive,dude." He sort of spluttered a bit thern got out,,"Man,,I know,,but I,,Amanda,,hey,,it was fine till I went to back out."

Opening my door to get out while Mark started laughing at Dales words I said,,"Well,,let me go look and see what's up." As Dale turned to start walking back into the trees,,I shut my door and asked,,"Why did you drive back in there anyway,Dale?" He stopped and looked at me while shaking his head and said in a quiet toned,,guilty sounding voice,, "Amanda wanted me to." Stopping close to him,,I asked,,in a low voice like he was using,,"Why,man?"

Mike,,coming up from behind said,,"She wanted to have sex next to the graveyard,,right?" , "Duuuude ",,Dale started in a voice filled with a freaked out quality and his eyes got wide while his face paled a bit and continued to do so as he said,,"She wanted to do it IN the graveyard,,on a grave."

We both looked at him,,agahst,,yeah,,aghast,,then Mike asked him,,"Did you?" and I asked,,"In the daytime?" simultaneously.

He stayed silent while looking back and forth at our two faces for a moment before saying,,"Yes,,and yes,,broad daylight." He paused,,swallowed real hard and finished with,,"In one,,in one.She found one back there in the woods,man."

"What?!?",,again,,at the same time."Yeah,,we were gonna park on the road and walk in here to get to the cemetary.She wanted us to take our clothes off in the woods then crawl through the high grass and do it on a grave." He paused and did the swallow bit agin then said,,"But we seen this path and stopped,,then she got really weird,,like she did last night and told me to drive in,,when I had to stop she started talking all gobblygook and jumped out."

He looked over his shoulder into the darknes of the path before snatching his head back to say,,"She's laying down in the van.I doubt she knows you're here yet." and went on,,a little more sure sounding,,"I followed her,,she hauled ass through the snags,,tore her clothes and scratched herself up pretty good,,until she got over near the graveyard,,then she dropped to her knees and actually started sniffing around!" He shivered and stopped talking while his words made me sniff the air myself to catch a whiff of rankness that seemed to be wafting from with in the darkness of the woods.My nagger observed,,'guess it ain't road kill then.' as I realized it was also coming from closer,,off of Dale.I hushed it as Dale picked up his narrative again,,"Then she started digging,man.With just her hands untill I threw her a branch,dude.Then she started growling and telling me to help her.So I did,,and about a foot down we found cloth and bones."

Me and Mike actually took a step back,,and Dale did too before glanced back at the van again,,then stepped back over to us which made me say,,"Whoa,,you do realize you stink,,don't you?" Nodding his head he stepped back a bit before saying,,"I should,,we uncovered it.It was a man,,a black man,,he even had a hat on his head,ya'll."

"She stripped and ripped my clothes off while saying some shit I couldn't understand.Then she made a big circle and star around the grave and took out some stuff from her clothes ,,incense,,and little bags of powder.She sprinkled some around while waving the incense around and chanting.When she got done,,she jumped in on top of the guy and pulled his pants apart,,,th,,then,,she,,"

He stopped,,gulping hard.I too was getting a little nauseous thinking about what he was saying and took another step back.He finally skipped whatever it was that came next and said,,"Th,th,,then,,after she got done,,she acted like she was riding him and had me,,man,,it was sooo strange,,I was watching her and instead of freaking out and running away,,which I kept telling myself I wanted to,,I actually got turned on like I never had before,,I felt like it was gonna pop like a thermometer in a blowtorch!"

Neither Mike nor I said a word as he glanced back and forth between our faces,,obviously looking for some kind of explanation from one of us,,which we couldn't give.

"Man,,she seemed to control my body.She would say something in that weird language and I would blow buckets,,but not go down a bit.And she had me do that ON the,,aww,,ya'll,,I feel soo nasty." His eyes actually began tearing up a little before he choked it back with a couple of sobbing intakes of breath and said,,"I gotta dump her man."

He didn't say anymore and just stood there looking at the ground between us.Me and Mike looked at each other with sad expressions,,not having a clue as to what to say to the man,,our friend,,our huosemate,,standing in front of us who evidently felt a deep remorse over what he had participated in,,yet,,apparently had no idea why he did so.

He turned and faced the van,,and sais,,"When she was finally done,,she just fell out,,sort of like she fainted,,but she wasn't totally out,,more like doped up,,but we hadn't done nothing today.I got her back to the van,,and put her clothes back on her,,kind of."

Turning back,,his hollow eyes stared at us."She hasn't moved since."

Mike suddenly said,,"Hey,,I know,,let's just go.We can come back and get your van in a couple of days.Let her wake up and find her own way home,,that ought to tell her something." and strated stepping to my car while mothioning Dale with a waving hand to come with him.

Dale said,,sadly,,"I can't do that,,I have a job to do tomorrow,,and there is some carpets I picked up a couple of streets down today still in there."

After a minite,,during which Mike stopped and just looked at me untill I asked Dale,,"How bad is it stuck?"

"I sort of buried the rear wheels trying to back out.It was a lot sandier than I thought." , "Yeah,man.Sugar sands a bitch if you stop.And reverse doesn't do too good in it anyway.You have a chain,,or rope or something to use to pull it with?"

