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(my nod to the good old days when hope still lived)

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Herein lies original word works,written pieces,tales,written by the guy whose name is at the top of this website.There is also a few examples of him doodling around with simple digital graphics programs.He's what he calls a shaper (that's an artist/craftsman/artisian,,of course some folks call him other things.)That's his makers mark over there ~>

And,,he is currently building another site at that you are invited to check out when you get done here at my tripod site by clicking on this paragraph.

The nav bar has links to a couple of those.Eventually all will be accessable through these pages.
The links,,explained:
About RLH is a bare little page right now with only a bit about me.One day,,I will expand it.
The Favorite Links has links to pages here.They are readable url links and even thought not all tthe pages here are listed it can give an overview,,and access from one page.
Contact Me has several types of ways to do that.A clickable email link for my Lycos account,,a write in one for my excite email address,,a link to a my MasterCom message board forum,,and even 'form e- mailer' that you simply type your comment into and hit send.
My Resume,,well ain't one really.Yet there is an objective for this site declared and an example of my pc drawn web art in the form of a billboard style banner that some may wish to mouse over.
About My Blog simply lays out the basic reasons I started a blog here at Tripod.
About Others has links to a couple of fledgling 'brother' sites to this one and some more examples of 'banners'.
There is an account of portions of my life in 'Fair is Fair Or is it?' (FIFOII?) which was 'instigated' into existance by the 'immigration issues' facing my nation.
Then there is 'Wee!Gee!',,an original work of fiction based on and around actual elements of my own life concerning a 'ouija' board and other weird strangeness.It's set somewhere around '70 to '81 and does contain a bit of mature material.Mainly in the form of ritual blood and necro magic,drug and alcohol use depiction,,some parts are of a macabre and grisly,,could be considered gory,,and of a not for the squeamish type of nature.
Site Services is a page devoted to the services MasterCom so kindly provides for free.Essentially a search service,,it's customizable and can search a particular site,,like mine,,provides a few stats and other really cool and useful features.From a personal home page on their servers to services you can hook into your site,,if you just register with them.Otherwise,,in the boards set up for mine,,if you wish to post in a 'registered'  forum,,just go ahead and tryto postand it will prompt you to 'register' according to what boards or services you are trying to use.
MoJams is a music lover and makers service.You can either check for band events by location,like maybe near enuff to you to go,,or announce,,or 'promote',,a bands upcoming events,,,like yours maybe.

If ya want to know more about me, Roy Harbin ,,click over to Roy L. Harbin:The DANG - DInGIE American , my tripod blog after you click around here.
Everything below the 'current date' the 'last updated date'  and the counter is the original 'log' for when I first started building this site.
It's first entry at the top with older further down.(Opposite the order of a 'blog') and I will leave it down there,,as a record and,,well,,I don't feel like moving it somewhere else just yet

What's planned for here:
  This is a lander page for my blog which is listed in a few discussion forums profles.So much of what may be here will probaly be related to such discussions as I may get into there and a place for reference material and such from whatever I may say or do on my blog.
  Also,,since I do some stuff online that is all dry & boring,I need a place to be less business like it will be a place to balance out my web experience.I am involved in putting together a set of web sites and pagesets for a couple of 'web focused' biz endeavors.
  Eventually I maybe will link to those projects from here.You may enjoy visiting them.Or not.

Check here for info or links on new  or interesting things :