"No,,all I have is a couple of 50 foot electric cords." , "Can you get them without waking her up just yet?" , "I guess,,yeah,,but we can't use an extension cord to pull that van with!Can we?" , "Dude,,I ain't got no chain or nothing else with me,,so unless you want to wait while I go and see if I can get one from a friend of my fathers,,we need to try."

"How long will that take?"

"I don't know,,about the time it takes to smoke a doob or two,,you look like you need to mellow out a bit.And I know I want to burn a few before I have to look at Amanda." , "I can't leave her here alone." , "Why not,Dale,,she's afreaking witch or something,,no one's gonna hurt her!" Mike chimed in."Yeah,," I agreed,,"no one's gonna hurt her,,and maybe we'll get lucky and she will be gone when we get back." Mike,,who had allready fished out the pack of joints he had,,stuck one in his mouth and then held anothre out in front of Dales face and said,,"Come on,Dale,,follow the bouncing bone,,ooh,,sorry,,forget that,,but,,come on,,follow the bouncing doober,dude." while slowly moving it up and down and walking toward the car.

I quickly stepped over behind Dale,,put my hand on his shoulder,,and ignoring the small,,'eeeeew' coming from my nagger urged him into following Mike,,okay,,pushed a bit untill he started walking.I said,,"hey,,blame it on me if she wakes up before we get back,,she allready thinks I want to cut her up and burn her."

Turning to look at me,,Dale said,,"No,man,,that wasn't her that said that.She said that was the board.Look,,I didn't know why she said she did too much snort,,because we didn't do any and when I asked her,,she said that the 'guide' from the weegee board is who was scared of you.That was it speaking she said,,not her.She didn't want you guys to know that so she lied about the toot."

I said,,"I've seen alot of folks who did too much coke and they never looked like that,,so I ain't gonna argue with you,,but you do know she just may be insane,,don't ya? , "Well,,if she's insane,,how can her insanity do to me what it does?Crazy ain't contagious like that,,,is it?"

A whistle cut the air and Mikes hand thumping on the roof made us both look at him sitting in the car with smoke curling around his head from the burning joint in his mouth and blowing out his nose.He was essentially hot boxing the spliff.Sucking in and blowing it out his nose rapidly like what we used to do with a cigarette in the school restrooms.

"No,,but a buzz is if ya share it.Come on!Let's roll!" I said,,swatted his shoulder and started half jogging to the car.He came along slowly untill I open my door,,pulled the seat up for him to climb in the back of the two door Buick and barked,,"Vamanose?,,arriba!,,ondelay even!,,come on!,,move it!,move it!" which got him to dog trot the remaining 15 feet or so and had him asking,,"Who you talking to?I ain't Speedy Gonzales." as he climbed in.I shoved the seat backwards quick enough to bump him in the shoulder which propelled him into sitting in the seat skewed and said,,"Too bad,,that would have missed you if you were." which got a chuckle out of all three of us.

I hopped in,,and cranked the engine,,took the doob Mike handed me before he turned up the radio to release the sounds of 'Smokin' In the Boys Room' into the cars interior.

Mike immediately turned it up,,making the speakers start the car vibrating.Taking big toke of the joint I handed it backwards over my shoulder to Dale,,watched him take it in my center rear view mirror while looking behind me down the road to check for any cars coming up the hill,,turned to face forward,,slapped it into gear and tickled Sky enough to take off fast yet with out making any tire noises.

Zipping down to where 6th Road SW angles back north untill it turns into 6th Drive I hung the switch back with enough velocity to allmost yank a squeel from my tires and sling Dale against the left side of the back seat which caused him to drop the joint.

Griping at me,,and Mike,,who was laughing at him,,he ducked down into the floor boards to grab it as my foot pressed down enough to thwart his effort by forcing him backwards.After rebounding his cussing and complaining turned to chuckling as he retrieved the dropped prize.

Moving quickly down the pedestrianless subdivisions street,,I braked a bit coming to the intersection with 3rd since there was a change of angle where it turned into 6th Drive right where the land dropped rather sharply away to the west and more gently northwards up 6th as Dale started coughing while handing the joint forward to Mike..

Floating the changes smoothly I didn't give it any gas,turned the now ending sing way down and let the Buick glide quietly down the slope of the street then up the slight incline that began before the stop sign at the boulevard which was 2nd street.Taking the doob from Mike as I slowed to a stop,,I took a good hit while looking for any unexpected traffic,,and handed it back over my shoulder as I let the car idle through the intersection.

It didn't take a moment to get the two houses down to pull in to the drive of the house of friend of my fathers,,before he died.Mike said to Dale as we did so,,"See that house with the big R on it,,that's where he grew up."

Dale,,in between taking small hits off the doob asked,,"Is the R for your name?I thought your last name started with an H." , "It does,,the folks who live there now put it up." I answered before saying,,"He's not here.I guess we need to check my uncles.I doubt he will be home,,but maybe he may have a chain where I can get to it."

"Where's his house at?" Mike asked as he took the joint from Dale."Dixie Heights" I said as I watched the road and backed out to point the car back the way we came.