3/26/07 - Made my blog here at Tripod my official one for now.
Click over and check it out.
5/08/07 - I have built a mirror site to lock in my proper name on Tripods servers.
Here is the url: and I have put together a subset here for less serious topics and material: .
5/23/07- As of May 23rd/07 : I have added stuff to most of the pages linked to in the nav bar.
There are a few more posts on my blog,,including one about Harbin beer and Japanese mad scientist labs during the 30's.
I added a counter.At the time of me adding it,,my Tripod Site Builder said I had 336 hits for this month alone.I am not sure if that is overall,,just this page,,or if it includes my blog.(The number was odd considering my excite handle,harbin336)
6/1/07 - I have started a few pieces/articles that I will place here not in my blog staks.They are added to the nav bar to the left.Untill I get them done they may appear and disappear.I've added another blog entry,,or two.The Site Builder said I have 358 hits now,,but only 7 were showing here,,so I guess it's counting entries somewhere else as well.Well,for the 7 that stopped in here,,Thanx.Ya'll come back now,y'hear?
6/2/07 - I've started an article or story or ? that I've titled 'Fair is Fair,Or Is It?'.The parts that are up are findable through the link on the nav bar : FIFOII? That first page is the introduction,here is part one  and part two.It's not finished as of this typing,,but I am interested in reasonably stated opinions.
6/12/07 - So far this month my overall site pageview count is at 266.
Not bad for 12 days when I ain't promoting it anywhere.I have only placed links in the Excite forum a few times,twice I think.And there is the link in my profile there.I guess a few folks got a little curious.I have started a new 'piece' called 'Wee!Gee!',,there is a link to the intro on the nav bar.
6/15/07 - I've added part 3 of FIFOII?The site builder says I had 18 page views yestrday and the total so far this month is 349.
6/17/07 - There is a few new additions to my Blog Staks involving The PKpost that I titled Moonfruit In A Crowd.As of 6:30a my site has had a total of 439 pg views sofar this month.Thanx for clicking in folks,,ya'll come back now,,y'hear?
6/28/07 - Okay,,I finally got part 4 of Fair is Fair,Or Is It? posted.And I have posted some new stuff in The Staks as well.The Site Builder says I have had 477 hits so far this month on this site.Thanx for visiting,ya'll!
7/02/07 - I have posted the 5th part of FIFOII?Technically,,that's the end of it,,but I have a few related stories I will write up and post later.The SiteBuilder says I had a total of 517 hits last month.I thank all of you that dropped in,,and I hope you enjoyed something you found here enough to come back.But if you didn't and you don't,,well,,being able to do the free thing is great ain't it?Anyway,,thanx to those that dropped by,,and feel free to tell me about what you thought,think,feel,felt or want to say about what ever you find here or in those posts of mine in the Excite Message Board Forums,,let me know.
7/12/07 - I have gotten part 3 of Wee!Gee! put up.Sitebuilder tells me I have had 423 page hits so far this month.Wow!That's allmost twic as many compared to last month on the 12th.Thank you folks.I hope you enjoy Wee!Gee! prt 3.
7/18/07 - Okay,,I haven't been very active on my blog lately.I have a few other projects going on,like another story,straight sci fi,,but it's going to be a longer format,,I guess like a novel(?) and I am not going to put it on the web.Maybe parts,,but not the whole thing.But,,I have gotten part 4 of Wee!Gee! done and posted this a.m.And surprisingly,,to me,,and thanx to who ever is clicking through,,I have had 441 page views so far this month.
7/25/07 - I haven't been here in the past couple of days and on my return,,,I am astonished folks,,and thankful.As of today I have had 852 views so far this month!
And part of why I have been not here is one of my other projects.So like I said at the top,,I might link to a couple of those other projects I have going,,here is one of them Chapel Echoes Bible Study Resources .It is non denominational Christian fodder so if ya don't find that compatable,,do the free thing and don't click that link,,okay?But,,thanks a bunch for clicking in here.Another little thing I have put up here is 'a biased report'.It's a response to an anonymous report from CNN I found on Bellsouth/AT&T news server.I treated it like a post from the discussion forums just because I think it's about equal to the fare one finds there.Some one may find it amusing.
7/30/07 - WOW! Thank you!! As of 1:07 a when I last looked,,you people have looked at my pages 1,240 times.I can only say,, WOW! Thank you!!
And that I have made another blog entry: Talking Budgies,,a biased report and 1237 look ats . Again,,  WOW! Thank you!!
7/30/07 - Okay,,I figured that since I am getting many more views than anticipated,( WOW! Thank you!! ) I should make something to make things a little easier,convenient or simply more pleasurable for you visitors,so I did.I have made a new page,,it's up on the nav bar,,'Site Services' it gives access to search features,,this site,the web,news and other stuff.It has a feedback form,,a message board set up and several other useful bits.Click on the link and there are a set of links to seperate services as well as a bit about the folks who provide it,,MasterCom. 
8/07/07 - There are a few new additions to The Staks,; Chock Full o' Moonfruit , Evilution:a response to santasbaby and a spoof of a pk post :  'A Joint Word Work' .I have also gotten part 5 of Wee!Gee! up.It's a tad racy,,but I think it's a fun romp.And,,the sites view counter is standing at 1891 at 2:45a.( I have to find out if that's a running total or not,,but it does say,,this MONTH !! ) Yet,,thanx folks.Ya'll come back now!,y'hear?