Back tracking to the stop sign where 6th Road cut into 6th Avenue,,I stopped and handed off the now short doober to Dale,,pulled another one out,,stuck it in my mouth,pushed in the cars lighter,,then told Mike,,"Light another one for you two,,I'm gonna be a little busy for a few minutes,,and ya might wanna buckle up."

Mike looked startled and a little tickled as he said,,"Oh,,really?",,buckled up quickly then pulled his pack of joints out took out another one.Sticking that one in his mouth,,he tossed the one still in his hand to Dale and said,,"Here,dude,,I wanna watch this without interruptions."

Clicking my own in while Mike said,,"Dale,,there's a seat belt back there,,use it.I don't know what he's gonna do,,but if he suggests using a seat belt,,use one." Turning to me he asked,,"Whatchya doin' Willis?"

Checking the road,,I pulled out before answering with,,"Sand blasting,Arnold,sand blasting." , "Ooh,cool!" he chortled.

Idling south while pulling out the car lighter to set my spliff burning,,I replaced it and puffed my doob untill we got past 4th Place and to where I see down the hill and across the intersection of 6th Avenue and 5th Street SW to the sand and yellowish clay mixed lot set against a slight incline topped with trees and brush.Taking it out of my mouth,,I pointed and said,,"Yonder is our destination,me mateys."

"There's no house there,dude,," Dale said from the back seat,,then asked.."Does your uncle live in the woods?"

Mike,,realizing what was about to happen,,laughed while I said,,"Through the woods,,now hang onto your dale,Dale!" stuck my doob back in my face and kicked sky somewhere around the fourth rib.

She skittered and pranced then leaped out of a small puff of blue smoke to accelerate down the incline in response to my foot.Letting out a 'yeeeehaaaaaw' like only a fella who lived there can with a joint in his mouth,,I turned the wheel to dive into the sand lot starting at the corner,,before getting into the thicker sand about half way in,,as Dale let out a loud,,not unscared 'whoooaaa' and Mike started chortling,,,I clicked it into 2nd gear so it wouldn't jump up into third,,gave my big block a tad more than half pedal and put both hands on the wheel to navigate the,,now visible,,sugar sand path cutting southward through the trees I was aiming for.

Twin rooster tails of yellow tinted sugar sand gave way to the pure white typical of a Florida sand ridge as we got away from the lot that was evidently used as a fill dirt storage spot back when the subdivision was built in Veros hey day.

Hitting the sugary trail fully slowed our motion down but we continued on at a good pace.Working the pedal slightly and trying to hit the firmer spots and along the edges where palmettos and bushes along with small tree roots gave much better traction than the shifty powder like sand did,,I payed attention to driving and while Mike and Dale were whooping and hollering like two kids on a roller coaster.

Not the first time I had done this,,nor the first time with Mike along,,but,,the first time with Dale,,I did try to see if I could get him to freak a little now and then at certain points along the way.

Like where there was a more noticable change in it's south easterly angle and I ginned it a good bitwhile we were pointing straight at a good size tree then about the same time Dale started a pretty much real sounding high pitched scream of fear I simply followed the berm in the path,,accelerating to allow the tires to churn the sand and enable the change in direction with out sinking far enough to trap the tires motion.

Mike,,laughing yelled,,"I knew that would get him to squeel!" to which Dale leaned forward and swatted the back of Mikes head and said,,"That allmost made me poop!" before hollering rather a lot like a girl as a dip caused us to launch a bit into the air.

We were all still laughing over that when we could see a dark green Power Wagon come onto the road from the west.

Knowing it was exiting a pit where folks take trucks like that,,and knowing I could not slack off a bit without needing someone to get me unstuck,,I just hoped whoever was driving the Dodge had as the sense and good manners to back up and let my non four wheel drive vehicle pass.

Showing my hopes were in vain,,the truck didn't stop and back up but instead kept right on pulling out and proceeded north toward us.

Saying out loud to my suddenly silent passengers,,"At least he's going slow!" I aimed as far right as I could with out running into the larger trees further off the trail and focused on not letting the rooster tail shooting Buick drift or jump too far to the left while continuing on without losing speed.

Tensing up myself as we drew near to the larger vehicle taking up a good portion of the available harder surfaces,,I kept my eyes and attention on holding a straight enough path so I woudn't collide with the green bulk we passed by with a little more than a foot to spare.

Letting out a sigh of relief along with the lung full of dope smoke I had unknowingly been holding along with my breath,,I experienced a slight head rush which actually brought my enjoyment level back up from where the sudden crisis had dropped it to.

Hollering,,like the Dukes,,I started laughing while Mike was trying to turn around in hs seat while being bounced around.He was saying,,"That looked like the truck we shot in front of leaving the 7-11!" after which Dale said,,"Hey,I think he's turnin around,dude!"

My nagger said,,'This can't be good,,do ya remember the redneck at the Cumberland Farms,,and on 60?If it's the same one,,whatchya wanna bet he's happy to find ya in the woods?'

Agreeing with that,,and not even bothering to try to look in any of my rear views,,I spurred Sky a bit harder and focused on getting safely to the end of the trail as fast as possible.

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