8/09/07 - 2006 pg views at 12:33a.WOW!That's all I can say.Even if it is accumulative,,which the 'page builder' says it's 'this month',,it is still more than I had expected in the time I have had this site going.Thank you,,whoever you are.Now,,since there are obviously a few folks checking stuff out here,,even if they don't admit it to me,,I have enabled the pic albums tripod provides and loaded up two sets so far.That way,,there is a little more to look at.One is pictures of 'some' of what happened around here from the two hurricanes,,Jeanne and Frances.The other is the first of a group of assorted pics culled from the web in no particular order,rhyme nor reason.Also,,since enabling and loading the albums allows for me to select images through the site builder,,this is a way of having assorted images available during page construction.That makes it easier to display such on my blog in particular and the other sections in general.Here's a link to each: Frances & Jean , PicFile#1 . I am also considering adding a 'collected news' section where I will place news articles I have collected.I would like to know if the folks coming through would be interested in seeing what I place there.If so,,would it be more interesting as a 'random feed' or an ordered list to select from?You can let me know through any way available on this site through the site services link on the nav bar,this link,this link(which has three forums to choose from,,I would appreciate it if you registered but it's NOT necessary) or email me. And if you like,,or DON'T like a story or something else here,or on my blog,you can tell me that too.I have also added a 'MusiCal Interlude' courtesy of MoJam.It's also on the nav bar.It's a service for music lovers and makers,,if you are one or the other,,check it out.Oh,,and as you can see,,I adjusted the text layout on this page a tad to improve clarity.
8/10/07 - There has been a bobble in the editor here and I can't get into The Staks to edit them.They are still there.I just can't get to them through Tripods editor.That doesn't affect the pages I build in this section,so Wee!Gee! will continue,and I may start another one.But,,I sincerely hope what I have allready built in The Staks doesn't have to go static.That was a fair amount of work to just have to let it hang there without adding to it like I planned.If I can't get edit control back I will have to start a new set up.I opened a trouble ticket with them and their very polite auto responder told me that they would get back with me in 5-7 days,,Whoo!Hoo! Man,oh,man,the internet sure speeds things up,,don't it?The flip side::?::: I was on the verge of upgrading to one of their paid plans,,so maybe this unfortunate turn of events will be fortunate if it reveals a flaw in their service.I'll see,,and so will you if you keep coming back.Which,,by the way,,somebody does,,,I have 2125 pg views showing at 3p.Thank You,very much!
8/30/07 - It's been a few days,,20 actually since I've updated here.The glitch with The Staks has me bugged but I have finished part 6 of Wee!Gee! and I linked all the pages of it together.(I hadn't realized I left links out as I made a few pages).I also made a couple of blog entries.The pg view counter seems to have developed some kind of glitch as well,,even when the daily said I had views,,the numbers went backwards for a while,bottomed out at 1790 then bumped back up to 1800 where it stood as I came in.(Funny thing,,it said I had one page view but added 10 to the tally) I think I am gonna wind up ditching Tripods counter system.The glitches and lack of actual active support tech wise actually have saddened me.I was bragging about Tripod and telling folks good stuff aobut them,,and,,I was going to get one of their paid dom host accounts for at least two domains.I have one here at Tripod and 1 at their sister project angelfire I wanted to expand to a full blown domain.But now I think I will just pay for a 'virtual server set up' and host my own doms.Anyway,,to anyone passing through,,like Twitchie is supposed to be doing,,read Wee!Gee! prt 6 and if ya feel like it,,let me know what you think of it.(Especially you,Twitchie ~smirk~ )
8/03/07 - Weird.Since the last entry above,the pg view counter has gone up as high as 1986 and is now down to 1881.For this month.Cool? Or is it malfunctioning and jerking me around? Anyways,,the blog glitch interfereing with my editing of The Staks is still ongoing so I wound up putting together The Staks V2.That now makes The Staks,,The Original Staks from now on.I suppose I should say,,thanks to nybrit asking a reasonable question I went ahead and did it instead of going the route that is most likely about as close to beating my head against the wall as one could get,,trying to get a free site to fix a glitch.So,,"Thanx to nybrit I did it." There,,now,,I have made a few more blog entries since the last entry here.And there is the nybrit response in The StaksV2 which shall now be known as The Staks.And,,,ta-dah,,part 7 of 'Wee!Gee!' is up!Please,,if ya read it,,let me know what ya think.Luv it or hate it,,let me know.
8/13/07 - Okay,,I have finally received a reply from Tripod about the 'glitch'.A fella named Jack said,,he doesn't understand what I'm trying to do.He then went on to tell me how to move them from where they are to The StaksV2 using FTP .I guess he didn't realise that IF they were where I would need to use FTP to get them,,that there was evidently a way to get them there without it.I then asked him if they would disappear if I left them there.I am now waiting on an answer.I have put two more pieces in The Staks. (That's the new one,,V2)One that is : A Joint Word Work:mitinka plays atheist and another one from that stinking piece of moonfruit,,pkpost.Yeah,,I thought he had been banned or went off to a training camp,,or his handlers had sicced him on some women and kids somewhere,,but,,nope he's still there and he even still has the other nic going,,psygon.That one is called ' A pkpost:built on failure' .Even though I don't really trust the pg view counter much since it started to act like it might have a problem,,it showed 142 for yesterday and a 'this month'  (sofar?) total of 2139 @ 2a.If that 142 is correct most of them probally came in from Excite.I posted the response to pkpost yesterday early a.m.Thanx guys.Now,,don't be shy,,tell me what ya think about this site,my blog or my stories,,okay?I want to know what someone thinks about something or other here.
8/14/07 - I got a reply from Tripod about the glitch,,it was a glitch to begin with.Evidently I should not have been able to do what I was doing from inside the 'file manager' from the start.Using it was the glitch,,not losing it.I can get to them using FTP but I'm probaly just gonna let them hang there.There were 64 look ats commited on these pages and that bings this months (sofar) total to 2163,,at least it's not dropping while adding anymore.And thanx for dropping in folks if you wish to let me what you think about anything here,,I have added another way for you to do so,,go to the contact page,,there is a 'form' there,,fill it out,,nic,email,topic and comment,,hit send,,and tell me off if you want.Oh,,and BTW,,I do reserve the rights to using it as 'commentary or review' regarding whatever you may talk about,,please indicate if you care or not BUT I will NOT USE or PUBLISH your email without your explicit permission,,in the comment you send.I won't even use your nic if you say not to,,I will come up with one to refer to you by. 
Last log post:

Notice: There will be changes made to this page soon.

Nov12/07 - The search boxes on the mastercom pages are working now,,and you can search The Original Staks & My Blog or StaksV2 & LinksPile & Bible Walks.Both forms,,the Formal Feedback Form and the Comment/Poll Form are both fully operational.I have the highest page view count I have had since I started this site,,2965 with 89 yesterday.I have recorded an all time high daily count of 207 on the 11th.Thank you,folks.(And a special shout out to Ballwrinkle Moose for instigating an exchange that allowed me to post a bunch of links to here.)I have just finished having a set of exchanges with ol'pk and infun,,'his royal hi-ness,king abu hiram moose the 6th' that is.(Moose acted all surprised and indignate over me building this site,,as tho he didn't allready know this site was here).I will be posting my exchanges with him and pk after I get them built.And there will be my response to nybrit about 'raising children' to be wimps and how even Doc Spock admitted things went wrong somehow before he died.For those stopping in for more Wee!Gee!,,sorry,,not yet.But soon.

Nov10/07 - I have added several sections and revamped the Site Services page.You can now search this site,forums,news and even reference material.Sections added include The LinksPile,,a collection of links saved and notes made while surfing the web.There is also a set of 'serial linkages' made while conducting personal studies,,or again,,while surfing the web.(essentially,,it's just stuff collected while 'getting LOST on the web').But there they are anyway.And I call them Web Walks.Right now there are only some Biblical related topics explored but they go through some interesting places.You can find links to each one on the LinksPile Index or you can use the site service page to do a 'WebWalk Only' search.I can't give a straight count on page views since I last updated this front page log but for this month (sofar) there has been 2816 peeks at my pages here with 193  yesterday.Thank you for peeking in folks! For any interested in me 'discussing' stuff with pkpost,,I placed another 'textual encounter' in The StaksV2.I called it 'A PKPost:#1652.I have made a few blog entries since I last posted on this page,,including one with links to all the Wee!Gee! parts written to date.I intend to do the next part this weekend,,stay tuned.

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